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Vampire facts tell us that although the first proper mentions of them in literature date to the 18th century, the first true Vampires actually date back to the ancient Babylonians and the year 4000 BC. They were called ekimmu and were believed to be a vengeful or evil spirit who had, upon death, not been buried properly, and thus escaped to torment and suck the life out of people who were still living.

So much so, that people actually took to digging up the bodies of dead people to kill them again, making sure they could not come back to haunt them. This actually led, in some countries, to laws and statutes being passed to prevent people bringing up bodies and causing them any more harm. However, in some places there were mass beheadings and hangings of people who were presumed or suspected to be Vampires.

Vampire Facts show that one of the most notable film Vampires was FW Murnaus epic silent film Nosferatu, made in 1922, though the first real film depiction was in the 1912 movie The Secrets of House Number 5. Still to this day, the most memorable portrayal of Dracula was by the actor Bela Lugosi, and this, for many, is the defining characterization and the most recognizable image of him.

Most notably feeding on the flesh of the living. It was therefore not uncommon for suspected female vampires to be buried with a rock or brick in their mouth to prevent them from coming back to life and eating the flesh of the dead. It was commonly believed during the time of the plague in the 17th century that Vampires would do this, so during this time the practice became even more common.

Well, that is if you do believe they exist, of course. Garlic is rich in a compound called Allicin, which is a known and proven antibiotic, known to repel many different types of germs and viruses. Vampire facts indicate that in folklore, people believed garlic would protect them from Vampire attack. Brides would carry it under their wedding dresses to keep them safe, and sailors believed it would protect them from shipwreck and Vampire attack when they were sailing.

The first notable mention of the word Vampire came in the 18th century in a book called Travels of Three English Gentlemen, though to this day, nobody knows who authored the book. However, the term dates back much further than that, possibly to the 17th century Slavic countries, and is believed to be roughly translated from an ancient word meaning witch.

A Dolmen is an ancient stone monument which has been found placed over the graves of many suspected Vampires, particularly in areas in and around Northern Europe. Archaeologists believed they were installed over the graves to stop the evil spirits rising from the body once the Vampire was dead. These monuments looked like stone tables and were often incredibly heavy.

Well, allegedly anyway! It is believed that Prince Charles is distantly related to Count Dracula otherwise known as Vlad of Walachia (and you might even be more familiar with his other name Vlad the Impaler), an evil 15th century ruler known for his brutal treatment of people, often skinning them alive. His own name means Son of Dracula and he was murdered in 1476, though his tomb has been located and since found to be totally empty. To this day, nobody knows where his mortal remains lie. The Prince has also admitted this himself too, jokingly confessing that he thinks he might have a stake in Romania. Genealogists of note have admitted he might well be right, too.

Vampire facts suggest that it was commonly believed the only way to rid yourself of a suspected vampire attack was to actually eat or drink the remains of a Vampire. This was done in one of two ways: by turning the ashes of a Vampire into a hot drink to imbibe, or to bake the blood of a dead Vampire into a loaf of bread and eat it. This might not catch on at Subway, though.

and believe it or not, it once again gives another link to the British Royal Family. A little-known condition called Porphyria (said to not only have affected King George III, but also latterly Princess Margaret) is something that many people who are believed to have been Vampires have suffered from. The illness causes excessive hair growth, intense sensitivity to sunlight and, in some patients, teeth may end up stained a reddish brown color.

Vampires have been said to have been in existence since ancient Babylonian times, though they were known as ekimmu rather than the name were commonly familiar with. The first mention of them in literature came in the 18th century, and the first film featuring a prominent Vampire character was released in 1912. The British Royal Family have Vampire connections. It is still believed the best way to protect yourself from a Vampire attack is to eat garlic.

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Vampires The Official John Carpenter

Even now, on the eve of the 21st century, vampires rise from loamy graves in search of human prey. The blood they crave is the nectar of immortality, their thirst insatiable as needy fangs tear through the flesh of innocents. It is the rare man who would take up arms against them. Jack Crow (James Woods) is such a man. A skilled and cunning vampire slayer, he is the last crusader in a long-waged war, the leader of a contingent of mercenaries known as Team Crow.

Outside an abandoned farmhouse in rural New Mexico, Crow and partner Tony Montoya (Daniel Baldwin) survey the situation before moving in. Team Crow is on assignment for the Vatican to destroy a nest of vampires suspected to be inside. As they enter the darkness, the silence is broken by the high-pitched shrieks of a female vampire. The slayers flash their weapons in response. Wooden stakes and gleaming pikes pierce her body until she is dragged screaming into the light. More vampires appear, their struggles heroic, but not enough to endure. One by one, each is overpowered, reduced to ashes in the sun.

When all is quiet once again, Team Crow retreats to lick their wounds and celebrate a victory short-lived. They have neglected to kill the master of the nest, unleashing the savage fury of the infamous Valek, the first vampire in recorded history, the greatest master of all.

At the nearby Sungod Motel, the screams and shrieks heard now are the sounds of partying hookers, the finest prostitutes money can buy. They tantalize the macho warriors with swaying hips and breasts while the men drink in their luscious bodies. The night grows wild with wanton abandon until interrupted by the arrival of an uninvited guest, the legendary Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Shock explodes across the room. The dark-robed stranger sinks his teeth into the flesh of Katrina (Sheryl Lee), a particularly beautiful prostitute, then turns his wrath on Team Crow. The massacre is quick and brutal. Only Crow and Montoya are left to bury their dead. They take Katrina hostage as a weapon against Valek, his bite initiating her psychic link to him as master. They will hunt him through her senses, see him through her eyes.

Valek now nears the end of a centuries-long search for the elusive Berziers Cross, the implement of ritual that can give him and all vampires succeeding him omnipotent power to walk in the daylight. His years of darkness have only left him more determined as has his battle with Crow. It is in their final confrontation that the fates will be decided.

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Vampires | The Shadowhunters’ Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

VampiresAlso known as:

Night ChildrenChildren of the Night

Meliorn, City of Glass

Vampires, also known as the Children of the Night, are a species of Downworlders. Along with werewolves, vampires are humans infected with a demon disease. However, unlike the former, vampires are considered “undead”.

Vampires generally tend to look pale, sallow, and thin, though this is not always the case.

