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You thought you knew Rick Moranis?Sorry to break it to you pal, but you dont.

In fact, here are 15 facts you probably didnt know about him. Facts so good you could impress other dads at daycare pickup by slipping one of these bad boys into casual conversation. (Oh, your kid likes teddy bears? Reminds me of when Rick Moranis voiced Mr. Cuddles the Teddy Bear in 2003 animated film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys.)

So many facts that next time you get in a Rick Moranis Facts-Off with your annoying neighbor whos always trying to one-up you, youll be laying down cold hard Rickies (street slang for Rick Moranis facts) and ending with a mic drop.

Get a load of these Rickies. Take them in. Your prep for the next neighborhood Rick Moranis Facts-Off starts here. Godspeed.

There were rumors that work for Rick dried up and thats why we hadnt seen him on the big screen for a while, but cmon, you know Rick better than this. Hes insanely talented and kept getting offers for roles left and right over the years, but Rick stayed home to be a single dad after his wife passed away from breast cancer.

In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Rick says he never really retired from the industry he was just picky.

Although we didnt see him on the screen for a while, Rick was always there. From 2001 to 2006, he voiced characters for three animated films and made a voice appearance in The Goldbergs to reprise his role from Space Balls, Dark Helmet.

In an interview with Uproxx, Rick explains shifting his focus to his kids in a matter-of-fact, duh, of course, my kids are the most important thing-kind of way.

Stuff happens to people everyday, and they make adjustments to their lives for all kinds of reasons. There was nothing unusual about what happened or what I did, I think the reason that people were intrigued by the decisions I was making and sometimes seem to have almost admiration for it had less to do with the fact that I was doing what I was doing and more to do with what they thought I was walking away from, as if what I was walking away from had far greater value than anything else that one might have.

Other people might bat a few eyes at walking away from rising movie star fame, but not Rick.

When asked about walking away from a career in which he got to use his creativity every day, Rick said, I didnt walk away from that. I applied all of my creativity to my home life, to my kids, to my family. I was the same person. I didnt change. I just shifted my focus.

We love this guy and his attitude. We could all stand to be a little more like Rick.

If youve been keeping up at The Dad then you already knew this one, and if you havent been keeping up with The Dad, why not? Well, good news: Rick is definitely on board for a reboot of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Honey, Ive been overtaken by nostalgia. Honey, Ive busted a tear from my left eye. Honey, hes back.

Rick starred as Wayne Szalinski, an inventor dad who committed the biggest oh sh*t of our time by shrinking his kids with an experimental ray gun. At some point he accidentally sweeps up his tiny kids in a dustpan and throws them in the trash, but like, who among us?

The reboot, called Shrunk, will focus on Waynes son, whos now grown. Apparently the accidentally shrinking your own kids gene is strong in this family since Waynes son does the ole shrinkaroo on his own kids. We cant wait to see what Wayne/Rick/the OG shrinker has to say about that.

What are you doing with the rest of your day? I just cleared my calendar to listen to The Agoraphobic Cowboy on vinyl while wearing assless chaps and pondering my fear of public spaces, and I invite you to join me.

If you approached me in 2005 and said, Guess what Rick Moranis is doing right now? I would say, Tell me. And then if you said, Hes writing a country album called The Agoraphobic Cowboy, I would say, Yes, I believe you. That sounds like the most Rick Moranis thing of all time. Hes since released another comedy music album called My Mothers Brisket & Other Love Songs, so it looks like Ill have to clear my calendar for tomorrow, too.

This isnt really a fact, just something we noticed. Do you love Rick Moranis and are you looking for an easy DIY costume for Halloween? Do you have a baby without the job, income, or wherewithal to plan its own costume? No worries. Dress like good old Seymour Krelborn, one of our favorite Rick Moranis characters. Slap on some glasses and tape leaves onto that baby. Sing him Little Shop of Horrors original music like Grow For Me. Pray that he doesnt grow too large and one day overtakes you.

There is writing a good screenplay, then there is hiring a good actor that makes that screenplay come to life in ways you couldnt have written.

Rick improvised scenes in Ghostbusters, most notably the one in which Louis welcomes a couple to a party by airing out all their financial details to other partygoers. Apparently the whole thing was Ricks idea and he kind of just made it up along the way.Director Ivan Reitman explained:

Right away, Rick had all these wonderful ideas. I think it was his idea to play him as an accountant; he wrote that extraordinary speech when he is inviting people to a party at his house and hes walking that incoming couple through. I had the joke of throwing the coat on the dog thats in his bedroom, but that whole wonderful speech Rick just made all of it up as he was doing it. All these guys were so, so good at writing.

