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I’ve seen all the movies, and all of them several times each, on dvd and vhs formats, and on the first three, I’ve seen all three on both vhs and dvd and own the first two on both formats. I loved the first film, and set out to see the next three. I caught one on TV and rented the others. The series started out with the best of intentions and made what I think is a very funny movie. Some of the characters were annoying, and some scenes aren’t as funny now or never were in some cases, but they made a movie where you want to see what happens next and what they throw at you, and let’s face it. Some of the movies they lampoon were just ripe for the picking. I loved the I know what you did last summer book (although, I love daughters of eve more) and I was semi-disappointed by the movie which wasn’t much like the book. Blair witch might have been a big deal then, but when you look back at it, it’s just people wandering around in the woods and fighting over losing the map. Scary movie took this and made it funny. Cindy and her friends (who feature two often annoying, sometimes less than funny African American stereotypes) do something they would rather forget they did, but someone else cannot forget it. Soon, her friends start dying off, and the mystery must be solved: who knows? The characters are mostly idiots, but the funniest one is doofy. The characters are often such terrible people, you’re kind of glad they died. This is the best movie in the series and after seeing all 5, I think the series just went down hill slowly after this, trotting out these I can’t believe it’s him/her cameos (Lindsey lohan, Charlie sheen, tori spelling) and just not being as funny as the original.

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Zombie – MTG Wiki

Zombies are animated corpses. Zombie is a characteristic race for the color black,[2] though in various blocks they have also featured in blue and in Amonkhet in white and red.

In Magic: The Gathering, zombies are unique as a creature type in that sometimes it functions as a race (Mournful Zombie) and sometimes it functions as a class (Vodalian Zombie).[3] The default race for zombies is therefore human, which was never mentioned in the type line,[4] until the embalm mechanic created Human Zombie tokens. In the case of other races, the original race is always mentioned in the type line.[5]

The first card to bear the type was Scathe Zombies in Alpha. That set also contained Zombie Master and Scavenging Ghoul which later gained the subtype Zombie, as well.[6]

Zombies are normally simply animated and have little to no connection with the soul of the deceased, though some especially powerful necromancers know how to bind the dead to their bodies to create smart zombies.

In the Shard of Alara called Esper, there exist beings who enter undeath by replacing most or all of their natural flesh with etherium, becoming undead abominations known as aether-liches. An aether-lich houses their soul in an etherium phylactery known as an Immortal Coil.[7]

In Grixis, necromancers create zombies to do their bidding or to prolong their own life. One of the major powers of the Shard, Sedris, is a zombie himself. These damned oftentimes aren’t distinguishable from the real living.[8]

Amonkhet is saturated in dark energies that cause every living creature to rise again as an undead after their death, referred to as the Curse of Wandering. The Curse of Wandering only affects flesh and ends when the undead has become skeletal. The resulting zombies are focused in black and white,[9] though some Eternals can be found in blue and red.

Zombies outside the central city Naktamun and its protective shield become vicious abominations.[10] Since the people of Amonkhet believe that the soul will exist as long as the body does, the state of rot these creatures are in is seen as a slow fading out of existence.

White Zombies (embalmed and mummified creatures) are referred to as Anointed. They comprise of all the dead within Naktamun that have not passed the five trials. They are used for manual labor, raising children and similar tasks, leaving the living to concentrate fully on achieving a more blessed afterlife. Their fate is seen as acceptable to the horror of becoming an abomination, even though their eventual afterlife will not be as glorious as the one of the Worthy.

The creation of mummies is an automated process, with embalming facilities underground processing the bodies of the slain by removing the internal organs and sealing them in wraps. While every corpse is reanimated in Amonkhet, mummies are made White aligned due to the preservation of their corpses as well as the use of cartouches. A vizier, the last one being Temmet, controlled the mummies.

The mostly blue, black, or red (or, in the case of Rhonas and Oketra, green and white respectively) Zombies of Amonkhet are eternalized creatures, known as Eternals, are the conclusion of those who pass the trials and are slain by Hazoret. They form Bolas’ lethal undead fighting force, the Dreadhorde, that has transcended their mortal capabilities. They are embalmed in layers of lazotep, a valuable blue mineral, that preserves their lifeforce as well as deeds in life. The Eternals are elite soldiers with all the skill and prowess of living soldiers, but none of the disadvantages that arise in living beings, such as emotions, hesitation, or disloyalty – and not being “living beings” lets them be deployed across planes, given a means of transportation. Bolas has personally crafted all of Amonkhet to create just such an army[11][12] The five virtues of anointed in the trials are twisted into Tactical Thought, Adaptability, Resilience, Ruthlessness and Fanaticism, virtues more to Bolas liking. Before the Hour of Devastation, they were stored in Bolass great necropolis.[13]

Not only winners of the Trials were transformed into eternals. Several of the dangerous fauna of Amonkhet, such as hippos, manticores and crocodiles, were also eternalized and served in the Dreadhorde.

As Oketra was slain, mummies began to embalm her corpse. The purpose of this was revealed in War of the Spark, where the Dreadhorde was joined by the monstrous abominations that were once the gods. They are coated in massive quantities of lazotep, allowing them to enter Ravnica and cause chaos there.

