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A zombie apocalypse is a particular scenario within apocalyptic fiction. In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization.

In some stories, victims of zombies may become zombies themselves if they are bitten by zombies or if a zombie-creating virus travels by air, sexually, or by water; in others, everyone who dies, whatever the cause, becomes one of the undead.

In some cases, parasitic organisms can cause zombification by killing their hosts and reanimating their corpses, though some[who?] argue that this is not a true zombie. In the latter scenario zombies also prey on the living and their bite causes an infection that kills.

In either scenario, this causes the outbreak to become an exponentially growing crisis: the spreading "zombie plague" swamps law enforcement organizations, the military and health care services, leading to the panicked collapse of civil society until only isolated pockets of survivors remain. Basic services such as piped water supplies and electrical power shut down, mainstream mass media cease broadcasting, and the national government of affected countries collapses or goes into hiding. The survivors usually begin scavenging for food, weapons and other supplies in a world reduced to a mostly pre-industrial hostile wilderness. There is usually a 'safe zone' where the non-infected can seek refuge and begin a new era.

An early inspirational work of the genre was Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend (1954), which featured a lone survivor named Robert Neville waging a war against a human population transformed into vampires.[1] The novel has been adapted into several screenplays, including The Last Man on Earth (1964), starring Vincent Price, and The Omega Man (1971), starring Charlton Heston. A 2007 film version also titled I Am Legend starred Will Smith, in a more contemporary setting.[2] George A. Romero began the idea with his apocalyptic feature Night of the Living Dead (1968) from Matheson, but substituted vampires with shuffling ghouls, identified after its release as zombies.[3]

The literary subtext of a zombie apocalypse is usually that civilization is inherently fragile in the face of truly unprecedented threats and that most individuals cannot be relied upon to support the greater good if the personal cost becomes too high.[4] The narrative of a zombie apocalypse carries strong connections to the turbulent social landscape of the United States in the 1960s when the originator of this genre, the film Night of the Living Dead, was first created.[5][6] Many also feel that zombies allow people to deal with their own anxiety about the end of the world.[7] Kim Paffenroth notes that "more than any other monster, zombies are fully and literally apocalyptic ... they signal the end of the world as we have known it."[8]

There are several common themes and tropes that create a zombie apocalypse:

The stories usually follow a single group of survivors, caught up in the sudden rush of the crisis. The narrative generally progresses from the onset of the zombie plague, then initial attempts to seek the aid of authorities, the failure of those authorities, through to the sudden catastrophic collapse of all large-scale organization and the characters' subsequent attempts to survive on their own. Such stories are often squarely focused on the way their characters react to such an extreme catastrophe, and how their personalities are changed by the stress, often acting on more primal motivations (fear, self-preservation) than they would display in normal life.[10][11]

Generally the zombies in these situations are the slow, lumbering and unintelligent kind first made popular in the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.[9] Motion pictures created within the 2000s, however, have featured zombies that are more agile, vicious, intelligent, and stronger than the traditional zombie.[12] In many cases of "fast" zombies, creators use living humans infected with a pathogen (as in 28 Days Later, Zombieland and Left 4 Dead), instead of re-animated corpses, to avoid the"slow death walk" of Romero's variety of zombies.

In addition, special zombie types may also be included, depending on the genre, either as unexpected mutations or superior classes compared to standard zombies, boasting special abilities or heightened skills such as strength, speed or ferocity, as seen in video games such as Half-Life 2 and The Last of Us.

According to a 2009 Carleton University and University of Ottawa epidemiological analysis, an outbreak of even Living Dead's slow zombies "is likely to lead to the collapse of civilization, unless it is dealt with quickly." Based on their mathematical modelling, the authors concluded that offensive strategies were much more reliable than quarantine strategies, due to various risks that can compromise a quarantine. They also found that discovering a cure would merely leave a few humans alive, since this would do little to slow the infection rate.

