Dracula ants set record for fastest animal movement: Study

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The ant, also known asMystrium camillae, can snap it’s jaw at speeds up of more than 200 mph, according to a report inRoyal Society Open Science.

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The mandibles of the Dracula ant, Mystrium camillae, are the fastest known moving animal appendages,, according to a new study.(Photo: Adrian Smith)

An insect known as the Dracula ant has set a record for having the fastest-known animal appendage.

The ant, also known asMystrium camillae, can snap its jaw at speeds up to more than 200 mph, according to a report published in the peer-reviewed journalRoyal Society Open Science.

The quick motion is made when Dracula ants press the tips of their mandibles together, spring-loading them like a human snapping fingers.University of Illinois animal biology and entomology professor Andrew Suarez, who was involved in the research, said this motion is used to stun prey before it is brought back to the ant’s nest and eaten.

“Scientists have described many different spring-loading mechanisms in ants, but no one knew the relative speed of each of these mechanisms,” said researcherFredrick J. Larabee, a postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The research team used special cameras and X-ray imaging to track the ant’s movements in 3D.

Dracula ants are fairly rare,Larabee told USA TODAY, and live inunderground in forests in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.

They plan to further study how Dracula ants capture prey and defend their nests.

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Dracula ants set record for fastest animal movement: Study

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Zombie | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia


A zombie, also referred to as an undead, was a corpse revived through supernatural means such as Dathomirian witchcraft. Completely will-less and speechless, zombies were controlled by those who had summoned them in the first place. The Dathomirian Nightsister called Old Daka knew a magic chant that could produce zombies. During the Clone Wars, Daka used that resurrection spell to revive a group of corpses from a neighboring graveyard. That Army of the Dead participated in a battle to repel the Separatist forces led by General Grievous.[4]

Through the use of parasitic brain worms, a Geonosian queen could also reanimate and control corpses. While in search for Archduke Poggle the Lesser, the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and trooper Buzz faced a group of dead Geonosian warriors controlled by Queen Karina the Great.[2]

Yodaencountered multiple undead Sith Warriors on Moraband during his mission there. They appeared to be incapable of harming him physically.[7]

Rather than producing immortality, Project Blackwing accidentally produced a virus that transformed humanoids into cannibalistic undead. The virus had some ability to communicate with itself, allowing it to slowly learn how to operate machinery and weapons. At some point, the virus infected a number of Imperial stormtroopers, transforming them into a hostile army of Undead Troopers.[3]

Nightsister undead reanimated by magic

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Zombie | fictional creature | Britannica.com

Zombie, undead creature frequently featured in works of horror fiction and film. While its roots may possibly be traced back to the zombi of the Haitian Vodou religion, the modern fictional zombie was largely developed by the works of American filmmaker George A. Romero.

Although the word zombie has been applied to different types of creatures, they generally share a few defining characteristics, perhaps most importantly a lack of free will. Zombies are usually wholly subordinate, either to an outside force, such as a sorcerer, or to an overwhelming desire, such as the need for human flesh or revenge or simply to do violence. Another important distinction made by some is that a zombie is the animated corpse of a single being, usually a human. Zombies are frequently depicted as shambling and rotting, although in some instances their bodies may be preserved, especially when magic is involved, and they may sometimes display superhuman characteristics, such as increased strength and speed.

Zombies may be created in a variety of ways. Early depictions, drawing from Haitian Vodou, often represented witchcraft as a means for reviving corpses. Haitian zombi are said to be created by maleficent priests or sorcerers for the purpose of doing their bidding. There are two potential parts to the Vodou process: first, a zombi astral is created by removing part of a persons soul. Then this part of the soul may be used for further magic, including the revivification of the persons corpse, or zombi corps cadavre. Methods of zombification developed in fiction include radiation exposure and contagion. Especially noteworthy in the latter case is the danger of a so-called zombie apocalypse, in which the eventual zombification of the human population through virulence seems inevitable. Zombies are often depicted as proliferating by killing or infecting othersusually by bitingwho then become zombies themselves.

