The Batman vs. Dracula (Video 2005) – IMDb

So yeah, Batman vs Dracula was a thing! Twice actually but the first is a very obscure 1940's film I believe.

Here Penguin accidentally raises the legendary vampire from the dead who then goes on to make an undead army which also comprises of everyones favorite villian the Joker.

From the outset I realised how poor the voice work was, even Peter Stormare didn't sound on form and Joker sounded/looked ridiculous.

Yes the story is decent enough but I found myself struggling to take the whole thing seriously. Batman vs Dracula? Really!

I can confidently say I've seen considerably worse DC animated movies but consider this nothing but a novelty Batman movie and nothing else. You need to suspend disbelief and just roll with it.

Coming next year Spiderman vs Scooby Doo and the much anticipated Justice League vs The Goonies.

The Good:

Peter Stormare

Fitting soundtrack

The Bad:

Bizarre incarnation of Joker

Weak voice talent

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The Batman vs. Dracula (Video 2005) - IMDb

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The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) – IMDb

Dracula: Who dares to disturb the sanctity of Count Dracula.

Dracula: Who are you.

Kah: My lord, my name is Kah. I am the High Priest of the 7 Golden Vampires in Ping Kwei in the province of Szechwan in China. When the vampires walk... My Temple was the centre of all power in the area, the populace bore allegiance to me. But now... My Lord. The vampires sleep, and the people go their own ways. The power is lost, i have travelled many moons. Seeking the Castle Dracula, i look to thee. For thy help. Ressurect the 7 Golden Vampires. Let the legend live on.

Dracula: Wretch... I do not grand favors, i do not acceed to the requests of minions. Know you not Dracula commands even from the compines of this miserable place.

Dracula: This miserable place.

Dracula: Yet... you can serve me Kah.

Kah: My Lord Dracula, i will obey your commands.

Dracula: I need your mortal coil, i need the form of your miserable carcass. I need your vile image. I need to walk this earth again, Free from these walls, free from this mausoleum. I will return to your Temple, in your image Kah. I will recall the 7 Golden Vampires, as my own host. Tools of my vengeance on mankind, i will take on your mentor. Your appearance, your image.

Dracula: [Dracula's disembodied voice] Your image Kah.

Kah: [Kah, possessed by Count Dracula] Kah, your own image. But beneath the image, the immortal power... of Count Dracula.

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The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) - IMDb

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Universal Monsters Print from Vice Press Features Dracula, Frankenstein and the Whole Gang – Bloody Disgusting

Its now been nearly twenty years(!) since two horror icons battled up on the big screen in Freddy vs. Jason, but artist Marty Riet McEwen brings them back together for an awesome new print hes calling Nightmare on the 13th. And the art, which puts Freddy Krueger (and Baby Freddy!) directly into Jasons nightmares, is also available as a 1,000 piece puzzle!

You can grab the artwork on either a giant-sized 24 x 32 poster for $100, or you can build yourself the 1,000 piece puzzle for $24.99, the latter housed in retro packaging.

McEwen explains, Worlds Collide in this Limited print. It depicts what Jasons nightmares look like. Thats some scary shit.

The art features iconic images from the Nightmare on Elm Street films, including the Freddy Worm from Dream Warriors, with a sleeping Jason Voorhees at the center of it all.

Printed on Acid Free, 100% cotton rag, 340 GSM weight cold press Watercolor paper with a Natural Textured Finish, the $100 poster prints are limited to just 100 pieces, so act fast.

Thanks to Broke Horror Fan for bringing this to our attention.

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Universal Monsters Print from Vice Press Features Dracula, Frankenstein and the Whole Gang - Bloody Disgusting

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10 horror movies that changed the genre – Market Research Telecast

One of the best things about the horror genre is how flexible and versatile the horror movies; there are movies with guts and an abundance of blood, but then there is the abundance of subgenres and spin-offs like horror comedies, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and many more.

The genre has come a long way since the days of Dracula Y Frankenstein, and there are many horror films that have helped shape the medium for decades, as we have shared in The Truth News.