It was additionally determined that the most likely long-term outcome of such an outbreak would be the essential extinction of humans with the global human population either succumbing to the epidemic, being killed by existing zombies, or experiencing other fatal events. This conclusion stems from the study's reasoning that the primary epidemiological risk of zombies, besides the difficulties of neutralization, is that their population is subject to near-constant growth: generations of surviving humans would likely maintain a tendency to feed zombie populations, resulting in gross outnumbering and largely continual growth of the infected population, a phenomenon which would only cease with the infection or death of all surviving humans. The researchers explain that their methods of modelling may be applicable to the spread of political views or diseases with dormant infection.[13]

The Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS) is a program through the University of Glasgow. It is headed by Dr. Austin. Dr. Austin is a character that has been created by the university to be the face of ZITS. The ZITS team is dedicated to using real science to explain what could be expected in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. Much of their research is used to disprove common beliefs about the zombie apocalypse as shown in popular media. They have published one book (Zombie Science 1Z) and give public "spoof" lectures on the subject.[14]

On May 18, 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an article, Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse providing tips on preparing to survive a zombie invasion.[15] The article does not claim an outbreak is likely or imminent, but states: "Thats right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens youll be happy you read this...." The CDC goes on to summarize cultural references to a zombie apocalypse. It uses these to underscore the value of laying in water, food, medical supplies, and other necessities in preparation for any and all potential disasters, be they hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, or hordes of ravenous brain-devouring undead.

The CDC also published a graphic novel, Zombie Pandemic, alongside a series of related articles.[16]

In the unclassified document titled "CONOP 8888," officers from U.S. Strategic Command used a zombie apocalypse scenario as a training template for operations, emergencies and catastrophes, as a tool to teach cadets about the basic concepts of military plans and disaster preparation.[17][18]

On October 17, 2011, The Weather Channel published an article, "How To Weather the Zombie Apocalypse" that included a fictional interview with a Director of Research at the CDD, the "Center for Disease Development".[19] Based on a seasonal attraction in the Atlanta area called The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, Weather.com interviews "Dr. Dale Dixon" (subtle references to characters in AMC's "The Walking Dead") asking questions about how different weather conditions affect zombies abilities.[20] Questions answered include "How does the temperature affect zombies' abilities? Do they run faster in warmer temperatures? Do they freeze if it gets too cold?"[19]

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Horror movies are great to watch and with winter coming along, its time that you stock up for those cosy nights in. YouTube offers a wonderful list of horror movies that you can stream for free. These movies are full length and they might even scare you more than those that are on circuit at the moment. They are made all over the world and they might even inspire you to make one of your own. Here is our list of top 20 free full length horror movies on YouTube.

Director Sudipto Sen brings this English Bollywood movie to YouTube. It was initially released in 2008 and was shot in India. The movie is about a young newly wedded couple who find themselves on a journey from their corporate world to the spiritual environment of the Himalayas. It is a story about the superficialism in this middle-class Indian couple and how they are confronted with the cosmic beliefs of Buddhism. The Last Monk is the figure that speaks the truths that they do not want to hear, and it addresses prominent social issues in our global society.

Released in 2007 in India by director Shripal Morakhia, Naina brought lots of controversy to the country. The story is about a young girl who damages her eyes after viewing a solar eclipse. She receives a corneal transplant but her new set of eyes allows her to see ghosts. Follow her on her journey as she has to dodge the dead during her daily activities and deal with the supernatural.

You saw Godzilla; now get ready for Supercroc! This USA horror was released in 2007 and comes from the mastermind of director Scott Hall. It centres around the city of Los Angeles that has to fight a giant, killer reptile before it destroys the town. The security forces are useless and troops of soldiers are assigned to intercept the croc on its path to destruction. The stakes are high against the reptile but will it be enough for the citizens to be saved and the soldiers to save the day?

Wolf Girl is the perfect wolverine-like horror for you to settle into on a chilly night in. This Hindi-based movie was released in 2001 by director Thorn Fitzgerald. The story follows a young girl who has a rare disease in which she grows hair all over her face and body. As part of the freak show circus, she is often ridiculed by teens in the towns they perform in. She finds a friend whose mother is an experimental drug developer and slowly starts injecting herself with the mysterious drug in an attempt to be normal. However, she is unaware of the side effects.

The first instalment of the hit horror franchise, Wrong Turn, is now translated in Tamil for Indian viewers to enjoy. This American horror was directed by Rob Schmidt and was released in 2003. The film follows the story of a group of students who find themselves in the woods and start hearing and seeing strange things. Eventually they start to sense the danger as they are confronted with a group of mutilated cannibals who love to inflict pain on anyone who crosses them. Its a race for these students to escape and go back home as fast as they can.

This Indian horror was directed by Rajeev Virani and was released in 2010. The story follows an unhappily married pregnant woman who has to unexpectedly travel back to her hometown of Mauritius in order to take care of her father. What she doesnt know is that the house she has lived in is now possessed by her twin sister who died when they were just 5 years old. It is up to her husband to save his wife and unborn child from the malevolent spirit that poses a threat to their bodies and souls.

