5 Real Signs That Vampires Actually Exist – YouTube

Are vampires only a myth or are there real facts behind the legend?

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Are vampires real or just the product of strange history and twisted imaginations? From Twilight to the Vampire Diaries and Anne Rice to True Blood, vampires have inspired fiction for centuries. But is there truth behind these stories?

Presenting 5 signs that Vampires are real, including vampire skeletons and graveyards, the real history behind Dracula, a murderous countess named Elizabeth Bathory, a strange disorder called Porphyria and a potential fountain of youth in the blood of others.

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Dig Deeper:Vampire Graves: http://bit.ly/1gIkEjAPorphyria and the Vampire legend: http://bit.ly/1kpaiAgVlad the Impaler: http://bit.ly/1kQWlQ7Young Blood May Hold Key to Reversing Aging: http://nyti.ms/1pEgwRZCountess Elizabeth Bthory: http://bit.ly/1rp0tfg

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5 Real Signs That Vampires Actually Exist – YouTube

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