From the classic monster movie to the sinister slasher, these films not only shaped the genre or simply revamped it, they are also considered some of the best horror films of all time.

One of the first horror films ever created, this German expressionist version of the history of the Count Dracula it has become one of the cornerstones on which the genre was founded.

Although the medium of silent film may be an acquired taste today, there is no denying that the film has only grown more haunting over the years with sharp angles, creepy movements, and the hideous figure of Conde Orlock.

Nosferatu gave life to the horror genre and presented it as an art form, in addition to being one of the best horror movies that you can watch for free on Amazon Prime this 2021 to 99 years after its premiere.

Dracula set the bar for all the classic horror movies to follow. Although it is not the first horror film with sound, it was the first to incorporate elements of the cinematographic medium to perfectly immerse its audience in a new world of gods and monsters.

The monster movie became a mainstay of the horror genre and horror movie icon. If it werent for the interpretation of Bela Lugosi like the iconic Count Dracula, characters like Wolfman, Imhotep or even characters like Predator O Pennywise they might not exist today.

Its an honorable mention to be given great credit for its contribution to the horror genre. And There Were None laid the foundation for the modern film of slasher, which includes tapes like Scream, one of the best horror movies released during the summer.

A secluded place, a creepy old house and a murderer waiting among a crowd of victims; Although he was not the first to use these elements, Christies framework served as inspiration for several films of the genre such as House on Haunted Hill.

It would be wrong not to include Psycho of Alfred Hitchcock on a list of genre-changing horror movies. One of his most iconic films and included in almost all the top horror films of all time.

In this classic slasher, the monster lurking in the shadows was not a vampire, a reanimated corpse, or a creature from the depths of the sea, but a flesh and blood human with a warped mind and a love of taxidermy.

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10 horror movies that changed the genre - Market Research Telecast

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Monster Cereals Are Already Popping Up in Stores –

The calendar may read July for one more week, but General Mills' Monster Cereals are already being spotted in stores. Arguably most exciting of all, the boxes this year are being reverted to the retro designs the cereals were first introduced in, all to celebrate the line's 50th birthday. Pictures of the "new" box designs began circulating over social media over the past week and now, one eagle-eyed Redditor has spotted the Big Three at a local Sam's Club Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry. All three box designs have reverted to the retro design for the year.

The cereals are typically seasonal offerings that pop up in stores as spooky season begins to ramp up. Since it is the brand's 50th anniversary, however, you can expect a hefty marketing campaign is in tow from General Mills (they even released monster cereal action figures) and maybe the sooner the cereals are out, the better this year. In fact, retro snack tracker Dinosaur Dracula shared a set of the boxes last week that he's giving away to one lucky follower.

General Mills also happens to be releasing an all-new product this fall called Monster Mash. Box art for the cereal surfaced online earlier this year, and it looks to combine all of the cereals in one box. All five of the monsters are seen on the box art for that product, including Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.

Have you found the Monster Cereals yet this year? If so, let us know either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things snacks!

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10 noteworthy animes to stream Borneo Bulletin Online – Borneo Bulletin Online

Bethonie Butler

THE WASHINGTON POST Japanese animation has long been popular, but recent years have seen a proliferation of anime on major streaming platforms. Viewership of the genre doubled on Netflix last year amid increased consumption of non-English titles by American viewers, according to the streamer.

With that in mind, weve put together this list of TV series that you can stream right now. Like the genre, which ranges from tales of vampire hunters to detective sagas, weve included a little something for everyone.


This beloved series part noir, part space Western follows a team of intergalactic bounty hunters. Cowboy Bebop was the first anime to ever air on Adult Swim back in 2001, and its a great series to watch if youre unfamiliar with the genre. Its also highly regarded for its sardonic sense of humour and jazz-infused soundtrack (which features one of the best theme songs in television).

Netflix is set to release a live-action version starring John Cho as protagonist Spike Spiegel later this year.

