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What, what, what in the unholy Hell did I just watch?This is Sam, with a Quick One, brought to you by the crew from Movie Night Autopsy. Ok, so first off, I just want to say I cant believe it took us so long to come up with a horror film about war, something so inherently horrible, but here we are, and at least we got here, and Overlord is just that. Its a horror movie. Its an unapologetic genre flick, if there ever was one, but when its not that, its a legitimately powerful take on war. From the opening moments centering on a squad preparing to drop in Nazi occupied France,and I cant believe Im saying those words about a movie like this, the sense of camaraderie and brotherhood commonly associated with stories of war are ever present. The entire sequence of allied planes being shredded by German forces and the reaction of petrified, largely untested troops is among the most beautiful accomplishments Ive seen on screen this year. At the heart of everything that happens moving forward, this is in fact a war movie. Now admittedly, the film deviates from historical cannon right away, as American troops werent integrated until 1948, but history is irrelevant in this type of a story. Also, Javon Adepo just kills it, watch out for that guy hes going places, but thats almost beside the point because everyone here is in on whats happening, and they are dedicated to fulfilling this vision of. . . just whoever was crazy enough to put all of this together. So as the flick starts by leaning hard on some Band of Brothers type of Saving Private Ryan aesthetic, the director gracefully, for lack of a better term, handles the genre-bend in transition into the From Dusk till Dawn of the Night of the Living Dead-like place where this whole thing ends up, and that, is no small feat. Its impressive as we weave our way through this horror show of a war story, and we eventually see it become a very different type of horror show, that I was never left questioning what I was seeing. I accept the films maniacal left turns even embrace them because of course, Nazi zombies,of course. Its not quite Wolfenstein: the Movie, which is almost what I was expecting, but the film succeeds on its own merits in just about every way that it can, and as long you know the cluster fuck of a movie that youre getting into, I think most movie goers are in fora good time at the theatre, and all this despite having JJ Abrams name on it. A wild, crazy, fun ride occasionally delving into the true stuff of nightmares, this ones a winner for me. See it in IMAX if you have a chance. Its worth it. 4 Nazis and a half a zombie out of something you know. Whatever. Im Sam, and this was a Quick One, brought to you by Movie Night Autopsy. P. S. Whats the deal with kids just owning it in R-rated movies this year?Yeah, this ones got one of those too. Thanks for listening. Read The Awesome Bart Gnarly Zombie Books Click Here!

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Nazi Horror Zombie Movie Review – Zombie Picture

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Zombie Fest Northwest Normandy Park Washington …

Location: Normandy Park Towne Center: 19900 1st Ave S, Normandy Park, WA 98148Date:September 15, 2018Time: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Zombie Fest is an all-ages, family friendly event. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about emergency and disaster preparedness and to raise money for the Highline Schools Foundation, the Friends of Normandy Park Foundation 501(c)(3) and a local food bank.

FREE Admission!

Additional parking and FREE shuttle bus at the Criminal Justice Training Center:19010 1st Avenue South, Burien, WA 98148

Fun Activities: Emergency & community vehicle display (Includes police and fire vehicles, a replica Jurassic Park vehicle, Republic Services, King County Book Mobile, live music, food, beverages, business and educational booths, arts & crafts for children, FREE pumpkin patch, FREE scavenger hunt for children to build their own disaster preparedness kits, a performance by the Seattle Thrillers, Zombie Zumbathon, zombie costume contest, FREE Get Zombified booth featuring zombie costumes and make-up, raffles and the Mount Rainier High School zombie marching band!

Zombie Facts: Zombie Fest Northwest draws nearly 2,500 visitors each year from King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap and Thurston counties! Businesses that utilized booth space reported a gain in customers and community familiarity.

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Zombie Fest Northwest Normandy Park Washington …

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The Walking Dead (season 9) – Wikipedia

The ninth season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMC premiered on October 7, 2018, and will consist of 16 episodes, split into two parts, each consisting of eight episodes. The second part of the season premiered on February 10, 2019.[1][2] Developed for television by Frank Darabont, the series is based on the eponymous series of comic books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The executive producers are Kirkman, David Alpert, Scott M. Gimple, Angela Kang, Greg Nicotero, Tom Luse, Denise Huth, and Gale Anne Hurd, with Kang taking over the role of showrunner from Gimple.[3]

Eighteen months after the defeat of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) under an alliance of communities spearheaded by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the season focuses on the united communities as they face obstacles and dangers both outside and inside their alliance, with the threat of the mysterious Whisperers looming.[4]

The ninth season is the final season for lead actor Andrew Lincoln, who has portrayed Rick Grimes since the series’ first season. Lauren Cohan, who portrayed Maggie Greene since the second season, only appeared in the first five episodes of this season due to other commitments.

The ninth season features nineteen series regulars overall. For this season, Katelyn Nacon and Tom Payne were added to the opening credits, along with Khary Payton as of the season’s sixth episode, after previously being credited as “also starring”.[5] Callan McAuliffe and Avi Nash were promoted to series regular status, after previously having recurring roles.[6] Samantha Morton enters the secondary cast as Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, who will be the main antagonist of this season.[7] This will be the first season not to include Chandler Riggs and Steven Ogg (since their first appearance on the series), and the first not to include Lennie James since he was promoted to a series regular in the sixth season (James did not make any appearance on the series second and fourth seasons), all were credited as either a series regular, guest or a main cast member in previous seasons.

The series was renewed for a ninth season in January 2018.[43] Along with the renewal, it was announced that showrunner Scott M. Gimple would be promoted to chief content officer for both The Walking Dead and its spin-off show Fear the Walking Dead, while writer and co-executive producer Angela Kang would take Gimple’s role for The Walking Dead.[44]

Filming for the ninth season began on April 30, 2018, with Greg Nicotero directing the first episode of the season.[45] Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham Ford, directed the seventh episode of the season.[46]

The ninth season features a redesigned opening credits sequence. The animated title sequence, which is graphic novel inspired, features familiar imagery such as Daryl’s motorcycle and crossbow, and Michonne’s katana. Kang spoke of the inspiration for the new sequence, “The feel of the season has elements of the Western genre. We’re paying homage to some of the iconic moments from the graphic novel. Life is coming out of death. Nature’s taking over, while other things are crumbling.”[47]

Most of the cast’s contracts had to be renewed for the ninth season and beyond, and most of the cast did re-sign;[48] the notable exception was Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Greene. Cohan had sought a pay increase from AMC given her high demand from other networks; while she had signed on to star in a new series, Whiskey Cavalier, for the ABC network, this contract would still enable her to participate on The Walking Dead in a limited role.[49] In April, Cohan confirmed she signed on for the ninth season but only for six episodes.[50]

At the end of the eighth season, former regular Lennie James (as Morgan Jones) was moved to The Walking Dead’s companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple felt there were more stories about Morgan to tell that would be more effective with Fear the Walking Dead’s smaller cast and narrative approach.[51] In May 2018, it was announced that Avi Nash and Callan McAuliffe, who joined the series in the eighth season as the recurring roles of Siddiq and Alden, respectively, were promoted to series regulars.[6]

In late May, it was reported that the ninth season would be the final season for Andrew Lincoln, who plays lead character Rick Grimes.[52] Lincoln said that as he lives in England and shooting a season takes six months or more, he believed it was time to leave the series to be able to spend more time with his growing children.[53] However, he has expressed desire to direct an episode in future seasons for the series, and will shadow a director during the ninth season.[54] Following the broadcast of Lincoln’s last episode, AMC announced their plans to create three films to explore events related to Rick’s character in the future, starring Lincoln, and with the first expected to begin production in 2019. Besides Lincoln, Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis / Anne) will also star in these films.[55]

Lauren Cohan also announced that this would be her last season on the series, appearing in the first six episodes as Maggie Greene before her departure. Alongside other acting commitments, Cohan felt she had become too comfortable in the role, and it was time to move on. She appreciated the opportunity to explore Maggie in her last few episodes,[56] and has not ruled out returning for future seasons based on her future commitments.[57]

In June 2018, it was reported that Jon Bernthal would reprise his role as Shane Walsh for one episode in the ninth season.[22] In July 2018, it was reported that Lauren Ridloff, a deaf actress, would join the series in the ninth season playing Connie, a deaf survivor who communicates through sign language.[19] Also in July 2018, during San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Samantha Morton was cast in the series regular role of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, a villain from the comic book series. Several other recurring roles were announced as well, played by Brett Butler, John Finn, Rhys Coiro, Dan Fogler, and Zach McGowan.[7]

