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Movie lore has it that Bela Lugosi could barely speak English when he was chosen by Universal Pictures to star in “Dracula” (1931). Lon Chaney had been scheduled to play the role, a wise casting decision after his success in the silent classics “The Hunchback of Notre Dame and “The Phantom of the Opera. But he died as “Dracula was going into production, and the mysterious 49-year-old Hungarian, who starred in a 1927 Broadway production of “Dracula, was cast. Legend must exaggerate, because the Hungarian emigre Lugosi had been living and working in the United States for a decade by the time the film was made, and yet there is something about his line readings that suggests a man who comes sideways to English–perhaps because in his lonely Transylvanian castle, Dracula has had centuries to study it but few opportunities to practice it.

Certainly it is Lugosi’s performance, and the cinematography of Karl Freund, that make Tod Browning’s film such an influential Hollywood picture. The greatest of all the vampire films is F.M. Murnau’s silent “Nosferatu (1922, another title in this Great Movies series), but Murnau’s work was almost a dead end, complete and self-contained, a masterpiece that stood alone. (When Werner Herzog made his version of “Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski in 1979, he was so in awe of the original that he shot on some of the same locations.) The look of Browning’s “Dracula was inspired by Murnau’s gloomy gothic visuals, well known to the German cameraman Freund, who worked with Murnau on “The Last Laugh. It was Freund who was instrumental in creating the startling impact of the arrival at Castle Dracula, the entrance to the castle’s forbidding interior spaces, and such Nosferatu-inspired shots as the hand snaking from a coffin and rats snuffling in a crypt.

What was new about the film was sound. It was the first talking picture based on Bram Stoker’s novel, and somehow Count Dracula was more fearsome when you could hear him–not an inhuman monster, but a human one, whose painfully articulated sentences mocked the conventions of drawing room society. And here Lugosi’s accent and his stiffness in English were advantages.

Lugosi was by all accounts a strange, deliberately theatrical man, who drew attention to himself with stylized behavior. He made his foreignness an asset, and in Hollywood and New York used his sinister, self-mocking accent to advantage. After the success of “Dracula, he often appeared in public dressed formally, with a flowing cape, as if still playing the role. In later life, addicted to drugs, he was reduced to self-parody, and a glimpse of his last years can be found in “Ed Wood (1994), set during his last picture.

The vampire Dracula has been the subject of more than 30 films; something deep within the legend is suited to cinema. Perhaps it is the joining of eroticism with terror. The vampire’s attack is not specifically sexual, but in drinking the blood of his victims he is engaged in the most intimate of embraces, and no doubt there is an instinctive connection between losing your virginity (and your soul) and becoming one of the undead. Vampirism is like elegant, slow-motion rape, done politely by a creature who charms you into surrender.

The Dracula myth has been filmed so often, in so many different ways (most recently by Francis Ford Coppola in his “Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992), that its material has become like an opera libretto, or a play by Shakespeare: We know the story and all the beats, and are concerned mostly with the style and production. All of the serious later movie Draculas draw from Lugosi’s performance, not from the earlier work by Max Schreck, whose “Nosferatu was more inhuman and distant, a skeletal wraith. Lugosi, with his deep eyes (made eerie by Freund with pinpoint lights) and his glossy black hair, created one of the most influential of all movie performances, making a distinctive impression that influenced movie Draculas for years to come–especially Hammer Films star Christopher Lee, who played the character at least seven times.

If the film’s look and star performance were influential, so was its dialogue. Many of movie’s great lines have entered into folklore:

I never drink … wine.

For one who has not lived even a single lifetime, you are a wise man, Van Helsing.

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.

The story is familiar to every moviegoer. Renfield (Dwight Frye), an English real estate agent, visits Transylvania to sell a London property to the count. He really wants to make that sale; he takes no warning from the fear of the villagers when Dracula’s name is mentioned. He survives a terrifying ride in a coach with no driver. And then he plunges into his doom. The establishing shots of the fearsome interiors of Castle Dracula owe everything to the tradition of German Expressionism. There is the sinister politeness with which Dracula greets his guest and offers him food and … wine. Then the overpowering of Renfield. The return to England on the ship with its deadly cargo of coffins (another sequence that owes much to “Nosferatu). The ghost ship that drifts into port, everyone on board apparently dead except for Renfield, who is stark staring mad.

In London the vampire feasts on the blood of strangers encountered in the night, in scenes owing something to the legend of Jack the Ripper. Then he introduces himself into high society by insinuating himself into the box at the opera occupied by Dr. Seward (Herbert Bunston). The doctor owns Carfax Abbey, which is next door to the sanitarium where the unfortunate Renfield has been imprisoned (giggling and eating spiders for their blood). He meets Seward’s daughter Mina (Helen Chandler), her fiance John Harker (David Manners) and her friend Lucy (Frances Dade). They are joined eventually by the vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing (Edward Van Sloan), who explains vampirism in more detail than the drama probably requires.

The scenes in Carfax Abbey are an anticlimax after the Expressionist terrors of the scenes set in Transylvania and aboard the ship. They’re based on the same Broadway play in which Lugosi first played Dracula, and owe more to the tradition of drawing-room drama (and, it must be said, comedy) than to the underlying appeal of vampirism. Yet even here Browning is able to add unsettling touches, as in the way he suggests Dracula’s presence in the visits of bats and in the drifting of fog.

Tod Browning (1882-1962) is a director whose name is central to any study

of the horror genre, and yet most of his best work is overshadowed by his

collaborators. Lon Chaney, “the man of 1,000 faces, seems to be the key creative force behind Browning’s silent landmarks “The Unholy Three and “West of Zanzibar. Lugosi, Freund and the subject matter are the creative engines behind “Dracula. One Browning picture that stands alone as his personal vision is “Freaks (1932), set in a circus sideshow, and so shocking it has been banned here and there ever since.

“Dracula had no musical score when it was first released, apart from some fugitive strains of “Swan Lake. That left an opportunity. I saw a restored version of the film in September at the Telluride Film Festival, with Philip Glass joining the Kronos Quartet in performing his newly composed score. That is the version now available on tapes and discs.

Purists argue that Browning’s original decision was the best one–to enhance the horror by eerie sound effects instead of underlining it with music. But “Dracula has been pushed and pulled in so many different directions by so many different artists that Glass is only following the tradition in adding his own contribution. The Glass score is effective in the way it suggests not just moody creepiness, but the urgency and need behind Dracula’s vampirism. It evokes a blood thirst that is 500 years old.

Is the 1931 “Dracula still a terrifying film, or has it become a period piece? The “most chilling, genuinely frightening film ever made, vows the reference series Cinebooks. Perhaps that was true in 1931, but today I think the movie is interesting mostly for technical reasons–for the stylized performances, the photography, the sets. There is a moment, though, when Lugosi draws close to the sleeping Lucy, and all of the elements of the material draw together. We consider the dreadful trade-off: immortality, but as a vampire. From our point of view, Dracula is committing an unspeakable crime. From his, offering an unspeakable gift.

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Dracula Movie Review & Film Summary (1931) | Roger Ebert

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The Walking Dead: New Season 7 Photos Spotlight Daryl and …


The Walking Dead is back next month for Season 7 and IGN has the debut of new character photos for the show.

Check out the new photos of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) in our Walking Dead gallery below. For Season 7, The Walking Dead characters each have a new black and white image and then another one lit in stark red – the latter color choice likely a nod to the “Who did Negan kill?” question looming over so many of the characters, following Season 6’s cliffhanger.

We’ll find out the answer to that Negan question when The Walking Dead: Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23rd on AMC.

For more on Season 7, check out our interviews with the cast, including Reedus and Marquand, in the following playlist.

Eric Goldman is Executive Editor of IGN TV. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheEricGoldman, IGN at ericgoldman-ign and Facebook at Facebook.com/TheEricGoldman.

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The Walking Dead: New Season 7 Photos Spotlight Daryl and …

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Home | Vampires Rock – The Smash Hit … – Steve Steinman

STEVE STEINMAN returns as BARRON VON ROCKULA In The All New Vampires Rock Saga.


As Club Live and Let Die burns to the ground, Barron Von Rockula played By Steve Steinman flees the ill fated club with his band of blood sucking vampires in search of a new home. Eventually they come across an old abandoned fair ground ride The Ghost Train where they take refuge and make this their new home. The Barron and his motley crew then set a cunning plan to lure victims into the ride and to live in Rock n Roll hell forever.

Along with Steve Steinman a full cast of singers, dancers, formidable band and aerial performers, blast their way through some of the greatest classic rock anthems of all time. Tracks made famous by some of the best known rock artists such as Meat Loaf, -AC/DC Bon Jovi Rolling Stones Cher White Snake and Guns and Roses

plus many, many more.

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Home | Vampires Rock – The Smash Hit … – Steve Steinman

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Scary Book List for Kids – Monster Librarian

To my knowledge there are no children’s librarians or school media specialists out there who have not been asked the question “Where are the scary stories?” This list is for the 12 and younger crowd. It will be split into subcategories as time goes on.

Of note for teachers, librarians, and parents:

Anyone interested in the value of scary books for children ought to check out this article, recently published in the journal of the American Association of School Librarians:

Crawford, Philip Charles. “Hatching Their Wolfish Schemes: Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Wolves in the Walls.” Knowledge Quest, Jan/Feb2006, Vol. 34 Issue 3, p39-41.

