Ian Somerhalder talks fangs and vampires at Boston Comic Con … – The Boston Globe

New dad Ian Somerhalder told hundreds of fans at Boston Comic Con that they can thank his wife, actress Nikki Reed, for his appearance at the convention on Saturday.

The couple had a daughter July 25, so Somerhalder figured hed cancel the gig.


She said Absolutely not. You have to get on that plane, he told the crowd.

Most of Somerhalders Comic Con Q&A focused on his CW show, The Vampire Diaries, which ended after its eighth season this year.

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One fan asked the actor to talk about what it was like to use prosthetic fangs. Somerhalder explained that the fangs he used on the show were acrylic and made for his teeth.

They fit perfectly and never moved.

Then he gave the room a piece of fang-related advice: Dont swallow one. That is gnarly.


Somerhalder was also asked whether anyone has ever assumed hes a real vampire. He said its happened and admitted that when he was younger, he suspected vampires might be real, too. He grew up outside of New Orleans and knew the lore.

My mom was obsessed with Anne Rice, he said, adding that he used to look at the city, across from Lake Pontchartrain, and think Oh [expletive], theyre over there.

Its estimated that Boston Comic Con which ran Friday to Sunday brought out 50,000 people, at least 8,000 more than last year.

The prevailing costume at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on Saturday, at least was Spider-Man, but there were also Wonder Women, various Agents of Shield, Dr. Whos, Rocky Horror lookalikes, and at least one Edward Scissorhands.

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Ian Somerhalder talks fangs and vampires at Boston Comic Con … – The Boston Globe

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