On October 6, 2018, the day before the season premiere, the showrunners affirmed Bernthal’s return as Shane, as well as Sonequa Martin-Green and Scott Wilson returning to reprise their roles as Sasha Williams and Hershel Greene, respectively, at the New York Comic Con.[58] Wilson died later that day due to leukemia;[25] however, according to Comic Book, Wilson had filmed his scenes previously to be broadcast during the first half of the season.[24]

The ninth season also features the departures of series regulars Xander Berkeley and Tom Payne, who played Gregory and Paul “Jesus” Rovia, respectively. Berkeley’s character is killed off in the first episode of the season, which was adapted from the comic book.[59] Payne’s character is killed off in the mid-season finale, which introduces the Whisperers. This was a major departure from the original graphic novel, where Jesus is still alive, and the actor explained, “It’s an amazing show and I was so honored to be a part of it, but at the same time, being the same character without anything fun to do is a bit frustrating.”[60]

Angela Kang stated that the season would include a timeskip, which coincides with the comic’s narrative after the “All Out War” arc. She stated that they were aiming to give the series a “fresh look and feel”, and “focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have kind of been long-lasting, as well as all of our wonderful series regulars”.[61] Kang said that the season would “explore what happened as man made objects and structures break down” and “what happens as resources are getting low”, giving the season a Western feel.[62] Actor Tom Payne, who portrays Paul “Jesus” Rovia, said the timejump is about a year and a half from the end of the eighth season, giving enough time for survivors to re-establish farming and livestock raising.[63]

A second timeskip occurs towards the end of episode 5, after a helicopter whisks a wounded Rick to safety. The next scene takes place six years later, when a now much older Judith saves a group of survivors from a ring of walkers.[64]

This season introduces the Whisperers, a group of human survivors that have created skins and masks out of walkers that allows them to move among and manipulate walker hordes. For these masks, director Greg Nicotero wanted to change the appearance as they are shown in the comic, which gave the masks a type of melting look. Nicotero also did not want to give these masks a look similar to Leatherface’s from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Instead, they opted to make the Whisperers masks immovable similar to Michael Myers’ from the Halloween series, which according to Nicotero, “you cannot judge any kind of emotion”.[65]

The teaser for the season was released on July 19, 2018, the first day of the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer was released on July 20, 2018.[66] The ninth season premiered on October 7, 2018,[2] and the episode was made available a day early via AMC Premiere, the network’s on-demand service.[67] The mid-season premiere was made available a week earlier, on February 3, 2019, via AMC Premiere.[68]

Critical reception for the ninth season of The Walking Dead has been positive, with critics noting its improvement over the two previous seasons, but remain cautious if the series can maintain its improved quality for the entire season. On Rotten Tomatoes, the season holds a score of 93% with an average rating of 7.03 out of 10, based on 14 reviews. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Nine seasons in, The Walking Dead feels more alive than ever, with heightened tension and a refreshed pace that rejuvenates this long-running franchise.”[69] On Metacritic, the season has a score of 72 out of 100 based on 4 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews”.[70] Reviewing the season premiere, Sarah Moran of Screen Rant wrote the episode “feels like the fresh start the series so desperately needs, trading grim wartime for a more peaceful period of growth and reflection” and praised the changes made by new showrunner Angela Kang.[71] Erik Kain of Forbes called the first episode “the best episode since season 6 and better than many in that season as well.”[72]

Brandon Davis of wrote a highly positive review based on the first three episodes, praising the more character-driven narrative.[73] In another review from, Cameron Bonomolo also praised the first three episodes of the season, writing, “The Walking Dead is now a political drama viewed through the lens of a zombie apocalypse, turning greater focus to more complex character-driven conflict that is at its strongest since the Frank Darabont-led first season.” Bonomolo also called the third episode “jaw-dropping” and that it “delivers some of the finest mystery and drama the show has ever seen in its eight-year run.”[74] Jeff Stone of IndieWire wrote a positive review based on the first three episodes and gave them an “A-” grade. He called the ninth season a “huge step up for the show” and that the episodes “are as strong as anything the show’s done since the heyday of Season 4.”[75]

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Walking Dead Star Danai Gurira to Exit Series Variety

February 8, 2019 12:30PM PT

The Walking Dead is losing another longtime cast member.

Variety has confirmed with sources that DanaiGurira, who plays Michonne, is leaving the series.Gurira has signed a new deal to appear in a handful of episodes of Season 10 of the zombie drama, which will be her last on the show.

Gurira is the latest high-profile exit for the series. In the first half of Season 9, Andrew Lincoln departed the series, though he will appear in a series of spinoff films currently in the works at AMC. Gurira will likely lock down a similar deal once her time on the flagship series has ended. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, also only appeared in a few episodes of Season 9 as she signed on to star in the ABC series Whiskey Cavalier. Previously, series regular Lennie James also departed The Walking Dead to appear on Fear the Walking Dead, with Austin Amelio, a.k.a. Dwight, joining him soon after.

Gurira first joined the show in its third season and has become a central and fan-favorite character. Michonne also remains a major figure in the comic books that inspired the series.

AMC declined to comment.

Gurira is a celebrated playwright in addition to her work on The Walking Dead. She also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year, playing General Okoye in the worldwide blockbuster Black Panther. She reprised that role in Avengers: Infinity War and is expected to appear in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

The Walking Dead underwent a major creative reset in Season 9. Showrunner Scott Gimple was elevated to the role of chief creative officer of The Walking Dead universe while longtime series writer Angela Kang was named showrunner.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported Guriras exit.


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Walking Dead Star Danai Gurira to Exit Series Variety

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Christopher Lee Gets Heartfelt Tribute From Lord of the …

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jacksonthinks the world will be a lesser place without Christopher Lee in it.

The filmmaker who cast the recently deceased actor as Saruman in the blockbuster franchise based on J.R.R. Tolkien literature shared a heartfelt, and lengthy tribute to the actor on Facebook.

Jackson, who also worked with Lee on two of The Hobbit movies, wrote about being captivated by Lees presence while listening to stories about thelife and career of an icon who became a friend.

I grew up loving Christopher Lee movies. For most of my life I was enthralled by the great iconic roles he not only created but continued to own decades later, Jackson wrote. But somewhere along the way Christopher Lee suddenly, and magically, dissolved away and he became my friend, Chris. And I loved Chris even more.

See video: ‘SNL’ Host Martin Freeman Takes Viewers to ‘The Office: Middle-Earth’

He was a true gentleman, in an era that no longer values gentleman, Jackson wrote before concluding, There will never be another Christopher Lee. He has a unique place in the history of cinema and in the hearts of millions of fans around the world.The world will be a lesser place without him in it.

The prolific character actor passed away June 7 after being admitted toa U.K. hospitalfor respiratory problems and heart failure. He was 93.

Also read: Andrew Lesnie, ‘Lord of the Rings’ Cinematographer, Dead at 59

He is also known for his portrayals of Count Dooku in the Star Wars franchise and Dracula in ten films spanning nearly twenty years.

Read Jacksons full post below:

It is with tremendous sadness that I learnt of the passing of Sir Christopher Lee. He was 93 years old, had not been in his usual good health for some time, but his spirit remained, as always, indomitable.

Christopher spoke seven languages; he was in every sense, a man of the world; well versed in art, politics, literature, history and science. He was scholar, a singer, an extraordinary raconteur and of course, a marvelous actor. One of my favourite things to do whenever I came to London would be to visit with Christopher and Gitte where he would regale me for hours with stories about his extraordinary life. I loved to listen to them and he loved to tell them they were made all the more compelling because they were true stories from his time with the SAS, through the Second World War, to the Hammer Horror years and later, his work with Tim Burton of which he was enormously proud.

I was lucky enough to work with Chris on five films all told and it never ceased to be a thrill to see him on set. I remember him saying on my 40th Birthday (he was 80 at the time), Youre half the man I am. Being half the man Christopher Lee is, is more than I could ever hope for. He was a true gentleman, in an era that no longer values gentleman.

I grew up loving Christopher Lee movies. For most of my life I was enthralled by the great iconic roles he not only created but continued to own decades later. But somewhere along the way Christopher Lee suddenly, and magically, dissolved away and he became my friend, Chris. And I loved Chris even more.

There will never be another Christopher Lee. He has a unique place in the history of cinema and in the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

The world will be a lesser place without him in it.

My deepest sympathies to Gitte and to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Chris.

An icon of cinema has passed into legend.

Anita Ekberg, a Swedish actress best known for her role as a movie star in LaDolce Vita, died on Jan. 11at age 83.