11/2/06: Reading Rockets has a great video interview with horror author R.L. Stine, a major influence on horror writing for children and teens. To get up close and personal, take a look here.

For Halloween please visit our Halloween Book List for Kids page as reviews will be added throughout the month of October each year.

1/11/11: Thanks to Taylor from Ms. B’s class for pointing out an excellent resource for R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series.

All Hallows ABC by Jenni Kaye*New Review

Daring Ink Press, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9884914-1-0

Available: Paperback and ebook edition

There are lots of Halloween alphabet books, but a majority tend toward the cute or use branded characters(or both). While theres absolutely nothing wrong with cute, the contemporary look of All Hallows ABC is a breath of fresh air. Bright and contrasting colors with solid shapes and figures are winners when it comes to getting the attention of young children, and the streamlined, All Hallows ABC will really appeal to parents looking for an attractive, cheerfully menacing, approach to the Halloween season. Jenni Kaye takes an original approach to choosing words to match each letter, as well. D is for Dark, I is for Imagining, U is for Unearthly. Each page gets its own letter and artwork, with the rhyming text and illustrations paired in some rather unusual combinations: P is for Princess has a black skeleton with a crown and a tower, for instancenot the image of a princess most of us normally conjure up; and T is for Tutu shows a smiling ghost wearing a purple tutu, rather than a ballerina. All Hallows ABC, with its clean lines and genuine enthusiasm for the Halloween season is a great choice for parents and kids who celebrate Halloween all through the month of October, tombstones and all. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Kirsten Kowalewski

Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things by Cynthia Voigt, illustrated by Iacopo Bruno*New Review

Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0307976819

Available: Hardcover

I received this book as an unfinished ARC from NetGalley. I have enjoyed Cynthia Voigts contemporary young adult novels in the past, and this middle grade mystery/adventure with its historical setting is a real departure from those, so I was very interested to see what she would do. Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things focuses on twelve year old Max Starling, the son of theatrical parents who withdraw him from school and then disappear on a journey, leaving him behind. Max, who has always been told he is independent, now has to test that by living at home on his own and making money to eat and pay for lessons. With a thorough knowledge of the theatrical characters his parents had played and their costuming, he is able to successfully navigate the adult world using disguises, without giving away that he is living alone.

This is the frame for the story, which consists of three mysteries that Max is asked to solve. While the mysteries are individual, they are also interconnected, with engaging (if not always likable) characters, and while events occasionally feel contrived, the solutions are not immediately clear. Following all the threads of the plot to see where they will go is enjoyable, even when theyre predictable. All of these, however, distract from the original problem of the disappearance of Maxs parents.

Voigt creates a setting rich in detail, beautifully complemented by illustrations by Iacopo Bruno, and her character development is solid. However, while some exposition and dialogue are necessary to establish these, it happens at the expense of the plot. Pages and pages of dialogue are devoted to the introduction of the second mystery, but nothing actually happens. Max also spends a great deal of time brooding over his independence and separation from his parents without actually taking action. There are many childrens books out there about children whose parents mysteriously disappear on a journey (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, for example), but, while there are occasional moments of action and suspense, there is a lot more sitting and brooding, and I kept waiting impatiently for Max to take a more active part in his own story. I think the target audience for the book will be impatient with this, as well. Although there are a few frightening moments, readers who are seeking out thrills and chills or a fast-paced plot will need to look elsewhere. The humor, intrigue, well-developed characters, and cliffhanger ending, however, will leave readers who like historical fiction and mysteries demanding more.

Reviewed by Kirsten Kowalewski

A Good Night for Ghosts (Magic Tree House #42: A Merlin Mission) by Mary Pope Osborne

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2011 (reprint)

ISBN-13: 978-0375856495

Available: Hardcover, paperback, Kindle edition, audiobook (CD, Audible audio)

The premise of the Magic Tree House series is that siblings Jack and Annie have discovered a magical tree house that houses a library. Opening any book will transport them to the time and place the book is about. Their mentor is Morgan le Fay, a magical librarian from Camelot, and through her and her assistants, Merlin the magician sends them on missions through mythical and historical times and places. While the books can be read as stand-alone titles, its best to read them in order. In A Good Night for Ghosts, Jack and Annie use the tree house to travel to New Orleans in 1915, on a mission to convince the teenaged Louis Armstrong, who grew up to be the King of Jazz, not to give up on his music. They find Louis, or Dipper, working multiple jobs, turning his back on music in order to support his family. Jack and Annie attach themselves to Dipper and insist on helping him with his jobs, although theyre unprepared for the hard physical labor (its pretty funny). Its clear that Dipper misses playing music, and most of the people who know him miss it as well.

When Jack, Annie, and Dipper are caught in a storm, they take shelter in Lafittes Blacksmith Shop, which has the reputation of being haunted. Three of Dippers friends, street musicians, decide to trick them, but after revealing themselves and bragging that theyre not afraid of ghosts, the real scare starts. The ghost of Jean Lafitte, and his ghostly pirate crew, arrives to terrorize all the kids, in what is actually a pretty terrifying scene for a seven year old reader. Luckily, a reluctant Dipper is able to distract the ghosts with his music. The scene in the haunted blacksmith shop scared and thrilled my kids when I read it aloud to them, and is good enough that theyve checked it out of the library more than once.

The logical thing would be for Dipper to recognize the value of his talent at this point, and take up his friends offer to join them for their upcoming jazz gig. The story is only slightly over 100 pages, and heavily illustrated, so theres not a lot of room for complexity. What happened instead was very frustrating for me. Jack and Annie are supposed to convince Dipper to get started on making music without revealing the future. He is so stubborn that in order to convince him they break their own rules and show him the history book that brought them to New Orleans, to show him that he would become a famous jazz musician.

Although they do succeed, the end of their adventure was sad for me, as when they asked Dipper to join them on a streetcar out of the city, he couldnt, because blacks and whites had to sit separately. Annie and Jacks surprise that anyone would treat blacks and whites differently is hard to believe, but this is the only overt reference to segregation or racism in the book. I havent read all the books, but I hope Osborne returns to address this issue in a later book.

While parts of the book are silly or simplistic, Osborne does a wonderful job of recreating time and place using very few words, and develops Dippers character nicely in a limited number of pages. Every book in this series is heavily researched, and this one is no different; she includes facts about Louis Armstrong in the back. A Good Night for Ghosts also has a nonfiction companion, Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #20: Ghosts. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Kirsten Kowalewski

The Orphan of Awkward Falls by Keith Graves Chronicle Books, 2011 ISBN-13:978-0-8118-7814-2 Available: New

The Orphan of Awkward Falls tells the story of Josephine Cravitz, an inquisitive twelve-year-old who moves to the northern Canadian town of Awkward Falls with her eccentric parents. Awkward Falls is a strange town, known for its sauerkraut and its Asylum for the Dangerously Insane. Josephine explores her new neighborhood and stumbles upon a run-down mansion house, which is home to a strange little boy called Thaddeus Hibble. Thaddeuss only companions are a robot butler and a strange patchwork cat (that can speak). Josephine learns about the boys odd existence, and about the unorthodox work of his scientist grandfather. But the kids are in danger: the most dangerous inmate of the Asylum, Fetid Stenchley, has escaped and is heading their way

I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of Neil Gaimans Coraline, and its dark and unusual plot really had me gripped. As an adult, I found it a quirky and bizarre book. However, Im not sure how well it fits with its intended readership. The humor in the book, and its two young protagonists, seem designed to appeal to a middle grade audience. According to the publishers suggested reading level, it is aimed at readers aged thirteen and up, and the dark content (including cannibalism and a graphic description of electro-convulsive therapy) are perhaps more suitable for older readers. The story is accompanied by black-and-white pencil sketches, and some of these are really quite creepy. That said, it is an original tale with some unexpected twists definitely a good read for fans of slightly darker fiction. Recommended for middle grade and tween audiences.

Contains: references to cannibalism, murder, violence and medical experimentation

Reviewed by: Hannah Kate

Infestation by Timothy J. Bradley

Scholastic, 2013


Available: Paperback, Kindle edition

When Andy Greenwood finds himself on the wrong end of the law and he is sent to the Reclamation School for Boys, located in the middle of the New Mexico desert. He runs into the usual bullies and strange administrators pretty quickly, but when meets his new roommate, Pyro, he learns that the facilities were once more than just a reform school. Then, a tremor releases an insect horror as giant killer ants attack the school en masse.

Bradley has created a wonderful homage to the creature feature and killer animal movies of the 50s and 60s, in a very readable and engaging manner that will work well for young adults. Refreshingly, Infestation has no underlying romance angle; its simply a scary book with terrifying giant killer ants.

Infestation definitely ought to be paired with the giant ant movie Them!, but there are a lot of other great connections to a wide variety of reading and media related to the book. Its reform school in the desert setting connects it to Louis Sachars Holes; the ant invasion connects it to Leinengen Versus The Ants(a terrifying short story of an invasion of carnivorous ants that I remember reading from my middle school English textbooksave it for that age group) and the recent Lovecraft Middle School books; giant insects and tremors connect this to more recent films like Tremors and Eight Legged Freaks. And, keeping in mind that Bradley previously authored nonfiction on bugs, Infestation also provides an opportunity to connect kids with science and the natural world.