The blood of vampires shimmers bright red. Vampires cannot shed tears;[1] instead, it is blood that leaks through their eyes. Being reanimated corpses, they do not have a heartbeat and do not need to breathe, although they are still able to inhale and exhale oxygen, in order to utilize their heightened sense of smell, to pass as human, or to blow on something. Their lack of breath makes them impervious to such things as asphyxiation, drowning, or gases.[2]

A vampire and a sire also have some sort of connection. Particularly, upon the death of one’s sire, a vampire will experience a momentary jolt of pain, presumably feeling the same pain their sire felt at death.[3]

The dirt of the grave where a vampire was buried holds special properties for that vampire. The vampire can tell if the grave has been disturbed. Vampires may use this to communicate simple messages,[4] even without the other’s presencefor instance, breaking a container of a vampire’s grave dirt could be used to alert and summon that particular vampire.[5] Clans sometimes even have a spot where a jar of every member’s grave dirt is hidden, used for emergency purposes for when a leader needs to call on all their vampires.[6]

Vampires also cannot be tracked by normal tracking magic, neither demonic nor Nephilimic; however, powerful vampires tend to travel with mundane subjugates who can be tracked.[7][4]

Like warlocks, vampires are immortal and sterile; though unable to bear children, they are able to continue their vampiric bloodline by turning humans into vampires.[4]

Like werewolves, they possess superhuman strength, grace, and speed, and are able to heal quickly from most mundane injuries. They also have enhanced sensessmell, sight, and hearing. They can easily adjust their eyes to seeing in the dark, as well as almost instantly adjust when shifting between light and dark.[4] Vampires also gain sharper eyesight than humans, and any fledgling who wore glasses in life will no longer need them as a vampire.[8]

Vampires also have the power of the encantothe ability to mesmerize and essentially control others.[5] They can also shapeshift into bats, rats, and dust, while maintaining their intelligence in any form.[9]

Power from a sirethe one who gave them the vampire blood that enabled them to turnis also seemingly shared or transferred to some extent, mainly because it is through blood that vampires pass their powers to each other.[8]

Raphael Santiago, City of Ashes

A human who has been bittenwith the transformative properties of vampire saliva able to Turn themor has consumed enough vampire blood, known as a fledgling, will not abruptly Turn into a vampire. To be reborn, the human must first die a mortal death, during which the undead body will enter into a state of transition. They must then be buried, during which they will reanimate while in the ground, and then must make their way out of their own grave to be ‘truly born’. They must then feed on an exceptional amount of fresh human blood within the next 24 hours to complete the transition, or else they will fade and die.[8] Because of the vampire blood, the demon “disease” and energy, and saliva in their bodies, their corpses are kept intact and animated.[4]

Because of this, a killed fledgling should have someone familiar with the process to support the fledgling and ensure a smooth transition, specifically by being present for the vampire’s rising, to ensure that the fledgling would successfully rise of the grave, and supply him or her with blood and take him or her to a safe place to recover.[4][8]

The demon strain that causes vampirism can cause uncontrollable aggression, mostly associated with their thirst for blood. An orphaned fledglingone with no guidance or clan to support itwill have little to no idea about what’s happened to it, and won’t know how to feed safely or even to stay out of sunlight. The importance of a clan is highlighted because of this instances, and in case this doesn’t happen immediately, a Praetor is dispatched to a spotted new vampire to help.[5]

Blood is the main component of a vampire’s diet; all vampires need to drink some kind of blood for their survival. Whether it is the blood of humans or animals is up to the vampire. Mundane food can make a vampire sick since they cannot digest it, although some have learned to eat food with practice, most of which they have to spew out sometime after.[8][5]

Vampires possess retractable razor-like fangs that extend from their upper canines when their blood lust is roused. These fangs are sharp and strong enough to penetrate the skin and vein of their prey. Drinking blood brings a rush of energy and vitality to the vampire. Experienced vampires can resist this rush and stop drinking to keep their prey alive, while new vampires may have trouble controlling their urge. Controlling hunger and the sheathing and unsheathing of one’s fangs on command is also a feat harder to master with younger vampires.

After the initial sting of a vampire bite, the vampire saliva, which acts as a muscle relaxant and a euphoric, will dull the pain and may even make the experience pleasurable for the victim. Their saliva is believed to increase the red blood cell count of a person once in their bloodstream, making the bitten human stronger, healthier, and able to live longer; the effect is small, but it alleviates the effect of their blood loss, and so a bitten human, as long as left alive, usually remains unharmed.[4] A well-Marked Shadowhunter can retain his or her consciousness much longer than a mundane, though there is still a heavy risk associated with being bitten.

When a vampire decides it wants more than a snack and wants a human subjugate, also referred to as darklings, the vampire will start feeding its bitten human small amounts of vampire blood to keep it docile and connected to its “master”. Subjugates worship the vampire that bit them and love serving them; all they want is to be near them. They follow their every command and find offense when others speak badly of their masters. Most darklings continue serving their master in hopes of becoming vampires themselves once they die.

Along with other Downworlders, vampires are generally unaffected by mundane drugs or alcohol they ingest. However, if they drink the blood of a drugged or intoxicated human, they become drugged or drunk themselves and may become susceptible to addiction.[6][3]

Vampires are extremely vulnerable to fire; though they are strong and durable, their bodies are weaker and less resistant to burning.

Holy water and other common blessed materials such as angelically aligned swords are harmful to vampires and will scorch and burn their flesh. Holy, religious symbolslike a crucifix, a Bible, etc.may be harmful to them if they hold weight for the target vampire, depending on their belief system while still mundane.[4][10] Most new vampires, with religion in their life, are not able to speak holy names such as God’s, but older vampires gain the ability through years of practice,[11] Vampires can even train themselves to resist the pain caused by these religious names and objects.[12] If a vampire did not ascribe to a religious faith as mortals, they do not develop an aversion to holy symbols and names.

Vampires cannot stand the direct light of the sun. A ray of sunlight will burn the skin of vampires and cause blisters to appear on their skin. Full exposure to the sun will cause them to burst into flame dramatically, quickly reducing them to ash.[4] It would take walls to protect vampires from sunlight, while layers of cloth will simply be penetrated through by the light.[8] For this reason, vampires are normally careful to remain dormant and inactive during daylight hours. Artificial light, such as that of gaslight or electric light, may cause discomfort in vampires if it is strong enough, but they are normally able to remain undamaged unless already very weak. Witchlight, being light of angelic origin, may harm vampires to a lesser extent than sunlight.[4]

An exception to this are “Daylighters”, or vampires who are invulnerable to sunlight. While there used to be more Daylighters during ancient times according to Lilith, they have become rarer over time, and the precise way how they are made is unknown. One of them, Simon Lewis, became one after being fed Nephilim blood, particularly Jace Herondale’s, who has more angel blood than most of his kind.