Liches are beings who have stored their life force in an object called a phylactery so that their mortal body will endure upwards of millenia in undeath.

Zombies were disturbingly common on Otaria thanks to the Cabal. These included zombified Beasts, Birds, Cats, Centaurs, Dragons, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins and Wurms. As the Mirari exerted its powerful influence over the races of Otaria, the zombies began growing additional deformed appendages (and in some cases, extra heads).[14]

The zombies raised by the Cabal in Modern Times are known as revenants.

Innistrad is a plane partially infested with Zombies.[15][16] Zombies come in two variants.[17] On one hand, there are the common shambling corpses associated with the color black, called ghouls. Reanimated by necromancers and ghoulcallers they go about making more zombies, killing the living and devouring their flesh. Even gameplaywise these Zombies are slow but overwhelming if the opponent cannot contain them, typically being powerful creatures for their cost and difficult to permanently kill (either through the undying mechanic or occasionally the ability to be recast such as on Gravecrawler) but with some kind disadvantage (coming into play tapped, unable to block etc).

The second variety are in the vein of Frankenstein’s Monster, the failed experiments of insane mages who attempted to toy with life itself, associated with the color blue. These are called skaabs, and their creators are called skaberen.[18][19] A common mechanic for them is the requirement to have creature cards in the graveyard removed, such as corpses as the base for these medical abominations. These creatures are typically very powerful but can be difficult to get into play because they need dead bodies first. This can be provided by self-milling that the mad scientists enable, such as on Deranged Assistant.

In the plane of Mirrodin, zombies are known as the nim, and inhabit the Mephidross Swamp.[20][21][22][23] The Nim are people that have become zombified by the necrogen puffed out of the smokestacks of the Mephidross Swamp.[24] In turn, the Nim vent necrogen gas themselves, as well.[25]

On the plane of Ravnica, two guilds employ zombies: the Golgari Swarm and the Cult of Rakdos.

The Golgari uses ritualistic magic to make zombies, which can deliberately be made to be mindless deadwalkers for labor purposes, or letting them keep their full faculties and abilities, like their Guildmasters Svogthir and Jarad, who were zombies themselves. Their zombies are usually imbued with plants, insects or fungi. The Erstwhile once were an important soldier faction in Ravnica. They were laid to rest in coffins in Umerilek, Mausoleum of the Erstwhile.[26] They returned as Zombie Attendants of Vraska.

They are usually made as mindless deadwalkers and servants. Unlike the Golgari’s these ones have their bodies altered with spikes, metal teeth and other torturing implants to make them more deadly.

On their arrival on Ravnica, the Eternals from Amonkhet became known as Bolas’s Dreadhorde.

While, Phyrexian Scuta has the creature type “zombie” while actually being a Phyrexian, zombies of Phyrexian origin do exist. Cards like Metathran Zombie and Vodalian Zombie represent creatures that were killed by a Phyrexian tingler. The tingler is a nasty device that resembles a spiny centipede-like insect. One end of the tingler is fashioned with small hooks used both for movement, and for carrying out its main function, which is to zombify enemy troops in the midst of battle, turning them against their allies.

The tingler zombifies by crawling into its victim’s mouth and using its hooks to literally rip out their spinal cord, effectively killing them. It will then crawl down their mouth and into the cavity once occupied by the spine and replace the spinal cord, controlling their body. This process is short and leaves the corpse mostly intact, as opposed to the long process by which Phyrexian soldiers usually are created.

The Gurmug Swamps of Tarkir are riddled with the sibsig, the wandering zombie hordes of the Sultaian amalgam of fallen soldiers from the other clans of Tarkir. The bodies of the sibsig zombies are kept well preserved through powerful necromancy, while the rest of the undead army is left to rot.

In Theros, the Noston, or Returned, are undead that escaped the plane’s Underworld, governed by the god Erebos.[27] To escape the Underworld, one must lose one’s own identity, and as such the Returned not only have no faces beyond a few holes, but also have lost their memories, both of their past lives and the capacity of holding long term memories in themselves. As such, while they are sapient and feel emotions, their existences are nothing but shadow-play, being unable to connect with other living beings and form an actual identity, forever in a state of negative emotions and empty routines.

The Returned wear golden masks: clay masks are used in Theros to frame the faces of the dead, so the elimination of these masks is a symbolic act for the return to the world of the living. Gold is the most common material in the infernal realm, so the Noston use it to craft new masks, that serve as flimsy, hollow identities. They value gold very little beyond their masks, but use currency based on the broken fragments of the clay masks, which have immense symbolic value. When not wandering alone and rejecting civilisation, the Returned go to cities called necropolises, two of which being of particular importance: the neutral Asphodel, where the Noston simply embrace their fate, and the aggressive Odunos, where the undead give in to violent emotions and perform raids on the living.

Whenever a Zendikar vampire fully drains the blood of a living creature without destroying the husk, that creature does not become a vampire. Instead, it becomes a null, a faceless zombie that is stronger and much faster than typical zombies. If nulls are left without orders, they will hunt and kill living things that they can find.[28]

In the Grand Creature Type Update the following creature types were changed into Zombie:

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The Walking Dead season 10: Norman Reedus shares first BTS …

Daryl and Carol are still each other others ride or die in The Walking Dead season 10 (Picture: AMC)

Norman Reedus has revealed The Walking Dead season 10 has officially kicked off filming with the first photo from set.