The movies cult following urged the question: will there be a Space Balls 2? The answer was almost yes, according to Rick:

It wasnt a box office hit. It was a cult video hit, and MGM wanted to do a sequel. And my idea for it was Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs IIBut the deal he presented me, what he wanted me to do, was not workable. It was two or three years laterIts better if I dont get into the particulars of itBut I was unable to make a deal, and it would have been something I wanted to do.

Son of a. We were so close to getting another Space Balls. Maybe someday.

You know how your kid can just pick up some dolls and create this whole fantasy world? Your kid and Rick Moranis have that in common.

Apparently, director Mel Brooks came to set with the idea for the scene one day, told Rick about it, and Rick was like, say no mo. The king of acting/improvising strikes again.

Celebrities: they hate flying just like us! Its not that hes afraid of flying Rick Moranis isnt afraid of anything. He just hates the grossness of being stuck on a plane in a germ stew with a hundred other strangers and the inefficiency of it all.

We started to hear the stories of people stuck on the tarmac for six hours, Rick told Heeb Magazine. If that happens to me, Ill be on the front page of the New York Post the next day. Ill fake a heart attack or melt down. So its better for me to stay away from airports.

If he can drive there, he will. Say, Rick, I hate flying too, wanna road trip together?

Can you imagine going on a date with Rick Moranis? Apparently, Ricks been putting himself out there a bit, just not on dating apps: What picture would I use? The guy from Ghostbusters? I dont think dating sites work for people with famous punims.

Rick told Heeb Magazine hed probably travel more if he had a lady companion, but hear me out, Rick. You dont need a lady to travel with you. What about a dudes trip? I know at least 10 dads who would love to go on a road trip with you (no airplanes, promise).

If you hadnt guessed already, thats what his comedy album My Mothers Brisket & Other Love Songs is all about. Funny, lively, delightfully Jewish its basically a musical manifestation of Rick.

Rick described the album:

When I first began writing jokes and sketches with various Jewish partners one of us would inevitably stop at some point and announce, Too Jewish! Too Jewish for the star, the show, the network, or the audience. The songs on this album are all in that category.

If you want to wax poetic/comedic about silver Yiddish cups, a challah, and a very Jewish mother serving up some brisket, then take this one for a spin.

Who, that guy? The guy who changed our diapers? Hes alright, I guess.

Rick told Uproxx:

My earliest memories were of being in public situations where people would get all excited because they were seeing a famous person, and my kids were just like, Why are you so excited? Its just him. They had a really good perspective on celebrity and fame very early on.

But it sounds like his kids had a sort of indifference to celebrities and fame in general. About the time his five-year-old son saw Derek Jeter at a Knicks game:

Derek Jeter turned around, recognized me, got kind of like, Oh hi! Hi! And my son said, Have you met Chuck Knoblauch yet? And Jeter looked at him like, Who is this kid. But that was my son. He was comfortable around anyone, and I think the reason was, is because he just didnt buy why anyone would get excited around me.

I hope if I ever run into Rick Moranis, I play it as cool as his kids.

In an interview with Heeb Magazine, Rick said:

Im intrigued by the idea of playing this music live. Ive never done that. To do a stage performance in a theater with this music, it might be enjoyable. I have no idea. Ill see what happens. Im not saying no to anything at this point, including all of the above.

If we all start working on our Rick Moranis movie character cosplays now, we can be ready by the time you, me, and every dad we know turn up for the Rick Moranis live music function.

First of all, director John Hughes, how could you. And second: guess the reason he was fired. You cant.

Did you guess because he played the role of Carl the Janitor with a too-over-the-top Russian accent? Damn, howd you guess that?

Im now commencing my boycott of any The Breakfast Club rewatches and I invite you to join me. Rick Moranis belongs in any movie, in any role, even as a gimmicky Russian janitor, and its a cardinal sin to think otherwise. If I watch it now, all Ill be able to think about is how much better it wouldve been with Rick Moranis.