A wooden stake, typically crafted out of oak, pierced through a vampire’s heart will slay them instantly. Silver is toxic to vampires and causes them to experience pain, headaches, and nausea, though it will not kill them. Cutting off a vampire’s head or bleeding them dry are among other ways to kill them.[4]

The information written in this section is based on accounts gathered by Nephilim, from people who claim to have been present, and compiled in the Shadowhunter’s Codex.[4]

The first vampires were said to have been created in 1444 A.D. in a public ceremony. The Greater Demon Hecate was summoned in a massive blood-based sacrifice held at the Court of Wallachia (modern day Romania). Its then ruler, Vlad III, had a great circle of prisoners of war impaled on tall wooden spikes. In exchange for this sacrifice and act of savagery, Hecate transformed Vlad and a large majority of his court into the first vampires.[4]

Vampirism did not spread seriously until a few years later when Vlad led a series of raids into neighboring Transylvania. There, he and his men gorged themselves on the blood of their enemies and spread vampirism through the entire region. Cluj became the site of the first vampire clan officially recognized by the Clave, and Transylvania took over as the epicenter of the vampire epidemic. Vampire activity in Wallachia diminished to near silence after Vlad’s death.

Simion the Scribe of the Cluj Institute in the late 15th century provided a detailed record of the original spread of the vampire plague. He described an all-out war between the Nephilim and the earliest vampire clans, with mundanes being taken from their beds and left drained in the streets, and vampires chained to the ground in village squares and left to burn in the rising sun, and other such acts.

Shadowhunters, especially those already experienced in hunting Downworlders, traveled to Transylvania for the sole purpose of vampire slaying; new vampires began to appear just as fast as old ones could be killed. Within months, the Cluj Institute, formerly one of the smallest and least important Institutes in Europe, had become the epicenter for the largest demonic epidemic the mundane world had ever seen. Chaos arose, as neither Nephilim nor vampires yet understood how new vampires were made or how they could be reliably killed.

The war ended with no clear victor. Knowledge of the vampiric disease grew, vampirism spread to other parts of Europe, and Shadowhunters returned home to sign treaties with local vampire clans and keep the peace in their own territories. Transylvania remained a devastated battleground for hundreds of years, where mortality rates for both vampires and Shadowhunters remained the highest in the world, and where the authority of the Clave was tenuous at best.

Only with the unofficial end of the Schism in the first half of the eighteenth century did the battle die down, and today the Cluj Institute is, while more vampire-focused than most other Institutes, no busier or more dangerous than any other, and Shadowhunters visit not to wage war but to see the Muzeul de Vampiri, where magically animated wax figures re-create the carnage of five hundred years ago.

Exposure, the practice of binding vampires outside to be burned by the sun, was banned in the Third Accords of 1902 after the popularity of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula, the titular character being based on Vlad III, which led to an enthusiasm for hunting and brutally killing innocent, Law-abiding vampires.[4]

Because of the healing properties of vampire saliva, it is not against the Law for a vampire to drink blood from a human, provided that the human remains alive.

Nevertheless, the risk of accidentally killing a human have led some to refrain from drinking directly from living victims and instead drink animal blood or pre-drawn blood.

Vampires around the world may choose to band together and form a group of vampires, usually called a clan. There are several vampire clans throughout the world, with at least one or more in every major city. Usually though, no matter what clan they are affiliated with, vampires consider each other, to some extent, brethren. Clan wars do occur, however, and during these battles, leadership may change because, as with werewolves: Whoever kills the head of a vampire clan becomes its leader.

Along with faeries, vampires are committed to notions of honor and etiquette. They take bonds very seriously, as well as oaths and vows. Blood-oath rituals, as in vows written and signed in blood, bind and compel vampires, and can only be violated when broken by another ritual.[4]

Because of the continued antagonism between vampires and the Nephilim, vampires, according to Jem Carstairs, sometimes Turn a Shadowhunter as a joke. Because of the Shadowhunter’s past and heritage, the Shadowhunter will be scorned and shunned among the vampire community.[13]

For some reason, vampires and werewolves also have a long-standing rivalry with werewolves, considered their mortal enemies. Maia Roberts once explained that the demons that passed on the disease to humans that gave birth to vampires and werewolves were mortal enemies, and that prejudice was passed down through their races.[8]

Vampires, as illustrated in the film.

From as early as the 1780s until as late as the 1850s, the vampire Marcel Saint Cloud led the most powerful clan in Paris. During his reign, Marcel threw blood parties, resulting in a period of “vampire craze”, during which several children and young residents were made subjugates. Because of this, Downworlders chose to stay away from Paris during that time, as Marcel often asserted power over them, and Paris, to a large extent, was considered the terrain of the vampire.

A clan was existent in London during the Victorian era and led by Alexei de Quincey until his untimely death in 1878. Before this though, de Quincey led the clan liberally, secretly encouraging them to defy what he saw as the oppressive Covenant Law. During the raid on one of his parties, the Shadowhunters murdered several of the vampire members; de Quincey was later executed, with his few remaining followers. Whether the clan recovered from this is unknown.

In New York, primarily Manhattan, a clan is existent as of 2007. The clan resides in the Hotel Dumort. This clan has motorcycles that can fly through the demon energy that runs them. Formerly led by Camille Belcourt, and temporarily by Raphael Santiago, briefly by Maureen Brown, and currently by Lily Chen.[3]

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The Walking Dead – Wrath: Season 8, Episode 16 – AMC

In a flashback, Rick walks with three-year-old Carl down a country road.

In the present, Alden and the POWs clear walkers around the Hilltops perimeter.

Rick speaks to Siddiq about the circumstances of Carl’s death. Siddiq explains that Carl was helping him kill walkers to release their souls, as Siddiq’s mother once did. He regrets not having considered the risks.

Hilltoppers mobilize to ambush the Saviors. Ezekiel predicts it could be the last morning for some of them.

Rick, Maggie, Carol, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita discuss their plan of attack. Michonne wonders if they can trust intelligence delivered by Gregory.

Morgan looks around Hilltop, confused and out of sorts. He strides aggressively towards Alden and the Saviors and knocks someone to the ground before realizing its Henry. Rick suggests to Morgan that he stay back, but Morgan vows to finish the Saviors. Maggie refuses to let Alden and the Savior prisoners join the fight.

Ricks army marches to battle.

Saviors mobilize at the Sanctuary. Eugene informs Negan that he manufactured the munitions as requested. Negan shoots a dummy labeled “Rick” with a test bullet and grins. He gives a map to two Saviors, Lance and Duke, and sends them out.

Rick leads a scout team to spy on Lance and Dukes group as they set up a road block.