When it comes to killer animal books, there is a gaping hole in books for tweens and teens that Bradleys book fills. This book is a must-add for both school media centers and public libraries. Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

Contains: references to domestic violence and violence.

Review by The Monster Librarian

Professor Gargoyle: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School by Charles Gilman

Quirk Books, 2012

ISBN: 9781594745911

Available: New

Robert Arthur becomes a victim of redistricting, stuck with having to go to the new school, Lovecraft Middle School, where he is separated from all his friends and familiar faces (with the exception of Glen Torkells, a bully form his old school). Robert soon finds that not everything is normal at Lovecraft Middle School, where rats swarm through the hallway and the library is an amazing place that houses it own secrets. Even the teachers are strange; the mysterious Professor Garfield Goyle is like no other teacher Robert has run into before.

Charles Gilman has written an engaging book for young readers. The plot moves along at a decent pace, leaving enough questions that the reader will be enticed to turn to the next page looking for answers. The illustrations are a great complement to the story, and help visualize what is happening. While the writings of H.P Lovecraft are definitely not for children, Charles Gilman has written an entertaining and very kid friendly book that is age appropriate in form and content.

Review by the Monster Librarian

Scary School #2: Monsters on the March by Derek the Ghost

HarperCollins, 2012 ISBN-13: 978-0061960956

Available: New

(Please note that this review contains spoilers from the first book of the Scary School series.)

Monsters on the March is the 2nd book of the Scary School series and takes place shortly after the first book. Having been over a year since I read the first book in this series, I was excited to visit Scary School again. I wasn’t sure if this book would hold up to the fun adventures Derek took us through with the first book, but he didn’t disappoint.

The students of Scary School have won a trip to Albania to meet the Monster King. The students are very excited about this, but the trip becomes a bit more dangerous than expected, especially for Charles Nukid, who gets lost from the group and ends up having the Monster King’s daughter, Princess Zogette, fall in love with him. You’d think having a Princess fall in love with you is a wonderful thing, right? But what if said Princess looks like a toad? “Ewww” you might say? If so, you have the same reaction that most of the students at Scary School have.

Derek the Ghost not only makes the adventures exciting, but he also introduces us to numerous new characters, including Princess Zogette and the Monster King, a new teacher named Morris Grump, who isn’t quite all there, and many other creatures in the forest of Albania. Some of them might be a bit scary, so be prepared!

There are other fun things to read and do on the Scary School website (www.scaryschool.com) once you finish the book, including a couple of additional sections to read, like the secret chapter about the goblin’s production of Little Red Riding Hood. You definitely don’t want to miss out on that fun! So, get your thinking cap on and head out to Scary School for another fun adventure. In order to find out if Charles Nukid is able to rid himself of Princess Zogette or end up marrying her, be sure to read Derek the Ghost’s second book about Scary School.

I recommend this fun little read to everyone!

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Scary Book List for Kids – Monster Librarian

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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Your Story | Scary Website

Horrorstar says

September 20, 2016 at 7:28 am

The story begins with a man named Coachman Ali who is walking towards a post office as usual in the cold morning bearing tittered clothes. A deathly silence prevails all around. On reaching the post office, he seems to be as happy as a pilgrimage would be on reaching his destination. He enters the office and sits at the corner where he was accustomed to sit for the last five years. The clerk begins sorting out the letters in his speed, flinging the letters to the corresponding peons. Ali was a clever hunter and derived pleasure from the bewildered terror of the dying birds. As his skill increased, so did his hunting. But this was probably disliked by his daughter. The day his daughter leaved him after marrying with a soldier, his regiment in Punjab, he stopped hunting. He could no longer enjoy the screams of dying birds. He had understood the meaning of love and separation. Since then, he had been regularly visiting post office in early morning expecting a letter from his daughter Miriam, but it doesnt come and returns home empty handed. The post office staff often laughs at him when they see his habits. The clerk even calls out his name; jokingly even there was no letter on his name. Also there were often discussions on his lunacy. For several days, Ali did not come to the post office. Everyone was curious to know the reason behind this. At last, he comes again, but, now it was difficult for him even to breathe and there were clear signs of his approaching end. Finally, he meets the post master and asks him for Miriams letter. As the post master was in hurry and was about to leave the country, he scolded him by saying that he would not eat his letter, if it would come. Then Ali called a clerk and gave him five golden guineas and asked him to deliver his letter, if it would come, to his grave. He slowly left him and was not seen by any one after that. One day, the post masters daughter fell ill and he was anxious to hear from her. He searched for the letter from his daughter from the pile of letters and picked up a letter of the name he expected. It was addressed to Coachman Ali. Now he realized about his haughty temper towards Ali. He called Lakshmi Das, a clerk and asked him to find out Ali. That day he did not receive his letter and decided that he would hand over Alis letter to him, himself. Next morning, he opened the door and saw Ali leaning on a stick with tears in his eves. His eyes had a light so unearthly that the post master was scared. But, suddenly he disappeared. Then Lakshmi Das came and told him that Ali had died three months back. Now the post master was bewildered and confused. He still had Miriams letter in his hand. That evening he himself went to Alis grave to place the letter.

HorrorFanGirl says

August 30, 2016 at 2:50 pm


Long ago, in the Suburbs of Mexico, there lived a 12 year old girl named Chalayna and her father, Miguel. They lived in a small hut away from the city, so there wasnt much work, leaving them poor. As well as that, the father was sick and old, he had arthritis and brain cancer making it hard for him to move so he was fragile and there was no treatment as they were too poor, so he was unable to work leaving the young Chalayna having to sell dresses shed learnt to make from her mother before she died. Yet business was low as well as income so they were low on food supplies. The special thing about Chalayna was that her dresses and garments made were the best known in the village, they were absolutely beautiful, shed wash the old cloths, hang them up and again wash them with a very special solution to make them silky and smooth, then shed use all kinds of colours like green, red and yellow then sew on laces and, buttons or small sequels or plastic pearls to complete something that looked like what a goddess could wear, her father was very proud of her, but as they were living in an almost deserted area and not being able to find transportation to move to more urban area, not many would buy, so the prices were pretty low.

Months passed, and poor old Miguel passed away, Chalayna was left to fend for herself. She was absolutely frustrated and upset by the tragedy that she spent a few weeks weeping in her broken bed.

As more months passed, Chalayna decided it was time to move on, as she couldnt afford to get her father a legal funeral, she decided to wrap his rotting corpse in her best garments and bury him by the hill. As night came, she packed her bag with cloths and accessories for the dresses and headed off to the city where she could hopefully make a living off her pieces. When she finally arrived to Los Morales, she decided to straight up start her own small business and within months, thousands of rich people were buying her beautiful garment masterpieces and soon enough, her business became the biggest in the city leaving her tons of money. Even the King of Sweden proposed her to make the best dress for his Daughters wedding who was soon to be a bride, it would be sent off all the way to Sweden.

Years passed and by the time she was 24, many people started getting curious as to how her dresses felt so silky like no other and what the ingredients were in the secret solution, even the best manufacturers were baffled since they tried numerous times with different ingredients, yet the silkiness of the dresses containing the solution werent even close to Chalaynas, not even her workers has seen what the solution looked like or what colour it was let alone know the ingredients, nor did her father, she was the only one who knew.

One day, as Chalayna was working on a garment for a rich dead woman, a mysterious looking man wearing a long black robe approached her asking if he could talk, the fact that Chalayna was so rich by then gave her arrogance and selfishness so she yelled at him to leave her work and not disturb again. As night approached, Chalayna was the only one left in her business building, all her workers had left for the night and she was exhausted so she decided her shift was over. She headed downstairs, grabbed her keys to lock the building but just as she was about to turn the key she heard something smash within the building, she hurried back to the second floor and found that the glass containing her most expensive dress laced with golden sequels had been stolen. Chalayna fumed with rage and grabbed an ice pick near the sewing machine, although she was scared, she was determined to fight the robber off, but just before she could do any further, someone leaped behind her, forcibly holding her arms and her mouth shut so she wouldnt scream. Looking up, she noticed it was the same mysterious man whod asked if he could talk earlier, she tried to free herself but he was far too strong for her match.

Whats the ingredients? he whispered

Please just let me go!She tried to speak, so he removed his hand

Tell me or ill slice your head off with that sewing machine He yelled as he slowly turned it on

OK fine, please dont hurt me She hesitated to tell him at first, but then suddenly came with a plan.

She struggeled herself free from his grip and yelled ITS HUMAN BLOOD YOU LITTLE SHIT!! Realising that her secret ingredient was now in his ear, she stuck her fingers in his eyes and stabbed him in the hand with the ice pick, grabbed him by the hair and sliced his neck off with the sewing machine that was still on going.

As morning arose, one of her workers came in early to see Chalayna dipping a white cloth into something that looked like a red, dark liquid. Note: I hope you guys liked it, did you find the secret at the end? Sorry for my terrible grammar but its my first time writing a story, thanks for reading!

Dobbyisfree says

August 29, 2016 at 7:33 pm


If you saw my earlier comment, then please ignore it. If you didnt see it, oh well! But I have one question. How will know if my story(s) are posted on the Website? Do I just keep checking this page, or will you give me some sort of notification? Please respond with an answer.