Talk about doing some hella fathering. Rick fathered these kids so good that theyre both doing super impressive things. Rachel, now 32, has multiple degrees in architecture, attended Harvard for grad school, and has co-founded multiple companies. Mitchell, also 32, has busied himself with all things entertainment biz: acting, screenwriting, producing, songwriting, you name it.

Looks like Rick stepping back from Hollywood to take care of his family paid off after all. We love you, Rick. Probably more than your own kids do. Okay, fine, its not a competition.

These crazy facts are a part of our dad trivia series, where we drop some pop-culture science you can impress your dad pals with at the next BBQ.

Check out our previous edition where we featured crazy Facts You Dont Know About Gary Sinise.

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Filmmaker moves home during COVID and makes a horror movie with Mom and Dad – CBS News 8

SAN DIEGO When the pandemic forced a filmmaker to move back home with his parents, the 28-year old decided to shoot a horror movie with his mom and dad.

In this Zevely Zone, I dared to find out what was 'Beneath" this fantastic film shot on a $200 budget. The short film begins with a woman lying in bed in the middle of the night.

She whispers, "There is someone down there. Under the bed."

"This is is the mask that was used for the film," said filmmaker Andrew Daugherty.

When the pandemic shut down New York City, Andrew moved back home with his Point Loma parents and asked them to star in his homemade horror movie.

"The film is about a woman who discovers that there is a presence lurking under the bed while her husband is sleeping," said Andrew.

Andrew's parents Trish and Ned are the film's only two actors. What did they think when their son came to them and asked them to shoot a horror movie in their bed?

"I was right on board with it," said Trish.

"I wasn't reluctant to do it but I had a lot of questions about logistics and how we were going to set things up," said Ned.

The two-parent have never done any acting in their entire lives. The film was shot over two long sleepless nights. Trish was sure there was someone under the bed. She had the guts to go look.

"Yeah I don't know if I would have done that in real life I might have sent him down there first," said Trish.

Poor Ned, it was then his turn to go look under the bed.

"There's nothing down there," said Ned in the movie.

The Daugherty family is taking the pandemic very seriously. They haven't been to a store since March.

I asked them "Trish and Ned this is starting to sound like a horror movie, your children moved back home with you and they never leave like never?"

Trish laughed and said, "That's not true, I love being with my boys. It's the only good thing about COVID is that we have the opportunity to be together."

Along with Andrew, his brother Brian, an engineer, moved home as well during the pandemic.

Andrew shared behind the scenes pictures from making the movie and storyboards.

I told him, "This movie is really suspenseful and really well shot."

He told me, "Thanks that means a lot it was a lot of fun working on it."

But was it fatal? I wanted to know if Andrew's parents survived what was 'Beneath'?

"I think I am going to leave that up to the audience to decide," said Andrew.

His dad chimed in with, "Who knows there may be a sequel."

To learn more about Andrew's movie-making click here or to watch his short movie called 'Beneath' go to

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Filmmaker moves home during COVID and makes a horror movie with Mom and Dad - CBS News 8

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Dracula is Halloween royalty after all, he is a count and dresses the part – Ellwood City Ledger

Louise Carroll| For The Ledger

Halloween is almost upon us. Bats, spiders and jack o' lanterns are the dcors of the day and boo is the buzz word. I like all fall decorations the leaves, the cornstalks, the scarecrows and the fall flavors.

I don't do any spooky decorating. I have a stuffed pumpkin, a tin jack o' lantern and a little scarecrow that is in with my huge mother-in-law tongue plant. That's as good as it is going to get here. I'm just not into skulls, bats, spiders and all the spooky stuff, but I applaud the creativity of some of the ultra scary home decorations that I see.

When my sons were young enough to go trick-or-treating, we had a box of clothing and masks that they could put together for costumes, a white shirt, black pants, a pirate hat and an eye patch and they were ready to go. Mummies were a natural because strips of old sheets were easily wound around and even easier was cutting eyes in a sheet and being a ghost. I see a lot more elaborate costumes now, but I'm sure it is the same fun.

If we had an election for the king of Halloween, Dracula would be a front runner along with Frankenstein and mummies, but my vote would go to Dracula. First of all, because he takes it seriously and dresses for the part, wearing a tuxedo and a cape. No borrowed parts from other people, no raggedy looking mummy wrappings and nothing as mundane as a bed sheet to look ghostly. On Halloween, there will be a number of Draculas of all sizes, so you could meet one. It would be best to keep an arm's length away because you can't be sure.

