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10 November 2013 | roxy2853

I loved this take on Dracula. The show is different, scenic, visual with great characters and twists. I am sucked in and I am looking forward to new shows. Many have complained about the creative license of not following the true story. While I agree that is true, if I wanted to watch the same thing, I would simply re-watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Van Helsing, which I also loved. I think people need to keep in mind this is a TV show and not a movie and in that respect I think it is top notch compared to a lot of other horror series. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers and for those that find him attractive, I agree. No one ever said that Dracula had to be a heartthrob, but it appears that some believe he must be. Personally, I think Gary Oldman or Robert Patterson have nothing on Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the looks department, but they all have sex appeal, which I find really amusing in regards to Oldman especially. I really do hope this show continues throughout the season.

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Dracula (TV Series 20132014) – IMDb

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