Production began on Monday May 6 in the woods, where all sorts of terror can happen, with the 50-year-old confirming Daryl and Carol will be each others ride or die again with a touching Instagram post.

The snap shows Norman and his co-star Melissa McBrides chairs labelled with their respective characters names, with Daryls seat hosting a huge What Would Daryl Do? notebook.

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Day 1 ?

A post shared by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

Showrunner Angela Kang spurred on hope by assuring day one was a damn great day while former Shane Walsh star Jon Berthnal urged his co-stars to get em yall.

Season nine closed with Carol and Daryl returning to Alexandra following the collapse of her marriage to King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), who managed to sneakily survive the massacre from The Whisperers despite having his head placed on a stake in the comics.

Were still waiting on confirmation for Maggies (played by Lauren Cohan) return but we do know that Michonne (Danai Gurira) will be retiring from slaying zombies at some point over the next 16 episodes.

However, Kang stressed the biggest badass of the apocalypse will be bowing out with a giant storyline.

We have seen [Michonne] go through an evolution this year. We want to continue having her reflect on the ways to handle leadership in this world, Kang told The Hollywood Reporter.

What legacy is she going to leave behind for the other leaders and for her family? Michonne started off as such an isolated individual.

Shes become someone who has had a giant impact on the other people in the Walking Dead story. Thats a story were continuing to build as we speak.

The Walking Dead is expected to return to AMC and Fox UK in 2019.

If you’ve got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Entertainment team by emailing us, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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MORE: The Walking Dead 3 pilot episode is ready to go even if we dont have a cast or release date yet

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‘The Walking Dead’ May Have Finally Pulled The Trigger On …

The Walking Dead

Everyone was shocked when The Walking Dead (spoilers) killed off Carl Grimes in season 8, but things took an even more severe turn when it was revealed that Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, wanted to leave the show.

That led to a back-bending episode of twists that concocted a situation where everyone believes Rick to be dead, blown up on a bridge, while in reality he was saved and whisked away to a new mystery group via helicopter to star in future spin-off movies.

But now the comics may be following suit. For years, Robert Kirkman has said that Rick Grimes might die someday, and now that day could finally be here.

The latest issue of The Walking Dead, #191, had Rick Grimes getting shot square in the chest. Its the most significant turn for the lengthy Commonwealth plotline in which Rick has been trying to play peacekeeper between the elites and general public of a large community. Eventually, he takes the side of the underclass, helping to remove their governor (not that Governor) from power so there isnt an all-out civil war. The problem? He does not arrest the governors son, a sniveling rich kid who sneaks into his room at night and shoots Rick in the chest.

The Walking Dead

Fans predicted that issue #191 would have a shocking moment because its the end of the latest compendium. Compendium endings always end on something big, like Lori/Judiths deaths or the heads on pikes Whisperer moment we just saw on the show.

Some fans believe that this really might be it for Rick Grimes because the entire issue was set up as sort of a farewell to him. He gives a big, heartfelt speech to the Commonwealth culminating in the reversal of his once-famous line, saying We are NOT the walking dead as he encourages everyone to come together. Theres also an extend scene with Carl, who was trucked all the way to the Commonwealth seemingly just to be able to say goodbye to Rick.

And yet, counterpoint.

The shot, though it appears to be exactly where Ricks heart should be, does not immediately kill him, that much is clear. The last panel of the issue is Rick saying what have you done? and people generally do not talk after being shot in the heart. They are dead.

Past this, its clear from the blood spatter behind him that the bullet actually went through his chest and out the other side, and as we all know from uh, mostly TV and movies, a through and through is better than the bullet staying lodged inside somewhere. And if it didnt hit his heart, maybe it was just (just) his lung or something.

The Walking Dead

Finally, even though I know that Kirkman has said that hes going to kill Rick Grimes someday, being shot in bed in the dark by a dumb rich kid feels like a pretty poor end for such a beloved lead after 190 issues.

A theory is that Rick could go back into a coma and wake up with another time jump further in the future to set up a new era of the comics. Or he simply recovers from a wound that is not as bad as it looks.

Or he dies, and Carl effectively becomes the lead of the comics, which the series has been building up to for quite some time. Thats possible too, though Im just not sure if I buy it.

Regardless, its a big moment for the series, possibly one of the biggest, and I have to wonder that if the show does make it this far eventually, whos going to be the one shot in Ricks place here? Daryl? Carol? The show will arrive at the Commonwealth without Rick, Maggie, Carl or Michonne, so really the entire thing may have to be rewritten.

I believe in Rick Grimes, and I dont think this will kill him. But the signs are there that this could be the end for him, so well have to wait to see how this plays out.

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The Vampires of Venice – Wikipedia

This article is about an episode of Doctor Who. For the Italian horror film, see Vampire in Venice.

“The Vampires of Venice” is the sixth episode of the fifth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was broadcast on 8 May 2010 on BBC One. It was written by Toby Whithouse, who previously wrote “School Reunion”, and was directed by first-time Doctor Who director Jonny Campbell.