It is generally accepted that the impulse and drive experienced by the walking dead resides in the brain. Therefore, removing the head or otherwise destroying the brain-body connection will stop them. Because zombies are in most cases already deceased, it is usually deemed impossible to kill them by conventional methods such as gunshot, poisoning, or stabbing, unless the brain is damaged or destroyed. In instances where zombification is caused by magic, a zombie may potentially be stopped by the death of its master.

The word zombie itself entered the English lexicon in the 18th or 19th century, often attributed to British writer Robert Southey, although the idea of the walking dead had existed in various cultures for centuries. The idea of zombism in fiction is widely believed to have been galvanized by the nonfiction book The Magic Island, a travelogue of Haiti by William Seabrook, first published in 1929, which detailed his observations of Vodou zombi. Three years after The Magic Islands publication, the first feature-length zombie film, White Zombieinspired by the book and by a stage play called Zombiewas released. In it a lovesick man conspires with a sorcerer (played by Bela Lugosi) to turn the object of his affections into a zombie just after she weds someone else, so that he may have control of her. The woman dies and is given a funeral but later rises from the dead through the powers of witchcraft. More Vodou-influenced zombie films followed, including a loose sequel to White Zombie called Revolt of the Zombies (1936), King of the Zombies (1941), and I Walked with a Zombie (1943). As the United States entered the atomic age, zombie and alien stories began to merge, as in the infamous Ed Wood-directed cult film Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) and Invisible Invaders (1959), in which aliens attempt to enslave the dead. By the 1940s zombies had also become a regular feature in comic books and pulp magazines, and it was in these media that they came to be depicted as rotting corpses rather than preserved ones.

A major turning point in zombie lore came with American filmmaker George A. Romeros Night of the Living Dead (1968). This low-budget filminspired in part by I Am Legend (1954), a novel by Richard Matheson that depicts vampires driven solely by a desire for bloodsolidified the zombie concept that would persist for decades. The film revolves around a farmhouse full of people under attack by the walking dead, risen by vague means involving radiation. Romero intended the film to be more of a social commentary than a monster movie, and the narrative centres on the inability of the living to cooperate to save themselves from the undead threat. Ironically, the word zombie was not uttered in Night of the Living DeadRomero himself was not influenced directly by Haitian folklore, and the creatures were simply referred to as ghouls or flesh-eaters.

Romero revisited both his ghouls, now known as zombies thanks to fans, and his social commentarythis time about the ills of consumerismwith Dawn of the Dead (1978), in which a handful of living people attempt to escape the undead by hiding in a shopping mall. He followed up with a number of related films over the next several decades: Day of the Dead (1985), Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2007), and Survival of the Dead (2009).

Night of the Living Dead opened the doors for hundreds of zombie appearances in the years that followed, especially in the 1980s. These included an unauthorized Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead, Zombi 2 (1979; also released as Zombie), and many more Italian zombie films that followed in its wake. In the United States the popular film Friday the 13th, which featured the zombielike villain Jason Voorhees, hit screens in 1980. In 1983 Michael Jackson released the video for his song Thriller, a horror-filled romp that featured dancing zombies. Zombie comedy began to gain steam, and humorous zombie films such as Night of the Comet (1984) followed. Romeros Night coauthor, John Russo, worked on the first in a series of spin-offs of their seminal work, The Return of the Living Dead, which was released in 1985 and in turn spawned a number of sequels. In addition to being a popular zombie comedy, Return contributed the hunger for human brains to zombie lore.

Although the 1990s produced a remake of Night of the Living Dead (1990) and director Peter Jacksons humorous gore-fest Braindead (1992; also known as Dead Alive), the decade was perhaps most notable for bringing zombies to the forefront in video games. In 1996 the first game in the Resident Evil series (also known as Biohazard) debuted, in which protagonists attempt to navigate a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus. Several sequels were released for various game consoles, as well as a series of films based on the games. The House of the Dead, a light-gun arcade game, was released the following year. It also spawned several sequels and a big-screen adaptation in 2003. The popularity of zombie video games also contributed in part to the rise of Asian zombie films, including Hong Kongs Bio-Zombie (1998; Chinese: Sun faa sau si) and many more in Japan.

