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Hello! Im Eva. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Ive lived in Texas, Kentucky, and will soon be living in Japan! Im a recent college grad with an MS in Justice Studies; a considerable feat in my life. When Im taking a break from work/studies, I enjoy a variety of anime, passing a lot of time binging episodes alongside my husband. I also take pleasure in spending time with my two dogs and two cats, hiking, yoga, computer/video games, reading, and trying new cuisines. Im pretty shy, so writing here has been a great outlet for me to come out of my box.

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Top 5 Anime by Eva B.

Author: Winfrey Widjijanto

Hi! My name is Winfrey and I come from Indonesia. Im currently residing in Jakarta to pursue my bachelor degree but I hope in the near future I get to travel to new places including Japan! Still in search of my passion though, but so far, music and writing seems to interest me the most. (Just starting out) Desperately trying to learn new things and striving to become a better person each passing day. Cheers from Jakarta!

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Top 5 Anime by Winfrey Widjijanto

As the hot days of summer are coming to an end Halloween is getting closer and closer. Next to ghosts, werewolves and vampires there is one creature that has managed to capture the hearts of friends of the undead: Zombies.

Successful TV shows and movies have proven that adding zombies to a story will almost certainly increase its popularity. Why not apply this theory to anime? Todays list goes out to all fans of the living dead. We have compiled a list of our personal Top 10 favorite anime featuring zombies.

Be ready for a journey into the realm of the undead. Enjoy!

If you are looking for a single tough zombie instead of a whole horde of brainless creatures then I might have just the right show for you.

Gungrave tells the story of Brandon Heat, an assassin in the crime syndicate Millennion. He gets killed by his long-time friend and former gang member Harry McDowell. His eternal peace, however, is disturbed when he gets resurrected by Dr. Tokioka and forced into a new identity with the name Beyond the Grave. Now begins his second existence where he has only one goal on his mind: revenge.

Gungrave is not your typical zombie story. It shows the journey of the protagonist where he does not only have to come to terms with his new existence, but also with his job of being an assassin. It is a dark show with lots of violence and drama. If you are not a fan of mindless zombies, but prefer undefeatable living dead then you cannot go wrong with giving Gungrave a chance.

Zombies are the proof that some people manage to come back from the realm of the dead; but what would happen if the whole population of this planet wouldnt be able to die?

A possible answer to this question can be found in Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. In this fictive universe God has abandoned earth and as a result mankind is unable to die. So-called gravekeepers are the only people left who are able to perform a proper burial and to allow the dead to rest in peace.

Young girl Ai – a gravekeeper despite her young age and innocent appearance – loses everything when the villagers of her hometown get slaughtered. Knowing she cannot stay there anymore she decides to set out on an extraordinary journey into a godforsaken world.

This show is a recommendation for everyone who wants to see a new approach to zombie apocalypses. You wont see living corpses that try to eat your brain and you also wont encounter a fierce fight between the living and the dead. However, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is a show that will make you think about the existence of God as well as the true meaning of life and death.

It does not try to invent new malicious and scary zombies, but instead focuses on the true effects of an apocalypse. If you are ready for something new check this show out.

Lets move on to a more explicit and shocking anime which also features police and mystery elements.

Our hero Shindo Ranmaru just recently graduated police academy and he is more than ready to join the special force called Tokkou. His well-planned future changes when he meets Rokujo Sakura, the girl he has been seeing in his dreams for a long time. At the same time, holes in the ground open up all over Japan – just like gates to hell – and frightening creatures start crawling into this world. Its up to Shindou and Sakura to find out the secret behind the pits and to put an end to this nightmare.

Tokkou is one of those shows that doesnt get much recognition even though it has a lot of good things going on. The plot relies on mystery and will keep you entertained with lots of unanswered questions. Personally, I think that the undead monsters of Tokkou arent as terrifying as some other zombies on this list, but they certainly fit the style of the show.

It is a horror anime with lots of action and fights. Be aware though that if you have a problem with bloody scenes or dismemberment you might want to stay away from Tokkou.

Imagine you knew when you were going to die. Doesnt sound too pleasant, does it? What can only be a fantasy for you is reality for Michiru Kita who is able to tell when the life of a person is nearing its end.

The schoolgirl possesses Shinigami Eyes that allow her to see the lifespan of a person. She hates her ability and doesnt want to make use of it in order to live a quiet life. Her plans change when she looks at two of her classmates and realizes that they should be dead. As it turns out, the boys have already died, but have been brought back to life by a contract with Zombie-Loan. In return they must hunt down and kill zombies; Michirus ability might come in handy for them.

With only eleven episodes Zombie-Loan is quite a short anime that doesnt have enough time to build up a big storyline. Still, the plot is interesting and you can enjoy this anime as a quick show in a couple of evenings. If you want action without too much horror then you should go for this anime. The zombies of Zombie-Loan are not too terrifying and certainly wont give you sleepless nights. Check it out!

Are you ready for a show with zombies and a tough female lead?