This horror is said to be the inspiration of the famous horror film, The Grudge. It was released in 2003 by Japanese director Takashi Shimizu and has been translated for Tamil audiences. The story follows a volunteer social assistant in Japan who is assigned to visit a family. Upon her visit she is cursed by two vengeful spirits, Kayako who was brutally murdered by her husband, and her son Toshio. Each person who lives or visits the house is horrifically murdered and killed.

The Bollywood-horror Na Ka Inteqaam was released in 2009 by director Kodanda Rami Reddy. The film stars Mumait Khan, Rajeev Kankala, Aditya Ohm, and Vinod Kumar. It brings you the best of the both worlds and allows you to see how these characters have to battle it out in terrifying circumstances in order to save their lives. Look forward to classical Bollywood songs and horrible jump scares as you are thrilled in your seat from beginning to end.

The 2008 English Horror film, The Sickhouse, has experienced a lot of success on YouTube. Director Curtis Radclyffe seems to have outdone himself when it comes to creating a suspenseful atmosphere online. It stars actors such as Gina Phillips, Alex Hassel, and Kelley Shirley. The story is about a young London archaeologist that hears about her research excavation site will be demolished in the morning. Stubbornly, she breaks into the site during the night to find evidence that will postpone the demolition. At the same time, 4 young drunks make their way into the building and are attacked by a ghost. The archaeologist arrives in the nick of time to tend to one of the guys but she soon finds out that they are trapped.

Zombie Apocalypse is always a good idea for a scary movie night. This English horror was released in 2010 by director Ryan Thompson. The movie follows the story of 2 college roommates who walk out of a bar and are confronted by the walking dead. Luckily, one of them has skills with an axe and the other is an avid video gamer. Along with a third member of their crew they are forced to survive until dawn. Along their journey they meet strangers who might or might not lead them into peril.

Another proud addition to the online Indian cinema is Six Telugu, a chilling horror that will send shivers down your spine. It was released in 2012 by director Srikanth Lingaad. It stars actors such as Jagapathibabu, Gayathri Iyer, Rajesh, and Surya. Join the main characters on a scary mission in which they must fight malevolence in order to survive. It is a story that is filled with deep twists and turns and it will leave you on the edge of your seat during the entire length.

Nothing is scarier than the Texan roadside. This 2012 horror was directed by Scott Kirkpatrick and deserves a special spot in our top 20 YouTube horror movies. It follows the story of 5 college students who decide to take a detour whilst travelling to their spring break destination. They end up in a town where one of them believes her sister went missing two years ago. After encountering a few locals they hit the road again, but their car malfunctions. They soon learn that this town is known for its missing person reputation and they soon discover the secrets that lie beneath.

An American horror that should be on your watch list is 3 Tunnels 2 Hell. It was released in 2014 and was directed by James Beckett. The film follows the story of a group of campers who visit a remote island in the Pacific Northwest that has been undisturbed for over 20 years. The tranquillity of the camp is broken when they discover an old bunker and tunnel complex and the diseased inhuman breeds that occupy them. An investigation then reveals that the warship was on its way to the US from Africa, but left unreturned after 40 years. Along with its secrets it was covered up.

This 2010 Hindi horror movie was released by director V. Samudra. It follows the story of a woman who gives birth to a baby girl who is the identified as a goddess. She grows up and is married to an orphan from the same village of her birth. An interesting ending to a wonderfully spiritual movie.

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Luckily with our Zombie games, you can practice for the worst-case scenario, prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and headshot your way through the afterlife.

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A zombie is a reanimated corpse, and you probably already knew that, though. The word originates from Haitian folklore. The original zombie stories often used magic or known commonly as voodoo to explain the ability for the dead to walk. In these stories the dead may have been deceased for years before becoming a zombie. A boker or a witch is said to use black magic and necromancy to summon the dead. In these stories the zombies have no will of their own and are under the control of the bokor.

The earliest use of the English word zombie was recorded in the early 1800s. The early tales of the zombie were introduced in books. One influential novel Frankenstein, used technology to reanimate the dead. With some influence taken from gothic romanticism, the zombie continued to evolve. In the stories written by H. P. Lovecraft, more ideas of the undead are explored. One example was Cool Air that featured a doctor that used refrigeration to prevent his body from decomposing.