About the turn of the 21st century, zombies experienced a boom in popularity. Zombie books began to appear more and more frequently, with author Max Brooks releasing both the tongue-in-cheek The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead (2003) and the best-selling apocalyptic novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (2006; film 2013). Horror icon Stephen King even published a zombie novel during this time, Cell (2006). Also of note was Seth Grahame-Smiths Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009), which took Jane Austens public-domain text and added a horror-spoof twist, and the comic book series The Walking Dead, which began in 2003 and was adapted for TV in 2010. Zombie films and video games continued to gain popularity, with the zombie menace shifting from a shambling mob to rage-filled sprinters in Danny Boyles apocalyptic 28 Days Later (2002; followed by 28 Weeks Later [2007]) and Zack Snyders big-budget remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004) and in video games such as Dead Rising (2006) and Left 4 Dead (2008), both of which were followed by popular sequels. Zombie comedy also experienced a revival, with self-proclaimed British rom-zom-com (romantic-zombie-comedy) Shaun of the Dead (2004), which lampooned aspects of the zombie genre, paving the way for comedies such as Fido (2006), Dead Snow (2009; Norwegian: Dd sn), and the box-office hit Zombieland (2009).

In the 21st century zombies came alive off the big screen and off the page. Large cities around the world were taken over by zombie walks, mobssometimes spontaneously organizedof people in zombie costume; some people offered zombie fitness classes or materials, through which participants learned skills that would purportedly help them survive a zombie apocalypse; and even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted a zombie preparedness article in their public health blog to generate buzz about disaster preparedness in general. With zombie entertainment spanning from plays to video games to screens big and small, it was clear by this point that the zombie menace was impossible to suppress.

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Zombie – Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki

ZombieRelease Date

December 9, 2007

An undead-type monster, that is a human corpse reanimated by Demonic energy. Although they retain their memories from when they were human, their intelligence and reason are diminished. Guided by instinct, they wander graveyards at night in search of human men. The decay of their bodies is suppressed by demonic energy and even in the case of a messed up corpse with horrible wounds, becoming a zombie will restore the body to a certain degree.

After becoming zombies, their minds are shrouded in lust. While moaning alluringly, they head in a straight line towards human men.

However, in order to maintain their bodies, they absolutely must have a man’s spirit energy. For that reason, their lust and appetite are extremely swollen compared to when they were human. When they spot a human man, they will aggressively attack him to obtain spirit energy out of both desires. They pile on their prey, indulging in sex and spirit energy.

By obtaining a large amount of spirit energy, a zombie’s visible wounds will heal, yet they don’t become indistinguishable from human, they can also regain the wits they used to have when living, but ultimately, due to their swollen lust and desire for sex, a zombie’s thought patterns remain simple and their wits won’t often be used for intellectual pursuits.

Furthermore, although they appear to be reanimated corpses, if their womb was originally intact, or an individual has received a large amount of spirit energy resulting in the restoration of her womb, then it’s even possible for them to have children. In that case, the children born will also be zombies. According to one theory, it is said that zombies aren’t human corpses reanimated by Demonic energy. Instead, they’re human corpses that have changed into a living race called zombies.

Also, those who lack demonic energy and have low intelligence, sometimes attack human women by mistake. However, no matter how hard a zombie tries and no matter how long she goes at it, she won’t be able to obtain much spirit energy from a human woman. Since their wits are lacking, they expect providing more pleasure to result in the release of spirit energy and they end up continuing to have sex for a very long time. Eventually, pleasure will flow into the woman’s body along with zombie energy, which will violate her body and change her into a zombie while she is still alive.

After becoming zombies, their minds are shrouded in lust. While moaning alluringly, they head in a straight line towards human men.

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Zombie royale.io – Play Zombieroyale io battle, unblocked

At your destination, you will be taken by a passenger plane from which you will descend by parachute. To select the landing point and not to get off the route, select the descent place on the map and click on it with the left mouse button. Also, before starting the game Zombie royale.io unblocked, do not forget to select the appropriate skin and enter a nickname, along which you will track your achievements and the successes of opponents.

Control:WASD movement.Click to shoot.E pick up the item.