Actor and comedian Taylor Negron, best known for guest star appearances on “Seinfeld,” “Friends” and “ER,” died on Jan. 10 at 57.

Edward Herrmann, who won an Emmy for The Practice, co-starred on Gilmore Girls and in The Lost Boys. He died on Dec 31 at age 71.

Stuart Scott, an anchor on ESPNs SportsCenter news show, died on Jan. 4 at age 49 after battling cancer.

Donna Douglas, who played Elly May Clampett on CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, died onJan. 1 at age 81.

Beau Kazer, who originated the role of Brock Reynolds on CBS soap The Young and the Restless, died on Dec. 30 at the age of 63.

New York Times media columnist David Carr collapsed in his office on Feb. 12. He was promptly rushed to the hospital where he died at the age of 58.

Bess Myerson died Dec. 14 at age 90. Myerson became the first Jewish woman to claim the Miss America crown in 1945.

Gospel singer Andrae Crouch won seven Grammy awards and was Oscar-nominated for “The Color Purple.” He died Jan. 8 at age 72.

Actor Rod Taylor, who starredin The Time Machine andThe Birds,died in Los Angeles on Jan. 7 at age 84.

Joe Voci, former TV executive who helped launch “Murphy Brown” died from brain cancer on Feb. 7. He was 51 years old.

“60” minutes correspondent Bob Simon died in a car crash in New York City on Feb. 11. He was 73 years old.

Louis Jourdan, star of “Gigi” and “Octopussy,” died in his Beverly Hills home on Feb. 13 at the age of 93.

Gary Owens, best known as an announcer and voice-over actor for NBC’s “Laugh-In,” diedfromdiabetes-related complications on Feb. 12 at age of 80.

Peggy Charren, a pioneer in educational programming, died on Jan. 22 at the age of 86.

Alan J. Hirschfield died on Jan. 15 at the age of 79. He was CEO of Columbia Pictures when the studio made “Taxi Driver” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Singer/songwriter Lesley Gore, best known for her hit “It’s My Party,” died Monday, Feb. 16 after a battle with cancer. She was 68.

Harris Wittels, co-executive producer of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” died Feb. 19 of an apparent drug overdose at age 30.

Ben Woolf, actor onFX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” died Feb. 23 after sustaining an injury from a moving vehicle. He was 34.

Leonard Nimoy, famed actor who portrayed Spock in the classic sci-fi series “Star Trek,” died Feb. 27 after a long battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He was 83.

Anthony Mason, 13-year NBA veteran, died Feb. 28 from a heart attack after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He was 48.

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, Brownstone singer, died Feb. 28 after falling on a shattered wine glass and cutting her throat. She was 46.

Daniel von Bargen,the actor who played George Costanza’s boss on “Seinfeld,” died March 1 after suffering from a chronic illness. He was 64.

Patricia Norris, Emmy Award-winning costume designer, died Feb. 20 of natural causes. She was 83.

Albert Maysles, documentary filmmaker known for “Grey Gardens” and “Gimme Shelter,” died March 5 after a battle with cancer. He was 88.

Richard Glatzer, co-writer and director of the Oscar-winning film “Still Alice”, died March 10 after a long battle with ALS. He was 63.

Alberta Watson, the actress who played Sen. Madeline Pierce on the series “Nikita”, died March 21 after battling cancer. She was 60.

Actor Robert Z’Dar, an actor known for “Maniac Cop,” died March 30 after going into cardiac arrest. He was 64.

Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of John Lennon, died April 1 after a brief battle with cancer. She was 75.

James Best, the actor best known for his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on “The Dukes of Hazard”, died April 6 at 88.

Geoffrey Lewis, veteran western actor and father of actress Juliette Lewis died April 7 of natural causes. He was 79.

Eurydice “Eury” Davis, a Hollywood talent agent whose clients included actress Jena Sims and Claudia Katz, died of suicide April 8. She was 38.

Paul Almond died in Beverly Hills from complications of a heart attack on Apr. 9. The 83 year old directed the first entry in the documentary “Up” series.

Percy Sledge, best known for his #1 hitWhen a Man Loves a Woman,” died from natural causes on Apr. 14 at age 73.

Jonathan Crombie, best known for starring in the 1985 telefilm “Anne of Green Gables,” died of a brain hemorrhage on Apr. 15. He was 48.

“Just Got Paid” singer Johnny Kemp was found floating at a Jamaicanbeach on Apr. 16. Police later ruled out foul play, according to local media reports. He was 55.

Sawyer Sweeten (L), who played young Geoffrey in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Apr. 23. He was 19.

“Time Magazine” film editor Richard Corliss died on Apr. 23 from a stroke. He was 71.

Jayne Meadows, best known as the former wife of Steve Allen and for regularly appearing on several classic game shows, died on Apr. 26. She was 96.

Oscar-winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, who worked on “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit,” died from a heart attack on Apr. 27. He was 59.

Suzanne Crough, who played Tracy Partridge on 1970s sitcom “The Partridge Family,” died from a “medical episode” on Apr. 27. She was 52.

Jack Ely, former member of The Kingsmen and singer of “Louie Louie,” died on Apr. 28 at the age of 71.

Legendary singer Ben E. King died on Apr. 30 at age 76. He was perhaps best known for his Top 10 hit “Stand by Me.”

English actor Nigel Terry died on Apr. 30 from emphysema at age of 69. He was best known for starring in “Excalibur” and “The Lion in Winter.”

Silicon Valley tech exec Dave Goldberg died on May 1 from head trauma while vacationing with his wife, Sheryl Sandberg. He was 46.

Elizabeth Wilson died from natural causes on May 9. The 94-year-old actress appeared in multiple films, including “The Graduate” and “9 to 5.”

Gill Dennis, the screenwriter who penned “Walk the Line” died on May 13 at the age of 74.

B.B. King, one of the greatest blues musicians ever, died on May 14 from diabetes. He was 89.

John Nash, the inspiration behind “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed in a car crash with his wife on May 23. He was 86.

Actress and comedienne Anne Meara, who appeared in dozens of films and TV shows including All My Children, Rhoda and Sex and the City,” died on May 23 at age 85.

Mary Ellen Trainor, best known for playing Dr. Woods in all four”Lethal Weapon” movies and Sean Astin’s mom in “Goonies,” died at her home on May 20.

Christopher Lee died in a London hospital on June 7. With over 280 screen credits, including “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars,” Lee was one of the most productive screen actors of all time.

A producer on “Rocky,” “Raging Bull” and “The Right Stuff,” Robert Chartoff died at his home on June 10.

Famed film composer James Horner –“A Beautiful Mind,” “Titanic,” “Braveheart,”–died in a tragic accident onJune 22ndwhile piloting his own plane in Santa Barbara.

Actor Dick Van Patten, known for his comedic work on “The Love Boat” and “Eight Is Enough,” died in his home on June 23rd at age 86.

Tony Longo, a 53 year old character actor, died in his sleep from diabetes complications on June 23. He appeared in such films as “Mulholland Drive,” “Eraser” and “Fletch.”

Legendary producer and Emmy winner, Jerry Weintraub, died at his home in Palm Springs on July 6. He was 77.

Amanda Peterson, who played Patrick Dempsey’s love interest in 1998’s “Can’t Buy Me Love,” was found dead in her Colorado home on July 6. She was 43.

Omar Sharif, the 83-year-oldEgyptian actor known for “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago,” died from a heart attack on July 10.

British character actor Roger Rees, known for roles ranging from “Cheers” to “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” died on July 10 at the age of 71.

After months of medical care following a near-drowning in a bathtub at her Georgia home, Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died on July 26. She was 22.

Tony Lara, star of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” died on Aug. 8 after suffering a heart attack. He was 50 years old.

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrierwho stole hearts in “The Artist,” was put to sleep on Aug. 12 after battling prostate cancer. He was 13.

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, the youngest actor and first African-American to play Jean Valjean in Broadway’s “Les Miserables,” died on Aug. 29 after accidentally falling off of his mother’s fire escape. He was 21.

Hollywood horror master, Wes Craven, who directed “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream,” died on Aug. 30 from brain cancer. He was 76.

Dean Jones died from Parkinson’s disease on Sept. 1, at age 84. The actor is best known for starring in Disney’s “The Love Bug” and “That Darn Cat.”

Weather Channel executive Curt Hecht died on Sept. 3 after battling lung cancer for five months.

DreamWorks Animation Head of Production Nancy Bernstein succumbed to cancer on Sept. 18, just eight days after her 55th birthday.