Starting in the mid and late 1900s, film zombies became what we think of today as a modern zombie. The undead were typically infected by a pathogen, scientific accident, or under the control of a fatal virus. These distinct zombies crave human flesh or brains. Their bite would infect more people, turning them into zombies. Although slow and thoughtless as individuals, these zombies could sometimes form large groups. Films helped popularize the evolution of the fast zombie, which was slow until disturbed.

In the 1990s, Japanese consoles paved the way for zombies in video games. Most notably, Resident Evil and The House of the Dead. One of the earliest online zombie games was a game called De-animator where zombies would approach from the side. The player would control a pistol and needed to shoot the zombies before they approached. Since then, browser based zombies games have come a long way.

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Zombie – Monsters – D&D Beyond

Describe the following to your players to provide better immersion - (show, don't tell during their first encounter):

The medium undead reanimated corpse shambles about in a jerky, uneven gait without fear or hesitation. Drawn from the grave, half decayed and partially consumed by worms, it wears the tattered moldering remains of its burial clothes. A rank odor of death and decay hangs heavy in the air.

In addition, you might want to allow them an Intelligence -Religion check to know the following (accumulated - a roll of 25 or above would know all):

DC5 (very easy): attacks witha slam

DC10 (easy): moves slowly

DC15 (medium): does not have any damage resistances nor damage vulnerabilities

DC20 (hard): attacking the creature with poison has no effect - ability to regenerate health unless attacked with radiant damage or a critical strike

DC25 (very hard): immune to beingpoisoned- darkvision out to 60'

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Zombie | Minecraft Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

ZombieTechnical Name


Zombies are melee, hostile mobs that spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or less. They are found within nearly all Minecraft biomesand burn in the daylight.

Zombies are sometimes considered the least dangerous hostile mob in the game because they are slow and can only use close-range melee attacks. However, it is possible for several zombies to collaborate and attack as a team (referred to as a siegeor horde), making them more difficult to overcome. Zombies come in many different variations as well, each with their own unique attacking abilities, or inflict a certain effect.

A zombie will target a player when he or she is within a 40 block radius. Zombies can jump 1 block up and will crowd around doors when in pursuit of players and villagers (in Hard mode, they will break wooden doors down). Zombies also occasionally spawn with the ability to equip dropped armor and weapons. Any item equipped in this way will be dropped after the zombie is killed. Zombies will also not drop down into an area if the ledge is taller than five blocks.

Zombies spawn in unlit areas either above ground or underground. They will attempt to break down one's door. When the sun rises, they will burn to death above ground if they aren't under a solid block and don't have a helmet. As of 1.2.3, they also have a chance of spawning with a pumpkin or jack o' lantern on their head (during Halloween), wearing a random type of armor or wielding an iron sword or shovel.

Occasionally, zombies will attack villagers. However, zombie villagers can be healed by using a splash potion of weakness on them and then giving them a golden apple. They heal faster by making a makeshift jail cell for the villager with iron bars and a bed.

When killed, zombies drop 02 pieces of rotten flesh. Rotten flesh can be eaten by a player, but it has an 80% chance of giving a player Food Poisoning. Rotten flesh can safely be used to heal and breed tamed wolves without any risk of the wolf being poisoned, as wolves are immune to rotten flesh poisoning. Also, players can trade rotten flesh with cleric Villagers.

Because they also drop carrots and potatoes on occasion, a player can use a zombie Mob Spawner from a dungeon to potentially collect carrots and potatoes in order to start or supplement a vegetable garden.

Zombies will rarely drop shovels, swords, carrots, potatoes, and armor (if equipped). The looting enchantment increases the chance for these items to drop. Zombies can spawn with and drop Chain Armor. These items will only drop from zombies killed by a player.

A Golden-armored Zombie, as of 1.6

A baby Zombie, spawned with a Spawn Egg.

Zombies are easily identified by their green skin and blue shirts. They also wear dark blue/purple trousers and are the only mobs that are dressed like the default player (Steve). This makes them easy to identify if playing on single player, due to the fact that there are no other players. They make constant moaning noises when they are nearby, giving away their location and allowing a player to prepare to fight. This can be used when mining underground. Following the moaning noises can assist a player in finding a cave, or dungeon.Other zombie types wear different clothing. (eg. a Husk wears a desert outfit) The zombie villager used to wear the same outfit as a zombie, but later got changed to what the village would have been wearing in a later update.

One of the rarest mobs in the game: the Chicken Jockey.