Your main task in Zombie royale.io is to stay alive in a bloody meat grinder that will be played out on the battlefield. Of the dozens of participants, only one remains alive, all of the rest are waiting for death. Do not try to fight right after landing, first find a weapon that is most often in homes and boxes. Do not hesitate in any case, because your enemies will also try to arm themselves, the one who first finds a submachine gun, a machine gun or a sniper rifle will have a greater chance of winning. If you see an enemy soldier, immediately shoot him, in Zombie royale.io battle there is no friendship, every player is a potential enemy.

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Zombie – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For the 1960s British psychedelic rock band, see The Zombies.

A zombie or zobmbi is a mythical dead person who has returned to life as a walking corpse. Mythical things that have been “re-animated” are called undead, and a group of them can be called the living dead. The Zombie myth came from the Caribbean.

Zombies have become very popular in horror movies. They are dead creatures that have been brought back to life by science or by magic, and eat the flesh or brains of living people!

In Haiti people believe that Voodoo sorcerers or ‘bokor’ can bring dead people back to life, making a zombie. The zombie is under the control of the sorcerer because zombies have no free will. A zombie is a trapped human soul. If a sorcerer can catch the trapped soul, the sorcerer becomes more powerful.

Wade Davis, a Canadian ethnobotanist (someone who studies what effect plants have on people), wrote about zombies in two books, The Serpent and the Rainbow (1985) and Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie (1988). Davis went to Haiti in 1982 and wrote about how a living person can be turned into a zombie by two special powders being rubbed into a wound. The first powder brings a ‘deathlike’ state because of a certain poison in it, called tetrodotoxin (the same deadly poison found in the Japanese blowfish). At just the right amount, it can make a person almost die, but not quite. The second powder puts the person in a zombie-like state where they seem to have no free will of their own.

Many people outside of Haiti still do not believe what Davis wrote about, but in Haiti, lots of people believe in the “zombie drugs”. This could mean that, while the drugs could have no physical effect on the person, the strong belief may psychologically make them into the zombie they expect (like the placebo effect).

In Mesopotamian mythology, Ishtar, the goddess of love and fertility once said in anger:

In the Middle Ages, many people believed that the souls of the dead could come back as ghosts and haunt the living, often because of a crime that the living person had committed. Sometimes, the ghost could actually take on a physical shape and touch or attack things or people.

Zombies can walk, think (in some cases), and attack living persons. Most zombies eat the brains of living humans. In zombies, the heart, lungs, and a small part of their brain still work. They may react to their environment, but they do not have consciousness. Zombies can use their skeleton and muscles to move. The skin is rotten. Its hair and nails are falling off. Zombies are usually covered in blood. They often have open wounds and are dressed in ripped clothes.

Zombies appear a lot in horror and fantasy films. Normally, the zombie is a mindless, clumsy corpse which eats human flesh. Zombies can not be called cannibals because they do not eat each other, only living humans. The first zombie stories appeared in the 1600s. Since that time, zombies have appeared in lots of books and films.

In zombie films, zombies are almost always:

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Zombie | RuneScape Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Level 11Level 12Level 12Level 22Level 29Level 72Level 74Level 75Level 77Level 78Level 79Level 82Level 84Level 85

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

5 ticks (3.0s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

4 ticks (2.4s)

