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The writers often go for the cheap laugh in this movie, frequently at the expense of minorities. And the scenes involving male organs and bodily fluids feel like reheated Farrelly brothers (There’s Something About Mary) without the laughs. While Scary Movie’s thin plot mirrors scenes from Scream, the comparison ends there. All three Scream movies relied on witty dialogue and engaging characters, something that Scary Movie desperately lacks.

A costumed killer chases a flatulent, underwear-clad character and stabs her, piercing her breast implant. A grandmother is thrown down steps to impede a killer’s progress. A retarded deputy soils his pants. Are you in hysterics yet? If not, Scary Movie will only frighten you with its crudeness. But not all the movie’s humor is as juvenile as it might seem; some jokes — like a scene in which a group of guys and the costumed killer re-create the famous “Whassup!” beer commercial — evoke hearty laughter from the teen target audience. Such humor, however, has its limitations — if you don’t know the references that were made fun of, you won’t find it funny.

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