Dracula has class, as he should because he is Count Dracula and royalty should have a sense of style. You have to feel sorry for Dracula because there he is in his tuxedo looking very debonair and he can't even check it out in the mirror. Remember he doesn't have a reflection in the mirror so he can't even admire his regal bearing or check to see if his tie is straight.

Dracula was created by Bram Stoker, who has been dead for more than 100 years, but his characteris the ageless vampire.

Dracula came to America from England when in the late 1920s Bela Lugosi played the title character in the play, "Dracula." He was elegant in the tuxedo and is strangely seductive. I read about this. I didn't actually see the play.

Lugosi said, "I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow."

He also had advice for lovers. "To win a woman, take her with you to see 'Dracula.'"

It isn't my idea of a chick flick, but it might be good advice. The woman might pretend to be afraid so she can hold the guy's hand.

In 1931, Hollywood brought Dracula to the screen and to Halloween when Lugosi played the title role in the Universal Studio film. The stage show had the image of Dracula but the movie brought him to theaters all over the United States where he could give goosebumps and chills to larger audiences.

In the movie, Dracula remained elegant and never flashed any of those fangs we have come to associate with the caped bloodsucker.

Lugosi was born in Transylvania or Romania or Austria depending on what reference you read. I like Transylvania best; it has that spooky vibe. He brought the refined flair to Dracula with the tuxedo and cape and the figure of the elegantly dressed vampire remains. Lugosi wore an ornamental medal on his chest, but we aren't sure if it was just something he liked to wear or if it had any meaning. I would like to believe that it was a real medal awarded to Count Dracula for his humanitarian works. If you just can't live without a replica of the medal, you can buy one online for about $300. Personally, I can do without so don't give it to me Christmas.

Lugosi (1882-1956) was an actor who played romantic roles including Romeo before he brought Dracula to life on the screen. After his Count Dracula fame, his life was downhill as directors couldn't get the Dracula image out of their minds and his life ended sadly. At the time of his death, he was so poor that his family could not afford his funeral. Frank Sinatra quietly paid for the funeral.

Happy Halloween and I leave you with these words of advice:Beware of men in tuxedos and capes. You can easily tell if he is a vampire. Just get him to stand next to you in front of a mirror. If only your pale, frightened face is looking back, run!

Louise Carroll is a columnist and correspondent for The Ledger.

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Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is Menlo School’s offering on Halloween weekend – InMenlo

by Contributed Content on October 27, 2020

Menlo Drama is livestreaming Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors, a lightning fast, laugh-out-loud comedy by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen onFriday, October 30, and Saturday, October 31, at 7:00 pm. This hilarious production reimagines Bram Stokers epic horror story, with a dash of Mel Brooks and a pinch of Monty Python, as an old time radio play reminiscent of the vintage broadcasts of the 1930s and 1940s.

Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors follows the legendary Count Dracula as he travels to England to seduce the woman of his dreams, stirring up danger, magic, sensuality and silliness. Created in the spirit of The 39-Steps and developed at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the show premiered at The Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter Florida last year and has been optioned for a Broadway production once Broadway re-opens. Menlo School is the second group in the nation and the first high school to produce it.

With Menlo Schools new Spieker Center for Performing Arts set to finish construction and open this fall, Menlo Drama had to creatively reimagine their season this year. In the old adage, the show must go on, Menlo Drama intentionally chose this reimagined classic to give the drama students the opportunity to perform, and the community the chance to experience live theater during this unpredictable time. The radio play will be performed on Menlos campus while simultaneously being streamed to the listeners and viewers safely in their homes allowing Menlo to keep the arts alive during Covid.

One of the many unique aspects of the production is the stage. Creatively designed by Andy Hayes and Steven Minning, the actors are encased on stage in movable Plexiglas cubes. This was first conceived to adhere to the Covid safety standards set by the county and state. It has now been cleverly woven into the choreography of the show.

The Plexiglas cubes are designed with wheels on their bases, giving the actors a fluidity on stage that allows the cast to gracefully move with them and use them as doors to enter and exit a scene. Another unique aspect to the production is a clever and talented cast of foley artists who use a variety of props to create sound effects and an immersive audio experience for the audience.

