‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10: ‘Excited’ Michael Cudlitz …

The Walking Dead Season 10 filming isin full swing. Former cast member Michael Cudlitz recently announced that he will be directing one of the episodes of the show this week.

Cudlitz previously played the role of Abraham Ford in the zombie series. After his characters exit from the show, he got a chance to direct an episode in the previous season. The actor recently announced on Twitter that he will be heading to Atlanta to direct another episode of the series.

Could not be more excited, Cudlitz wrote in his post.

The fans of the actor and the show are equally excited, and they shared their thoughtswhile commenting on the actors tweet.

Cudlitz did not tease any details about the plot of the episode he will be directing, but there are many exciting things to look forward to on the show. After a continuous decline in the ratings, the previous season was hailed by the fans as one of the best they has seen lately, Screen Rant reported. Among the plot lines to look forward to are the secret plans of the Whisperers and the mysterious radio contact in the finale episode.

Some of the filming of The Walking Dead Season 10 has already been completed. Cudlitz is expected to be directing the third episode. More details about the plot of the episode may be released closer to the premiere date.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the TV series threw some shade at HBOs Game of Thrones, which will be airing the finale episode next week. In the previous episode of the popular fantasy TV series a major character Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) was seen riding off on a white horse, and the Twitter page of The Walking Dead pointed out that the lead character of its show Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has also been riding white horses.

Former cast member Michael Cudlitz returns to direct an episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 10. Photo: The Walking Dead/Facebook

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10: ‘Excited’ Michael Cudlitz …

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