Negan, Laura, Eugene and Gabriel drive out together. Negan predicts that Rick will send a scout team to kill Lances group as they set up their roadblock. He explains that he gave Lance and Duke, who were Simon’s men, a decoy map to lure Ricks group into an ambush.

Ricks scout team kills Lances group and finds the map, unaware that its a decoy. Morgan hallucinates and sees Jared. Rick radios Maggie with the new ambush location indicated on the map.

Gabriel jumps out of Negans car and makes a run for it. Laura and Eugene capture him. Negan punches Gabriel and orders him back in the car.

Ricks army crosses a field. Jesus suggests Morgan abstain from killing people by reserving the sharp end of his stick for walkers and the blunt side for the living. A massive herd looms in the distance.

A convoy of Saviors approaches Hilltop. Tara, Kal and others arm themselves.

Ricks army advances to the ambush spot. Whistling begins just as it did on the night Glenn and Abraham died. Negan reaches Rick via walkie to explain that Ricks group is trapped. Negan and the Saviors appear on the crest of a nearby hill in a massive line and open fire, but their guns malfunction. The bullets explode in their hands. Ricks army charges.

The battle begins in earnest.

Hilltoppers evacuate. Tara, worried that the wailing of the baby will put the Saviors on their trail, stays behind to fight. Alden and the other prisoners insist on helping her.

Regina attacks Eugene for sabotaging the ammunition. Rosita shoots Regina, killing her.

Morgan goes to kill a Savior, but at the last moment heeds Jesus’s advice and knocks him out instead.

Tara and the prisoners prepare to attack. To their surprise Cyndie and the Oceansiders ambush the Saviors with Molotov cocktails.

Defeated, Laura and the surviving Saviors surrender to Ricks army.

Rick runs out of bullets and fights Negan hand to hand. A framed stained glass window hangs from a nearby tree. Negan gains the upper hand. Rick asks Negan to grant him ten seconds to describe the future Carl envisioned and Negan acquiesces. Rick suddenly slits Negans throat with a shard of glass.

Negan falls to the ground clutching at his bleeding neck.

Rick orders Siddiq to save Negan. Maggie screams and demands that Negan die, but Michonne holds her back. Rick orders the Saviors to return home and proclaims that Negans rule is over. He points to the massive herd in the distance and declares that they must unite to fight the walkers.

Eugene confirms to Rosita that he sabotaged the Saviors munitions. She punches him in the face for vomiting on her.

Morgan gives his armor to Carol to pass along to Henry.

Light dances on Ricks face as he weeps under a tree.

Alden tells Maggie that he would like to stay at Hilltop to help build a stronger community. She agrees to his request.

Rosita and Tara deliver supplies to the Sanctuary, where Saviors are rebuilding their compound. Rosita nods at Laura, who is planting a garden.

Daryl releases Dwight in the woods with a set of car keys, and vows to kill him if he ever returns.

Morgan goes to the junkyard and invites Jadis to join Ricks community. She accepts his offer, but he stays behind, alone in the Heaps.

Dwight drives to his old house and finds a note from Sherry. He smiles.

Carol, Ezekiel, Jerry and Henry return to the Kingdom.

Maggie meets Jesus and Daryl and declares that Rick shouldnt have spared Negans life. She vows to prove him wrong.

Negan recovers in the infirmary. Rick and Michonne inform him that he will rot in a cell for the rest of his life and serve as a reminder that people are capable of change.

Gabriel walks through a burned-out church. He kneels at the altar and thanks God.

In a flashback, Rick puts his sheriffs hat on 3-year-old Carl as they walk down a country road. In the present he writes a letter to Carl and attributes the new world to his son.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, Episode 6 Review: A Brave New Show

Spoilers through Season 9 of The Walking Dead follow.

Judith Grimes steals the show in Sunday night’s ‘The Walking Dead.’Credit: AMC

Sunday nights episode of The Walking Dead serves as an almost complete reboot of AMCs zombie drama. We saw it coming last week, when Rick Grimes was taken away in the helicopter followed by a major time jump that featured a much older Judith Grimes sporting her dads hat and revolver and her adoptive mothers sword (or a miniature version of it.)

This week we leap forward into a future that sees many of our long-time characters changed in dramatic ways and some of the younger folk (like Henry) recast. Of all these changes, its Carols long, snowy hair that’s most striking, though Eugene’s braided locks are an improvement over the mullet, if a small one. In fact, seeing Eugene brave may be more shocking still.

Alexandria has come a long way. When the new characters that Judith saved last week arrive, we witness to the same sweeping changes to the community that they see for the first time. Alexandria looks like a town pulled straight from an old Western film, if those towns were walled in on all sides to keep out the dead. Newly erected buildings that you might find on a street in Westworld have been erected next to sprawling gardens. The windmill spins at the center of it all. It’s all a stark contrast to the dilapidated Kingdom. One wonders why the two forces haven’t joined, not just symbolically but geographically as well.

Michonne struggles with her new role in this post-Rick world.Credit: AMC

Who Are You Now?

Six years into the future, the question on everyones mind is where all the characters have landed. What’s become of our heroes in a post-Rick universe? (And, given what we know, why hasn’t the sheriff come home in all this time?) For some of these figures, like Maggie who is suddenly (jarringly) no longer on the show, we have no answers . For others, we have a bit more of a concrete portrait of whats going on.

Carol / Henry / Ezekiel / Daryl

At the Kingdom, Ezekiel and Carol are married and raising Henry as their own. Hes now a young teenager played by the very capable Matt Lintz. Henry is full of fire and verve, a passionate young man itching to break free of his fathers protective embrace. On the road to Hilltop (though not really) he and Carol are ambushed by some of the Saviors we thought we saw the last of during the shootout at the bridge. They take their supplies and even Carols wedding ring, and Henry is mortified when she goes down without a fight.

Carol and her long white hair.Credit: AMC

Later that night Carol finds the Saviors, gets her ring back, and burns them all to death. Carol is on fire, too hot to handle, good old cannibal-killer-style Carol but more confident, less broken by inner turmoil. She is the best version of herself.

The two were supposed to head to Hilltop but instead went out into the woods searching for the Last Jedi…akaDaryl doing his best impression of Luke Skywalker in self-imposed exile. Daryl was no more fond of these communities than I was as a critic, and after Ricks death it appears hes decided to go it alone, living off the land, fishing and hunting and keeping to himself. Im not sure what Carol is doing tracking him down, but I suppose it has something to do with Henry.

(Perhaps it’s fitting that Daryl is giving off such a Bitter Old Man Skywalker vibe here, given that Judith is now played by Cailey Fleming who plays a young Rey inStar Wars: The Force Awakens.)

