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Move over, Robert Pattinson, theres a new vampire in town! The latest star to snap on a pair of pointy fangs isDownton Abbeys Matthew Goode, according to Variety.

Hell play charming bloodsucker Matthew Clairmont in an adaptation ofA Discovery of Witches, the popular fantasy novel by author Deborah Harkness.

It tells the story of Diana Bishop, a professor in the history of alchemy at the University of Oxford, who, in the course of her research, stumbles on a secret underworld of demons and vampires.

So far, so Philip Pullman, crossed with a dash of Twilightand Harry Potter for good measure. Matthews character isa geneticist (not to mention a not-so secret vampire), whohelps Dianadecode a mysterious manuscript andembraceher own true nature as the descendent of witches.

Or, as the head of drama for British TV channelSky,Anne Mensah, put it, expect a proper love story that also examines science, magic and being other in the modern world.

Deborah was on hand yesterday (August 22)to make the casting announcement herself, calling Matthew an amazingly talented and brilliant actor. She also revealed that Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge) will take the role of Diana.

And according to Deborah, filming will startin Wales in a few weeks. The show will broadcast on Sky in the U.K., and, though its yet to be announced, is likely to air in the U.S. at some point too.

Can you see Matthew as a vampire?

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Matthew Goode to Play Lead Vampire in ‘A Discovery of Witches’ – Anglophenia

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