Following from the end of “Flesh and Stone” where his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) had kissed him, the alien time traveller the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) picks up Amy’s fianc Rory (Arthur Darvill) and takes the two on a romantic trip to Venice in 1580. There they are intrigued by a girls’ school whose students appear to be vampires and discover that they are really alien refugees in disguise, who plot to make Venice their new home.

The episode replaced a different script Whithouse had planned to write, and was designed to be a romantic episode that could also be a good introduction to the show. Whithouse chose the setting to be Venice, and vampires soon entered the plot as he felt they belonged in the setting. The episode was filmed in Trogir, Croatia in late 2009, with the old-fashioned village portraying Venice. The episode was seen by 7.68 million viewers in the UK and received an Appreciation Index of 86. The episode received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the comedy, production design, and acting of guests Helen McCrory and Alex Price, but thought that the plot elements were somewhat similar to a couple of other recent episodes.

The Doctor, believing Amy’s attraction to him is due to the stress from travel, gatecrashes her fianc Rory’s stag party and invites the two of them on a romantic trip to Venice in 1580. The city’s patron, Signora Rosanna Calvierri, claims that the Black Plague runs rampant outside of Venice. The Doctor says this is false and that it appears she is using the plague as an excuse to seal off the city. While investigating they encounter Guido, a boat-builder whose daughter Isabella has not contacted him since enrolling in Rosanna’s school for girls.

Amy devises a plan to place herself inside the school. Amy unlocks a gate and allow the others in, but in doing so is captured and taken to a chamber. The Doctor and Rory come to believe the women are being converted into vampires. Amy kicks at Rosanna’s side and disrupts a device that is hiding her true fishlike alien form. They begin converting Amy into one of them when Isabella, who has yet to be fully converted, frees Amy and they escape. Isabella hesitates while escaping because she can no longer tolerate direct sunlight and is pulled back inside. Isabella is later thrown into a canal by Rosanna and eaten by something that lives underwater.

The Doctor goes back inside to question Rosanna who confirms that her race is from the planet Saturnyne, and they landed on Earth after seeing “silence, and the end of all things”. The Doctor deduces that aside from Rosanna, only the males of the species survived the trip, and that Rosanna and her son Francesco must want to sink the city into the water and convert girls into “compatible girlfriends” to procreate. When the Doctor returns to Guido’s home to regroup with Amy and Rory, Rosanna sends her transformed girls to attack them. Guido blows up several kegs of gunpowder, killing him and the girls. Rosanna activates a device on a tower that begins to create the earthquakes and floods that will sink Venice. While Amy and Rory face and defeat Francesco, the Doctor climbs the tower and stops the device in time. The last female of her kind, Rosanna throws herself into the canal to be eaten.

Afterwards, Amy and the Doctor invite Rory to continue travelling with them, but as the Doctor and Rory are about to enter the TARDIS, everything falls silent.

Intending to produce his psychic paper during the episode, the Eleventh Doctor accidentally produces a library card with a photograph of the First Doctor (William Hartnell).[5]

“Actually, it was one of the most straightforward script processes I have ever had. That said, I can’t remember who was the first person to mention vampires I think, to be honest, it was probably me but it was also the fact that Venice is a very dark, macabre place, full of shadows and secrets. There’s something very clandestine about the city. And something very elegant and very Gothic. And so the idea of at least kicking the episode off with vampires seemed very fitting.”

Toby Whithouse[6]

Writer Toby Whithouse originally planned to write a different episode set in “some sort of labyrinth”, but after the idea had been developed for a while executive producers Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger thought that it was too similar to other episodes in the series, and asked him to write something else, while Whithouse’s original idea was pushed to the next series (The God Complex).[6][7] He was asked to write “a big bold romantic episode” which would also serve as a “sort of reboot episode” and a good introduction to Doctor Who.[6] Whithouse was asked to set it “anywhere in the world” that was romantic, and he chose Venice, which he called “one of my favourite places in the world”. Whithouse believed that the vampires fit into the setting.[6] Whithouse had a positive experience writing the episode, reflecting that “writing on the show is a delight and a pleasure”. As he is executive producer of Being Human, he was pleased he only had to write the episode and not worry about the other aspects of production.[6] The major plot point of “sinking Venice” was conceived as Whithouse needed to use the identity of the location and it was a very aquatic city, and Venice was “constantly fighting” enemies in its history but this time it proved to be its own worst enemy.