Steven Minning, Director of Creative Arts and Upper School Drama, chose this production for this seasons opener because after reading the script last summer, I knew immediately that it was the perfect elixir for times like this. Minning, who is directing his 22 main stage show for Menlo School says this new riff on a classic tale is a throwback to classic radio dramas think suspense with punchlines with sound effects so realistic that you will think you were there.

Continuing the tradition of philanthropy Minning began eight years ago through Menlo Drama Gives Back, this production of Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors will benefit The Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. Over the past seven seasons, Menlo Drama has raised close to $50,000 for the benefit of nonprofit organizations, chosen by the casts of each production because their work resonates with the themes of the show. This entrepreneurial non-profit has effectively pivoted from tutoring for school support and college preparedness, to supporting students with distance learning and providing food for the communities they serve. Viewers have the unique opportunity to support the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula by donating online during the livestream using this link,

Performances are Halloween weekend, Friday October 30 and Saturday October 31 at 7:00pm via livestream. There is no charge. This show is recommended for middle school audiences and up.

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Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is Menlo School's offering on Halloween weekend - InMenlo

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Beer Brand Will Take Over Draculas Transylvania Castle This Halloween – Adweek

When the Irish gothic novelist Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897, he couldnt possibly have foreseen the monumental and lasting influence his book would have on literature, art and movies.

Today, Count Dracula continues to be writ large in popular culture, making an appearance around Halloween when adults and children alike don black capes and fake white teeth and regale in blood-curdling tales of vampires and their hapless victims.

Almost as famous as Dracula himself is the fictional vampires rumored abode: a sprawling, gothic fortress of Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, which you can visit virtually this Halloween.

Legend has it that Bran Castle may have inspired Stokers description of Draculas castle in the novel, though there is no evidence the author ever visited the castle. Lots of arguments have been made in favor of other castles having been the real inspiration, so we will perhaps never know for certain.

But regardless, Desperados, a tequila-flavored beer brand thats owned by Heineken and is popular across Europe, is taking over the entire castle for a Halloween party, which will be livestreamed globally on platforms including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube on Oct. 31.

The event, with support from PR firm Edelman, is a collaboration with live music and party producer Elrow. It will be fronted by British DJ and producer Eats Everything, who will play house music as partygoers are shown virtually around Bram Castle. The castle will be decorated with spooky Halloween dcor while clowns, zombies and monsters populate the dance floor.

The idea is to allow people to re-live the classic Halloween party spirit without leaving their home, Desperados said in a statement.

Parties provide an unrivalled sense of togetherness that so many people are craving at this time. While social distancing measures remain in place, we wantto find ways to reimagine these experiences, said Diederik Vos, global brand director at Desperados, in a statement. With Halloween long being one of the biggest and most-anticipated nights in the party calendar, we wanted to take things up a notch.

The event at Bran Castle in Transylvania promises to do just that, delivering a unique virtual event from the home of Halloween itself that will enable partygoers to experience the same excitement and thrill, albeit with a twist, he continued.

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Beer Brand Will Take Over Draculas Transylvania Castle This Halloween - Adweek

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Blu-ray Review: THE BRIDES OF DRACULA – ScreenAnarchy

Today's Blu-ray review may not be available in time (the North American street date is November 10) for the spookiest time of the year, but if you're like me, you love all things creepy year round.

I know I keep saying it, but Shout Factory/Scream Factory continues to impress with their acquisition of older titles from Hammer's filmography. Then of course, the restorations the company does with these films are usually nothing but absolutely astonishing.

One of these forthcoming older titles isThe Brides of Dracula, released sixty years ago in 1960. The film was directed by Terence Fischer, arguably Hammer's best director. He helmed cornerstones of the production company's business, such as Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein Created Woman, Horror of Dracula, and The Devil Rides Out.

Some fans are fine withThe Brides of DraculaNOT starring Christopher Lee, Hammer's iconic Dracula, while others are hesitant to embrace this title. According to one of the disc's bonus featurettes, Lee was not included in this film because his agent asked for too much money. He did, however, appear in Dracula: Prince of Darkness, which was released in 1966.

Anyway, the film followsMarianne (Yvonne Monlaur), a young teacher on her way to the girls academy where she's about to start a new job. Along the way, she's sidetracked by a minion of the localBaroness Meinster (Martita Hunt) and Marianne's coach disappears with all her luggage, leaving her stranded.