Best-selling romance author Jackie Collins died from breast cancer on Sept. 19 at the age of 77.

Yankees great Yogi Berra, beloved for his well-known “Yogi-isms,” died of natural causes on Sept. 22 at age 90.

British director John Guillermin, known for “The Towering Inferno” and 1976’s “King Kong,” died on Sept. 28 at age 89.

Maureen O’Hara, a veteran of Hollywood’s Golden Age best known for “Miracle on 34th Street,” died in her sleep at the age of 95.

Al Molinaro, who played malt shop owner Al Delvecchio on “Happy Days,” died at age 96 on Oct. 29.

Fred Thompson, a former U.S. senator and “Law & Order” alum, died from lymphoma on Nov. 1. He was 73.

Melissa Mathison, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind “E.T.” and “The BFG,” died on Nov. 4. She was 65 years old.

Gunnar Hansen died in his Maine home from pancreatic cancer at the age of 68 on Nov. 7. He is best remembered for originating the role of Leatherface in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Musician Scott Weiland was found dead in his tour bus just before a concert in Minnesota on Dec. 3. The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman was 48.

Robert Loggia, the 85-year-old Oscar nominee best remembered for his roles in “Scarface” and “Big,” died in Los Angeles on Dec. 4.

Marjorie Lord, who played Danny Thomas’ wife on the popular sitcom “Make Room for Daddy”, died from natural causes in Beverly Hills on Nov. 28. She was 97.

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Vampires | Supernatural Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Vampires, or Vamps for short, are a race of blood-drinking supernatural creatures that were once human. They have been encountered by the Winchesters, Gordon Walker and other hunters. However it has been stated encountering a vampire is very rare as hunters have hunted them near to extinction although due to their ability to reproduce by transfusion there only needs to be one for them to repopulate.

All vampires originate from the Alpha Vampire. Vampires are also one of the most frequently recurring supernatural creatures in the series.

Apocalypse World has its version of vampires. They are more fierce and savage compared from the main universe.

They live forever, and several depicted vampires are hundreds of years of age or older.They also mate for life.Their diet is based strictly on blood. Although they prefer human blood, humans aren’t the only animals that they can drink from (however one such vampire, Lenore, refers to cow blood as ‘disgusting’). Vampires must keep their victims alive or else their blood becomes toxic to them. However, some vampires will live off of donated blood bags because they don’t want to kill a living being. Vampires can only be killed by beheading, where they leave behind a corpse that can be examined to find their vampire teeth.

Vampires are organized into nests, with eight to ten vampires residing in each, with a mate for life. The younger members of the nest typically do the hunting for their elders, bringing back humans to be fed upon for days or even weeks. Each nest has a leader, typically the oldest vampire and most often the one who turned the others. According to Benny Lafitte, when vampires are first turned, they are reliant on their maker for blood and thus have no choice but to follow them, coming to see them as their source of life to the point they can think the leader is God. Sometimes the leader can come to believe it too. All vampires see the Alpha Vampire as their “father” and revere him as such.

According to Alton Morehead, while the vampires may hunt alone or in small nests, if you scratch the surface, they are connected all the way from the lowest drone to the Alpha Vampire. They also share amongst themselves things like intelligence and victims.

Dean being transformed.

Vampirism is spread by the ingestion of vampire blood or by its direct introduction to the human blood stream. These are currently the only possible methods of infection (tactile contact with Eve is no longer possible since her death), since many hunters are seen getting splashed in the face with vampire blood without being turned. This means that the vampire blood doesn’t enter a person’s system through the eyes, nose or unbroken skin. It may also mean that, in terms of ingestion, a certain quantity is required to cause the transformation, considering getting splattered blood on the lips may result in some entering the mouth, becoming mixed with saliva, and winding up swallowed. These limitations are very beneficial to hunters due to the fact that killing a vampire is usually a gory and messy procedure. According to Dean Winchester, “the change, sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow, it just depends on the person.”

Newly turned vampires are always confused and disoriented, especially while adjusting to the overwhelmingly sharp senses and sensitivity to light. Bloodlust usually sets in after, and drives the newly turned vampire into a killing spree. They then normally seek the one who changed them, known as their maker, and usually accept them as their leader. Most of the vampires shown in the series develop or are integrated into a nest or hive mentality. These newly turned vampires are still half-human until they drink their first blood.

The cure for vampirism.

Vampirism is rarely curable, with the only known cure being a potion recorded in a journal by an ancestor of the Campbell Family of hunters. The ritual calls for the blood of the new vampire’s sire, and will not work if the subject has fed on human blood. Other known ingredients include garlic and sage. The reversion is painful, but no secondary effects are retained. At least one cured vampire has retained all of his memories before he was reverted to humanity. However, the cure causes you to be sick for a few days. The cure does not require the vampire that turned the person to be alive for it to work.

This technique was used to cure Dean Winchester, Seth’s Victim, Annie Jones and Doug Stover.

Using the vampire resurrection ritual, a dead vampire could be resurrected. However, the person resurrecting the vampire had to get the vampire’s soul from Purgatory and have access to their body. The ritual is then simple: drip the blood with the soul over the vampire’s body and recite a spell. The vampire is then resurrected whole and undamaged.

A vampire’s appearance is that of a normal human. However, they all have common features, such as sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth. This set of fangs descend at the vampire’s will, usually when about to feed, when threatened or when attacking. Some vampires have been shown to have sharp fingernails, but nowhere near as long as the Alpha’s, which are more clawlike and can be made to extend at will.

The blood of the Alpha Vampire in their veins gives vampires many unique abilities.

As with other supernatural creatures, vampires have weaknesses that hunters can exploit to defeat them.

Vampires were created by Eve and were some of her very first children. The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and he appears to have a psychic connection with other vampires. By the year 2006, vampires had been hunted so intensively and become so rare that John Winchester had thought they were extinct. However, they have started to make something of a resurgence, particularly in 2011 after the Alpha Vampire ordered the existing nests to increase their numbers on Eve’s orders.

Luther is shot by John Winchester with the Colt.

Daniel Elkins attracts the attention of a group of Vampires, led by Kate, who follow him home and kill him after a struggle. They take the Colt from him and Kate presents it to her mate and patriarch, Luther. The vampires live in an old barn where they capture tourists and feed on them, turning one such victim into one of their own. Their nest is invaded by the Winchesters and Kate is lured after them, only to be captured and infected with Dead Man’s Blood. John Winchester uses her as a bargaining chip to force Luther to hand over the Colt, after which the vampires try to kill John and his two sons. John then shoots Luther with the Colt, proving the legend that it can kill anything. Earlier, John decapitated Hank and Dean decapitated Beau, two of the vampires, and two more were taken out with arrows soaked in Dead Man’s Blood. These two are presumably later decapitated; however, Kate and the turned victim escape with their lives after Luther is killed.

Gordon tortures Lenore with dead man’s blood.

Sam is captured by a group of vampires who have sworn off human prey and have chosen to feed on cattle instead, but they are still living in fear of being hunted. Their matriarch, Lenore, wishes for Sam to go back to his brother and the hunter Gordon Walker and ward them off hunting her kin. Gordon refuses to do so, however, and discovers the nest and tortures Lenore with dead man’s blood to prove to the Winchesters that all vampires are monsters. Lenore resists her bloodlust despite his methods of temptation. The Winchesters turn against Gordon and free Lenore, having seen her resilience.

Dixon attempts to infect a woman.

A vampire called Dixon has been infecting young blonde women with vampirism in the hopes of rebuilding his lost family and repopulating the vampiric species. He converts them by feeding them his blood under the pretense that it is a recreational drug, administered either with an eyedropper or in a drink. One of the girls he has recently turned is caught and interrogated by Sam and Dean, which puts them on his trail, but the timely arrival of a vengeful Gordon prevents them from pursuing Dixon.

Sam kills Gordon by garroting him with razorwire.

In a cruel twist of fate, Dixon captures Gordon and turns him into a vampire as punishment for the vampires he’s killed in the past. Gordon is not a passive victim, however, and he uses his new strength to murder Dixon’s girls and to escape. This drives Dixon to despair and apathy, and when the Winchesters find his lair, he admits to everything he has done. It is implied that the hunters killed him. Gordon, after escaping Dixon’s lair, soon falls victim to bloodlust and feeds on human blood. He then continues his hunt for Sam by setting a trap, capturing and infecting another woman to work as a distraction and then isolating Sam so that he can attack him. Gordon underestimates Sam, however, and is subsequently decapitated with barbed wire. His victim is killed by Dean with the Colt after a struggle.

