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The Great American Eclipse arrives this morning as the moon’s shadow sweeps across our continent, starting in Oregon at 10:16 a.m. PST and crossing the breadth of the USA in a diagonal path at speeds of 1,462 to 2,955 mph, exiting the states 93 minutes later in South Carolina at 2:49 p.m. EST.

If you’re one of the millions bathing in the moon’s advancing blackness this monumental Monday, sitting smack dab in the bully-eye, witnessing one of the most awe-inspiring celestial events you can see on our planet, take DC’s noble Man of Steel’s advice and remember to NOT LOOK AT THE SUN UNPROTECTED UNTIL THE TOTALITY PHASE.

In Hollywood geek flicks, total eclipses of the sun have been liberally used by star-gazing screenwriters as portents of evil omens, harbingers of glorious news and occasions for the arrival of unearthly horrors over the decades.

When the sun returns (and it will!) to its former brightness for those in the shadow zone, and for those who will only get a partial eclipse, let’s examine some of our favorite genre films to see how “the day the sun rose twice” was used for dramatic effect and as a plot device. From Apocalypto, Dragonslayer,andLara Croft: Tomb Raider to Barabbas, Ladyhawke,and King Solomon’s Mines, it’s an illuminating roundup of darkening cinematic delights.

Just make sure you remove your eclipse glasses before viewing any of these 10 eclipse-centric flicks!

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10 sci-fi, fantasy and horror films featuring a total eclipse – SYFY WIRE (blog)

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