The opening scene, which detailed Isabella’s entrance to the school and the foreboding danger that came with it, was described as “classic” Doctor Who by Whithouse as it contained a “victim coming into a trap”. Isabella’s scream at the end of the scene originally went into the title sequence; however, director Jonny Campbell thought that the next two scenes had “soft endings” that would not work well right after each other. As a result, the title sequence was moved to after the scene of the Doctor crashing Rory’s stag party, which Whithouse described as a “fun scene” and a unique opening to the titles. Whithouse also wanted to emphasise the amount of danger the Doctor puts people in, which is pointed out by Rory in the episode. He believed that the companions over time developed the same mentality as the Doctor in running towards the danger, and so Rory was a great opportunity to question that. Whithouse also wanted a “comic thread” to “dilute” the plot and character developments. He also noted that it was difficult to capture Guido’s “tragic” character in the running time. The episode also gives a “metatexual” reference by showing a picture of the Doctor’s first incarnation on his library card. The references to “silence” in the episode are shown as flashbacks in the episode “Day of the Moon” of the next series, suggesting it was foreshadowing to the enemy of the Silence which were the focus of that episode.[9]

The script was originally too long, and as a result many sequences had to be cut, some even after they had been filmed. These included a fight scene with the Doctor and Rosanna’s steward (Simon Gregor), a longer fight sequence between Rory and Francesco, and some dialogue between the Doctor and Amy following the climax. In the original script, Amy and Rory cornered Francesco after suspecting him of killing a villager and Francesco climbed up the wall. Whithouse thought this would be a relatively easy stunt, but was told it would be too hard to accomplish and Whithouse revised it to when Francesco simply runs away. When discussing the script with Whithouse, Helen McCrory, who portrayed Rosanna, thought that she should hurt Amy at some point and it was added that she bites Amy while she is in the chamber.

The read-through of “The Vampires of Venice” took place on 23 November 2009.[5] It is the first Doctor Who episode to be directed by Campbell and the first co-produced by Patrick Schweizter.[5] The episode was filmed in the fifth production block with “Vincent and the Doctor”.[10] Due to the fact it would take time to cover up all the modern shops found in present-day Venice, the episode was filmed in the coastal town of Trogir, Croatia in late 2009.[11][12] The Venetians had actually colonised Trogir,[11] and the city bears much historical architecture, including some that was influenced by Venice. The interior of the Calvierri house was filmed at Atlantic College, Caerphilly Castle, Castell Coch, and the Town Hall of Trogir, while the Llancaich Fawr Manor, a 16th-century manor house near Cardiff, was used as Guido’s home. The production team incorporated the Calvierri crest into as many locations as possible and the art department designed a “fish gargoyle” for the tower of the Calvierri house. A church tower in Trogir was used for the climax; this scene was challenging to film because of the stunts for Smith and a stunt double. The roof of the tower was constructed in the studio and some of the scene was filmed there in front of a greenscreen.

The gondolas were filmed in the moat on Caerphilly Castle and inserted with CGI. Locals were used in the marketplace, including a woman who had passed by the filming site with her goat.[11] A small crew did go to Venice to take wide shots of the buildings that bordered the water but did not have walkways as they did in Trogir.[11] Campbell wanted to incorporate everything he loved about Venice, including church bells and narrow alleyways. Though Trogir was on the coast, it did not have internal waterways, so the production team found they could fill a square on the street below the balcony where the characters were with computer generated water and make it part of the Grand Canal. The chamber in which the girls were taken to be turned into the Saturnynians was bathed in a green light to suggest alien technology and also ease the brief glimpse of Rosanna’s true form. The cinematographer accomplished this despite the low ceilings. Parts of this scene were cut due to censorship issues for being “too scary”.

Several aspects of the episode had to be compromised due to budget constraints. The true form of the aliens could only be shown for a few seconds each as it was very expensive to do, and these shots were spread throughout the episode. In the original script a big monster rose out of the water in Isabella’s death scene, but this would have been too expensive and Moffat was forced to ask Whithouse to make it “invisible”. Many of the costumes in the episode were taken from artwork from the 15th and 16th centuries. This included veils that women wore, which were used for the vampire girls. Guido trades clothes with Rory when Rory must disguise himself as a Venetian to enter Amy into the school; this was an idea of Moffat’s which Whithouse was against as he thought Guido was a “tragic character”, but he eventually thought the sight of the character in Rory’s stag party T-shirt was funny. McCrory’s costume was designed to be similar to her alien creature to make the transition smooth. McCrory was coached to move like a fish, which she pursued diligently. Each pair of teeth for the vampires was unique and moulded to their mouths. They were hard to speak with and Alex Price’s lines were re-voiced, though he commented he got “quite good” at speaking with them.

“The Vampires of Venice” was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 8 May 2010.[13] Due to an extended episode of Over the Rainbow which was shown afterwards, the episode aired at 6:00p.m., the earliest start time for a Doctor Who episode since the series was revived in 2005.[14] Perhaps due to this, the episode received the lowest overnight figures of the series at time of broadcast: 6.17 million on BBC One and simulcast BBC HD.[15] When final consolidated ratings were calculated, it was shown that the episode had been watched by a total of 7.68 viewers, coming in fifth place on BBC One for the week.[16] The episode received an Appreciation Index of 86, considered “excellent”.[17]

“The Vampires of Venice” was released in Region 2 on DVD and Blu-ray with the preceding episodes “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone” on 5 July 2010.[18] It was then re-released as part of the Complete Fifth Series boxset on 8 November 2010.[19]

The episode received mixed reviews. Daniel Martin, writing for The Guardian on, described it as “beautifully shot” and went on to write: “the way every part of the vampire mythos was explained away by Who pseudo-science was delightful; the stand-off between the Doctor and Rosanna was beautifully played; the dialogue as cracking as you’d expect from Whithouse…and the climactic shot of the Doctor scaling the tower in the rain was just the correct level of broad brushstroke”.[20] SFX reviewer David Bradley also reacted positively, giving the episode four out of five stars. He assessed it as “better structured, funnier and more absorbing” than the previous single episode “Victory of the Daleks” and praised the comedy and acting of Alex Price. However, he thought the “expensive-looking locations are let down by shonky special effects”.[21]