The Baroness then invites Marianne to her castle to stay the night. While there, she glimpses a man (David Peel) on a balcony, seemingly about to jump to his death. She rushes to his room only to discover that he is chained by the ankle to the wall. Ever the good samaritan, she sneaks into the Baroness' room and somehow finds the correct key that unlocks the young Baron.

Well, nice job, you just unleashed a vampire! Although I'm not sure what kind of weak-sauce vampire can be be simply chained to a wall by one leg. There are other plot holes and omissions, elsewhere in the film, too. We learn in one of the bonus features that Fischer was not allowed to change a word of Jimmy Sangster's script. Though if you're not put off by that,The Brides of Draculacan still manage to entertain. In particular, this film would make a good "gateway" horror film for kids who are inclined to the darker side of storytelling.

A few local maidens end up undead as well, in campy, white-face-paint fashion and flowing white nightgowns. To aid in the mystery of the attacks, Dr. Van Helsing (the late, great Peter Cushing, one of Hammer's best actors and bankable stars) arrives and astonishes the villagers with his down-to-earth reason and rationale. You may have guessed that Van Helsing and the Baron face off in the finale. By the way, Cushing did many of his own stunts back in the day, and he's really impressive here when he battles the Baron.

I have to say that Peel as the Baron isn't great, but Freda Jackson in the Renfield-like role of Greta, the Baroness' assistant, was absolutely fantastic. She cackles like no one's business when plotting evil deeds and making nefarious plans. Watching the film for both her and Cushing alone is worth your tim.

As for the image, the film looks absolutely spotless with only a slight flicker in one scene that I detected. Shout Factory has presentedThe Brides of Draculain both1.85:1 And 1.66:1 aspect rations, but for the purpose of this review, I watched only the1.85:1 version.

Special Features

The trailers Hammer made were always entertaining, so check those out if you pick up any of these releases. The Terence Fischer mini doc was lengthy and informative of his life and career, and the other featurettes served a similarly "fine" purpose.

I enjoyed Severin Films' featurette on the history of Oakley Court the most; it's a large stone manor that quite a few films have used as exteriors, includingThe Brides of Draculaand several other Hammer films. The most famous production to use this location is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

If you'd like to pre-order The Brides of Dracula Blu-ray, you can do so at Shout Factory's website here.

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Blu-ray Review: THE BRIDES OF DRACULA - ScreenAnarchy

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Edward Gorey’s sets for the 1977 Broadway production of Dracula – Boing Boing

Boing Boing contributor Mark Dery (author of the magnificent and definitive Gorey biography, Born to Be Posthumous) posted this link yesterday on social media. It's a piece on the website CrimeReads detailing the 1970s run of Dracula on Broadway with incredible (award-winning) sets and costume designs by Gorey.

The production was a smash; Langella was a sensation, and the production picked up a Tony award for Most Innovative Production of a Revival. But Gorey, whose designs (which now extended from sets and costumes to posters, playbills, and merchandise) were the show's other most central feature, won a Tony Award, himself, for costume design. The production ran three years on Broadway, with Raul Julia taking over as Dracula after Langella left. Just as Lugosi had, Langella would reprise this role in a film adaptation of the play, made in 1979. Touring productions in the United States starred Jeremy Brett and Jean LeClerc, and a West End production starred Terence Stamp.

Read the rest (which includes images of the sets from the Alley Theatre production of the play at the University of Houston, October 2014).

A paper toy theater of Gorey's sets and costumes was produced. Here's the Dracula story retold in the toy theater.

Image: Edward Gorey's Dracula Toy Theatre

See more here:
Edward Gorey's sets for the 1977 Broadway production of Dracula - Boing Boing

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Dracula: On the Air and Out for Blood The Review – University of Delaware Review

Overall, Dracula provides an entertaining and spooky story to listen to this October or any month for that matter. Although it is not theatre in the format we are used to, it is nonetheless a worthwhile listen.

Courtesy of REP/THE REVIEW Another production from REP.


A Zoom meeting with a director, stage manager, eight actors, sound designer, composer and a sound technician, and all of the actors set up with professional microphones and audio gear; this is the reality of theatre in 2020.

Resident Ensemble Players (REP) is the professional theatre company located on the campus of the university that usually performs a variety of classic and contemporary plays. This semester, due to the pandemic, in-person theatre has been put on hold. But that hasnt stopped the REP. They have decided to produce theatre online in the form of audio dramas.

