Psychology professor who researchers "vampires" reportedly caught licking student’s blood in class – Boing Boing

Psychology professor Dr. Emyr Williams of Glyndwr University in Wales, UK researchers “real vampires” and often appears on television to discuss their blood-drinking lifestyle.

We are talking about a group of individuals who believe they have a psychological need to consume blood,” Williams has said.

Now an employment tribunal has revealed that after a female student somehow got a cut while in class, Williams allegedly wiped up the blood with his fingers and then licked them. The young woman reported the unusual behavior to one of Williams’s PhD student, Helen Coleman, who reported it to school officials. Coleman alleges that the school didn’t reprimand Williams but instead punished her, kicking her out of the PhD program.

This is an extraordinary case,” said Coleman’s attorney. “We have never dealt with anything like this before.

“‘Extraordinary’ claims Glyndwr University student ‘turned vampire'” (Daily Post via Mysterious Universe)

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Psychology professor who researchers "vampires" reportedly caught licking student’s blood in class – Boing Boing

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