HiIWillKillYouNow says

August 29, 2016 at 2:31 am

Vintage Dress

FritzFritz..WAKE UP FRANCINE!! I woke up. I yawned and said; Another day another dollar! And smiled. But then someone had to bust through the door. My stepsister, Janine. Cmon Fritz. Were going shopping. Prom dress shopping. A little bit about Janine: Shes a btch. Popular girl in school, her boyfriend is a jock. Dumbass. Blonde. Thats it. Why the fuck do I have to come? I groan. Raciella told me to. Raciella? Mom? I replied, crossing my arms. Janine flipped her hair and strutted away. GraghhI groan. I go downstairs, my auburn hair in a French braid, wearing my favorite FNaF tank top and ripped shorts. Janine wore a crop top and a pair of shorts so short you could see her ass. Really? I say, raising my eyebrows. Yeah, of course, Basic! She says, flipping her hair. Ugh. Slut. I mumble. We got into her pink convertible, and when I said, I have to pick up Tony, he doesnt have work..Hes at his shop., she immediately swerved to the right at top speed, towards his shop. One thing: she has it hot on my boyfriend. I enter the shop, and she was walking like a slut behind me. Tony was still wearing his uniform, and as we went outside, I was holding his hand. Enraged, Janine threw ME out of her car. I started walking home, and Tony jumped out. Janine then came back. TONYYYY, babe come on. She said, removing her shirt. EW NO. Tony said, turning around. I belong to Fritzki. He said, hugging me. The rest of the drive was silent. Tony was still hugging me and I was cuddling him. We stopped at a dress shop. It looked about 20 30 years old. It was filled with cobwebs, dusty and dingy. She was walking around with Tony and Janine was acting slutty. I was disgusted. We were just walking and I found nothing. We were about to leave when a dress caught my eye. It was about 10 years old, but it was beautiful. I never wore dresses. Never even at weddings or parties. But this one was different. The more I looked at it, the more I was amazed by it. I bought the dress and some heels, but the shopkeeper told me this; Wear it only once. Wear it twice and youre gone. Weirdo. I said, walking away. When I reached home I tried it on. I disregarded the shopkeepers warning. It was beautiful. The small gems on it sparkled. The violet dress was beautiful, it was a bit tight, but I could make it work. The next day, It was prom! I immediately got ready, makeup and hair. My hair was in a braid bun with small gems on it. I wore violet eye shadow with red lipstick. And my dress with my 5 inch heels. I didnt know who I was. I looked like an absolute girl. I never did this before. I didnt know. It started. I was at prom, and I kissed Tony in front of Janine, making her jealous. I then went to the bathroom with Tony, removed his chaleco and I took of my dress. I took out my knife. I killed him. I wasnt in control, I didnt know what I just did. I dashed home, a knife in hand. I crept up on my mom. She looks so peaceful, sleeping there, not knowing she was going to die. I slashed open her stomach and slit her throat from ear to ear. She looks beautiful. Her organs hanging out and her whole body in a pool of blood. My last target was my little sister, Cassandra. Cassandra was playing with her dolls. Happily singing to herself, playing..playing. I stabbed her in the back to her demise. I then cut open her chest and licked the blood off my hands. Then there was a voice in my head. It said; This dress is cursed. If you wear it twice, you will kill your loved ones and have sexual intercourse with the one you hate. Ew. I will not fuck with Janine. I found her sleeping peacefully, undressed her, squeezed her clit and breasts and ate her pussy. I then stabbed her, cut off her limbs and then burnt her body. Then, I took of the dress and hung it on the wall. I then stabbed myself. After all I had done, the dress was untouched. I died. When the life was drifting away, I saw in my mind, the devil embracing me and saying: you did well, my child.

HiIWillKillYouNow says

August 28, 2016 at 10:49 pm

Mollys Exorcism

There was a child named Molly she and her friends were celebrating Her 24th Birthday in a bar she was happy when she went home with her Boss and her friend something happened in the morning The police went in her House cause Her Neighbors Said that They heard Something like Screaming when the police checked the Bathroom they saw 2 Bodys early 30s and Late 20s They brought her to a mental hospital

When the nurse looked at her eyes the only thing she would see is her fear She rushed to take her to her room One night the nurse was reading the man said Nurse,Nurse!! Look at this! All of the mental women were banging their heads against the wall. When the Nurse rushed to Molly she was also banging her head and blood was coming out when Molly was sleeping a dragon fly went in her nose she kept yelling help but no one was there when a priest went to her she said that she Was possessed. He didnt believe her then he heard a voice like a demon saying Your a Useless Priest you are useless the priest said who are you!! It said Im Satan, Your worst nightmare. the next day blood was coming out of Mollys nose.

She escaped at the mental hospital and went to the Philippines And changed her name to Happy New Jew sussie the potato. Then, her long lost brother fishcakes went and made a cake. She ate the cake and asked her brother to make more..and moreand more..! She ate them all and became a fat potato. The.



Scarysiblings says

August 27, 2016 at 10:26 pm

Scary Past

Based on a true story. It was just another day in school. It was History after lunch time so most students were sleepy. I found myself drifting to sleep when we heard screams coming from the classroom a floor beneath us. They had no other classrooms near them. It was just basically them on the 2nd floor with the different labs. Immediately all of us went outside to see why they were screaming. I asked all my friends from that class but none of them would tell me what happened since they were still scared. Until the end of the day, we gathered together and they told me this:

Ms. Eva was sitting on the teachers table. Scolding us on what we have done. When Tracy, the one who can see ghosts, became pale and looked at the blackboard behind Ms. Eva. She screamed and covered her ears and closed her eyes. We were all scared and kept quiet when we all heard a childs laughter.

The laughter sounded like the child was playing and it didnt stop for 15 seconds until it became quite again. We kept darting our eyes back and forth to see if it came from a phone or not. Mark then noticed footprints of children all over the ceiling. Some are barefooted, some arent. We also noticed an adults footprints just being stationary in the corner, but we didnt really mind it. Then Yassi heard somebody calling for help so she stood up and walked around the room. Since she cant find where its coming from, she came back to her chair scared. It wouldnt stop bothering her. Tracy looked at the blackboard again and screamed. We all darted our eyes to the blackboard to see a childs hand prints as well as an adults. There were also writings around the walls HELP ME written in blood. By that time Tracy had began crying and began mumbling words.

We heard another giggle and this time our teacher said ENOUGH! Whoever is doing it stop it! Stop scaring each other. Look, Tracy is scared! So whoever is doing it stop it or Ill give you detention

Just then we heard childrens screams of terror. We couldnt really do anything. We didnt dare move. We just let the screaming pass by together with an adults maniac like laughter. Almost all of us were crying including the teacher. We snapped out of the trance of what seemed like 5 minutes of hearing the laughter and cries, we all screamed and ran out the room.

As soon as a nun in our school heard about the story, she grabbed a rosary, a bible and Holy Water and began blessing the room.

Since our school is over a hundred years old, we investigated its history. It turns out, its a cemetery for those who have died in the war, those who died during a major flash flood in our city and it was also a house with a single father and his three children which he murdered in their room while they were playing with each other.

Because of the incident, we started having altars in each classroom and started praying for all lost souls. So far, nothing has happened. Its been 3 years since that incident happened and to this day, it still scares me. Even though we were just a floor above them, with the door and windows open, we never heard the childrens laughter and cries and the adults maniac laughter.

popsicleunicorn says

August 21, 2016 at 4:35 pm

TOILET PAPER There was a boy name Scott who was 15 years old who lived in Maine. One day when he came home from school, there was a letter on his desk in his bedroom from his parents. The letter said: Dear Scott, We will be out of town for a week. We will visit your aunt Sally in Pennsylvania. Dont go to your next neighbors house until when we return. Dont go out at night for any reason. We will give you $400. Only spend it on food, school supplies if you need, and we ran out of toilet paper so buy a pack. If you have extra money when we return, give it to us. your parents. there was also $400 on his desk. Scott did his homework, studied for his English test, and went toilet paper shopping. he brought $20 with him. on his way, there was a weird, new store opened.it was giving out toilet paper for free! With delight, Scott went into the store, grabbed a pack of toilet paper, and put it on the counter. the store was giving out free bottles of gatorade so he took 6 bottles. on the counter, there was an old, creepy looking lady who was offering Scott free candy too. Scott doesnt eat candy so he denied it. he went home, excited for his free toilet paper, and free bottles of gatorade. when he went home, he put the toilet paper in his bathroom, and went to sleep. in the middle of the night, he heard a loud scream and a window smashed in the bathroom. he was so scared, he couldnt even move. then, his bedroom door smashed open and the old lazy was there with toilet paper all over her and some blood.she came over to Scott, took a roll of toilet paper, and slam it down his throat. he died of choking on tiolet paper, and the old lazy started cutting his stomach open eating his body parts. when the week past, his parents came home, checked on Scott, and was horrified to he thier son with toilet paper in his mouth, and blood all over him. on the wall above him, it said free toilet paper in blood.

reklats says

August 13, 2016 at 9:45 pm

I know this hasnt got much chance of being published here but Im giving it my best shot!