Also consider: Trigun, a 1998 series that doubles down on the space Western theme.


YASUKE (2021)

Oscar nominee LaKeith Stanfield voices the lead character of this series, which is based on historical accounts of an African man who lived in 16th century Japan. Its got a lot of other stuff going on, which as more than a few reviews noted doesnt always serve the story well. But its visually stunning and features an expansive electronic score by DJ Flying Lotus, who is also an executive producer on the show alongside Stanfield and series creator LeSean Thomas, a Tokyo-based animator (and New York native) whose previous credits include The Boondocks and The Legend of Korra.

Also consider: Afro Samurai, the 2007 miniseries influenced by hip-hop culture and featuring music by RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame, along with the unmistakable voice of Samuel L Jackson.


Based on a manga by Norihiro Yagi, this dark fantasy series follows warriors who are half human, half demon and charged with killing their fully demon counterparts, the most powerful of which can shape-shift into humans. Got that? Most of the action takes place from the perspective of the shows wounded protagonist, Clare, who is driven by her painful past.

Also consider: Inuyasha, the 2000 series based on a manga by Rumiko Takahashi, in which a teenage girl is transported to feudal Japan, where she finds herself on a mission with the titular Inuyasha: half man, half dog demon.


An astute high school detective crosses paths with a group of criminals and ends up in the body of a young boy in this series, known as Detective Conan outside of the United States (US). The long-running show earned the (faux) ire of Conan OBrien after the late-night host discovered the child protagonist outranked him on Google in Japan. Its so popular, OBrien discovered, that there is actually a town named after the fictional character and, of course, Team Coco visited it.

Also consider: Lupin III, the franchise that began in 1971, which follows the grandson of the same gentleman burglar who inspired the popular French-language series.


Technically anime-inspired since it was produced outside of Japan, Castlevanias English-speaking cast includes Richard Armitage (The Stranger) and Lance Reddick (The Wire). In this Netflix original, which is based on the popular Nintendo franchise of the same name, a vampire hunter resolves to protect his city from Draculas deadly rage. Its dark, gory and bold in a way that now-adult fans of the Castlevania video games will appreciate. It also offers a unique take on the classic Dracula story across four seasons, the last of which debuted in May.

Also consider: Hellsing, the 2001 series that revolves around the storied Van Helsing family and their servant Alucard (thats for all you anagram lovers).

DR STONE (2019)

A teenage scientific genius awakens to a world in which nearly all human life has been petrified. Senku, aided by friends who eventually join him in an awakened state, sets off to uncover what happened and how to undo it. Dr Stone is serious about its science as Senku attempts to advance the world from a Stone Age to modern civilisation.

Also consider: Fullmetal Alchemist, a 2003 classic with more fantastical scientific leanings.

NARUTO (2002)

This kid-friendly franchise begins with the tale of a young, orphaned ninja who longs to be accepted by the village he hopes to lead one day. Subsequent instalments further explore Narutos destiny, along with those of his closest friends.

Also consider: One Piece, an ongoing series that began its run in 1999, which similarly revolves around a young boy with big ambitions.


This bubbly series follows three driven high school girls who create an anime club though not without opposition and embark on creating their own animated universe. Its a fun, creatively told story thats particularly illuminating when it comes to the animation process. The New York Times named Eizouken one of the best TV shows of 2020.

Also consider: My Hero Academia from 2016, which puts a clever spin on the high school setting.


Fans of this classic anime rejoiced when it arrived on Netflix in 2019, after years of being virtually impossible to find in the US.

But the celebration was couched in caution because Evangelion is emotionally heavy stuff.

Yes, it was another show about teenagers in big humanoid robots saving the world, The Washington Posts Gene Park wrote.

But it was also an audacious, brutal mosaic of depressed kids and adults with severe abandonment issues and debilitating existential crises. For myself and many young viewers in the 90s, it awakened awareness of our depression and childhood trauma.

Also consider: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the 2009 series which similarly pairs its action with exploration of pain and grief.


