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Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto, Lulu Wilson.

Director: David F. Sandberg

Whats Good: Few good scares here and there, BGM during those scenes, performances by Bateman & Wilson.

Whats Bad: Lifeless script, many illogical sequences.

Loo Break: No! (Not because the film is excellent, because who knows you might miss a good scene which are very few)

Watch or Not?: Only if you like Conjuring series.

User Rating:

Annabelle: Creation starts when Mullins family consisting of Samuel and Esther Mullins lose their only daughter Annabelle in a car accident. Cut to a few years later few orphans from St. Eustaces Girls Home arrive at Mullins house to stay as apparently theyve no else place to stay. Samuel offers his place to these orphans and their caretaker Sister Charllote to stay. His wife, now, Esther is bed ridden and cant walk because of some accident she faced.

The story builds up when girls start exploring the house facing some paranormal things happening. Enters our main hero Annabelle the doll messing things up as shes been doing in the entire Conjuring series. Running from a room to another, facing spooky things never imagined before and a twist about Annabelle is what the story comprises of.

The film follows the same template of horror movies which weve been tired of watching. A house, few people, a shocking surprise of the house being haunted, people running for their lives and creepy background music. People always think comedy genre is the one having the least logic, but actually, its horror that always comes without any logic. Why always people want to check out whats happening in the jungle next to their deserted house at 3 am in the night? Why you still want to stay at a house which you know is haunted? Just to make the audience scare and we always fall into their trap. Horror movies should top the list of criticizing movies for logic.

When youre into 30 minutes of a 1 hour 50 minutes horror movie and there is not a single chilling scene, you know the script is lazy and dragging. A couple of scenes, are good striking some scares of the audience but theyre not enough to keep them intrigued throughout the whole film. Its funny how, among the audience, I heard giggling more than scary screams.

Talitha Bateman as Janice is the kid on which the whole movie relies. She has done a wonderful job as a polio survivor running for her life through the whole movie. Her spooky smile compliments her role giving her an edge over others.

Lilu Wilson as Linda is another winner of the film. Her expressions charm you away and she has some vital scenes to her credit in the film. Her Who cares, run moment is the highlight of the film. Rest of the girls perform fine marking their presence.

Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto as Mr. and Mrs. Mullins dont have much to do in the film. They were just about okay. Stephanie Sigman as Sister Charllote compliments the girls well by shining in some scenes.

Sandberg who has previously given us another snoozy-horror in Lights Out tries to bind this thin plot with few spooky scenes. The film is not unbearable, its just not something we havent seen already.

A horror movie is nothing without a blood-curdling BGM, Benjamin Wallfisch has composed the music for the film. It goes well with the horror scenes, the only issue being, theyre very few. Barring those scenes, rest of the film has very limited BGM leaving blank spaces between the scenes.

If youre a sucker for horror movies and follow the Conjuring series from the first part, then this movie is for you. Do not expect anything extraordinary watch the film, get scared and come back.

Annabelle: Creation Trailer

Annabelle: Creation releases on 18th August 2017.

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