Cambrils shoot out ‘ was like a horror movie’ –

“Around 30 seconds later four officers jumped out of a car and came between me and him.

“They had their guns drawn and were shouting at the guy; that is when I knew this was for real.

“The next thing there were about 10 shots, crack, crack, crack, like a pop gun and he fell to the ground, but two seconds later he stood back up again and stepped over a fence from the grass on to the street and came at the police.

He added: They were backing off and he was smiling at them as he charged towards them. He was behaving strangely like he was on drugs, ranting and raving as he went up and down the street.

Then they fired again and he fell down. This time he stayed down.

Mr Davies likened the scene to a horror film, adding: Particularly when he jumped back up after being shot and started laughing at the police. I cant get that out of my mind.

Police in Cambrils said they could not be certain whether the attackers had come from outside the beach town or had a base there.

Asked by The Daily Telegraph whether they believed there could still be members of a cell in the resort, an officer, who declined to be named said: I would not rule it out.

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Cambrils shoot out ‘ was like a horror movie’ –

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