This fantasy series revolves around a band of powerful knights charged with restoring order to an ancient kingdom from which they were once expelled.

The show one part of a franchise that includes films, video games and, of course, manga is currently on its fifth instalment; The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragons Judgment was released last month.

Also consider: Dragon Ball from 1986, the first anime in a pioneering and wildly popular franchise geared toward a similar demographic.

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How to Watch a Horror Movie: 13 Steps (with Pictures …

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Co-authors: 61

Updated: March 5, 2021


If youre not the biggest fan of horror movies, there are a few tricks to help you keep your cool and even enjoy the flick. Consider reading the movie synopsis before you watch it so youll know what to expect and relieve some of the suspense. Just dont tell your friends if youre watching the movie with them! If you can, watch the movie during the day or with the lights on so you wont be so immersed in the action. While youre watching the movie, remind yourself that its not real and just out of shot, there are microphones, cameramen, and set pieces that you cant see. You can also imagine funny things happening to the characters to relieve some of the tension. For example, if someones walking down into a creepy basement, imagine them tripping and rolling down the steps. For more tips, including how to watch a horror movie in the theatres, read on!

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How to Watch a Horror Movie: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

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Five Horror Movies to Stream Now – The New York Times

Each month, were recommending five recent horror movies available to stream. Find more genre suggestions and other ways to navigate the streaming services at What to Watch.

Stream it on Shudder.

Son starts with a doozy of a scene: Laura (Andi Matichak), a single mom, goes to check on her sleeping 8-year-old son David (Luke David Blumm). What she finds is a room full of strangers surrounding David in his bed. The door slams shut, and Laura goes for help. She returns, and the strangers are gone. David is alive but limp, and bloodthirsty. (Kudos to Blumm for a dynamo performance as a cuddly kid and a corpse muncher.)

Laura later reveals to Paul (Emile Hirsch), the investigator assigned to figure out what happened, that the bizarre satanic sex cult she escaped from was behind the home invasion. He believes her. But should we? As questions pile up, so do doubts. Is Laura a victim or a threat?

All horror movies are about trauma, but I dont think Ive seen a horror movie that navigates trauma and its consequences mental, sexual, spiritual as shrewdly and sensitively as the writer and director Ivan Kavanagh does in his film. The twists are knockouts. But be warned (or encouraged): This ones not for the squeamish.

Rent it on virtual cinemas.

Abdelhamid Bouchnaks debut narrative feature is a rarity: a horror film from the Arab world, in this case Tunisia. For horror fans, thats reason enough to stream it. Whats more: Its also creepy as all get out.

The film begins as journalism students Yassmine (Yassmine Dimassi), Walid (Aziz Jebali) and Bilel (Bilel Slatnia), as part of a class assignment, interview Mongia (Hela Ayed), a woman whos been institutionalized after being found near death in the wild over 20 years ago. The students leave after Mongia tries to attack them, singling out Yassmine.

Intrigued by Mongias story, they travel to the remote village where she was found. There they meet Saber (Hedi Mejri), a man with a too-big smile who invites them to stay the night with the goats, silent women and strange child he lives with. What happens next wont surprise horror fans. (It turns out young people dont get phone signals in the woods of Tunisia either.)

But Dachra is nonetheless a fascinating international horror story, thanks to its particular location, its languages (Arabic and French) and a title card that says in North Africa, hundreds of children are victims of acts of witchcraft. There are also touches of comedy that turn out to have deadly serious consequences in the end.

Stream it on Netflix.

I knew nothing about this film by Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli before I watched it, so I was disappointed that it starts with a been-there, done-that yawn. A group of people travel in an R.V. to Calabria in southern Italy. Their vehicle crashes, and theyre stranded. Theres only a strange star-shaped house nearby, and a sense that something is watching them.

