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Is Johnny Depp really quitting his all-star rock band, Hollywood Vampires? Thats the claim in one of the new tabloids, but Gossip Cop has learned the truth.

The actor formed his rock supergroup in 2015 along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, but an article in the latest issue of Star says hes now ready to hang up his guitar forever due to financial issues. A supposed source tells the magazine, The band makes no money and the last tour was a disaster.

The outlets dubious insider goes on to say that concertgoers only showed up to the bands most recent shows to gawk at Johnny after his divorce, adding, They sound terrible. The whole concept was cringeworthy from the start. No one wants to see three old dudes strutting around in leather pants and scarves.

However, in a recent interview with the Boston rock station WROR, Cooper revealed the band is getting back together next year to go on tour and record an album. Vampires will be going out in 2018, the musician announced. Johnnys doing five movies this year so he can kind of like open up his schedule next year and go out and tour for awhile. Cooper also went on to reveal the group plans to write another album all original stuff. Regardless, a source close to Depp also assures us he isnt quitting Hollywood Vampires.

Of course, Star has a habit of publishing bogus stories about the movie star, so this latest piece of fiction comes as no surprise. Gossip Cop recently busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting Depp forced Disneyland staffers to address him as his Pirates of the Caribbean character during a visit to the theme park. We also called out the magazine for making up a story about Depp getting a divorce makeover. This latest article is equally untrue.

Johnny Depp is quitting his rock band, Hollywood Vampires.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Johnny Depp Quitting Hollywood Vampires Rock Band? – Gossip Cop

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