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This film is movie magic. You will find Francis Ford Coppola uses pretty much every trick in the book to get his vision on the screen. This movie is very much high style, with substance based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s a film that was released a year before Jurassic Park (and effectively CGI) was released to the public. Despite not having CGI, this film gets marks for memorable visuals from the introduction until the end.

I was so inspired by this movie in college that I recreated a shot for my student film. The shot I’m talking about is in the intro where blood starts flowing from everywhere, more specifically out of a candle. Do you know how long it took to recreate that candle, the composition, the lighting, and the physical effect of fake blood dripping down, with no experience doing this? At least two hoursfor a shot that lasts a split second. And boy did it look good. After doing all that myself, I had to admire and respect what it took to create a whole movie full of magic like that.

Gary Oldman sells the part of Dracula very well. From his tragic beginning, you had to feel something for him. You couldn’t just narrow him down into just “the bad guy”. He lost something really precious to him and you sympathized with him immediately. Everyone else plays their part well.

I bought the Ultra HD version of this. It is a beautiful transfer with a lot of detailed and reworked colors for some scenes. Can’t wait to get more 4K titles. Watch this imagining of a classic literary character, today. Recommend.

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Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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