From there the film samples horror genres the way I sampled free kielbasa at the Pick-n-Pay as a kid. From my notes: torture porn, human sacrifice, found footage, giallo, Texas Chainsaw, demonic summoning, cabin in the woods, survival, Midsommar cult rituals, mafia??? One character knew it, too. There are severed heads and pictures of crazy farmers, he says. Were isolated. Our cellphones dont work.

But then comes a major twist that borrows from another horror genre, the revenge film, and thats when I realized theres a point to the pastiche and the stomach-churning violence. I dont want to say more, other than this meta movie is far smarter, and scarier, than its first hour suggests. Stick with it.

Stream it on Shudder.

I dont think Ive ever laughed out loud at a horror comedy. But I did at one point gagging on a Dorito as I watched Cody Calahans scrappy Canadian slasher about a smarty pants horror movie critic who unwittingly gets sucked into the drama at a self-help group for serial killers. Among the attendees is Bob (Ari Millen), a Patrick Bateman type, and Carrie (Amber Goldfarb), a slick murderess whose secret fuels the films blood-drenched action.

Most of the credit for almost choking me goes to Evan Marsh, the goofball actor who plays Joel, the writer for a Fangoria-like horror magazine. Marsh oozes Jonathan Groff-style, aw-shucks charm, and hes a natural with cornball physical gags and goofball delivery. Its a winsome combination that brought to mind what a fellow Canadian funnyman, John Candy, might have done when faced with an evil clown clutching a syringe.

Thats good, because Marshs turn counteracts the otherwise cartoony performances that stand in the way of fleshing out this indie movies nifty, 80s-inspired premise.

Stream it on HBO Max.

According to legend, heres how to summon the Empty Man: Go to a bridge after dark, and if you find a bottle, blow into it and think about him. Hell eventually find you, and get you.

After a group of high schoolers do just that, they unleash a force that terrorizes a former cop (James Badge Dale) and his neighbor (Marin Ireland), whose daughter goes missing after, you guessed it, summoning the Empty Man. A bizarre cult of Empty Man disciples is giddy about what they hope will be chaos to come.

Made in 2017, David Priors Empty Man opened to empty theaters in October.

When it became available on demand in January, the big-budget film found fawning fans The Great Cult Movie of 2020 screamed one headline but also bored skeptics.

Now that its streaming, the film, loosely based on the graphic novel of the same name, is worth a watch even though it clocks in at a too-long 137 minutes. It will be a treat for fans who want to spend a night with a tub of popcorn watching an atmospheric horror movie that burns as slowly as a candle the size of a tub of popcorn. The terrifying back story in the first 30 minutes is its own extra-creepy short film.

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Five Horror Movies to Stream Now - The New York Times

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Box Office: Old Proves That M. Night Shyamalan Remains A Bankable Horror Director – Forbes

M. Night Shyamalan on the set of Old.

M. Night Shyamalans Old opened with a chart-topping $16.5 million this weekend (and $6.5 million overseas). Thats his lowest opening weekend ever, below the $18.2 million launch of Lady in the Water in summer 2006. That Paul Giamatti/Bryce Dallas Howard fairy tale (M. Nights first absolute flop) cost $75 million to produce. Old, the fourth of Shyamalans recent self-financed chillers, cost $18 million. Moreover, yes, were still dealing with Covid and its various variables. In an ideal time, Old might have flirted with a debut closer to the $25 million debut The Visit. Had Old, with mixed reviews, no stars and a C+ Cinemascore grade, disappointed in regular times, it likely would have opened with around, well, $16.5 million. So, yeah, successful disappointment.

Old is loosely based on the French graphic novel Sand Castle but was frankly sold as an M. Night Shyamalan-directed new to you original. The reviews werent as good as for The Visit (his glorious return to form, which remains his best film since Signs). There wasnt anywhere near the level of buzz as for Split. That blow-out smash ($276 million worldwide) had good reviews, a well-liked star in James McAvoy, a primal teen girls in peril plot, and whispery buzz from both a Fantastic Fest debut and at the 2016 LA Film Festival showing). And it wasnt Glass, a hybrid flick that was a sequel to both Split and Unbreakable. Old was entirely about folks showing up to a new M. Night Shyamalan movie.