Gavin Fuller gave the episode a negative review in The Daily Telegraph, calling it “highly disappointing” and “a tragically wasted opportunity.” He criticised the writing and plot for “sheer derivativeness”, noting that the opening scene was “similar in concept” to Whithouse’s previous Doctor Who episode “School Reunion” and thought the “aliens-posing-as-humans idea” was taken from that script as well. He went on to criticise Lucian Msamati as Guido as he “seemed to be taken straight out of Othello”, negatively compared the love triangle between the Doctor, Amy and Rory to the storyline with previous characters Rose and Mickey, and thought the ending was too similar to “The Idiot’s Lantern” and “Evolution of the Daleks”.[22]

Patrick Mulkern, writing for the Radio Times, echoed Fuller’s sentiments in his review, saying “I must admit I yawn at aliens disguised as humans. We’ve seen it so many times now” and noted that Whithouse had used the concept in “School Reunion” and his Torchwood episode “Greeks Bearing Gifts”. However, he also thought that “the script delivers lots of heroics and funny moments for the Doctor, Amy and Rory”, and he praised the “terrific cast”, describing Helen McCrory as “majestic”.[23] IGN’s Matt Wales rated “The Vampires of Venice” 7 out of 10, saying that it “had plenty of standout moments, even if it didn’t quite manage to come together to form a completely satisfying whole”. He praised the comedy between Amy and Rory and McCrory’s acting, as well as the location shots and Croatia and thought “the sci-fi retcon of classic vampire phenomenon was particularly clever”, believing that the aliens went beyond two-dimensional. However, he agreed with Fuller and Mulkern that “its single biggest problem was one of over-familiarity”, with many misplaced alien races having featured before.[24]

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Walking Dead favourite was finished with show after Negan …

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This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 5 7.

The Walking Dead has been on for so long, fans have gotten weary of its never-ending and convoluted storylines and so have some of the cast it seems.

Chad Coleman who played Tyreese Williams on the AMC series opened up about how he got fed up of the tedious Negan murder plot.

Thats enough for me, Coleman, 44, said of the long-running arc in an interview with Popcorn Talk.

After Glenn and Abraham, you know, Negan smashed their heads in that way, it was just like, Thats enough for me. Thanks guys. Take care. All the best.

Jeffrey Dean Morgans Negan was The Walking Deads ultimate villain for a number of seasons and endless episodes saw fans question who he murdered with his bat and the general consensus is that it was way over-hyped.

Negan killed Glenn Rhee (played by Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) by bludgeoning them with his bat, Lucille, after randomly selecting them.

Coleman said he feels the series has started to come back to more nuanced, less extreme characters.

Thats one of the benefits and joys of playing Tyreese hes a very real man in a very tough situation and you felt his humanity, he explained.

His sensitivity, all the things that all of us as just regular folk would go through, so theyre getting back to more nuanced character stuff again with [showrunner] Angela Kang.

Tyresse departed the series in five after being bit by a walker before being mercy-killed by Michonne (Danai Gurira) who is about to exit the show herself.

When asked if he would like to return in a flashback, he said: I wrestle with that because I feel like Tyreese was the type of character just like, Enough said. Done. Leave it alone. Dont touch it.

But in another, because I love the community down there and everybody involved are such great people to work with and do the day-to-day thing with yeah, I think I would. It would be great to pop in.

Lauren Cohan and the rest of the cast have just reunited ahead of season 10 filming.

The Walking Dead season 10 is expected to start later this year, season 9 is available on NOW TV.

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Walking Dead favourite was finished with show after Negan …

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by Populous is "best stadium in the …

The long-awaited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has opened in north London, featuringa retractable pitch that can host both Premier League football matches and American football.

Built on the site of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s former home White Hart Lane, the62,062-seater stadiumdesigned by Populous will host its first Premier League match tonight.

Along with being the home to Tottenham Hotspur, the multipurpose stadium is the first outside the USA to be designed to host NFL games, with a fully retractable natural turf pitch that can be removed to reveal an artificial playing surface.

“It is a benchmark of how stadiums should be designed,”Christopher Lee, managing director of Populous told Dezeen.

“This is a game changer. There is no doubt in my mind that the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the best stadium in the world.”

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s most distinctive feature is the17,500 capacity South Stand, which is the largest single-tier stand in the UK.

It is topped with a glass walkway, where visitors can walk out to touch the cockerel above the stand.

Populous designed the South Stand to help create a “wall of sound” within the stadium and help create a distinctive unique feel to the ground.

“We wanted to create a seating bowl that had identity, that had character, that wasn’t just a symmetrical ubiquitous stadium that you didn’t know where you are, didn’t know which stand you were in,” said Lee.

Below the South Stand is afive-storey-high glass atrium with two large tree-like columns that support the structure. This area, called The Market, is a large food and drinks hall that contains a65-metre bar Europe’s longest.