Daryl “The Last Jedi” DixonCredit: AMC

Michonne / Judith / Alexandria / Negan

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria the survivors have formed a real society. Theres at least some form of democracy in place, with a council that votes on important issues (like whether or not to let the new characters stay). Its members include Aaron, sporting his cool beard and a metal arm, Siddiq, a one-eyed Gabriel who appears to have taken the council-leader role, and Michonne as chief of security, a job she takes seriously. Gone is the softer version of this woman. In her place is someone fiercely devoted to keeping her children and community safe, to the point where throwing out strangers (even strangers who seem like mostly good people) is something she doesnt bat an eye at.

The big surprise is Michonne is mother not just to Judith, but to another young boy, Ricks son. The Grimes family lives on, even if Judith is Shanes daughter after all.

It doesnt really matter one way or another. Judith is a great little kid. Shes tough, sweet, compassionate, and just an all around badass that the people of Alexandria respect and even defer to in some instances. A budding relationship is forming between her and Negan, who remains in prison though with a good deal less hair. Whatever relationship was supposed to form between Carl and Negan is happening instead between these two, with Judith on the steps doing math and Negan telling her whats the point.

It doesnt if youre a good person on the inside or not, she quips. The numbers dont care.

A New Threat

It turns out that somehow Rosita and Gabriel have become an item, much to the dismay of Eugene who apparently has a thing for Rosita now also (despite some, uh, less than romantic moments between them last season.) Gabriel wants to reach out to the rest of the world but the radio isnt strong enough, so Rosita volunteers her and Eugenes services to go set up a relay.

The task done, a herd of walkers who were supposed to be going the other way suddenly approaches and the two attempt to escape. Their horses run off, Eugene falls and hurts his knee, and their escape is more like a mad rush for survival. Eugene volunteers to throw himself in their path and save Rosita, and tries to profess his love for her. Dont make things weird, she yells at him. Theres still time to escape.

They make their way to a ditch, throw themselves over the side, and cover their bodies and faces in mud. This is when the big, shocking and most terrifying moment of this season (or any other for a good long time) happens. As the zombies move past we hear them speaking to one another. Dont let them get away, one says.

Of course, these arent zombies (or at least not all zombies.) These are a new group of sadistic villains comic book readers will be familiar with: The Whisperers. A group of people who dress in zombie skins and do various horrible things. This is such a terrific, unsettling moment in the episode, cutting to the credits shortly after.

I’m worried about Eugene and RositaCredit: AMC


I really liked this episode—a lot. I love that it feels like a whole new show, because The Walking Dead needed to become a whole new show to survive. I never thought theyd pull it off, but so far this may be the longest stretch of good episodes this show has ever aired.

Im still shocked by how good The Walking Dead has gotten, and while I was worried before (and still have some doubts) I dont think its going to suffer too much without Rick. His death serves as an interesting catalyst for character growth throughout the community, as they no longer have the luxury of one leader calling all the shots. Now they need to rely on one another, on this budding civilization, to survive. Michonne is certainly broken by Ricks death—Judith finds her pacing, talking to Rick out loud in her room—but shes tough and she has two children to look after as well as the rest of the flock.

Im curious to see where all of this goes. I like the new characters like Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Luke (Dan Fogler) and the rest of that crew who I hope we get to know much better in coming weeks.

The newcomers.Credit: AMC

And Im really intrigued by the Whisperers and what horrors theyll bring to the story. I hope we dont get another two-season dragged out arc with a new set of villains, but I think were in for a conflict thats far better and more terrifying than anything during the All Out War days.

Not everything is perfect. Michonnes opening monologue sunk into some of The Walking Deads bad writing habits. Too repetitive, too vague, too sappy. Im not sure why Eugene was so tough in the beginning and wimped out so spectacularly by the end. I prefer to see how these characters have changed in the intervening years since for the most part each one has been stuck in the same malaise forever. I dont want to see them all fall back on old habits, still shackled to past selves.

But this is small potatoes stuff. For the most part Im thrilled to finally enjoy The Walking Dead again and to be excited for whats coming next week, week after week. What did you think?

(P.S. Sorry for the late review. Im traveling in the South Pacific with very little access to internet and had to watch this episode after it aired. I may run into similar issues next weekend, but Ill be home by the midseason finale.)

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, Episode 6 Review: A Brave New Show

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H2: Halloween II (2009) – Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

Filmmaker Rob Zombie returns to Haddonfield for this Dimension Films sequel that finds the murderous psychopath Michael Myers (once again played by Tyler Mane) out on the loose again. The film picks up where the last one left off. Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) survives an attack by her mental-patient brother, Michael Myers, whom she doesn’t know is related to her. On the way to the morgue, the ambulance carrying Michael crashes and, miraculously, the killer survives and heads out into the countryside, his body never recovered by the authorities. In the meantime, the madman’s doctor, Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), has turned into a media whore on the cusp of superstardom with the release of his expos on the horrific happenings presented in the previous film. As time ticks down to Halloween night, Michael, now living in a barn and urged on by the spirit of his dead mother and his younger self, is driven to seek out his sister once again.


R (for strong brutal bloody violence throughout, terror, disturbing graphic images, language, and some crude sexual content and nudity)


Directed By:

Written By:

In Theaters:

Aug 28, 2009 wide

On Disc/Streaming:

Jan 12, 2010

Box Office:



106 minutes


See the article here:
H2: Halloween II (2009) – Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

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Remembering Sir Christopher Lee on his birthday (27 May 1922 …

TheChiseler Online Magazine interviewed Zeenaabout her memories of actor Christopher Lee:

The interdisciplinaryavant garde artistspoke exclusively with the Chiseler about the legendary actor.

Zeena met Christopher Lee as a result of being co-producer for the CD Christopher Lee Sings Devils Rogues and other Villians. Specifically, I first met him at the apartment in Los Angeles that Nikolas and I rented for him and his wife Gitte to stay in while we worked on the recording of Christopher Lee Sings Devils Rogues and other Villains.

Long before Lee recorded with the symphonic power metal group Rhapsody of Fire, he was involved with Christopher Lee Sings Devils, Rogues & Other Villains (From Broadway To Bayreuth And Beyond).

Nikolas knew of Lees love of classical music, opera and Broadway musicals. But at that time, the general public only knew Lee for his vampire roles and had little awareness of his musical talent and appreciation, Zeena explained.

Lee maintained that his one regret was his decision not to become an opera singer.

Nikolas conceived of the idea to spotlight Christopher Lees considerable singing talents, Zeena said. But he knew that to do that effectively, such a project would need to focus on musical selections one would automatically think of Lee singing, appropriately sinister villainous characters from Opera and musicals.