The Winchester brothers begin their supernatural investigation by looking into a vampire attack. However, the “vampire” turns out to be a shapeshifter who disguises himself as classic horror movie monsters, including Dracula.

Dean becomes a vampire.

In Limestone, Illinois, Sam and Dean investigate the disappearances of several young women. They discover that the most recent victim was obsessed with Twilight-style vampires, and that she was communicating with someone who claimed to be a vampire online. At the same time, a blood bank van is robbed. Sam and Dean go to a club called the Black Rose, the girl’s last destination, and discover vampires trying to “recruit” new members. Sam kills one vampire, but lets Dean be turned by a vampire named Boris. The Winchesters return to their hotel room, and Sam calls Samuel. Dean, who is prepared to be killed by Samuel, sneaks away to bid Lisa goodbye. He is nearly overwhelmed by his hunger, but resists and returns to Sam and Samuel. Samuel surprises Dean by revealing a cure in one of his ancestor’s hunting journals. In order to work, Dean must consume no human blood, and must acquire the blood of the vampire that turned him, so Dean goes to the nest of the vampires with a syringe of dead man’s blood.

Dean fights with vampires.

At the nest, a “recruiter” named Robert offers Dean blood, which he declines, and reveals that they are no longer allowed to kill people. Dean meets Boris, and tries to stab him with the dead man’s blood, but Boris is too quick. Before Boris can kill Dean, all the vampires collapse, Dean included. He has a shared vision of the Alpha Vampire, and perceives that the Alpha wishes to build an army. When he awakes, Dean fights the vampires in the nest. He eventually kills all the members, except one beheaded by Sam and Samuel, and acquires Boris’s blood. Samuel prepares the cure and Dean drinks it. He vomits blood and passes out, but re-awakens as a human.

Alpha Vampire is captured by the demons.

Samuel Campbell and his people capture the Alpha Vampire. They subdue him using an I.V. of Dead Man’s Blood and attempt to interrogate him, but he is extremely resistant to pain and doesn’t give Samuel any information. After Samuel leaves the room where he is being held, he is approached by Dean and Sam and he reveals to them that, though he is the first vampire, he has a mother. He also tells them that Samuel is torturing him for information about Purgatory and its location. Shortly after their conversation, he frees himself from his cage and almost manages to flee the area, but demons appear and take him away on Crowley’s orders. It is revealed that Samuel has been working for Crowley, who takes Alpha Vampire to continue interrogating it about Purgatory. Apparently he is unable to get anything from him as in “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” he sends them after what he believes to be werewolves in hopes of locating the Alpha Werewolf.

When Eve is making her way across the country in “…And Then There Were None,” Bobby mentions that her presence has caused a group of vampires to act up.

Castiel brings Lenore to Bobby’s house so that they can ask her for Eve’s location. She is hesitant, but eventually tells them where to find Eve: in Grants Pass, Oregon. She then asks to be killed. With Eve on earth, her nest has abandoned her and returned to feeding on humans, and even she has given in to her bloodlust on one occasion. Sam and Dean try to persuade her that after Eve is destroyed things will improve, but Lenore is doubtful. Castiel places a hand on her head and kills her to move things along.

Dean finds a creature that has vampire teeth.

In Grants Pass, Oregon, they find Eve experimenting with creating hybrid monsters. On examination of some of the hybrids in a bar, Dean finds they have strange hybrid attributes, one creature has vampiric teeth in addition to the spike of a Wraith protruding from its wrist. Dean dubs these hybrids Jefferson Starships.

After capturing Red in “The Man Who Would Be King,” Bobby compliments him on taking down an entire vampire nest and capturing them in Swan Valley. At the same time, Crowley has a captured vampire he experiments upon, discovering that when he burns or impales Eve’s brain, it causes the vampire pain because there is still a connection between them even though she is dead.

The Alpha Vampire and his “daughter” Emily

Vampires return in the Season 7 episode “There Will Be Blood” after Crowley reveals to the Winchesters that the Alpha Vampire somehow escaped his prison before Castiel wiped out all the other Alphas. It’s also revealed that the Alpha Vampire has made an alliance with Dick Roman and the Leviathans, and that the two races intend to jointly harvest humanity once the Leviathans have dumbed down the population with their DNA-changing food additives. In truth, however, the Leviathan have actually engineered the additive to also kill Vampires and other monsters, thus eliminating the competition for human prey. After the Winchesters expose this plot to the Alpha Vampire, as well as foil an assassination attempt by Edgar, the Alpha Vampire gives them some of his blood which is needed to kill Dick Roman. Sam and Dean take with them a child he’d abducted and reluctantly leave the Alpha alive.

Dean meets Benny while in Purgatory.

While in Purgatory, Dean teams up with a vampire named Benny Lafitte, who feeds only on blood transfusions stolen from the blood bank, to find a way out into Earth, along with Castiel. The three make their way through Purgatory heading for a way out that Benny knows that will work for a human. Benny believes he can hitch a ride with Dean as he considers himself a former human.

Later, Dean succeeds in escaping Purgatory with Benny’s soul and performs a ritual that resurrects Benny at his gravesite. The two go their separate ways, but Benny later contacts Dean and they agree to not keep in touch for a while, but that Benny can call Dean if he needs help.

Benny is resurrected on Earth.

Benny confronts his maker “The Old Man”.

Benny kills The Old Man and is shocked to learn that instead of wanting to completely destroy the pirating operation and start a new life with him, Andrea wants to take it over herself. Benny realizes to his heartbreak that the Andrea he loved is dead and as she goes to attack him, Dean kills her from behind. Benny is left completely distraught and heartbroken and wonders why Dean brought him back when he could’ve pretended to help. On the mainland, Benny meets Sam and leaves, recognizing that Sam and Dean need to be alone.

Benny kills a vampire.

A rouge vampire named Desmond decides to create his own nest and tries to entice Benny, who has moved back into his hometown in Louisiana and is looking after his great-granddaughter Elizabeth secretly, into helping him. However, Benny refuses so Desmond warns him that he will kill someone every night until Benny agrees. Desmond’s first victim draws the attention of mentally-unstable hunter Martin Creaser who is following Benny and believes him to be the killer. He calls in Sam and Dean, but Dean believes Benny’s story even after finding him after he buries Desmond’s second victim. Despite Dean’s belief, Martin and Sam go after Benny until Dean tricks Sam into leaving. Dean and Benny go after Desmond after Benny pretends to agree to join him to learn where he is and in the confrontation that follows, Benny kills Desmond. However, seeing Dean bleeding from an attack stirs Benny’s bloodlust.

Martin lies dead at the hands of Benny.

Afterwards, realizing that the situation means he can no longer stay there, Benny leaves, but Martin, obsessed with killing Benny, kidnaps Elizabeth to force him to return. In the confrontation that follows, Benny pretends to allow Martin to kill him, but turns the tables on him and in the fight that follows, rips out his throat, killing him, before fleeing.

Benny calls Dean for help after his loneliness starts to get to him. Though Dean, who believes Benny’s story after learning what happened from Elizabeth, promises to meet Benny for coffee once the case he is on is over, he later calls Benny to say a final farewell, having decided to cut all ties to the vampire.

In Conway Springs, Kansas, a group of young hunters are killing vampires as they have supposedly killed their families. However, these vampires are revealed to have been newly turned and the true killer, Seth, is working with their mentor Victor Rogers in exchange for being left to roam free so he can create the next generation of hunters. After learning the truth, Krissy Chambers takes Seth down with darts filled with dead man’s blood and he is presumably killed. Seth’s blood is then used to cure his latest victim who hadn’t drank human blood yet and waslater, saved.

In Purgatory, a vampire attacks Sam, but after he stabs it in the stomach with Demon-Killing Knife, Sam decapitates him with the vampire’s own blade.

Benny is ambushed by vampires in Purgatory.

After learning from Naomi that Sam got to Hell through Purgatory and that Ajay is dead, Dean goes to Benny for help. Benny agrees to let Dean kill him and then lead Sam and Bobby Singer to the portal out as he doesn’t feel like he belongs on Earth. After agreeing to see Benny when Sam returns, Dean decapitates him.

Three more vampires attack Sam and Bobby. Sam kills two, but the last one nearly overpowers Bobby before Benny rips out his throat. Recognizing Benny, Sam lets him lead them to the portal out where three more vampires, enraged at Benny working with a Winchester again, arrive to attack. Having never intended to return to Earth, Benny stays behind to hold the vampires off and is last seen fighting them as Sam escapes.