The space is intended to be used as a gathering place before and after the matches, as well as being opened up for events.

It is one of several features designed to maximise the functionality of the building, along with the media room, which willbe used as a cafe on non-game days, and the micro-brewery operated byBeavertown Brewery.

“It seems insane to have built stadiums of this size that would only be used for one team every other week,” said Lee.

“Here it was very much about creating genuinely a kind of civic building. To have the community come in and use the cafe or brewery or in the south stand, I think that’s great.”

Being able to remove the turf pitch, which is separated into three parts before being rolled under the south stand for storage, is key to this strategy.As well as being able to play American football, it means the space can easily and quickly be converted into a venue for concerts and events.

“We are designing an economic resilience into the building by cleverly creating spaces that have multiple uses,” continued Lee.

According to Lee, the club’s main aim for the stadium was for all fans to have a greatmatch day experience, no matter how much they are paying.

“We have always treated general admissions fans really badly,” said Lee.

“Cheapest tickets are still expensive and they are treated really badly come in here, do this, drink some overpriced bad beer and then leave. Here the idea is that it is much more democratic everyone has a great experience.”

Key to this strategy was creating a full-day experience, with numerous different options for fans.

In the general admission areas, ticket holders can explore the full length of the concourse, which along with The Market and micro-brewery hasthree pub-style bars inspired by White Hart Lane.

“We looked at a lot of stadiums around the world. One of the things we really liked about NFL stadiums, is the ability to move freely around the building,” continued Lee.

“Football used to be much like the theatre, you are rushed in, went to the theatre and had a quick drink at half time. Now there is the idea that people go for a much longer time, its a day out rather than just a 90-minute game.”

The stadium also has a huge variety of private and corporate suites and bars. These include The Tunnel Club, a restaurant and bar with a glass-wall that will allowguests to watch as players walk from the changing rooms to the pitch.

Two further exclusive spaces, names Sky Lounges, at the top of theEast and West stands will give spectators panoramic views of the pitch.

Throughout the project Populous wanted to create a football stadium that was both modern and authentic.

“We were really interested in what makes an authentic football experience,” said Lee.

“The club wanted to created higher quality, but how do you do that without losing the bits of football that we love? How do you create higher quality without becoming Selfridges food hall, which is really easy to tip into as a designer.”

Alongside the stadium, the Tottenham Experience includes the club’s museum, archives, shop and a cafe. The building, which has a facade made form CNC-cutcast iron, extendseitherside of therestored Grade II-listed Warmington House.

Now the stadium is complete, the second phase of theTottenham Hotspur’s development of the site is set to begin. This will include a180-bedroom hotel,an extreme sports building with the UK’s tallest climbing wall, a community health centre and 222 new affordable homes.

Populous is one of the world’s most prolific stadium designers. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the third large stadium designed by Populous in the capital with Arsenal’sEmirates stadium opening in 2006 and Wembley for the English national football team in 2007.

Having creating several of the stadiums that hosted games at the World Cup in 2018, the studio is now designing a spherical arena in London, and themasterplan for Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Photography is by Hufton + Crow, unless stated.

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by Populous is "best stadium in the …

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Melbourne doctor who called for women to be raped stood down …

The health district responsible for the hospital which employs an emergency doctor who said some women deserve to be raped has ordered the doctor be stood down while they investigate.

Earlier in April Dr Christopher Kwan Chen Lee was suspended by the Tasmanian health practitioners tribunal for six weeks after he admitted to posting a series of sexist and racist remarks online. While Lee previously worked in Tasmania, in 2018 he began work at Box Hill hospital in Victoria as an emergency doctor, and the suspension bars him from working anywhere in Australia.

Lees suspension was not to start until May, to give his workplace time to find a replacement. But after a public outcry about Lees online comments, which included: Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercilious little bitch fits the bill in every way, Lee was told not to return to work. About another woman, he wrote: She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea.

Eastern Health said it had begun its own investigation into the implications of the tribunals findings. On Eastern Healths Facebook page people called for Lee to be fired, while an online petition says his licence to practice medicine should be revoked.

Dr Lee will not be returning to work until the completion of this investigation, the Eastern Health statement said. We wish to advise that Eastern Health takes the issue of professional misconduct very seriously we value diversity, inclusivity and living together respectfully and do not tolerate disrespectful comments or racism in any form.

Guardian Australia has uncovered a slew of offensive posts in addition to those investigated by the tribunal, along with examples of Lee posting photographs of medical procedures he performed and patient x-rays.

In a post made about a tsunami that hit Indonesia in September, killing hundreds, Lee wrote: Dont bother helping that nation of ingrates. In a post made in February, Lee wrote: Singaporean women are some of the most materialistic, pampered and self-entitled women you are likely to meet anywhere. He described Chinese women as calculating, ruthless animals. He took revenge on a woman who criticised him online by posting her nude photos on the internet, forcing her to close down her online accounts. A new legion of perverts would be viewing her images, he wrote, I won.

In other posts he insisted his online persona matched his real-life persona, going so far as to post photographs of his passport and medical degree to prove his identity, and one of himself wearing a stethoscope. When people criticised him for his comments, Lee replied, Malaysian and Australian authorities cant touch me for things I say on a Singaporean forum.