Lee was very enthusiastic at the proposal. So it was through helping Nikolas with the planning, production and coordinating of that project that I got to know Christopher. We recorded it at a studio in Crossroads of the World in Los Angeles. A considerable amount of work and expense went into finding suitable, classically trained musicians and a musical director (Dean Shepherd, who was fantastic) who had the right skills and temperament to work well with Lee.

The friendship endured long after the work was completed.

We stayed in contact throughout the years following that album, she said. Wed see him whenever he was in Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival and the Cinema for Peace benefit.[…]It goes without saying that Christopher was a very colorful person, Zeena said. But for me, the most interesting conversations with him revolved around his descriptions of his WWII work as a British Intelligence officer. He talked about parachuting into German enemy Waffen SS camps and, well, he did what the British government trained him to do, which was not pretty.

I got the impression he was still rather haunted, even decades later, by some of his experiences during the war. Even though he believed that what he did was for virtuous and just reasons, she added.[…]He definitely had an interest in magic beyond the roles he played, Zeena said. But we need to make a distinction between ‘interest and ‘involvement. He had no first-hand involvement in any magical, occult or satanic groups and even declined direct invitations from such groups.

He liked horror fiction of authors like H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood, etc. But that was purely a literary appreciation. He also had an interest in John Dee, The Golden Dawn and other 19th and early 20th century magical groups, she explained.

However, it should be stated that Lee had an interest in a wide variety of eclectic subjects, which had nothing to do with occultism. He was simply very well-read and inquisitive by nature, she added.

Lee was in the enviable position to be able to satisfy his many curiosities.

As a result of his years in British intelligence, hed known figures like Dennis Wheatley, his cousin Ian Fleming, etc., and had heard of their experiences with Aleister Crowley. In fact he was lifelong friends with Dennis Wheatley and agreed with Wheatleys views on the occult. But their friendship grew out of their mutual intelligence work, not because of occult or magical interests.

Christopher Lee was instrumental in getting Wheatley works to film. WheatleysThe Forbidden Territorywas made into a movie starring Ronald Squire as Sir Charles rather than Duke de Richleau in 1934.

It was Lee who convinced Hammer films to buy the rights to Wheatleys books for the films he would star in, Zeena said. But it should be clarified that Lee was very dismissive and wary of occultists, black magicians or satanists.

During Zeenas involvement in the Lee album, she had the opportunity to ask Lee about the rumor that her father knew Christopher Lee.

When Nikolas and I got to know Lee, we were able to discuss this rumor with him in detail, Zeena said. Both Lee and his wife Gitte refuted the rumor vehemently. Lee explained that, as a result of working on the U.S. TV moviePoor Devil, with Sammy Davis, Jr. (who became a Priest in the Church of Satan), Davis tried to ingratiate Lee into accepting an invitation at the behest of my father, offering Lee a copy of The Satanic Bible, personally inscribed and signed by my father.

Lee still had the book in his collection and, on one of Nikolass visits to London for preparations of the CD, Lee showed Nikolas the book referring to it as a cheap paperback from the ’60s witchcraft fads. Lee didnt take it at all seriously, Zeena said. His wife Gitte recalled another time they visited Sammy and his wife Altovise in Los Angeles, when again Sammy tried to serve as middle-man between Dracula and the Black Pope, and again to no avail.

Lee had no interest. He said Sammy was nuts about my father but Lee saw my father as a ‘Johnny-come-lately opportunist and con-man within the occult. Lee expressed that he had no intention of ever meeting LaVey. Then, Lee pointedly looked me in the eye and said ‘Im very glad that you had the sense to get out of all of that destructive rubbish, expounding on what he called the ruinous effects ofthat type of belief system, she concluded.

The levelheaded enchantress also got to see the work that went into his actors preparation.

Lee took personal responsibility to research his roles, to learn what he could about the characters and the historical context, in order to bring a more believable performance to each character, Zeena said. His interest in devilish and monstrous roles was purely a matter of aesthetics and literary appreciation – but not at all a personal lifestyle.

I think he considered the villainous roles he played as having allegorical and moral significance. Sort of like morality tales for a new generation. I dont think he expected to actually inspire people to want to become the characters he played. He was part Italian and had a very strong sense of religious moral ethics. So even though he befriended Wheatley and personally researched the villainous roles he would play, it was really out of a dedication to portray those roles in as real a way as possible, to understand those characters from their own points of view and to make them believable, she said.THERE’S MORE TO THE ARTICLE -READ THE FULL INTERVIEWHERE

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Remembering Sir Christopher Lee on his birthday (27 May 1922 …

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Vampire | Vampire Knight Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A vampire’s glowing eye.

Vampires ( or , Banpaia) are the supernatural creatures of the Vampire Knight universe. As in traditional folklore, they are sensitive to the sun and are active during the night; however, in reality, sunlight onlyhurts their eyesand doesnot actually cause them any physical damage.

When killed, vampires will turn into sand. However Purebloods are an exception, as when they die, they instead shatter into shards of glass. The most effective way to kill any vampire is to cut off their head or stab their heart using an anti-vampire weapon. Blood tablets had been developed to take the place of actual blood feeding, despite having a bad taste. Vampires also have a blood-lust that can only be quenched by the blood of their beloved.

The Pyramid of Numbers for Vampires

Vampires have existed for well over 10,000 years, first appearing when mankind’s civilizations began to crumble. At one point, they waged a war against humans, during which Purebloods began turning humans into vampires. When the number of vampires began to increase, a monarchy was established to rule the vampire race, with the Kurans as the royal family.

However, two generations ago in current times, the former king and head of the Kuran family (Rido, Haruka and Juri’s father) abolished the monarchy in order to avoid authoritarianism. The Senate was established to govern the vampire realm, with high-ranking vampire aristocrats in the seats. Despite their demoted status, however, the Kuran family still holds the title as the highest standing family, and it is well known that there are many vampire families who would support Kaname Kuran if he chose to take back the kingship.

There are 5 types of vampires, ranked according to the purity of their blood. The more diluted by human blood, the lower their ranking is.

Level A (A, A Kurasu, lit. “A Class”) are the Purebloods; the rarest, most elite, and most powerful class, whose blood lines have never mixed with any humans. They are the monarchy of the vampire race, meaning that they are very powerful and demonstrate many abilities such as being the only vampires able to turn humans into their own kind. However, these former human vampires are not powerful and will eventually lose their sanity and falling into Level E.

Level B (B, B Kurasu, lit. “B Class”) are known as the Aristocrats. Every Aristocrat has a special ability (e.g. Hanabusa’s ability to freeze vampires, humans and objects etc.) and the power to heal faster, have more strength and move more quickly. They have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry.