In Devil May Care, hunter Tracy Bell pretends to be having car trouble and a man who is really a vampire offers her a ride, planning to feed on her. Tracy takes the ride, but overpowers and kills the vampire in the struggle that follows, leaving his headless body and van on the side of the road.

During the events of Slumber Party, Charlie Bradbury later tells Sam and Dean that as one of the hunts she did she killed a teenage vampire.

While hunting down Cuthbert Sinclair during Blade Runners, Sam and Dean are confronted by two vampires from his “zoo” as a test and easily kill them.

“Alex” and her “mother” Celia.

In Alex Annie Alexis Ann, a young woman named Alex is arrested in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is attacked by her vampire “brother” Cody as she ran away from the “family.” Sherriff Jody Mills kills Cody and calls in Sam and Dean to hunt the nest and protect Alex who they learn was kidnaped several years before and has been acting as a lure for people who won’t be missed for her “family.” Feeling guilt for her lifestyle, Alex ran away, but is recaptured by her “mother” Celia and her surviving “brothers.” Sam, Dean and Jody hunt the nest down and are all captured, while Alex agrees to be turned into a vampire. Connor and his surviving brother try to drain Sam and Dean of blood, but Dean recovers, kills both and frees Sam before heading off to save Jody. Jody realizes that Celia kidnapped Alex to replace a daughter she lost a long time ago and Celia nearly kills her after Alex refuses to. However, Alex injects Celia with dead man’s blood and Jody kills her. As Alex hadn’t drank any human blood yet, Sam and Dean are able to cure her and Jody helps her through the ordeal.

During Bloodlines, while visiting a monster club, Ennis Ross is confronted by a waiter named Maurice who is revealed to be a vampire. Ennis tries to kill him with a gun armed with silver bullets to no avail and is nearly killed himself before Maurice is decapitated from behind by Dean. Sam and Dean later explain to Ennis what Maurice was as he’d never encountered a monster before.

In Hibbing 911, a group of vampires led by Starr who consume all of a victim, not just their blood, go to Hibbing, Minnesota in hopes of regaining their former leader, Sheriff Len Cuse. Len covers up their murders of two people in town, but they draw the attention of Sheriff Jody Mills who calls in the Winchesters. After finding Len over one of the vampires victims, the Winchesters, Jody and Sheriff Donna Hanscum track him to an old farmhouse where they are captured by the nest. After Len refuses to kill the humans, Starr kills him, but Dean breaks free and kills Catfish and the other vampire. Star goes after Jody, but is killed by Donna before she can harm her.

During The Werther Project, Dean hunts a vampire nest alone to take some of the edge off of the Mark of Cain. He is able to kill all six vampires single-handedly before Sam even arrives. Also, Benny appears as a hallucination under the influence of the Werther Box.

During Brother’s Keeper, Dean is called in on a vampire hunt by fellow hunter Rudy. Dean is able to rescue one of the two victims alive and kill the two vampires involved, but gets Rudy killed in the process. This causes him to realize he’s out of control and summon Death in an attempt to die.

Richard holding Claire and Alex hostage.

In Don’t You Forget About Me, Richard Beesome comes to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get revenge on Alex as she’d lured him to her nest, resulting in him being turned into a vampire and slaughtering his own family. Richard kidnaps and kills three residents to feed on while turning Henry to build Alex up so Richard can destroy her life before killing her. As part of this, Henry kills Mr. Phelps, Alex’s favorite teacher, but in doing so draws the attention of the Winchesters who were called in by Claire Novak who believed there was a case in town. Richard kidnaps Claire and Sheriff Jody Mills before revealing his reasons for doing what he’s doing to Alex. Richard starts to drain Claire, but stops to confront Sam when he arrives. As Sam and Henry fight, Richard takes Sam’s machete and goes to kill Alex, but is stabbed in the back with a crowbar by Claire first. Before Richard can recover, Dean decapitates him. Sam is able to subdue Henry and Claire kills him as well after Alex punches him for what he did to her.

In Keep Calm and Carry On, as Lady Toni Bevell describes the British Men of Letters method of operation, they are seen capturing a vampire with dead man’s blood after being alerted by wards to his presence and taking him to a warehouse where the vampire is executed by Arthur Ketch.

In LOTUS, Arthur Ketch shows the Winchesters and Castiel a weapon the British Men of Letters created through a combination of technology and magic to use against vampires. As beheadings are inefficient, especially against entire nests, the weapon irradiates vampires, reorders their DNA and makes their own blood toxic to them. The Winchesters are impressed by this method of killing vampires.

In First Blood, while the Winchesters are missing, Castiel notices a case of vampire killings in Lancaster, Missouri and attempts to solve the case by himself. However, Castiel is unable to locate the vampires and runs away after three more young women die. Castiel brings the case to Mary Winchester who offers to let Castiel help her, but he feels he will just get in the way. Mary locates the vampires and kills them all single-handedly just before Castiel calls her to tell Mary that he has heard from Sam and Dean.

In Stuck in the Middle (With You), Mary tells Wally that while she’s been working with the British Men of Letters, they have taken out four vampire nests.

The Alpha Vampire returns

In The Raid, the British Men of Letters have begun an effort to exterminate all vampires in the United States, starting in the Midwest. In the course of a month, the British Men of Letters have killed 230 vampires with only eleven being left alive in the Midwest. This draws the attention of the Alpha Vampire who leads an attack on the British Men of Letters compound. After the Alpha Vampire is killed by Sam Winchester with the Colt, the remaining vampires flee.

In Wayward Sisters, Claire Novak compares scars with Kaia Nieves. One scar is from a bar fight with a vampire. Later, after Sheriff Donna Hanscum arrives to help, its mentioned that Donna has killed “a lot of vampires” over her career as a hunter.

Doug being turned

In Breakdown, the cashier Marlon is revealed to be a vampire helping Terrance Clegg’s operation to butcher people and sell their remains to monsters. Marlon turns Doug Stover into a vampire after revealing his true nature. Doug is subdued by Dean with dead man’s blood while Donna kneecaps Marlon with a shotgun and forces him to give up Clegg’s location before killing Marlon. As Doug had not yet fed, Dean is able to use Marlon’s blood to cure Doug and restore Doug’s humanity.

In Beat the Devil, the Winchesters, Castiel and Gabriel rescue two teenagers from a creature that is revealed to be an Apocalypse World vampire. Now starving, the vampires have devolved into more bestial creatures who are ravenous for human blood. With a vampire nest blocking the only way to Mary and Jack’s base, the group and the teenagers are forced to pass through. During the trip, one of the teenagers is dragged off while Sam has his throat ripped out by one of the vampires and dies.

Later, Sam is resurrected by Lucifer who is seeking his son. Lucifer is able to use his restored powers to hold back a ravenous horde of vampires in order to force Sam to hear him out and eventually leave with him.

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Dracula: The Crowns John Heffernan & Doll & Ems …

EXCLUSIVE: The Crowns John Heffernanand Doll & Ems Dolly Wells have joined the cast of BBC and Netflix drama Dracula.

The pair will star in the spooky series alongside The Girl in the Spiders Webs Claes Bang, who appears as Dracula.

The trio will star alongside No Offences Joanna Scanlan, His Dark Materials andPatrick Melroses Morfydd Clark and Phantom Threads Lujza Richter, while co-writerMark Gatiss, who has previously appeared in shows including Doctor Who and Sherlock will also appear on screen.

Filming will begin in the spring for the series, which will consist of three 90-minute episodes. Written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the series is inspired by Bram Stokers classic novel and will re-introduce the world toDracula, the vampire who made evil sexy. In Transylvania in 1897, the blood drinking Count is drawing his plans against Victorian London.

Draculawas commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content and Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama. Gatiss, Moffat and Hartswood Films boss SueVertue Exec Produce alongside the BBCs Ben Irving for BBC and Netflixs Larry Tanz.

Gatiss said, Im running out of childhood dreams to come true. And what a delight to join this fantastic cast. The children of the night

Moffat added, So exciting to see an amazing new cast start to assemble, I hope Claes doesnt eat them all.

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Dracula: The Crowns John Heffernan & Doll & Ems …

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, Episode 9 Review: An Okay …

Spoilers through Season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ follow.

The Walking Dead returns with an okay Season 9 midseason premiere that introduces us to the leader of the Whisperers.Credit: AMC

The Walking Deadreturns for the second half of Season 9 Sunday night. The midseason premiere, titled ‘Adaptation’ (after the midseason finale’s ‘Evolution’) returns to the moments after Jesus was killed in the Episode 8, to the cemetery where our heroes make good their escape from the Whisperers, bringing Jesus’ corpse and a wounded Eugene with them.