All Life points: 2,125Life points1: 2,125All Life points: 450Life points2: 450All Life points: 450Life points3: 450All Life points: 800Life points4: 800All Life points: 1,050Life points5: 1,050All Life points: 2,600Life points6: 2,600All Life points: 2,650Life points7: 2,650All Life points: 2,700Life points8: 2,700All Life points: 2,750Life points9: 2,750All Life points: 2,800Life points10: 2,800All Life points: 2,850Life points11: 2,850All Life points: 2,950Life points12: 2,950All Life points: 3,000Life points13: 3,000All Life points: 3,050Life points14: 3,050All Slayer experience: 8Slayer experience: 8All Slayer experience: 8Slayer experience1: 8All Slayer experience: 8Slayer experience2: 8All Slayer experience: 9Slayer experience3: 9All Slayer experience: 9.8Slayer experience4: 9.8All Slayer experience: 12Slayer experience5: 12All Slayer experience: 47.4Slayer experience6: 47.4All Slayer experience: 49.8Slayer experience7: 49.8All Slayer experience: 0Slayer experience8: 0All Slayer experience: 0Slayer experience9: 0All Slayer experience: 57.6Slayer experience10: 57.6All Slayer experience: 60.6Slayer experience11: 60.6All Slayer experience: 66.6Slayer experience12: 66.6All Slayer experience: 70Slayer experience13: 70All Slayer experience: 73.6Slayer experience14: 73.6All Combat experience: 0Combat experience: 0All Combat experience: 89.1Combat experience1: 89.1All Combat experience: 30.9Combat experience2: 30.9All Combat experience: 30.9Combat experience3: 30.9All Combat experience: 38.1Combat experience4: 38.1All Combat experience: 46.5Combat experience5: 46.5All Combat experience: 183Combat experience6: 183All Combat experience: 192Combat experience7: 192All Combat experience: 201.3Combat experience8: 201.3All Combat experience: 211.5Combat experience9: 211.5All Combat experience: 221.7Combat experience10: 221.7All Combat experience: 233.1Combat experience11: 233.1All Combat experience: 256.8Combat experience12: 256.8All Combat experience: 269.4Combat experience13: 269.4All Combat experience: 283.2Combat experience14: 283.2All Release date: 4 January 2001Release date: 4 January 2001All Release date: 4 January 2001Release date1: 4 January 2001All Release date: 4 January 2001Release date2: 4 January 2001All Release date: 23 September 2001Release date3: 23 September 2001All Release date: 4 January 2001Release date4: 4 January 2001All Release date: 4 January 2001Release date5: 4 January 2001All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date6: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date7: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date8: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date9: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date10: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date11: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date12: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date13: 22 January 2007All Release date: 22 January 2007Release date14: 22 January 2007All Combat level: 11Combat level1: 11All Combat level: 12Combat level2: 12All Combat level: 12Combat level3: 12All Combat level: 22Combat level4: 22All Combat level: 29Combat level5: 29All Combat level: 72Combat level6: 72All Combat level: 74Combat level7: 74All Combat level: 75Combat level8: 75All Combat level: 77Combat level9: 77All Combat level: 78Combat level10: 78All Combat level: 79Combat level11: 79All Combat level: 82Combat level12: 82All Combat level: 84Combat level13: 84All Combat level: 85Combat level14: 85All Is members only: falseIs members only: falseAll Is members only: falseIs members only1: falseAll Is members only: falseIs members only2: falseAll Is members only: falseIs members only3: falseAll Is members only: falseIs members only4: falseAll Is members only: falseIs members only5: falseAll Is members only: trueIs members only6: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only7: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only8: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only9: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only10: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only11: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only12: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only13: trueAll Is members only: trueIs members only14: trueAll NPC ID: 5375NPC ID1: 5375All NPC ID: 73NPC ID2: 73All NPC ID: 5304NPC ID3: 5304All NPC ID: 5308NPC ID4: 5308All NPC ID: 76NPC ID5: 76All NPC ID: 5393NPC ID6: 5393All NPC ID: 5394NPC ID7: 5394All NPC ID: 5396NPC ID8: 5396All NPC ID: 5399NPC ID9: 5399All NPC ID: 5400NPC ID10: 5400All NPC ID: 5402NPC ID11: 5402All NPC ID: 5404NPC ID12: 5404All NPC ID: 5406NPC ID13: 5406All NPC ID: 5408NPC ID14: 5408

Zombies are a form of undead found all over Gielinor, appearing in several different locations, most often in graveyards, dungeons and tombs. Like Skeletons, they are the result of Necromancers reanimating the bodies of the dead.

Zombies have a wide variety of combat levels and appearances, but they generally attack with Melee, and have a low resistance to magical attacks, particularly fire spells.

Many types of zombies exist, including armoured zombies, undead ones, zogres, zombie hands, monkey zombies, zombie pirates, zombie swabs and dried zombies. When given a Slayer assignment for zombies, any zombie-class creature may be targeted, including those such as undead chickens and cows.

Many zombie locations are far from banks. For players wishing to slay zombies and bank their drops, the following zombies are close to banks:

Zombies are one of the ‘races’ who have a lesser champion in the Champions’ Challenge Distraction and Diversion. To fight the Zombie Champion, the player must kill zombies until one drops a Champion’s scroll, a very rare drop.