A $16 million opening isnt a barn-burner, not for the guy whose The Village opened with $50 million back in July of 2004 almost entirely on the hook of Shyamalan does a monsters-in-the-woods story. But this is 2021, where (even before Covid) getting folks to show up for non-IP flicks, let alone non-IP movies without any major stars (there are many fine actors in Old, but none of them are butts-in-seats draws), is almost impossible. The only star in Old, a grim and nasty little black comedy/horror flicks about folks trapped on a beach which makes them age a lifetime in a day), is Shyamalan himself. So, yes, even after years of punch lines and some infamous artistic misses, M. Night Shyamalan remains a marquee filmmaker.

Even during an arguable decade-long slump after the triple whammy of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs, Shyamalans drawing power mostly remained unblemished. The Village (a grim metaphor for post-9/11 paranoia) opened with $50 million and grossed $257 million worldwide on a $72 million budget. Lady in the Water (which infamously saw him ditching Disney over script revisions) was his first absolute flop ($72 million on a $75 million budget). The Happening was his first R-rated flick, which Fox hilariously sold as Brace yourself, wimps, M. Nights got an R-rating! The What if Ed Wood had $60 million and an R-rating? black comedy has aged well, but it was a critical laughingstock. It still opened with $30 million and ended with $162 million on a $60 million budget.

Alas, Shyamalan would follow it up with his first R-rated movie with his first PG-rated movie, along with his first adaptation of prior source material. On paper, at least optimistically speaking, bringing in Shyamalan to helm a live-action version of Nickelodeons The Last Airbender seemed not unlike getting Tim Burton to direct a Batman movie. The infamously whitewashed adaptation was, despite lovely visuals and a solid Dev Patel turn, a miserable failure for audiences and critics alike. It did, however, open with a boffo $69 million Thurs-Mon July 4 weekend and grossed $300 million on a $150 million budget. That wasnt good enough, even if Stephen Summers (much superior) $175 million G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra got a sequel on a $300 million gross.

It also wasnt a horror movie, so The Last Airbender did minor damage to his rep as a crafter of (intentional) cinematic nightmares. You can argue that The Last Airbender was rock-bottom for the filmmaker, and his next flick would be a comparative paycheck gig. After Earth, starring Jaden Smith as a not tough or strong enough young man trying to overcome fear and help his injured father (Will Smith) survive an alien planet, is essentially the His Fathers Son episode ofLittle House on the Prairie with a $130 million budget and multimedia franchise aspirations. The perfectly solid three-star entertainment was a big disappointment, earning just $60 million domestic and $251 million worldwide and counts alongside the bedtime story Lady In the Water as one of Shyamalans actual outright flops.

I argued at the time that Sony erred in not promoting Shyamalans name in the marketing as an added-value element, but cest la vie. The artistic comeback came when he used the $5 million fee for directingAfter Earthto self-finance a black comedy chiller found-footage flick about kids meeting their grandparents for the first time. BlumhousesThe Visitwas the best M. Night flick sinceSigns. It provided a way forward for the man who had helped popularize the modern tearjerker horror flick.The Visitgrossed $98 million on a $5 million budget.Split(a psychological horror flick with an epilogue connecting it toUnbreakable) opened with $40 million and legged out to $137 million domestic and $276 million worldwide on a $9 million budget.

Glass, a sequel toSplitandUnbreakable, earned $251 million on a $20 million budget. Id argue theUnbreakabletrilogy, especiallyGlass, was something he needed to get out of his system. He seems to have found a sweet spot of self-financing low-budget (but not ridiculously cheap) horror movies that allows him to do whatever the hell he wants on a budget and with a PG-13.Id argue he can afford to buy himself an R-rating or two, as Old arguably needed one to reach its true potential, but alas. Amid all the highs and lows, his drawing power barely dwindled, at least not in terms of making original, high-concept, often star-driven chillers that made folks show up to see what ghoulish tricks he had up his sleeve.

