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Horror movies tend to be a little creepy even when the director yells cut. It could be the content, the makeup, or just the simple fact that they are making a movie that is supposed to be disturbing enough to make people think twice about being alone in the dark. Whatever the case there have been some reported incidents throughout the years in which people have either taken the horror movie a tad too far, or something else has been seen to happen. The supernatural is a touchy subject with some people but the very real fact is that sometimes things happen that we have no real explanation of. During those times it is easy to wonder if the horror genre is all really make believe.

Here are a few moments when the horror movies became way too real.

5. Scream

There have been various instances of Scream influencing teens and even adults when it comes to murdering people. The idea of wearing the ghost face and stabbing someone to death has been repeated a few times since the movie came out, and a few of them have even found the devices that can alter their voices to complete the effect.

4. The Conjuring

Strange things happened on the set of the film on a regular basis. Winds would blow from seemingly nowhere around the cast, crew, and the Perron family when they came to visit, but would never touch a single tree. One night the director noted his dog barking and growling at something he could not see, but even when the dog stopped barking it tracked something with its eyes, as though following its every movement.

3. Childs Play

So no, a doll did not come to life, but a man with an IQ of 66 was so obsessed with Chucky and his murderous spree that he would go on to kill 35 people and wound 23 others. When it came time for trial his psychiatrist claimed that it was his obsession with the doll that had led to his decision to harm so many. That doesnt sound much like a horror movie come to life, more like a person that cant separate fact from fiction.

2. Poltergeist

You would have to look closely to see the Superbowl picture on Robbies wall, but it is six years too early. The poster says 1988 Superbowl, but the film came out in 1982. Strangely enough, around Superbowl time six years later, Heather Rourke suddenly took ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Even after being resuscitated she passed away. Thats a little too foreboding really.

1. The Possession

The story by Sam Raimi focuses on the possession of young girl and what is known a dybbuk box. This box is said to contain a spirit that can possess human beings, and is shown to do so in the film. Despite skepticism among the crew however strange things did happen on set, such as an unexplained fire that claimed the prop box used in the film. When the real box was offered as a replacement the cast politely declined.


Five Horror Movies That Actually Became Real – TVOvermind

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