The group hustles as fast as they can given their burden, escaping the cemetery and eventually coming to a bridge with some walkers shambling in their way. Instead of killing them outright, Daryl cleverly shoots them in the legs to draw out which is a Whisperer. The ensuing fight is brief and they manage to take one of the bad guys prisoner: Lydia. They take her back to the Hilltop and lock her up in the jail that Henry is still locked up in.

Lydia is questioned by Michonne and Daryl and you can tell she’s lying. They certainly can. She claims that her group was just trying to see if the Alexandria and Hilltop folk were “good people…and then you attacked!” Oh come on, Lydia. Your group stalked them through the night, cornered them in the cemetery and straight-up murdered Jesus. This “we’re good people” act is so transparent. She also falsely claims that her mother is the only remaining survivor, which is confirmed as a lie in the episode’s closing scene.

Daryl comes up with a clever plan. He gets very threatening, yelling at Lydia and brandishing a knife, telling her that she can tell him the truth or he’ll kill her. She begs and pleads, he snarls and yells, and then Henry intervenes, begging Daryl to stop. Daryl grudgingly does so, leaving Lydia and New Carl alone. The two start talking, a budding friendship forming perhaps, and outside the cell, Daryl sits and listens. This is one of the smartest things Daryl has ever done.

Danai Gurira as MichonneCredit: AMC

Search Parties

Meanwhile, back at the Hilltop Tara sends out search parties to track down the first search party (what could possibly go wrong?) since it’s been nearly a day since Michonne and the others left. Newcomer Luke—the music man—volunteers and heads off with Alden. They find arrows that look like the ones that Yumiko uses and follow them into the woods, but not before fending off a pair of walkers.

Luke and Alden have a natural camaraderie. Alden is excited about the upcoming fair that Hilltop and the Kingdom are holding. He ropes Luke in to play some music and the two talk about forming a two-man band. It’s a nice conversation between two relatively new, and very likable characters. Too bad they walk right into the Whisperer’s trap.

They find themselves surrounded by silent, still walkers. It’s deeply creepy. Then one of the walkers strides forward,tosses one of the arrows at their feet, and pulls out a sawed off double-barreled shotgun. “Trail ends here,” she says.

Things are not looking good for the survival of Luke or Alden at this point, which is a shame. Luke in particular adds a nice positivity to an otherwise incredibly grim show. I wish they’d kill of Eugene instead. I just can’t stand any scene that Eugene is in.

This is the third of three search parties, and they’re in hot water now.

The first and second search parties make their way back to the Hilltop, down one man. The community is pretty devastated by the death of Jesus—a death that came just when Aaron and his relationship was blooming, and both characters were finally getting more interesting. I’m not sure why the show is killing off Jesus and leaving characters like Tara and Eugene and Gabriel alive. It’s frustrating.

Ross Marquand as Aaron, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter, Nadia Hilker as MagnaCredit: AMC

Speaking of Eugene, he has the world’s most awkward conversation with Rosita in the sick bay. In his own annoying way, he starts confessing his undying love to her, something that she obviously doesn’t want to hear. In fact, she races from the room and throws up on the ground outside. At first I thought it was because she was so grossed out by the idea of being with Eugene (perfectly understandable) but she reveals to Siddiq that she’s pregnant and that Siddiq is likely the father.

All of which makes me wonder: Why in god’s holy name is Rosita with Gabriel? Siddiq is not only better looking, he’s way more likable in just about every way. He’s a far, far better match for Rosita than Gabriel. That romance just makes no sense at all. In fact, this show continually putting Gabriel in romantic roles (first the Trash Lady and now Rosita) makes no sense. He’s not that type of character. It just feels weirdly forced.

In any case, now we have some love triangle stuff. Love square? I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m sick of Eugene, Gabriel is a bad match for Rosita, and I’m not thrilled by where any of this is going.

The other search party members have their own conversations. Aaron, bizarrely, admits to Michonne that she was right. Apparently living in total isolation in Alexandria would have somehow prevented all this tragedy. The actual lesson here, however, is that isolating themselves off and not communicating properly with the other communities made everyone more vulnerable to a group like the Whisperers. If Eugene and Rosita hadn’t had to go sneaking around they could have gone with a bigger team, more prepared to face down enemies. Michonne’s leadership has been abysmal. Maybe some of the flashbacks we’re supposed to get this half of the season will make me more sympathetic to her.

(You can read why I’m relieved to hear Danai Gurira will be leaving the show next season right here.)

Michonne and Daryl also converse, though mostly it’s all irritatingly cryptic, designed to get viewers to say “Whatever do they mean? What happened that we don’t know about? What about those strange scars?” Yeah yeah, we get it. Something happened that explains why Michonne is acting this way and Daryl has hermited himself off in the woods, and it’s not just Rick’s “death”. Let’s find out what that is, please.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as NeganCredit: AMC

Negan Wanderer

Elsewhere, Negan makes good his escape, convincing Judith to let him go and promising not to cause any more harm. He wanders around the region for a while, returning briefly to a now empty Sanctuary where he attempts to befriend one of his old followers, now a zombie. He has a run-in with some wild dogs, making for a good tense scene, but ultimately returns to Alexandria on a motor cycle. Judith shoots at him causing him to crash. He tells her he’s returned because there’s nothing for him out there. “Told you so,” she says, though I’m paraphrasing.

I can’t help but wonder: Why is Judith out there all alone? This can’t be a good idea. It’s not a good idea for anyone to be out there alone, but certainly not a nine or ten-year old girl, even one as skilled as Judith. I suppose it was just so that she and Negan could have their scene, but come on. I’m all for Judith being a little badass but this is just silly.

I’m not really sure what the point of all this was, but I suspect it’s so that Negan can return and say “I escaped but I’m returning of my own volition so now you can trust me” and somehow we’re going to get to a point where they start trusting him and he becomes one of the gang. This will have to do with what happens with the Whisperers, but I’m not sure how exactly. I’m also not sure that makes any sense. Yeah, his relationship with Judith is cute and all, but this is a guy who kept a harem of sex slaves, who tossed people alive into furnaces and melted peoples’ faces off with an iron. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, even if Negan isn’t past redemption, he’s past redemption with this specific group. He should have gone off and found a new community to be a part of—with a clean slate, if not a clean conscience.

Norman Reedus as Daryl DixonCredit: AMC


Overall this was an okay episode. Nowhere as good or scary as the midseason finale, with that crazy final fight scene and the “walker” dodging Jesus’s attack.

It wasn’t stupid—the show has been avoiding outright stupidity pretty well, though it doesn’t take much to not be as godawful as the last two seasons. There are still weak moments, like when the blacksmith’s wife starts telling Tara that people will hold her accountable blah blah blah, justshut up lady.Every now and then, scraps of dialogue have that whiff of bad writing. But for the most part, it was a decent midseason premiere, and the final cliffhanger was great.

I think the problem is that it was all just kind of flat. It’s another episode that’s just leading up to the good stuff, setting the stage. That’s kind of boring. The whole episode just felt like a bit of a letdown after such a crazy midseason finale. I also feel like the Whisperers, whenever our heroes encounter them in a fight, are surprisingly wimpy. It’s like inArrowwhen the heroes fight the League of Assassins and all these supposedly super highly trained assassins are just level 1 kobolds, basically, taken down with ease. Shouldn’t the scary Whisperers be a little more formidable? It’s like when Obi-Wan Kenobi told look about the expert accuracy of imperial Stormtroopers and then we discovered that Stormtroopers literally don’t know how to shoot a gun.

In any case, that’s all I have to say about ‘Adaptation.’ I’m hoping that next week is more exciting. What did you think? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook and thanks for stopping by.

Matt Lintz as HenryCredit: AMC

Further Reading

Past Season 9 Reviews

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, Episode 9 Review: An Okay …

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: The Whisperers …

Now PlayingThe Walking Dead: Rick’s Most Iconic Moments

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead.]

Ding dong ding dong dinng donng, dingdongding, ding dong ding dong dinng donng, dingdongding

That’s the sound of Bear McCreary’s Whisperers theme, which got played a lot during The Walking Dead’s Season 9 midseason premiere, as we learned more about the new skin-masked villains thanks to the captured young Whisperer Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and the introduction of their leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) in the episode’s chilling final shot. We also saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) have an adventure and learned Rosita (Christian Serratos) is pregnant and Siddiq’s (Avi Nash) the father.