Orphanage I was alone I could feel it I watch the orphanage burn down into ashes the only home I ever knew. No one would survive that I could tell. The flames died down. I turned around. Ready to walk, I feel a cold hand against my shoulder

Animal Kingdom 2004 says

July 31, 2016 at 3:10 am

(No offense to the other stories but this is different than all those same old tales)


Truth Doll

Bella was a spoiled little girl and she was going to start preschool after her current summer break. She couldnt wait to start it so that she could make her first friends! There were only a few houses near hers, but the children there didnt like Bella because she would often start fights and constantly complain. She wanted to have a new beginning in school.

One morning, Bella was complaining to her mom that she wanted a new doll. After half an hour of arguing, Bella lost the argument and was told she couldnt buy anything until school started. Bella ran to her room very upset. As she slumped onto her bed, she turned to her nightstand. She happened to notice a small piggy bank behind her lamp.

She decided to use her own savings to sneak out and buy a new toy. After emptying the piggy bank, Bella ended up with 30 dollars. She went downstairs and called to her mother. Mom, Im going to go play in the front yard! Her mother replied from the kitchen, Ok, but be back for lunch! Im making your favorite noodle soup!

Bella went outside and pretended to play for a while. After making sure her mother wasnt looking through the window near the door, she went around the house to their garage and took her bicycle out. She rode it down their hill to the nearest shops.

After 10 minutes, she found an old toy shop. She entered and smelled a musty scent that made her sneeze. An old man was sitting at the front counter. Welcome he said.

Bella walked through the small shops and checked the rows of shelves and boxes for any toys. All she found were dusty clothes, a few pairs of adult shoes, and action figures until she got to the back of the shop.

The back of the shop has three shelves filled with dolls. Bella noticed every single doll was tattered and very old looking. She didnt want to buy any of them. She went back to the front counter and was about to leave when she happened to noticed a beautiful doll behind the old man. It was prettier than all her dolls and she instantly loved it.

How much for the doll?

The old man replied, Sorry, pumpkin, but its not for sale.

Bella began to cry. She wailed in front of the old man until he couldnt take take it anymore.

Ok, ok, ok! Just stop crying. He didnt want any visitors to think he was making children cry..

Bella began to quiet down until she was only sniffing.

But listen to me I found it outside the house of someone who was murdered.. Its rumored that its cursed!

The old man decided not to mention what the curse was so he didnt completely spoil it for the little girl.

Just be careful around it Dont play with it too much.

The girl was overjoyed. The man offered the doll for free but she gave him the $30.

She biked all the way back home with the doll then hid it behind a plant. She decided to pretend to climb trees, just in case. Just as she was up the first tree, her mother called outside.

Come on! The soups almost cold!

Bella ran inside and into the kitchen. She finished as fast as she could then reminded herself to get her doll. She snuck the doll upstairs to her room. She played with it until bedtime. Her mother told her to turn out the lights from downstairs.

There was only one problem: Bella was afraid of the dark. Well, not necessarily of the dark, but whatever could be hiding in it. She turned off the lights and hid herself under her covers with the doll.

What if theres a monster under my bed. A monster that would grab my feet when I try to get out. She told her doll.

It felt better to have something she could talk to her fears about.

Sometimes, I see faces in the tree branches through my window. I always feel like they could come to life and climb in.. Its silly, isnt it?

She moved the dolls head into a nod.

My brother told me about a guy called Jeff the Killer. He has a really scary face. No eyelids and a torn mouth with bleached white skin. He writes Go to sleep and when you do, he murders you.

She felt better to get her fears out.

But they arent real. Anyways, you can protect me.

With that, she fell asleep.

The next morning, It was Thursday, May 12th. School would start at the end of July! Bella couldnt wait. She basically spent the entire day with her doll. She went outside with it and pretended to dance with her. She put her up in the trees and climbed next to her. She even played hide and go seek It was pretty difficult. After lunch, she went upstairs and played tea party with her new doll and her other dolls. Bella was having the time of her life.

By the time it was night, Bella was exhausted. It was 8:30 PM. After climbing into bed with her doll, she was about to fall asleep when she remembered something that kept her up. She had completely forgotten about the curse. She started to feel a bit scared when she remembered the old mans warnings Bella had to know what it was. She had to sneak out.

At 11:30 PM, Bellas parents were asleep. As quiet as a mouse, Bella took the doll and snuck out. She decided to run to the shop since the bicycle would be too noisy. She reached it at 11:45.

The man was about to close up wen Bella came in, but she stopped him.

Excuse me sir, but could you please tell me what the curse is? I need to know, I came all this way late at night!

The old man looked at her sadly and sighed.

Very well. The curse of the doll is called the Reality Curse. Whoever owns the doll must be very careful not to mention any bad things to the doll. Otherwise, the doll will make the fears into a reality on the upcoming Friday the 13th. The last owner of the doll died after he told it about his fear of murderers. The curse is unavoidable.

Bella dropped the doll right there. She cried all the way home and didnt stop running till she reached her front door. There she stopped to think.

It cant be real. Mama knows that too! He only told me its cursed because he wants to mess with me. Hes a real meanie!

Instead of being scared, Bella was rather upset. Why did he want to scare her. She decided to go to bed and think of it tomorrow. She snuck upstairs into her bedroom as quiet as possible. Her parents where still asleep. She climbed into bed.

Even if it was real, nothing can happen. I left the doll with the man!

Bella felt a lot better. She began to think of lots of her favorite things. She was dreaming of her stuffed unicorns and how the doll was gone. She was dreaming of all her good dolls and how pretty they were and how much fun they would have.

Dreamt even as the clock struck 12:00. Dreamt even as the wind began to shape the trees. Dreamt even as a shadowy figure wrote Go to Sleep in blood on her bedroom window.


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Your Story | Scary Website

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New teaser for season seven of The Walking Dead has fans …

Fans were left shocked and disappointed back in April as The Walking Dead’s highly anticipated season finale failed to reveal who was the victim of Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) fatal punishment.

And the latest teaser for The Walking Dead’s upcoming seventh season has fans speculating who will be at the other end of the new villain’s bat.

Vanity Fairhas suggested that all signs – including the new, 30-second clip – point to possibly the most horrifying scenario, that the victim will be pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohen).

Scroll down for video

Who’s it going to be? The new teaser for the upcoming seventh season of The Walking Dead focused on supervillain Negan(Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but also hinted at the fate of a few other major characters

Uh oh! Negan flashed a smile in one clip, though it was a menacing one as he warned:’Things have changed. Whatever you had going for you, that’s over’

‘There are rules,’ Negan warns as the teaser begins, with the villain then explaining that you need to ‘earn what you take.’

People can be seen bowing down to him as he walks by, casually carrying his feared weapon of choice, Lucille, which is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

‘You should know, this is the only way,’ he continues, while smirking, before another series of shots of him menacingly holding Lucille.

He warns that ‘things have changed,’ quipping: ‘whatever you had going for you, that’s over.’

New threats: Morgan(Lennie James) appeared in the teaser, seemingly far away from Negan and his beloved bat

Spared:Carol (Melissa McBride) also played a role in the latest teaser

Morgan (Lennie James), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Carol (Melissa McBride), and Tara (Alanna Masterson) can be seen in footage from the upcoming season as Negan warns: ‘Thing is, I’m everywhere.’

The clips in the teaser seem to rule out Morgan, Tara, and Carol as victims of Negan and his beloved bat.

Also, Morgan and Carol will end up in The Kingdom, run by King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), so they should be safe from Lucille.

Struggling: And though he looked to be in quite the precarious situation himself, it seemed as if Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) was spared from Negan’s beating as well

Dire: And while Tara (Alanna Masterson) looked petrified in another clip, it was not because of Negan or Lucille

Meanwhile, the fact that Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, and Josh McDermitt all appeared in a birthday video sent to Demi Lovato last month seems to suggest that Rick (Andrew), Daryl (Norman), Glenn (Steven), and Eugene (Josh) are safe as well.

Though it is true that many had feared Glenn would be the victim since the character is in The Walking Dead comics, perhaps the writers are giving him a bit of a break after season six’sdeath scare.

Michael seemed to rule Abraham out via an interview withPopSugar, in which he shared that fans would ‘get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it would be like.’

Cocky: The teaser had Negan issuing a series of threats, with him at one point warning:’Thing is, I’m everywhere’

Menacing: Negan’s barb-wire covered bat – his weapon of choice, nicknamed Lucille – featured prominently in the teaser

‘Abraham will continue for a while now,’ Michael had shared, in an interview that seemed almost too free-sharing with spoilers to not be a red herring.

That would leave Michonne (Danai Gurira), Maggie, Aaron (Ross Marquand), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Carl (Chandler Riggs).

However, since showrunner Scott Gimple had ‘promised’ that the premiere would deliver on what was set up in the finale, many believe it is unlikely that somewhat minor characters such as Aaron, Sasha, or Rosita would be on the receiving end of that bat.

Bow down: Negan and Lucille clearly strike fear in all the people of his community

Watch out! The series’ new villain also took aim with another weapon

And of course, Carl seems to be safe, as just before Negan struck his fatal blow in the season six finale he warned: ‘Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father.’

Many also seem confident that Michonne’s life will be spared, despite Danai recently signing on to star in the upcoming Black Panther film.

Fears of Michonne’s demise were also likely quelled by the fact that Danai wasspotted on set last month, alongside Andrew, Ross, and Alanna.