Even though her pretty and innocent appearance might suggest otherwise, protagonist and beauty Makina is actually a living corpse. After being murdered together with her family she gets brought back to life in order to become a living weapon. Together with priest Keisei and his younger brother Ouri, the Shikabane Hime (or Corpse Princess) needs to find and fight the undead organization responsible for the death of her loved ones.

Corpse Princess is quite unique in the way it talks about life and death. Makina faces certain struggles as she knows that she is dead but still has to keep on living and fighting until she can finally rest in peace. The anime is divided into two seasons with the second one acting as a direct sequel to the storyline of the first one.

I would recommend this anime to people who are not looking for stereotypical zombies but are more interested in the ethical questions concerning being a living dead.

After all these gruesome and scary stories lets move on to a comedy show that has its own interpretation of the zombie genre.

The peaceful life of high school boy Aikawa Ayumu changes completely when he gets killed by a serial killer. What should have been the end of his existence turns out to be only a turning point when he comes back to life as a zombie. Necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe wants the boy to be her guard and to serve her in his new existence. Unfortunately, Ayumu manages to obtain her magical powers and now has to use them in order to fight her enemies in her place.

Who said that all zombie shows must be filled with blood and gore? Kore Wa Zombie desu ka? is a beautiful chaos of comedy, magic, Ecchi and – of course – zombies. It is one of those unique anime that are completely crazy and have an unpredictable storyline. So if you want to take a break from the zombies coming straight out of your worst nightmares you should move on to the fun and weird characters of this show.

Are you a huge zombie fan, up to the point where you thought about creating a zombie yourself? If you answered this questions with yes then you might want to check out Sankarea.

Protagonist and high school student Chihiro has a thing for everything weird and macabre and one of his dreams is to meet a zombie girl to make her his undead girlfriend. When his pet cat dies he is brokenhearted and is determined to bring his beloved pet back to life.

He sneaks out in the middle of the night to an abandoned building and works on a resurrection potion. Who would have thought that the beautiful Rea decides to go out to the building exactly on the same night – will his dream of creating a zombie girlfriend finally come true?

Sankarea starts out with a very interesting concept and a new twist to the usual rom-com show. This novelty makes it stand out and gives each episode a refreshing feeling. The characters are lovable, especially because they are unique and have a quirky design to them. Now add a solid soundtrack to this combination as well and you are presented with a fun and entertaining zombie show.

If you havent heard of Tokyo Ghoul yet its about time to change that.

The hit show of the summer season 2014 follows the journey of Kaneki whose life gets turned upside down. After almost dying in an accident and receiving an organ transplant from a ghoul the student turns into a hybrid of the two species. Even though he is terrified of his new existence and all the hardships that come with it, Kaneki has to accept his new identity and learn to live as a half-ghoul in the streets of Tokyo.

At this point, some of you might want to start an argument about the differences between zombies and ghouls, but for the sake of this list I want to put those minor details aside. The ghouls of Tokyo Ghoul are gruesome embodiments of the living dead and as shocking as all the other zombies on this list. With its amazingly terrifying creatures and great storytelling as well as character design Tokyo Ghoul deserves a spot not only on this list, but many other Top 10 lists as well.

Moving on to the most recent anime on this list and one of our strongest recommendations.

Gakkou Gurashi! draws you in with idyllic school scenes: student Takeya Yuki loves her high school and everything connected to it. She enjoys the company of her friends at the School Life Club as well as the peaceful day-to-day life between having classes, managing club activities and talking to her classmates. Yukis life seems to be flawless – until her picture-perfect school life turns into a zombie filled nightmare.

The main strength of this show is its combination of cute elements and innocent girls with grotesque images. What starts out as a common Shoujo anime throws you off after the first episode. This show is not what you expect it to be and thats the reason why its impossible to stop watching Gakkou Gurashi!.

Anything could happen to the members of the School Life Club and you can never be sure of whats real and whats part of the imagination of the girls. A strong recommendation!

Last but definitely not least is a choice that shouldnt surprise any of you. If you enjoy the occasional zombie, but are also in the mood for Ecchi scenes and lots of fan service then Highschool of the Dead is the show you are looking for.

You might have already guessed it from the title, but Highschool of the Dead is set in a Japanese high school in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. A group of students managed to survive and now has to face the struggles of a new world. Between fighting against their old classmates and looking for food and water supplies they also – and most importantly – have to manage to stay together as a group.

Highschool of the Dead gets the final spot on our Top 10 list because it is one of the most famous zombie anime out there. Even though many viewers criticize the high amount of fan service and additional scenes that do not contribute to the main story line, it is still an infamous show that features some scary and frightening zombies. Check it out if you are also a fan of Shounen and School anime.

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from slow, brainless corpses to fast and deadly monsters. Thats what makes zombies a timeless phenomenon that can be reinvented and redesigned over time. When it comes to anime they can also be combined with almost all genre as you could see on this list. I tried my best to differentiate between zombies and other undead creatures like vampires, demons and Co. and to keep the shows as varied as possible.

Feel free to share your opinions and impressions. Do you agree with our list or do you have your own recommendations when it comes to zombie anime? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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