Whilst undead ones count towards a zombie slayer task, they do not drop Champion’s scrolls.

An average and common zombie.

A zombie found in the Stronghold of Security, among some other places.

A different zombie with a mutilated face.

Another male zombie at the Graveyard.

A zombie in the Chaos Tunnels.

The level 22 zombies in the Edgeville Dungeon near Vannaka only drop bones and nothing else. Level 22 zombies elsewhere have regular drops.

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Zombi 2 (1980) – Rotten Tomatoes

This audaciously disgusting spectacle from the late master of gruesome horror, Lucio Fulci, was posited as a semi-sequel to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, which was released in Italy as Zombi. Tisa Farrow and a group of vacationing tourists travel to an island where they find a doctor (Richard Johnson) who is attempting to cure a condition that reanimates the dead. Things quickly get out of control as undead Spanish conquistadors crawl from their graves hungry for human flesh. The nauseatingly graphic set-pieces by Gianetto de Rossi include a close-up of a woman’s eye being pierced by a large shard of wood and a zombie fighting a Great White shark underwater. This relatively well-made shocker was enormously popular worldwide and led to the zombie-gore film becoming the dominant motif of 1980s Italian horror. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


R (for horror violence/gore and nudity)


Directed By:

Written By:

In Theaters:

Jul 18, 1980 wide

On Disc/Streaming:

Aug 25, 1998


128 minutes


The Jerry Gross Organization

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Zombies – Investopedia

What are Zombies

Zombies are companies that earn just enough money to continue operating and service debt, but are unable to pay off their debt. Such companies, given that they just scrape by meeting overhead (wages, rent, interest payments on debt, for example), tend to be unable to invest to spur growth, are generally subject higher borrowing costs, and may be one event, market disruption or poor quarter away from insolvency or a bailout. As such, zombies are especially dependent on banks for financing, which may be viewed as a kind life support. Zombie companies are also known as the “living dead” or “zombie stocks.”

Zombies often fail, falling victim to the high costs associated with debt or certain operations, such as research and development. They may lack the resources for capital investment, which would create growth. If a zombie company employed so many people that its failure would become a political issue, it may be deemed “too big to fail.” Given that many analysts expect that zombies will eventually be unable to meet their financial obligations, such companies are considered riskier investments and will therefore see their share prices suppressed.

Zombies were first spoken of in reference to companies in Japan during the country’s “Lost Decade” of the 1990s, following the bursting of its asset price bubble. During this perio companies were dependent on bank backing to remain in operation even though they were bloated, inefficient or failing. Economists argue that the economy would have been better served by allowing such poorly performing companies to fail. The term “zombies” was picked up again in 2008 in response to U.S. government bailouts that were part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

While the ranks of zombie companies are small, years of loose monetary policy highlighted by quantitative easing, high leverage and historically low interest rates have contributed to their growth. Economists argue that such policies preserve inefficiencies while stifling productivity, growth and innovation. When the market shifts, zombies will be the first to fall victim, unable to meet their basic obligations as rising interest rates make their debt more expensive to service. Meanwhile, successful companies, which were less able to build on their success because of tight credit, may feel any downturn more than they should.

While keeping zombies on life support may preserve jobs, economists note that using such resources is misguided because it impedes growth at successful firms and therefore inhibits job creation.

Because a zombie’s life expectancy tends to be highly unpredictable, zombie stocks are extremely risky and are not suitable for all investors. For example, a small biotech firm may stretch its funds extremely thin by concentrating its efforts in research and development in the hope of creating a blockbuster drug. If the drug fails, the company can go bankrupt within days of the announcement. On the other hand, if the drug is successful, the company could profit and reduce its liabilities. In most cases, however, zombie stocks are unable to overcome the financial burdens of their high burn rates and most eventually go bankrupt.

Given the lack of attention paid to this group, there can often be interesting opportunities for investors who have a high risk tolerance and are seeking speculative opportunities.

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The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

Try it out, see how you score, and pass it on to your friends if you want to see who among you would be most likely to survive.If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. (Yes, I do read all of your emails and suggestions.)

Click the arrows below to start the quiz and navigate through the sections.Need help? Click here!