Level C (C, C Kurasu, lit. “C Class”) are general or regular vampires.

Level D (D, D Kurasu, lit. “D Class”) are humans who have been turned into a vampire by a Pureblood rather than being born as a vampire. These ex-humans would eventually go mad with blood-lust and become a “Level E” (E, Rebere E) if they are not stabilized by drinking the blood of the one who originally bit them. Stabilized ex-humans are known as “Level C” or “regular vampires”, and humans that have been bitten, but have not gone mad are “Level D”.

Purebloods (, Junketsushu) are level A vampires. The heritage of these vampires haven’t been diluted by human blood. They are the strongest type of vampires and have the most significant powers, and can destroy any lower vampire with ease. However, despite the fact Purebloods are very powerful, they only make up only a very small portion of the vampire population. The Senate holds Purebloods in extremely high regard, to the point where it is taboo to kill or even harm a Pureblood vampire. As a result, they are treated like royalty. The powers a Pureblood vampire possesses are dangerous to both their fellow vampires and humans. Purebloods have the ability to compel lesser vampires to do their bidding. In recent chapters, Kaname Kuran demonstrated why Purebloods are feared and respected by single-handedly killing the members of the Vampire Council. If a human is bitten by a Pureblood, that human will either die of blood loss or turn into an ex-human vampire, slowly falling into a Level E. The Pureblood and ex-human in question would become bonded as Master and Servant. The master is able to completely control their servant, while the servant becomes incapable of ever killing their master, even if they wish to. When a Pureblood vampire dies, their bodies slowly disperse into small sparkles (as shown by Shizuka Hio’s death in the anime) before shattering into shards of glass.

Aristocrats (, kizoku kaikyuu) are level B vampires. They are elite vampires with specialized abilities beyond normal vampires. These are also very powerful vampires, but not as powerful as Purebloods, due to having a small amount of human blood in their ancestry. They have super strength and speed, as well as specialized powers such as mind control or freezing matter. When an aristocrat is killed, they turn to dust like all other vampires, excluding Purebloods. These vampires are still able to be compelled by Purebloods, but enjoy a much more independent lifestyle in general. The Vampire Council is usually made up from their ranks.

Commons (, ippan kaikyuu, lit. “general rank”) are level C vampires. These are average vampires with no significant powers. Level C vampires are not usually seen in the anime but have several different appearances throughout the manga. They only have super speed, strength and they heal faster than a normal human.

Ex-humans (, moto-ningen) are level D and level E vampires. They are the lowest form of vampires, humans who have been turned into vampires by being bitten by a Pureblood vampire. The E in Level E represents the word “end” because after falling to level E, it’s usually the end of their life after losing control. If they don’t want to die, they’ll have to drink the blood of the Pureblood that bit them. The consequence is that the Pureblood would have complete control over the person and that person would truly become a vampire.

Elite vampires, such as Level B and Purebloods are known to have special powers. The following powers have been demonstrated:

Excerpt from:
Vampire | Vampire Knight Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Daryl Now Has A Dog On ‘The Walking Dead’ So … –

The Walking Dead is about to take its largest, longest leap into the future yet, a fact previewed at the end of last weeks episode where we saw former toddler Judith Grimes turn into a 10-11 year old badass.

The new time jump is six years, following a 1.5 year time jump when the season started, and as such, some things are changing.

But I think one fact is getting me more excited than most. In early preview footage of the upcoming episodes of the show, we learn that Daryl has gotten a dog during this time.

You can see Daryls dog a few times in these trailers, where hes not mentioned specifically, but hes clearly there all the same. Here is one very dark screenshot I snagged of him, and its clear that he appears to be some sort of German Shepard, an appropriate post-apocalyptic dog in the vein of I Am Legend, though hopefully he meets a kinder fate. This matches up with earlier spy shots we saw on set with Daryl and a dog several months ago.

Daryl has always wanted to be something of a lone wolf, so him getting a new friend that isnt human seems like a logical development for his character. As everyone else is pairing off into couples in the future, it seems unlikely Daryl will do the same, as he has never had a love interest on the show other than a few brief flirtations with Carol many years back. Many have speculated about Daryls sexuality over the years, but if anything he seems more asexual than not. And so, his pairing is not a partner, but a dog.

Without getting into any spoilers at all, I have seen this weeks upcoming episode and while we do see Daryl, we do not see a dog. So what Im wondering is if we might get an episode where we find out how Daryl meets and adopts the dog, rather than the dog just showing up and we dont get to learn/see that story. I really would love for episode seven to be nothing but Daryl and a dog saving each other from walkers or something like that, but I sort of doubt well see that.

The Walking Dead has stayed away from animals most of the time throughout its run. The show famously had that terrible looking CGI deer in season 7, but for the most part, we just dont really see animals in this world other than a few brief hunting trips, or now livestock in the new world order. And I dont think weve ever seen a dog before, unless Im forgetting something.

Oh uh, I am forgetting the giant CGI tiger Ezekiel had, but that was so bizarre it feels like some kind of weird dream.

But Daryls dog will not be CGI, and hopefully will become a permanent cast member that is not killed off for shock value. I can forgive The Walking Dead a lot of things, but killing Daryls dog? Oh hell no.

Even if Daryls dog is trained to be an attack dog, he probably would not be very effective against walkers, considering you need headshot kills to take them out, and Im not sure a German can crush someones skull with a bite. But for other, human enemies which will inevitably appear again? Sure, hell be super useful then. Also, he can help hunt, sniff out people or food. In short, the dog may well turn into the MVP of the show soon enough.

So the real question, what would you name Daryls dog? Im going to go with just dog, knowing Daryl.

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Daryl Now Has A Dog On ‘The Walking Dead’ So … –

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The Walking Dead Recap Season 9 Episode 5: Does Rick Die?

The Walking Dead

What Comes After

Season 9 Episode 5

Editors Rating 5 stars *****

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Say what you will about what The Walking Dead has become, but even if you loathed tonights ending, theres no denying that What Comes After delivered a full-circle Rick Grimes tribute and season-finale-level game-changers. Negan is broken. Rick is gone, but still breathing. Cue a major time shift and a band of new survivors. And meet Lil Ass-Kicker, a.k.a. Judith Grimes, who came here to do two things: hand out beatdowns and color and shes all out of crayons.

