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Helloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!!! Are you hooked yet? Craving more from the folks of your new favorite town? Well no worries, there is plenty more to come. Are you ready for round three because it’s coming along with more evil? The coming weeks will introduce us to more of the characters living in Midnight along with some other “creatures” but this week we get to focus on your new favorite vampire, Lemshort for Lemuel (Peter Mensah; Sleepy Hollow), by the way.

This week’s episode focuses on how Lem became a vampire and got his “special” power to drain energy. We learn that Lem was a slave who ran away from his master and sought out a rumored man who lived in the darkness, Zachariah. Yearning for freedom, Lem took the stranger up on his offer and ultimately got revenge on the prosperous white men who were enslaving the blacks. For hundreds of years afterwards, Lem traveled with Zachariah and a group of vampires but all that changed one day when Lem met Xylda- Yes, Manfred’s grandmother. Hmmmmm are we sensing there is more to that story?

Anyway, Lem and Zachariah part ways in the 1950’s after centuries together until now. Zachariah and his band of vampires roll into Midnight under the guise of “passing through town” on their way to Mexico but of course, we sense that isn’t entirely the truth and it’s not. As we learn later in the episode, Joe confesses to the Rev and it’s revealed that bad things are coming to Midnight. A season full of monsters and dangers is what we can expect from here on in…but I digress. The vampires do leave (sans Lem) in a dramatic fashion but it seems they are only the beginning.

In other news, Manfred and Creek are getting closer and I think we need to come up with a shipper name for Bobo and Fiji Fibo? Boji? Which do you like better (I think I’m partial to Boji)? Anyway, this insight into Lem and his existence is very telling as to how he is a rather humane Vampire and how he got his special power. Frankly, that part left me with more questions than answers and I can only hope the writers will revisit it later in the season.

Well, I hope I have teased you enough for the upcoming episode three and that you end up enjoying it as much as I did. We are starting to get a picture of who these people/monsters are and that there is definitely a sense of family in Midnight. Personally, I think that is one of the things that makes the show the most endearing and I’m sure their loyalty for each other will be tested as the season progresses.

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