Good luck!






Over 50

Under 13 (Hey, do your parents know you’re taking this quiz?!)




Metropolitan area/large city

Suburbs/medium-to-large city

Small-to-medium sized town

Rural area/country


Traditional house.

Apartment, dorm, or similar.

Trailer/mobile home.

I’m homeless/I move around.


I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. *wink*

I’m a skilled worker (mechanic, electrician, plumber, etc).

I work in the healthcare/medical field (non-office based).

I’m in the military.

I work in retail or sales.

I work in law enforcement, security, or am a firefighter.

I work in food service.

I work in an office (all types).

I’m an artist, musician, or entertainer.

Something else that isn’t listed here.

I’m a jack-of-all-trades.

I’m unemployed, or have never had a job.

Are you kidding? I exercise every day!

I’m not a health nut, but I’m in pretty good shape.

I could use a little work.

Ehh… I’ve kind of let myself go.

None of these answers really suit me.

I’m a smoker.

I like to drink. A lot.

I use a street drug/s at more than just a recreational level.

I’m a bit of a gambler, you could say.

Nope, not really.

Something else not listed here.

Yes, I have a serious disease or condition that requires regular medical maintenance (eg. asthma, diabetes, etc)

Yes, I have a mental or neurological disorder, a learning disability, or something similar (eg. ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, etc)

Yes, I have special dietary needs due to a condition such as serious food allergies, gluten intolerance, etc.

Yes, I have a disease or condition that I receive regular treatment for, but it’s not life-threatening.

Yes, I have a physical handicap or disability.

Yes, but it’s something else that isn’t described here.

No, nothing really.

Yes, I really need my medication/treatment.

Yes, but I could probably get by without my meds/treatment.

No, I don’t have a condition needing medication or treatment.

Basic – I haven’t had any kind of training, but I have learned some things from watching TV, reading, and life experience in general.

Average – I don’t work in a healthcare-related field, but I know some basics and have had at least one class on first aid, CPR, etc.

Intermediate – I am employed or in training for a healthcare-related job at a paraprofessional level (eg, Paramedic, CNA, Medical Assistant, etc), and have had general medical training and/or training specific to my job, and/or on-the-job experience.

Advanced – I am a medical professional or student in a medical profession (eg, MD/Surgeon, RN/LPN/CNP, Pharmacist, etc) and have had extensive training at a college level as well as clinical practice and/or on-the-job experience.

Great–I spend a lot of time cooking & preparing meals in a home setting for myself and/or family and friends.

Great–I have extensive experience with food preparation in an occupational setting (restaurant, institution, other food service, etc)

Very good–I’m pretty confident in the kitchen, and I know how to cook more than a few things.

Hmm, do ramen noodles and Easy Mac count? 😉

I usually let others cook for me, but I’m sure I could get by.

Yes, I know more than one way to start a fire.

Yes in theory, but I’ve never tried it.

Yes, but I need matches or a lighter.

What? FIRE BAD!!! D:

I can drive an automatic transmission vehicle.

I can operate a manual transmission vehicle.

I can ride a bike.

I do a lot of walking.

I’ve driven a vehicle (any kind) for a living.

I know how to swim.

Greatif I have a GPS system!

Pretty good.I have natural sense of direction, and I never get lost.

Not bad. I have experience with maps and compasses, and I know what to do if I get lost.

Great, I can go the distance.

I may not look tough, but I can take a lot of abuse.

So-so, I guess. I’m really not sure.

Um, I prefer not to “endure” things if possible. 😛

Yes, I’ve had some level of job-related training in combat and/or self defense .

Yes, I’ve had some level of training in combat and/or self defense, but not related to a job.

Yes, I have some basic self defense and/or combat skills that I’ve learned on my own.

Not particularly.

Yes, more times than I can remember.

It’s happened.

No, I usually try to avoid physical confrontations.

Yes, many times.

Yes, I have a few times, just for fun.

No, but I’ve handled a gun and understand how it works.

No, I’ve never even handled one.

Yes, I’m a gun collector.

Yes, I have one for protection.

Yes, I have a gun/s for hunting.

I do have a BB gundoes that count?


Baseball bat

Golf clubs

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