Since it is October, the first audio drama that they have decided to produce is Bram Stokers Dracula. Their production was written and directed by Michael Gotch. Gotch is an actor, writer and director and has been with the REP since its opening in 2008.

For Gotch, artistic problem solving is one of his favorite things about the theatre world, so the opportunity this pandemic provided was just what he was used to.

As soon as we knew we werent going to be able to perform live, we had to go into kind of brainstorming mode, about what forms of entertainment/artistic endeavor we could provide for our audience, Gotch says. Then I offered the suggestion that we do a radio drama.

The production that Gotch wrote is a fairly faithful adaptation of the 500-something page novel condensed into five one-hour episodes, with the plot slightly moved around to create definitive episodes and cliffhangers.

The first episode begins with Jonathan Harker, a solicitors clerk from a law firm, traveling to Castle Dracula to help the Count with his process of moving to England. Little does Harker know that what lies in wait for him at Castle Dracula will be the most horrifying and chilling beast he has ever encountered.

Of course, dramatic irony is used heavily throughout the episodes, as we know all of the vampiric warning signs exhibited by Count Dracula such as not appearing in mirrors and despising crucifixes, but the main character does not. This tension keeps listeners on edge from start to finish.

These characters couldnt be brought to life without the REPs actors. The story takes place in 1890s Trannyslvania and England, so the accents used by the actors are historically accurate and consequently very entertaining and pleasing to listen to.

The overall sound design of this audio drama is utterly incredible and atmospheric. For an audio production like Dracula, sound is the area of technical theatre that can create most of the imagery that the audience experiences. From wolves howling to bones crunching to horrific screams, the sound effects edited into this production keep you engaged and on edge the whole time.

Gotch explained further the unconventional experience of using sound effects for this production. Half of the sound design was working with the sound designer to find the sound effects they needed. The other half was working with the actors.

We also made sounds ourselves, the actorswe have the actors making the craziest sounds in their houses, so we would record them screaming or we would record them growling or we would record them whisperingand then those sounds got filtered through different effects, Gotch says.

Moreover, since sound is so omnipresent in this production, the quality and accuracy of the sounds was very important to the REP. They often had to get very creative to get just the right sounds.

My dog is in Dracula, Gotch says. I would give him a milk bone with peanut butter on it and we recorded him very close to the microphone licking the peanut butter off the bone and then crunching the milk bone, and it became the sound we use for Dracula killing the people in the story that he kills.

The REPs production of Dracula does the horror genre justice. Listening to the audio drama will strike terror and fear into your heart. It creates a tense and chilling atmosphere that keeps you engaged and on edge for the full hour.

Overall, Dracula provides an entertaining and spooky story to listen to this October or any month for that matter. Although it is not theatre in the format we are used to, it is nonetheless a worthwhile listen.

Listeners can tune into WVUDs Friday night 7:00 p.m. ET broadcasts on 91.3 FM on radio or stream from computer or digital devices at WVUD will also replay each episode on the following Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. ET. Additionally, you can check out the REPs website for links to the REPs SoundCloud page, where you can listen to the episodes at any time.

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Dracula: On the Air and Out for Blood The Review - University of Delaware Review

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Top 6 Classic Universal Monster Movies the nicholls worth – Nicholls Worth

Halloween is finally here, and its time to rewatch old monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein. After watching the original Universal Monsters films, I have ranked these films based on how their stories have impacted our culture.

These films all share the same universe, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe today. Although this is a film ranking list, it was difficult to do so due to the fact that these films are so iconic in their own ways.

I will only be focusing on the original films of the series and not on their sequels, so I will not be covering Bride of Frankenstein, House of Dracula, etc.

This film was released in Dec. 1932 and featured Boris Karloff as the titular character Imhotep, the mummy. The story follows Imhotep as he attempts to find his lover from ancient Egyptian times. He believes she is reincarnated through Zita Johanns character, Helen Grosvenor. Although this sounds more like a romantic film than a horror film, I promise there is enough horror in this film to go around. Although this film is towards the bottom of the list, it is still strong enough to check out.

The Wolf Man was released in Dec. 1941 featuring Lon Chaney, Jr. as the titular lycanthrope. He becomes a werewolf as he attempts to protect a friend from a wolf attack and gets bitten instead. He struggles with trying to hide it from his town in fear that they will kill him. This film is interesting in its own way due to the fact that the monster does not want to be a monster but is consumed by animalistic desires. The makeup and special effects are one of the highlights of the film.

