Santa Cruz’s vampire past – The Mercury News

Who knew Jack Bauer was once a vampire?

Long before Kiefer Sutherland began saving the world in 24-hour increments, he found cinematic glory as the leader of a band of teenage vampires. Now Santa Cruz is celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys, the 1987 horror-comedy that starred Sutherland, Jason Patric, Dianne Wiest and the city itself. In the movie, Santa Cruz played the role of Santa Carla, a sunny beach town with an undead problem.

If youre looking to relive those Goonies-meets-True Blood good times in real life, though, Santa Cruz has created a walking tour map and mobile guide to all those iconic Santa Carla locations. The map includes nine filming locations, from the Boardwalks Looff Carousel to the comic book shop. (Psst, while youre there, say hello to shop owner Joe Ferrara, who played an extra in the movie.)

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Santa Cruz’s vampire past – The Mercury News

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