“Adaptation” picked up right where the midseason finale left off, with the search party escaping their first confrontation with the Whisperers and taking Jesus’ (Tom Payne) body back to Hilltop to be buried. On their way back, they encountered some walkers on a covered bridge. Daryl came up with a clever way to check if they’re real dead or playing dead by shooting them in the leg with an arrow, which led to a kinda funny moment where a walker screamed in pain and fell to the ground, where he was set upon by real dead ones. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) took a nervous young Whisperer captive, leaving her mask and knife behind on the bridge.

They brought the girl back to Hilltop, put her in the basement jail and interrogated her. She said everyone else from her group is dead, she doesn’t have a name and she doesn’t know anything. Her people were “good people” who were just doing what they had to do to survive. There are probably better ways to survive than pretending to be dead, but this is what they chose. Michonne decided to head back to Alexandria to warn her people of the new threat and tasked Daryl with getting the girl to talk or putting her down if she doesn’t.

Danai Gurira Is Leaving The Walking Dead

After Jesus’ funeral, he went back down to the jail to try again. She told him a little more about who her people are. There were 10 of them and they had names, but they didn’t use them. They lived with the dead. “They protected us, so we protected them,” she said. They believe everyone who’s still alive is a threat and the world belongs to the dead now. She said the only one from her group still out there was her mother. Daryl didn’t believe her and was about to kill her, but then Henry (Macsen Lintz) still sleeping off his bender in the drunk tank convinced him to stop. Daryl left, and the girl thanked Henry for saving her and told him her name was Lydia. Then we saw Daryl, sitting outside a basement window eavesdropping on their conversation. He played them. Daryl’s a tricky one. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Henry and Lydia in next week’s episode.

Elsewhere, we saw Alpha’s arrival in a recreation of an iconic comics panel. Luke (Dan Fogler) and Al (Callan McAuliffe) were out in the woods talking about putting a band together while looking for their friends, not realizing they’d already returned to Hilltop. And now their friends might to have to go out looking for them, because they got captured by Alpha and the Whisperers, who are very much not all dead. Does trading Lydia for Luke and Al seem like a fair prisoner exchange? I’d be like, “We have more questions for her, but thanks!”

Finally, the Negan stuff took up about half the episode’s runtime but can be summarized in just a few sentences, because it was all about theme. He escaped from his cell in Alexandria and went over the wall to freedom, but not before getting caught by Judith (Cailey Fleming). He convinced her to let him go by telling her that everyone was better off in the world her parents created except him, and he needed to find his new place. She was like, “You won’t, but OK.” He promised he wouldn’t hurt anyone, even if they tried to hurt him first. He offered to return the compass he stole from her, but she said, “Keep it, it’ll help you find your way.” She also warned him that if she sees him again, she’ll shoot.

He felt the sun on his face and passed through the clearing where he killed Glenn and Abraham as he made his way back to the Sanctuary, his old kingdom. He found it totally abandoned except for zombified Big Richie, one of his men. He hung out for a while trying to recapture that old feeling of power, but it was gone. The world had moved on without him. So he went back to Alexandria and ran into Judith on the road, who did in fact shoot at him before he told her she was right, there’s nothing out there for him, and he wanted to come back. The scenes with JDM and young pro Cailey Fleming were actually really good; they were silly, but the writing was calibrated for the actors to sell it. I can’t say enough about how much better the dialogue is with Angela Kang running the show. There was room for Morgan to play that Negan knew it was faintly ridiculous that he was being dominated by a little girl, but also that he genuinely respected her. This sort of unlikely DeNiro-Pacino dynamic was supposed to exist with Judith’s brother Carl (Chandler Riggs), but Riggs was too old and not a good enough actor for it work. Season 9 is so much better than Seasons 7 and 8, wow.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Previous seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: The Whisperers …

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Dracula – SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki

Dracula (, Dracula), full title Count Dracula Vlad epe (, Count Dracula Vlad Tepes) is the main antagonist of the Castlevania franchise. He is loosely based on the historical figure Vlad the Impaler, as well as the titular antagonist in the Bram Stoker novel Dracula.

Dracula is a vampire who commands an army of monsters and is the lord of a haunted castle in Transylvania. He has a variety of magic at his disposal, such as teleportation, conjuring projectiles, and transforming into different beasts, which he frequently does when he’s nearly defeated. He is primarily opposed by the Belmont clan of vampire hunters. Though the Belmonts and other heroes repeatedly kill him, Dracula typically revives alongside his castle once every century, though his followers have also resurrected him prematurely.

Although Dracula debuted in the original Castlevania, his origins lie in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, where he was once a Crusader and partner to Leon Belmont named Mathias Cronqvist, but becomes hateful and declares war on God for the sudden death of his wife Elisabetha. In 1094, Cronqvist takes control of the Crimson Stone and becomes a vampire, eventually changing his name to Dracula Vlad epe. Dracula would later end his war against God in 1455 when he meets and eventually marries Lisa Farenheit, having a son named Adrian. In 1475, after Lisa is burned at the stake by paranoid witch hunters, Dracula declares war against humanity, unaware of Lisa’s final plea to Adrian to not hate humans. A year later, he is defeated by Trevor Belmont’s group, including his son, who now goes by Alucard.

Nearly two hundred years later, Dracula returns from the grave, but is defeated by Simon Belmont. In his dying breath, Dracula curses Simon to be slowly killed from the inside-out, which Simon later learns of and undoes by reviving Dracula and destroying him once more. A century later, Dracula is revived twice by the Dark Priest Shaft, but is defeated first by Richter Belmont, then by Alucard five years later, who tells him the last words of his wife.

Since then, Dracula is repeatedly revived by his loyal followers before a final battle breaks out in 1999, where he is permanently destroyed by Julius Belmont. Portions of his power were passed down to those who were born on the day of his death, and Dracula himself reincarnated as Soma Cruz in 2017. Soma learns of this when the castle manifests in a solar eclipse over Japan in 2035, but he resists Dracula’s influence, making Julius promise to kill him should he become the evil count. One year later, Soma stops a cult that sought to resurrect Dracula through those who had inherited portions of his power. An alternate “what if” scenario has Soma being corrupted into becoming Dracula, forcing Julius, Yoko Belnades, and Alucard to defeat him.

Dracula has made a few playable appearances. His reincarnation Soma Cruz is the protagonist of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow, and is also playable in Harmony of Despair. In the Lords of Shadow rebooted series, protagonist Gabriel Belmont becomes a vampire and comes to be known as Dracula. Dracula himself is a playable character in the fighting game spin-off Castlevania Judgment.

Dracula appears as a background character on Dracula’s Castle. When the moon disappears and bats gather around Dracula’s coffin, lightning will flash and reveal Dracula’s shadow in one of the windows.

Dracula appears as a boss in Classic Mode and Adventure Mode: World of Light. In Classic Mode, he is fought in Luigi, Pac-Man, Simon, and Richter’s routes. In World of Light, he is fought at the end of the Dracula’s Castle dungeon in the Dark Realm, and must be defeated before the player may challenge Dharkon. He reappears during the Final Battle as part of the boss rush leading up to the Galeem and Dharkon fight. He does battle on a stage resembling the Dracula’s Castle stage, but with a flat and empty layout that extends to the side blast zones. Nothing to Lose usually plays during the fight, but Dwelling of Doom plays in Pac-Man’s Classic Mode, Dance of Illusion in Richter’s Classic Mode, and Galeem / Dharkon during the boss rush.

Defeating Dracula in Classic Mode is a challenge, which unlocks the Black Night music track. Defeating Dracula in the Dracula’s Castle dungeon in World of Light rewards the player with the Dracula and Dracula (2nd Form) spirits.

Dracula begins the fight in his regular humanoid form, based on Ayami Kojima’s artwork for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The battle opens with Dracula on his throne holding a glass, which he tosses aside as he gets up, then warps onto the stage to start the fight. Like in his own series, Dracula moves about the stage by teleporting in a beam of light. Dracula only takes damage when hit in the head, which has traditionally been his weak point since his first appearance. Attacking any other part of his body creates a small mist effect, which resembles Alucard’s mist transformation.

When his health bar is depleted, Dracula will transform into a large winged demon, as depicted in Casltevania: Rondo of Blood. His health is fully restored, and he uses an entirely different set of attacks. Unlike his first form, Dracula’s second form may be damaged by hitting any part of his body, and will walk and jump instead of warping to move.

Screenshot of Dracula as he appears in Ultimate.

Dracula’s body becomes mist if attacked anywhere other than his head.

Shockwave punch against Richter

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Dracula – SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki

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