Therefore, the most popular guess is now Maggie, as killing a pregnant and beloved character would absolutely line up with Andrew’s ideas of how the premiere will make audience members feel: ‘angry,’ ‘sick,’ ‘nauseous, and ‘frustrated.’

Who could it be? Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Glenn (Steven Yeun), and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) seemed to also get ruled out as the four actors had appeared in a birthday video for Demi Lovato last month

It was also noted that Lauren has been missing from the show’s Atlanta set, while posting pictures to Instagram of herself traveling and seemingly not in Georgia.

In the end, seeing as The Walking Dead has been working in earnest to prevent any spoilers from being released – with AMC even threatening to sue spoiler site The Spoiling Dead, shooting the season out of order, and filming multipledeath scenes – everything is very much still up in the air.

Fans will have to wait until the season seven premiere – on AMC on October 23 at 9pm – to finally discover the fate of their favorite characters.

Say it ain’t so: Many believe Maggie (Lauren Cohen) is the most likely victim, as she has not been seen on the show’s Atlanta set and since killing off the pregnant, beloved character would make for a traumatizing premiere, indeed

Is it a clue? Lauren has also posted photos of trips outside of Atlanta, such as this snap with weight loss specialistChris Powell, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona

Go here to see the original:
New teaser for season seven of The Walking Dead has fans …

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Dracula | Theater + Dance | NUVO News | Indianapolis, IN

Two stars Artbox Productions; The Asylum House in German Park; directed by Jason Hignite

For their inaugural production, Artbox Productions is kicking off the Halloween season early with Dracula, set, appropriately, in a haunted house attraction, The Asylum. The adaptation by Steven Dietz leaves something to be desired, but since most people know the storyline its easy enough to mentally gloss over the rough spots. Act 1 has too many 30-Second Bunnies Theatre attributes Harkers narrations are abrupt summations of what the audience is missing. And some of the actors accents are nothing if not comical as is Draculas old lady wig and the phallic transfusion equipment (I kept hearing Austin Powers: Its not my bag, baby!). Under Jason Hignites vision, Jeffrey Sanford as Renfield is certainly enthusiastic, but Joshua Ramsey as the count, Allison Reddick as Mina, Mindy Steele as Lucy, Terrence Dellinger as Seward and Mark Meyer as Harker are unimaginative in their performances. The clichd portrayals of the characters make them uninteresting. And Van Helsing seems like a character from a Mel Brooks movie. If Hignite had just given in and gone B-style with the production (it’s unintentionally on the edge as is), this show could have been a riot. But in trying to play it straight, it flounders. Patrick Greathouses set design is nice, though, and the unusual location is interesting. Maybe more can be done with this partnership idea in the future. Through Sept. 28; http://www.theasylumhouse.com.

Dracula | Theater + Dance | NUVO News | Indianapolis, IN

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SparkNotes: Dracula: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Themes Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. The Consequences of Modernity

Early in the novel, as Harker becomes uncomfortable with his lodgings and his host at Castle Dracula, he notes that unless my senses deceive me, the old centuries had, and have, powers of their own which mere modernity cannot kill. Here, Harker voices one of the central concerns of the Victorian era. The end of the nineteenth century brought drastic developments that forced English society to question the systems of belief that had governed it for centuries. Darwins theory of evolution, for instance, called the validity of long-held sacred religious doctrines into question. Likewise, the Industrial Revolution brought profound economic and social change to the previously agrarian England.

Though Stoker begins his novel in a ruined castlea traditional Gothic settinghe soon moves the action to Victorian London, where the advancements of modernity are largely responsible for the ease with which the count preys upon English society. When Lucy falls victim to Draculas spell, neither Mina nor Dr. Sewardboth devotees of modern advancementsare equipped even to guess at the cause of Lucys predicament. Only Van Helsing, whose facility with modern medical techniques is tempered with open-mindedness about ancient legends and non-Western folk remedies, comes close to understanding Lucys affliction.

In Chapter XVII, when Van Helsing warns Seward that to rid the earth of this terrible monster we must have all the knowledge and all the help which we can get, he literally means all the knowledge. Van Helsing works not only to understand modern Western methods, but to incorporate the ancient and foreign schools of thought that the modern West dismisses. It is the fault of our science, he says, that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain. Here, Van Helsing points to the dire consequences of subscribing only to contemporary currents of thought. Without an understanding of historyindeed, without different understandings of historythe world is left terribly vulnerable when history inevitably repeats itself.

Most critics agree that Dracula is, as much as anything else, a novel that indulges the Victorian male imagination, particularly regarding the topic of female sexuality. In Victorian England, womens sexual behavior was dictated by societys extremely rigid expectations. A Victorian woman effectively had only two options: she was either a virgina model of purity and innocenceor else she was a wife and mother. If she was neither of these, she was considered a whore, and thus of no consequence to society.

By the time Dracula lands in England and begins to work his evil magic on Lucy Westenra, we understand that the impending battle between good and evil will hinge upon female sexuality. Both Lucy and Mina are less like real people than two-dimensional embodiments of virtues that have, over the ages, been coded as female. Both women are chaste, pure, innocent of the worlds evils, and devoted to their men. But Dracula threatens to turn the two women into their opposites, into women noted for their voluptuousnessa word Stoker turns to again and againand unapologetically open sexual desire.

Dracula succeeds in transforming Lucy, and once she becomes a raving vampire vixen, Van Helsings men see no other option than to destroy her, in order to return her to a purer, more socially respectable state. After Lucys transformation, the men keep a careful eye on Mina, worried they will lose yet another model of Victorian womanhood to the dark side. The men are so intensely invested in the womens sexual behavior because they are afraid of associating with the socially scorned. In fact, the men fear for nothing less than their own safety. Late in the novel, Dracula mocks Van Helsings crew, saying, Your girls that you all love are mine already; and through them you and others shall yet be mine. Here, the count voices a male fantasy that has existed since Adam and Eve were turned out of Eden: namely, that womens ungovernable desires leave men poised for a costly fall from grace.

The folk legends and traditions Van Helsing draws upon suggest that the most effective weapons in combating supernatural evil are symbols of unearthly good. Indeed, in the fight against Dracula, these symbols of good take the form of the icons of Christian faith, such as the crucifix. The novel is so invested in the strength and power of these Christian symbols that it reads, at times, like a propagandistic Christian promise of salvation.

Dracula, practically as old as religion itself, stands as a satanic figure, most obviously in his appearancepointed ears, fangs, and flaming eyesbut also in his consumption of blood. Draculas bloodthirstiness is a perversion of Christian ritual, as it extends his physical life but cuts him off from any form of spiritual existence. Those who fall under the counts spell, including Lucy Westenra and the three weird sisters, find themselves cursed with physical life that is eternal but soulless. Stoker takes pains to emphasize the consequences of these womens destruction.

Though they have preyed on helpless children and have sought to bring others into their awful brood, each of the women meets a death that conforms to the Christian promise of salvation. The undead Lucy, for instance, is transformed by her second death into a vision of unequalled sweetness and purity, and her soul is returned to her, as is a holy calm that was to reign for ever. Even the face of Dracula himself assumes a look of peace, such as [Mina] never could have imagined might have rested there. Stoker presents a particularly liberal vision of salvation in his implication that the saved need not necessarily be believers. In Dracula, all of the dead are granted the unparalleled peace of salvationonly the Un-Dead are barred from it.

Blood functions in many ways in the novel. Its first mention, in ChapterIII, comes when the count tells Harker that blood is too precious a thing in these days of dishonorable peace; and the -glories of the great races are as a tale that is told. The countproudly recounts his family history, relating blood to ones ancestryto the great races that have, in Draculas view, withered. The count foretells the coming of a war between lineages: between the East and the West, the ancient and the modern, and the evil and the good.

Later, the depictions of Dracula and his minions feeding on blood suggest the exchange of bodily fluids associated with sexual intercourse: Lucy is drained to the point of nearly passing out after the count penetrates her. The vampires drinking of blood echoes the Christian rite of Communion, but in a perverted sense. Rather than gain eternal spiritual life by consuming wine that has been transformed into Christs blood, Dracula drinks actual human blood in order to extend his physicalbut quite soullesslife. The importance of blood in Christian mythology elevates the battle between Van Helsings warriors and the count to the significance of a holy war or crusade.

We notice the stamp of modernity almost immediately when the focus of the novel shifts to England. Dr. Seward records his diary on a phonograph, Mina Murray practices typewriting on a newfangled machine, and so on. Indeed, the whole of England seems willing to walk into a future of progress and advancement. While the peasants of Transylvania busily bless one another against the evil eye at their roadside shrines, Mr. Swales, the poor Englishman whom Lucy and Mina meet in the Whitby cemetery, has no patience for such unfounded superstitions as ghosts and monsters. The threat Dracula poses to London hinges, in large part, on the advance of modernity. Advances in science have caused the English to dismiss the reality of the very superstitions, such as Dracula, that seek to undo their society. Van Helsing bridges this divide: equipped with the unique knowledge of both the East and the West, he represents the best hope of understanding the incomprehensible and ridding the world of evil.