The irony is that most of his most significant artistic and/or commercial whiffs (Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender, After Earth) werent horror movies. Heck, the only thing scary about Glass is how bad it turned out to be, but $247 million on a $20 million budget is still a hit. When youre looking at straight-up supernatural chillers, only The Village (which almost quadrupled its budget despite poor reviews and no butts-in-seats stars) and The Happening (which nearly tripled its budget partially thanks to Mark Wahlbergs relative drawing power) qualify as artistic misses. Heck, they both have aged well with their share of defenders, but I digress. And now Old, with mixed reviews, no stars and a new-to-you source material, opened with $16 million on an $18 million budget.

M. Night Shyamalan remains a bankable horror filmmaker partially because most of his least successful films werent horror movies. Even as his earliest hits inspired a generation of eventual tearjerker horror filmmakers (think Searching, A Quiet Place, Haunting of Hill House, etc.), some of the very oddities and eccentricities that turned off folks expecting a more mainstream mentality from the next Spielberg are now somewhat embraced as a counter to the world of homogenized, nostalgia-targeted IP cash-ins. Twenty-two years after The Sixth Sense, he remains a genuine household name and a butts in seats draw mostly divorced from brand, IP or franchise. His specific brand of quirky, macabre, and moving supernatural thrillers, which offer grand metaphors for the value of open communication, *is* the franchise.

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Box Office: Old Proves That M. Night Shyamalan Remains A Bankable Horror Director - Forbes

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Netflixs new nerve-shredding horror movie has viewers jumping out of their seats – BGR

Barely ten seconds into the trailer for A Classic Horror Story one of several new and original horror movies on Netflix to debut in recent weeks theres already so much that feels familiar. Familiar to fans of the genre, that is. Then again, based on Netflixs official description for this terrifying new addition to the streamer, thats kind of the point. Thats the trick it wants to pull on you, before well, what else? Before attempting to scare you half to death. A camper. A car crash. An abandoned house. Childrens music in the background, Netflix teases. Think youve seen it before? Look again.

From the opening moments of the trailer, we see a scene bathed in an exceedingly ominous shade of red. A slow-motion close-up of a deer, mounted on a wall. Incongruously cheery music plays in the background. A heavy door swings open, and a slow-walking figure dragging what looks like a heavy hammer of some kind across the flurry shuffles in.

Now theres a close-up of a whimpering, gagged woman, lying on the floor. Staring in the direction of this new arrival.

Five carpoolers travel in an RV to reach a common destination, reads an English translation of this Italian-language feature, from Netflixs press materials. Night falls, and to avoid an animal carcass they crash into a tree. When they come to their senses they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road they were traveling on has disappeared; now there is only a dense and impenetrable forest and a wooden house in the middle of a clearing.

As if all that wasnt bad enough, the new arrivals find that this is the home of an unmentionable cult.

Sound intriguing? Well, the best part for fans of the genre is that theres plenty more to choose from on the streamer once youve given this one a try. A Classic Horror Story, as we noted above, is also part of a growing crop of buzzy horror movies on Netflix at the moment. Others include the Fear Street trilogy, based on a book series by R.L. Stine. As well as the Guy Pearce-led Seventh Day. It tells the story of an inexperienced priest who teams up with a hardened exorcist to stop the demonic possession of a young boy. But darkness lies where they least expect it.

As far as the Fear Street movies, the third and final installment in the trilogy was just added to the streamer a few days ago. That title Fear Street Part Three: 1666 concludes the narrative centered around the town of Shadyside. In it, the origins of Sarah Fiers curse on the town are finally revealed.

In 1994, per Netflixs overview of the flick, a group of teenagers discover the terrifying events that have haunted their town for generations may all be connected and they may be the next targets. Based on R.L. Stines best-selling horror series, Fear Street follows Shadysides sinister history through a nightmare 300 years in the making.

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Netflixs new nerve-shredding horror movie has viewers jumping out of their seats - BGR

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