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We here at SYFY WIRE Fangrrls will not rest until we have done a Chosen One of the Day on every single element of seminal teen vampire movie The Lost Boys. Glitter blood: Check. Sexy sax man: Check. Second unit gaffer Scott Spencer, your day is coming. But before then, lets check in with another element of The Lost Boys that contributed so mightily to its impeccable aura of tacky 80s schlock: the mullets.

God help me, but the mullets in The Lost Boysparticularly those rocked by vamp leader David (Kiefer Sutherland) and minions Marko (Alex Winter) and Paul (Brooke McCarter)were full-on undead terrible. What was wrong with the 80s? Why did we aspire to this? Its aggressively bad. Weve seen some awful fashion trends come and go in the years since The Lost Boys took sexy teen vampires mainstreamhello low-rise jeans, hello crimped hair, hello a good three-quarters of the outfits ever worn on Buffy the Vampire Slayerbut the mullets are something else.

Id be willing to self-delude and say that David, Marko, and Paul commited treason upon their own poor hair follicles by accident. No reflections, after all. Iwantto believe this … but I can’t, because they clearly spent time and product (so much product) getting their coifs to juuuuust the right level of eye-searing terror. Each mullet belongs to its own particular subgenre of ghastly. David has the more traditional eighth-grade trailer trash variety:

while Paul bought out Santa Carla, Californias entire stock of Aqua Net with his floofy Twisted Sister number

and Marko, with his long, flowing Caucasian wannabe jheri curl I dont even know what to make of this. I dont want to think about it. I suspect that if I look in a mirror and say Marko three times, a gel-crispy mullet tail will emerge from the hell dimension, wrap itself around my throat, and strangle me. I mean, damn, at least we know where Justin Timberlake got his late ’90s ‘do, but … at what cost? At what cost?

Nice jacket, though.

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Chosen One of the Day: the mullets of The Lost Boys – SYFY WIRE (blog)

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