The icons of Christian, and particularly Catholic, worship appear throughout the novel with great frequency. In the early chapters, the peasants of Eastern Europe offer Jonathan Harker crucifixes to steel him against the malevolence that awaits him. Later, Van Helsing arrives armed with crosses and Communion wafers. The frequency with which Stoker returns to these images frames Van Helsings mission as an explicitly religious one. He is, as he says near the end of the novel, nothing less than a minister of Gods own wish.

The three beautiful vampires Harker encounters in Draculas castle are both his dream and his nightmareindeed, they embody both the dream and the nightmare of the Victorian male imagination in general. The sisters represent what the Victorian ideal stipulates women should not bevoluptuous and sexually aggressivethus making their beauty both a promise of sexual fulfillment and a curse. These women offer Harker more sexual gratification in two paragraphs than his fiance Mina does during the course of the entire novel. However, this sexual proficiency threatens to undermine the foundations of a male-dominated society by compromising mens ability to reason and maintain control. For this reason, the sexually aggressive women in the novel must be destroyed.

Arthur Holmwood buries a stake deep in Lucys heart in order to kill the demon she has become and to return her to the state of purity and innocence he so values. The language with which Stoker describes this violent act is unmistakably sexual, and the stake is an unambiguous symbol for the penis. In this way, it is fitting that the blow comes from Lucys fianc, Arthur Holmwood: Lucy is being punished not only for being a vampire, but also for being available to the vampires seductionDracula, we recall, only has the power to attack willing victims. When Holmwood slays the demonic Lucy, he returns her to the role of a legitimate, monogamous lover, which reinvests his fiance with her initial Victorian virtue.

The Czarina Catherine is the name of the ship in which Dracula flees England and journeys back to his homeland. The name of ship is taken from the Russian empress who was notorious for her -promiscuity. This reference is particularly suggestive of the threat that hangs over Mina Harkers head: should Van Helsing and his men fail, she will be transformed into the same creature of appetites as Lucy.

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Vampire – White Wolf – Wikia

Vampire means a lot of things, do you mean:

A vampire is a fictional creature in the role-playing games and books set in the World of Darkness settings by White Wolf Game Studio: the Classic World of Darkness and the Chronicles of Darkness (the “New World of Darkness”). The concept of a vampire in WoD takes many elements from the folklore surrounding traditional vampires in Western culture, and adds a number of specific features for the sake of game mechanics.

The vampire that walks the World of Darkness is an undead creature. It is a former human being that has undergone the Embrace of a vampire, being completely drained of blood and then fed some by his sire.

Vampires need blood (which they call vitae) in order to sustain their undead bodies. It can be human, animal or vampiric blood (but animal blood is not as good, and vampiric blood has potentially troublesome supernatural properties such as the ability to create a blood bond).

Vampire bodies do not function like the bodies of living organisms. They are (more or less) preserved in a life-like state, but they do not age or die from illness.Vampires are created through the Embrace; during the Embrace, a vampire drains a candidate of all their blood and replaces it with a small amount (generally a single drop) of their own. This causes the corpse to rise as a (very hungry) vampire, usually instantly. The vampire who initiates the Embrace is the Sire; the new vampire is the Sire’s Childe.

When a vampire is Embraced, their internal organs wither away, and almost all their body fluids are replaced by blood. Vampires use blood (also called Vitae) for a variety of purposes; blood replaces most bodily fluids, so vampires will sweat blood and cry blood under certain circumstances. Blood is also used to get up and move; every night, vampires expend a certain amount of blood to rise. In addition, vampires can use blood to enhance their physical attributes and use supernatural powers called Disciplines. Blood is used to Embrace, as noted above, and also to create Ghouls. Finally, vampires can use blood to heal damage.

Blood is generally replaced by sucking it out of humans. While vampires can feed on animals, they do not enjoy the taste of it, and older vampires will acquire no sustenance from it. The process of taking blood is euphemistically called the Kiss or feeding. Vampires do not have to completely drain a victim, although frenzying vampires are likely to do so. Vampires can hide the puncture marks of feeding by licking the wounds, making the process fairly subtle.

The feeding process is highly pleasurable (arguably the highest pleasure) for vampires, and is also extremely pleasurable for victims. Vessels who are drained regularly can become addicted to the Kiss.

Vampires change considerably after the Embrace. Physically, they are incapable of eating food, vomiting it up almost instantly. As a result of these processes, the vampire is paler and generally thinner than they were before the Embrace. Certain clans have more extreme physical changes, discussed below.

Once Embraced, vampires are locked into a form of stasis. Apart from wounds (healed with blood), vampires are restored to their condition at the time of Embrace every time they rise up for the night. This physical condition eventually extends to their mindsets – old vampires find it very hard to learn new things.

In addition to the physical changes, vampires experience extreme intellectual and emotional changes. The vampire is now a predator, and has a raging id called the Beast. The Beast reacts to a variety of stimuli, notably hunger, anger, fear. The Beast continuously assaults the character, and if the Beast’s demands exceed the character’s own capacity to control it, will react in a Frenzy or Rtschreck. Vampires can permanently lose control to the Beast, entering Wassail, a state of permanent Frenzy. In this condition, all humanity is lost and the vampire becomes a mindless killing machine.

Vampires from every bloodline have superhuman attributes, but in certain clans one of each may be superior to other clans or even have magic such as tremere.

Vampires are highly vulnerable to some physical threats, most importantly sunlight and fire. Vampires burn easily, and will burn up almost instantly in sunlight. However, outside of these, vampires are very hard to kill bullets do not cause much damage, and their superior strength and speed make them hard to hit, let alone damage in combat.

When wounded, vampires can pass into a deathlike stasis called torpor, which allows them to heal more extreme damage. Torpor can last for centuries depending on the circumstances, and as a vampire gets older, Torpor becomes a more attractive option. Some vampires have been in Torpor for millennia.

Vampires fear fire and sunlight. They receive serious damage from both (sunlight is absolutely lethal after very short exposure). Vampires are also vulnerable to so-called “True Faith”, that is, the strength of a person’s true religious conviction (which is, fortunately for vampires, very rare). Such faith need not be religious per se one of the rulebooks mentions a yuppie repeling a vampire with his credit card, thanks to his faith in the power of money.

Driving a stake through a vampire’s heart will not kill him but will paralyze him. Damage done to other parts of the vampire’s body, with any kind of weapon, is not significant: it may incapacitate the vampire, but he will heal fast if allowed to do so, and provided the damage does not deprive him of all his blood.

Vampires are immune to most diseases, drugs and poisons, but can be affected by some if present in the blood of their victims.

World of Darkness vampires are not affected by garlic, silver or the like, and usually cannot be appeased with offerings (as in some traditions). However, some vampires have specific weaknesses, such as needing some earth from their place of birth to sleep.

From dawn till dusk, they enter a state of supernatural sleep which makes them extremely vulnerable. They may awaken in case of emergency or even not falling asleep at all if their will is strong enough, but during the day they are very weak.

All vampires have the potential for superhuman physical attributes. These capabilities improve with age and with the potency of the blood (generation in VTM, Blood Potency in VTR). Certain clans and bloodlines have even greater powers of strength and speed, such as the Brujah in VTM with their mastery of Potence and Celerity; in VTR, Vigor is the Discipline for increasing a vampire’s already superhuman strength. A few clans have powers that no other vampire can normally learn without a out-of-clan tutor (or without committing diablerie), such as the blood magic of the Tremere.

Also, blood is truly vital for vampires, because they can only have so much blood in their body and they continuously spend it to heal injuries, use their powers or even simply to make their dead body move. When a vampire does not have any more blood in its body, it falls into torpor and cannot be reanimated unless someone feeds it with blood or a period of time has passed. This period ranges from a few days to several years, depending on the individual vampire’s humanity a measure of how much the vampire has retained of his former self and how much he or she has given in to their “inner Beast”.

Superhuman strength: all Vampires have incredible strength and those with Vigor (in VTR) or Potence (in VTM) have even greater strength.

Superhuman speed: Vampires are very fast and agile; those with Celerity are like a blur to mortals. Some especially skilled vampires are fast enough to outrun trains.

Immortality: Vampires are dead or more accurately, undead but as long as they are not killed, they will “live” forever without aging. Vampires, like all other beings, accrue experience over time; in VTR, vampires’ Blood Potency also naturally increases over time. These two factors make elders exceptionally dangerous adversaries.

Enhanced durability: Vampires are very hard to kill; they can only be destroyed by fire, sunlight, massive physical destruction (such as decapitation or the natural weapons of supernatural beings), or the loss of all their blood at the fangs of another vampire. Vampires with Resilience (in VTR) or Fortitude (in VTM) are even more durable, and can endure some sources of damage that vampires would be otherwise unable to resist.

In both VTM and VTR, vampires belong to certain clans and factions; some vampires belong to a bloodline, which is essentially a sub-clan. Each clan has their own powers that some other clans didn’t, and has its own unique weakness as well. There are thirteen clans in VTM, while there are only five in VTR. In VTM, clan and bloodline were one and the same: a vampire who belonged to a bloodline was not technically considered a member of the parent clan, and would often possess powers and weaknesses distinct from the parent clan. In VTR, vampires are members of bloodlines in addition to membership in their parent clan. In VTM, the factions (sects) are mainly defined by the conflict between the Camarilla and Sabbat, while the five covenants in VTR are much less rigid.