Lose job in Australia over stuff posted on a Singaporean forum? Lee, who is from Malaysia but studied medicine in Melbourne, wrote, Are you retarded?

Lee also posted photographs of his wife and boasted about their sex life. The tribunal heard that he said in one of his posts: If my marriage fell apart, it would not end in divorce. It would end in murder. In a post not considered by the tribunal, Lee wrote that if his wife were to become pregnant, he would force an abortion by kicking her down the stairs.

While he has not deleted his profile on the online forum, he has begun deleting his most offensive comments. He also made disparaging remarks about women and explicit posts about his wife on his Facebook account, which he has deleted.

A spokesperson for the Victorian health minister, Jenny Mikakos, told the ABC that the minister had asked the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency if the six-week suspension was adequate.

This behaviour is appalling and has no place in Victoria, let alone in our hospitals, the spokesperson said.

Along with the six-week ban the tribunal ordered Lee undergo training about ethical behaviour on social media. But Lee continued posting online, saying: Well see who has the last laugh. When a user of the forum asked him if he had completed the ethics training yet, he responded: Shhhhhhhh. Someone else told him to delete his problematic account and start afresh. You cant be serious, Lee replied. Lee has a small following of users on the forum who support his views and treat him with reverence, though many more are critical of him.

The online petition, started by the chief executive of a sexual assault support service Laurel House, Justine Brooks, has almost 800 signatures.

I find these comments from a registered doctor to be outrageous and unacceptable, and I feel compelled to challenge Dr Lees right to practice medicine in Australia, she said. The harm Dr Lee is suggesting in the above messages gives us some clear insight into the way he feels about and treats women. Make no mistake, domestic and sexual violence is now a national crisis.

Lee has previously been cautioned by his former employer, Royal Hobart hospital, for accessing a patients medical records on 21 occasions without consent or clinical need.

Do you know more?

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Melbourne doctor who called for women to be raped stood down …

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AMC CEO Says The Walking Dead Is Early in Its Life Cycle

The Walking Dead has been on the air for nearly a decade now, airing 131 episodes over the course of nine seasons since 2010. The show remains the biggest on cable TV and a staple in modern pop culture, but it has been steadily declining in viewership over the last couple of years. Despite those negative trends, AMC looks at The Walking Dead as one of cornerstones of its future. In fact, the network’s CEO believes that The Walking Dead is just getting started.

On an earnings call this week, AMC CEO Josh Sapan noted that The Walking Dead franchise is still in the early stages of its life, even though its been almost 10 years since it first launched.

“Nine years in, we believe we are just beginning to tap its full economic potential and we’re extending the franchise as any media company would,” Sapan said of The Walking Dead.

Part of this plan for the future is a new spinoff series that is set to launch in 2020. This new series, run by Matt Negrete, is set around two young women who grew up in the world of The Walking Dead. The goal is for shows like this, and potentially the feature films about Rick Grimes, to bring in new generations of fans to the franchise.

“With its focus on the next generation of survivors led by two young female protagonists, we think this third series is a perfect gateway to advance the narrative of this universe in ways that are multi-generational, fresh and unexpected,” Sapan added.

With many of its main characters gone, and viewers steadily jumping ship, it’s hard to believe that The Walking Dead has more life ahead than it does behind it. But the network is clearly high on the franchise moving forward.


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AMC CEO Says The Walking Dead Is Early in Its Life Cycle

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James Bond actress Catherine Schell joins the cast of BBC1 …

Catherine appeared in On Her Majestys Secret Service, George Lazenbys one outing as 007. Now she will star in Dracula…

Former James Bond actress Catherine Schell has joined the cast of BBC1 and Netflixs eagerly anticipated version of Dracula.

The Hungarian born actress, who also appeared in Space: 1999, Doctor Who and The Persuaders!, played Nancy opposite George Lazenbys Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majestys Secret Service.

Other cast announced today include Clive Russell (Game Of Thrones, The Terror), Jonathan Aris (Sherlock, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) and Sacha Dhawan (The Boy With The Top Knot, The Great).

It was previously revealed that Danish actor Claes Bang will star as Dracula in the latest version of the Bram Stoker classic, which is being penned and executive produced by Sherlock writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Filming has already taken place at Orava Castle in Slovakia, and now its moved to England at the famous Bray Studios.

Mark said: Its seriously delightful that our new Dracula is being shot at Bray Studios the former home of Hammer Films! This wonderfully atmospheric and legendary studio gave birth to so many famous monsters and stars most memorably Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

As we watch Transylvania once again rise on the sound stages of Bray, its amazing to be able to say that Count Dracula has finally come home.

Dracula promises to re-introduce the world to the vampire who made evil sexy. The year is 1897 and in Transylvania, the blood drinking Count is drawing up swift attack plans against Victorian London

Talking about what we can expect from the three-part series, Mark and Steven previously said: There have always been stories about great evil. Whats special about Dracula, is that Bram Stoker gave evil its own hero.

The series will be shown on the BBC first in the UK and on Netflix outside of the UK.

Main picture of Catherine in James Bond film On Her Majestys Secret Service: Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

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James Bond actress Catherine Schell joins the cast of BBC1 …

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