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I ended last week’s post by suggesting there was an obvious choice for this week, which seemed to cause a fair bit of head-scratching across the community. Some of you identified it, but only Swiss Adam seemed confident that it was the undisputed champion.

What else was there?

Lynchie drop-kicked off the suggestions with these…

The Dropkick Murphys – 1953 “Which,” he points out,”doesn’t mention 1953 at all in the lyrics – only the title.” Not that that would stop me.

The National Parks 1953 “Very wimpy love song,” says Lynchie,”I doubt if it’s that one.”Not that that would stop me.

Finally, he offered Johnny Winter – Riot In Cell Block #9 with the following opening line…

On July the second, 1953 I was serving time in Tahatchopee

Remaining in the year 1953, I found these…

Charley Pride – There’s A Little Bit of Hank In Me…

“…Cause I caught it in my voice off the radio in’53”

In the summer of ’53 his motherBrought him a sister

Chuck Berry – C’est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)

They bought a souped-up Jitney, ’twas a cherry red ’53

They drove it down to Orleans to celebrate the anniversary

’53 Studebaker, going for broke…

I’m pushin’ it night and day

In a tranceM53Hit a treeCrashed my car

What you need is a dog, some goldfish or a catA boa constrictor and a laboratory ratThe end is at hand now and you have the meansA roll of toilet paper and the right magazinesYour parents are dead now and your kids are full grownYou’re 53 now, you’re 53 now, you’re 53 nowYou’re living alone.

The B-52s – 53 Miles West of Venus

However, this week’s 53 isn’t a year… or an age… it’s a street number. 53rd Street in New York City, exactly where it crosses 3rd Avenueto be precise.

The Swede was first to be caught loitering there, along with The Rolling Stones – When the Whip Comes Down…

Yeah, I’m going down fifty-third street and they spit in my face,

I’m learning the ropes, yeah I’m learning a trade…

The sight of blood dispersed the gangA crowd gathered, the police cameAn ambulance screamed to a halt on fifty-third and third

U2 – Angel of Harlem

Birdland on fifty threeThe street sounds like a symphonyWe got John Coltrane and a love supremeMiles, and she’s got to be an angel


52 next week… this could take a while!

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