Brujah: Very strong vampires with short tempers though it is said that wasn’t always so and there are “true brujah” out there. These vampires are idealists and even though nowadays they’re mostly anarchic punks, one must never underestimate them as their might exceeds other vampires’.

Gangrel: These vampires are very animalistic and like the Brujah, they are at risk of giving in to the beast easier than most. These vampires are in both VTM and VTR. Gangrels can shapeshift into many forms, from a simple wolf to something like a werebat (VtM: Bloodlines) these vampires had a truce with werewolves in VTM.

Toreador: Vampire that glide through the mortal realm with ease, these vampyric creatures are similar to Lestat in that they are very social and enjoy living amongst the mortals. They use their powers to seduce humans.

Tremere: The mages of the vampires, these vampires are usually distrusted by others. Tremere practice blood magic that can either thrall someone or make them explode by boiling thier blood.

Malkavian: The insane vampires of the Malkav bloodline have the unique gift of seeing the unseen and future events. Though their madness makes them diffcult to talk to, as their insanity can manifest in different ways.

Ventrue: The elite of the vampire society, these vampires make up the Camarilla the most and use their wealth and power to dominate lesser vampires.

Assamite: A clan that is usually seen as diablerists and assassins when in truth their are guardians and scholars.

Ravnos: Ravnos are seen as tricksters and gypsies, the clan was nearly wiped out by an ancient vampire.

Nosferatu: Vampires that are deformed and monstous in appearence are the Nosferatu, Vampires who use their obsfucate abilty to spy on others. These vampires are used as informants.

Followers of Set: The Followers of Set (or Setites) are a clan of vampires who believe their founder was the Egyptian god Set. Orthodox Setite belief dictates that Set will one day return to rule or consume the world, and devout Setites prepare the way for his resurrection. To this end, the clan remains independent of the Sects of other Kindred, and practice with great skill the arts of corruption, deceit and ancient sorcery.

Tzimisce: If you described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably commend you for your perspicacity on the inhumanity, and then demonstrate that your mortal definition of sadism was laughably inadequate. The Tzimisce have left the human condition behind gladly, and now focus on transcending the limitations of the vampiric state. At a casual glance or a brief conversation a Tzimisce appears to be one of the more pleasant vampires. Polite, intelligent and inquisitive they seem a stark contrast to the howling Sabbat mobs or even the apparently more humane Brujah or Nosferatu. However on closer inspection it becomes clear that this is simply a mask hiding something alien and monstrous.

Lasombra: Vampires that cast no reflection in mirrors. The leaders of the Sabbat, clan Lasombra are Darwinists, predators, elegant and inhuman. Firm believers in the worthy ruling and the unworthy serving, the Lasombra have maintained their traditions even as they have turned the Sabbat to their own purposes.

Giovanni: The usurpers of clan Cappadocian and the youngest clan of Caine, the Giovanni are both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family (one of many things kept within the family), and are heavily focused on two goals: money and (necromantic) power.

The sects in VTM were the Camarilla, which enforces the Masquerade that allows vampires to live alongside mortals undetected; the Anarchs, who, while hating the oppressive nature of the Camarilla, still honored the rule of the Masquerade; and the Sabbat, who denigrate the Masquerade and its followers, and who often embrace their nature as monsters.

Daeva: A clan thats a mix of Toreador and Brujah, they have physical abilities of Brujah but the adeptness and seduction abilities of Toreador.

Gangrel: The Gangrel are more or less the same as they are in VTM but are said to be more feral and have difficulty in social interaction.

Ventrue: Almost the same as VTM but have a touch of Malkavian in them as their search for more power usually makes them deranged.

Mekhet: As masters of secrets and shadows, suffer the pain of fire and sunlight more harshly than other vampires.

Nosferatu: The same as VTM except their “deformity” is not always physical.

Stakes: Stakes do not kill vampires, but if a wooden stake impales a vampire through the heart, then he or she will be paralysed until it is removed.

Garlic: Garlic has no effect on vampires.

Sunlight: The sun is very dangerous to vampires and can kill them almost instantly. when the sun rises, vampires are typically forced into a supernatural sleep.

Fire: Fire has the same damaging effect as sunlight, but to a lesser extent.

Mirrors: In VTM, vampires do have reflections in mirrors, with the exception of those of the Lasombra clan. In VTR, a vampire’s reflection is distorted in reflective surfaces (as well as media such as photographs and video); it requires willpower to look normal in these forms.

Running water: Vampires can easily cross water to no ill effect.

In the Classic World of Darkness (as depicted in Vampire: The Masquerade and spinoffs like Vampire: The Dark Ages), vampires descend from Caine, the first murderer, cursed by God. Caine Embraced three childer (the Second Generation), who in turn Embraced thirteen (the Third Generation, called the Antediluvians). These were the beginnings of the 13 vampiric clans. With each subsequent Embrace, the childe is in a higher generation, and the standard generation in the modern setting is the 13th (twelve steps removed from Caine).

In the Chronicles of Darkness (the “New” World of Darkness, as depicted in Vampire: The Requiem), the origins of the vampire species are more mysterious. With the removal of the generation concept, the idea of single source became less certain. Common theories include that the Roman soldier Longinus became a vampire after piercing the side of Christ on the cross, or that the first vampire was Dracula or a mysterious figure called the Crone. Some have even suggested that each of the five main clans in Vampire: The Requiem had a different origin.

This is a disambiguation page; that is, one that points to other pages that might otherwise have the same name. If you followed a link here, you might want to go back and fix that link to point to the appropriate specific page.

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Vampire Costumes & Outfits – HalloweenCostumes.com

“Undead” beings have fascinated humans since the first time anyone came up with the idea of an afterlife. Similar creatures are described in the folklore of many cultures, but the word “vampire” did not appear until the late 1600s. Details vary with time and place, but a vampire is usually the restless spirit of some deceased person. The spirit returns, inhabits a body (its own or that of someone else), and feeds upon the living. In many legends, the vampire feeds on blood. In some it feeds on life energy by causing a disease such as tuberculosis, then called “consumption.”

Do vampires actually exist? No human knows for sure. For obvious reasons nowadays, vampires try to avoid drawing attention to themselves. So, in whatever era they lived, they wore the same kind of clothing as ordinary people.

The earliest European folklore described vampires as hideous. Their bloated faces had reddish or dark purplish skin, and they wore a linen burial shroud. They couldn’t help doing what they did, and also couldn’t hide their existence. If you want to be a scary, creepy vampire, that’s the way to go. Our “night fiend” andNosferatucostumes and masks would give you this look, perhaps with the addition of a hooded robe or cloak.

Our modern image of a vampire originated in the Gothic-style horror literature of the early 1800s. The picture of a vampire as a pale, slim, well-dressed, elegant aristocrat culminated in Bram Stoker’s classic 1893 novelDracula. Such fictional vampires as Lord Ruthven and Count Dracula could, and did, join in society and interact with humans. They wore the fashions of their day. For these Victorian era vampires, that meant trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat and frock coat.ActorBelaLugosi brought this image to life when he played Dracula on stage and screen in the 1920s and 1930s. We have several men’s vampire costumes that will give you that look.

Thecapes and fangs were touches added by Hollywood. A 1920s costume designer suggested the long opera cloak with a wide collar, as a simple way to make Lugosi seem to disappear. A makeup artist in the 1950s added the fangs, when Christopher Lee played Dracula.

Female vampires have been portrayed as seductive femmes fatales sinceThedaBara played one in a 1915 silent film. That’s where the word “vamp” comes from referring to a seductress. They, too, wore the fashions of their day and participated in society.

Vampires of modern fiction wear ordinary human clothes most of the time. What sets them apart is their pale complexion, fangs, and their posture and manners. You can achieve the pale complexion with one of our easy-to-use vampire makeup kits. And the fangs are part of our vampire accessory kits.For your posture, you should be sure to stand up straight–don’t slouch! It’s part of the carryover from past ages.

Vampires are immortal, and some of them are hundreds of years old. That’s why most modern vampires show traces of earlier eras in their manners. They’re a bit more formal, traditional and polite than modern humans. A movie heartthrob vampire asked his beloved’s father for permission to marry her. Most humans don’t bother with that anymore. He also refused to consummate their relationship before the wedding. That’s almost unheard-of these days!

In order to attract victims or “donors,” vampires have to be charming, and most are also physically attractive. Their vampire form becomestaller, thinner and paler than their human form. Nobody quite knows why, but it seems to be something about the change of state from human to vampire. So if you’re going to be a vampire, practice your most elegant manners. If you’re partying with humans you’ll want to blend in, so go for a subtle look. If it’s an all-vampire gathering you can go all-out and show your true nature.

You have a lot of options if you want to become a vampire. Choose whether you want to be a historic vampire or a modern one, a specific fictional character or your own concept. To be a suave, debonair or glamorous historical vampire, choose a costume inspired by formal wear. Any of our Victorian vampire costumes would be great. Add accessories such as a cane, a ring or medallion with faux gems, and vampire fangs. To become a modern, fierce vampire, choose a sexy or menacing costume and add gory fake blood to your pale makeup. We have fangs that appear to drip blood–those would add a bloodthirsty touch to your look. We even have a wig that can give you the same hairstyle as that movie heartthrob. For even more realism, enjoy a dark-red-colored beverage, and serve it in an elegant crystal goblet.

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