Lesbian Vampires – Gothic Vampires Biting During Sex …

Aubree Adams was again calling to god eager to become the modern Virgin. She has proven her faith in the lord time and time again with her continued devotion and attendance to her duties. As her prayers echoed in the still chapel, Andi Anderson the corrupt entered. Andi was once a nun also, but talk of blasphemy had her expelled from the church forever. Furious, betrayed and ashamed, Andi turned to Satan. Andi was a predator, wicked and mean. She craved corruption and was enthusiastic to corrupt others. Though Aubrey was unconventional in her prayers to say the least, she was very young and naive making her the perfect target for Miss. Andi. As Andi marched in she could smell the innocence of the nunread the whole story on xxxHorror.com! What a kinky Busty Blonde Vampire Nuns episode with tense lesbian sex

Sacrilegious Vampire Sex Nuns

Welcome to Lesbian Vampires! The Vampire Sex episodes are exclusive weekly photo and video shoots combining the classic world of horror and the erotic world of sex. These Series of Layouts are for visitors looking for something more exciting than the typical thumbnail pages. We work hard to bring you new episodes every month and bring you a new and refreshing way of looking through images. We deliver an interactive layout with a story line format every month with your new favorite porn stars. This is a fan site of xxxHorror.com. I asked the owners of Xxx Horror for permission to use 3 movie trailers on lesbian-vampires.com. Enjoy!

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Lesbian Vampires – Gothic Vampires Biting During Sex …

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