As shocking as Ricks exit was, the signs were really everywhere. The episode has been promoted as Ricks final, with no mention of his death. The fallen friends he met while slipping in and out of consciousness kept saying, We dont die. We know theres no way Rick simply croaks alone on a concrete slab. And please allow me an honorable mention for saying this last week (and yes, Im about to quote myself): It seems that any chance for Rick to get out of this thing alive has disappeared (unless Jadis-Annes chopper comes to airlift him to a hospital). Not exactly a prediction, but pretty damn close!

Before Rick flies off into the great unknown, he embarks on an agonizing journey that straddles the physical and metaphysical worlds or more simply put, slowly bleeds out while taking a wild This Is Your Life head trip. The opening scene carries new meaning now that we know how it all ends. At first, it looked like a nod to the first episode of the series, when Rick woke up alone in a hospital. But there were no skyscrapers outside his window back then, and what looked like a swarm of crows in the distance turned out to be helicopters. The unrecognizable voices asking him, What is your wound? might be members of the rescue chopper posse. All hints at what was yet to come.

To get there, though, Rick had to remove his belt, toss it over a piece of metal above his head, and pull himself off the rebar spike that impaled him. Is that possible? With a surge of adrenaline and two zombie hordes closing in, probably. But if youre still judging this show based on plausibility, you might want to find something else to do on Sunday nights. Things certainly dont get more realistic from there: Rick survives an immense loss of blood, has enough energy to ride/fall off that jittery horse, scraps with some zombies, and most impressively after all that, gets blown clean off a bridge into raging waters and washes ashore, alive.

But how about those dream sequences? In an obvious nod to the iconic image of season one, Rick leads the newly formed megaherd into downtown Atlanta; the outbound lanes are jammed with abandoned cars, while the inbound lanes are wide open. Soon hes reunited with Shane in their sheriffs car, like they were before Rick was shot and the world went to shit. As they eat fries and bust balls, Shane hits Rick where it really hurts cracking wise about how Judith is his daughter. You think hed say, Hey brother, thanks for taking such good care of the kid I had with your wife. Then again, Rick did kill him. Theyre probably right theyre both assholes. (Kudos for the jump scare as Shane lunges at Rick and the scene fast-cuts to a zombie preparing to take a bite.)

The best cameo is Hershel, who looks so wonderfully healthy and wise and two-legged. Hershels farm is basically heaven, and after Rick stops apologizing for everyone whos gone and every bad thing thats ever happened, Hershel tells him he cant stay (i.e., dont die yet). Sashas appearance was a bit of a head-scratcher her over Glenn or Abraham or T-Dog or even the kid that was eaten in the revolving door? but that sea of bodies was impressive. (Cue another first-episode reference with the door marked Dont Open Dead Inside.) Theres a lot of talk in these scenes about Ricks guilt, making amends, endings, and finding his family. Rick never finds Carl and Lori, but Sasha is pretty clear thats not in the cards: Your family youre not going to find them because theyre not lost. And you are not lost. He will be soon, though.

While Rick is walker-walking along the line between life and death, Maggie arrives at Hilltop with a crowbar in her hand and murder on her mind. It only takes a minute of debate and a few tears for Michonne to cough up the jailhouse keys and step aside. From behind bars, Negans ploy is pretty transparent: Hes not trying to get in Maggies head, hes trying to push her over the edge so shell put him out of his misery. Cant blame her for doing him that favor after Negan says he delighted in hearing Maggies screams and cracked open [Glenns] skull and popped out his goddamn eyeball. When Maggie opened the cell door, it seemed like a trap. Would he wrestle that crowbar from her and escape? One of the episodes biggest surprises was seeing how truly broken Negan has become begging for death, ugly crying, following orders back into his cell and dropping to his knees. Even Maggie cant believe what shes seeing. She delivers a line that might sum up how a lot of people feel about Ricks good-bye: Youre already worse than dead.

About that good-bye it is a doozy. Rick somehow makes it to the other side of the bridge and friggin Eugenes calculation that the megaherd would cause its collapse was all hooey. As luck would have it (over and over again in this episode), someone left a crate of dynamite on site, and Rick still has at least one bullet left in his Python. The gang arrives in time for Daryl to snipe a few walkers with his crossbow, but after that, they can only watch helplessly as Rick takes aim and blows the bridge and its reasonable to presume, himself to smithereens. Just as heartbreaking as Michonnes grief was seeing Daryl see it all happen, losing his recently reconciled bro, and being unable to save him. There was also a gruesome poetry in the heaps of walkers who were drawn to the fire, who went up in flames, and then plunged into the surging river below.

Thats when the show began to feel like the third Lord of the Rings movie just when you thought it was over, boom, another ending! Jadis-Anne appears, and frankly, with all that was going on, I was not in the mood for her bullshit. But somehow, Rick washes up on shore and Jadis-Anne is just as lucky: She not only found a passenger, but shes upgraded from an A (Gabe) to a B (Rick), whatever the frick that means. Inside the chopper, Rick has a tube in his nose and his eyes roll back, possibly from the unimaginable pain hes in, or more likely, at the thought of his future with Ziggy Trashpile. (Note one of the more obscure callbacks to the series debut. If youre wondering about the oddly upbeat music in that scene, its Wang Chungs Space Junk, which we heard when Rick was trapped in the tank and heard Glenns voice for the first time: Hey you! Dumbass. Hey you in the tank. Cozy in there?)

But wait, theres more! As the chopper disappears into the sky, the shack in the foreground suddenly ages. Ill tell you what I didnt need in this moment more randos. Yet thats what we got; couldnt quite make out their rushed introduction, but the interwebs tell me four of the five are Magna, Yumiko, Connie, and Luke. Far more important is whos behind the childs plea that leads them to safety. If you didnt know from the second you heard that voice, shes got a gun, and a sword and a sheriffs hat. Judith, she says. Judith Grimes. She even has the James Bond thing down cold.

By the looks of Judy Kick-Ass, weve jumped ahead approximately five years, if she was roughly three and is now somewhere around eight. I dont know where to begin with all of the questions this raises. A-town and the other settlements are sure to look different; the guarantee that windmill Michonne talked of building last week (and we see in the opening credits) is up by now, and lets hope Maggie fixed that tractor. What state is Negan in? Did Carol and Zeke have a royal baby? Have the Saviors assimilated? Whos in charge? When and how will Maggie make her exit leaving to join Georgie, perhaps? Did someone erect a statue of Rick, and if so, is it Bearded Rick or Five OClock Shadow Rick or Clean Shaven Rick? My only complaint is that they didnt jump even further ahead, so we can see young Hershel and Judith as the power couple theyre destined to be some day. Ive been saying the show needed to shake things up for a while now. Love this or hate it, consider it and us shook.

The Walking Dead Recap Season 9 Episode 5: Does Rick Die?

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