This film is a bit of an outlier from the rest. It never really had an official crossover with the rest of the Universal Monsters and it was released years after the others. This film was released in Feb. 1954 as a 3-D film. Unlike the other monster films, this film doesnt take place in Europe. Instead, it takes place in the Amazon jungle. The film follows a team of geographers as they uncover a fossil which could be a missing link between fish and humans. They are met with the Creature or Gill-man who attempts to stop them from leaving the paradise that is Black Lagoon. This film is higher on the list due to the uniqueness of the setting, monster and costume of the Creature.

The Invisible Man was released in Nov. 1933 and featured Claude Rains as Dr. Jack Griffin or the Invisible Man. What makes this film so terrifying is that this monster isnt a monster in the classic sense. He isnt cursed or born an evil creature. He is just a man who is doing these horrific actions. It hasnt aged quite as well because some of these scenes were meant to be scary during the time, but they are kind of funny based on todays standards.

Dracula is a classic by itself. Dracula was played by Bela Lugosi. After nearly 90 years, Lugosi has shaped this character in terms of design and accent. The film follows this infamous vampire as he travels from Transylvania to England and preys on the people of London. It is truly a terrifying movie and Lugosi kills it with his performance. No pun intended.

This film is easily one of the best films from the franchise because it shows Frankensteins monster struggling between what his mind and heart are telling him to do. The monster was created by Dr. Frankenstein. He is made up of different body parts and has the brain of a killer, but he actually tries to be a gentle giant. However, an angry mob doesnt see it that way. Boris Karloff portrays the monster in a terrific performance. This film is definitely a must-see, as are all of the films on this list.

Top 6 Classic Universal Monster Movies the nicholls worth - Nicholls Worth

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned Is One of the Worst Anime AND Marvel Movies – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned is one of Marvel's first animated films. It is also one of the worst anime ever produced.

Marvel has become synonymous with big-budget movies that smash box office records. However, this was not always the case. Some early Marvel films are infamously terrible, and Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned might be the worst of a very bad bunch. Produced by Toei Animation, the film was part of a deal between Marvel and Toei in the 1970s, where Toei would produceanimated versions of Marvel characters.

Dracula: Sovereign of The Damned, loosely adapted The Tomb of Dracula comic series published from 1972 to 1979, and tried to cram the plot of all 74 of its issues into 94 minutes. Amusingly, the Tomb Of Dracula comic was never released in Japan, which might be one reason why the film turned out how it did.First broadcast on TV Asahi in 1980, the series wasnt seen in the West until 1983 when Harmony Gold released its dub to cable networks, as well as home releases on VHS and Betamax.

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Count Dracula, fed up with being constantly pursued by vampire hunters, moves to Boston. While in Boston, Dracula finds a Satan-worshipping cult and makes off with Dolores, a female cultist destined to be Satan's bride. However, Dracula ends up falling in love with Dolores. Also in Boston is Frank Drake, one of Dracula's descendants. Dracula's first son was conceived before Dracula became a vampire, sparing Frank's side of the family from the curse. Vampire hunters Hans Harker and Rachel Van Helsing find Frank and recruit him in their mission to kill Dracula.

Satan, learning of Dracula's trickery, vows revenge but tells his followers to wait a year before they act. During this year, Dolores and Dracula have a son named Janus. When Dracula admits he is not Satan, Dolores is... okay with it, as she is in love. Then Dracula tells Dolores his history as the ruler of Transylvania. Though once slain in battle, Satan raised him from the dead and turned him into the prince of vampires he is today.

When Satan returns a year later, he lures Dracula into a trap, at which point, when sprung, one of the cultists tries to shoot Dracula but misses and inadvertently kills Janus. Dracula's intense anger causes him to go berserk and fly into the night.Without Dracula or her son, Dolores tries to take his own life. As she does, a heavenly light brings Janus back to life. But, all is not as it seems. Janus, now older, is the personification of light and has one goal: kill Dracula.After several long fights with Janus, Satan captures Dolores and Dracula and attempts to kill them both, only to find that Dolores' love is too powerful. When the couple returns to the normal world, Dracula finds he is once again mortal.

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Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned Is One of the Worst Anime AND Marvel Movies - CBR - Comic Book Resources

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