Fox retooling high-concept vampire pilot The Passage for Fall 2018 – SYFY WIRE (blog)

The fall schedule announcements came and went, but there was pretty much no mention of Foxs new vampire series The Passage. Now we know why, and thankfully its not because the network jammed a stake in its heart.

The series is based on Justin Cronins fantasy book trilogy, and is described as a character-driven government conspiracy thriller meets post-apocalyptic tale meets vampires. The story covers more than 100 years, focusing on a young girl tasked with saving the human race. Mark-Paul Gosselaar stars as a man tasked with protecting the girl. The pilot was directed by Marcos Siega and is produced by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes).

Deadline reports the network is looking to retool the project with an eye toward a potential fall 2018 premiere (assuming everything shakes out creatively). A pilot was already produced with an eye toward a midseason premiere, but Fox Entertainment president David Madden said the studio needed to explore the possibility of reshooting.” Madden said parts of the pilot were fantastic and the network feels it is a really strong prospect to land a spot on the networks fall schedule.

Even with some reshoots on the way, the network still sounds confident in The Passage’s long-term potential, with the network putting together a writers’ room to start hashing out the reshoots and the connective tissue required to set up the first season. The creative team will be working the next month to punch up the script and map a rough show bible.

What do you think of the project? Hope to see this one make it through the gauntlet and land a spot on the schedule?

(Via Deadline)

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Fox retooling high-concept vampire pilot The Passage for Fall 2018 – SYFY WIRE (blog)

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