Baby zombies are a mini version of regular zombies which have a rare chance to spawn in either Creative Mode or Survival Mode, with cheats, or with a spawn egg. In 1.6.2, normal baby zombies would spawn, but rarely. Since 1.7, it is now common for a baby zombie to spawn, and there is an extremely rare chance for a baby zombie to spawn riding a chicken. This is called a chicken jockey. As of 1.13, baby zombies now burn in sunlight(except for zombie pigmen and husks). Baby zombies (and their counterparts) are the same as zombies with these exceptions:

Baby villagers are made by villagers when there are a sufficient amount of doors in a village. Baby villagers may turn into baby zombie villagers when they are killed by zombies.

Because they can only use melee attacks, they're easy to farm if one is prepared correctly. Just get a ladderin a building 4 blocks high with a roof, then make a door , and then attack a zombie, and then let him follow. Then, when the zombie comes in, shut the door, climb up the ladder, and get out. Also, placing glass around the building allows for a good view. Just make a hole 4 blocks deep, and then put a trap door at the top, and then follow it with redstone with a lever, then pull the lever when a zombie comes.

Another way to farm zombies is to wall off a zombie spawner, make a hole a single block-wide into the spawner, and chop at the zombies' feet. Make sure to be sealed off from the surrounding cavern, if applicable, and be careful. Baby zombies can still run through the hole and attack. This will have the benefit of collecting massive quantities of rotten flesh, as well as the possibility of harvesting carrots, potatoes, and the occasional iron ingot.

The most basic way is to find a dungeon with a spawner in it, then make a 2 block high pit, which then you can safely kill them all. Extending pit depth to around 10 blocks will allow the player to kill zombies more easily after they're weakened by damage from falling.

Zombies are somewhat easy to defeat. They are slow and have no ranged attacks, but if shot with an arrow, they will attack with however many zombies are next to it. They will also do the same if attacked with a sword (As of 1.5). Zombies can be defeated with any weapon. A good sword will easily dispatch a zombie. The only hazard about zombies is their tendency to spawn in groups, which makes them a danger for unprepared or unskilled players. They are also capable of spawning with armor, giving them extra durability. Zombies wearing headgear will not burn up in sunlight, but their headgear's durability will eventually run out and break, leaving it exposed to the Sun. Also, be aware that, since 1.6.4, zombies will call other zombies to "help." Within seconds, more zombies will pursue a player. The way to prevent this is to kill the zombie as quick as possible.

Regular zombies wear default (Steve-like) clothing, and are the most basic and common type of zombie. They were the second hostile mob to be added followed by the human mob, which was removed.

Zombie villagers are zombies that have a 5% chance to spawn in place of a regular zombie. They also spawn when a villager successfully gets killed by a zombie. This will also happen on the current difficulty. As of 1.11, zombie villagers have new sounds.

Husks spawn in deserts. They have an 80% chance to spawn under the desert sky in place of a regular zombie. Unlike regular zombies though, husks don't burn in sunlight, and can also inflict the hunger effect.

Unlike most other zombies, zombie pigmen are neutral. They will also not chase villagers. Zombie pigmen only spawn in the Nether, or when a pig is struck by lightning. They will also spawn holding a gold sword and are immune to fire damage.

Zombie horses are passive mobs and cannot be spawned in normal gameplay. However, they can be summoned via commands or by a spawn egg in the creative inventory.

Drowned are hostile zombie-like mobs, that, similar to the husk, spawn in exclusive biomes, but only in the ocean. They meet the criteria, as they drop rotten flesh. They do have a rare chance to wield a trident or a fishing rod, and have an 8.5% chance to drop them. Drowned mobs will also chase villagers.

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BAD WOLVES Zombie Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1]Another head hangs lowlyChild is slowly takenAnd the violence causes silenceWho are we mistaken?

[Pre-Chorus]But you see, it's not me, it's not my familyIn your head, in your head, they are fightingWith their tanks and their bombsAnd their bombs and their dronesIn your head, in your head, they are crying

[Chorus]What's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombieWhat's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombie, oh

[Verse 2]Another mother's breakingHeart is taking overWhen the violence causes silenceWe must be mistaken

[Pre-Chorus]It's the same old theme in 2018In your head, in your head, they're still fightingWith their tanks and their bombsAnd their guns and their dronesIn your head, in your head, they are dying

[Chorus]What's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombieWhat's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombie, oh

[Bridge]It's the same old theme in 2018In your head, in your head, they are dying

[Chorus]What's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombieWhat's in your head, in your head?Zombie, zombie, zombie, oh

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Zombie Villager Official Minecraft Wiki

Zombie Infection! The disease is spreading! "Uuuuhh, ooohhh"...

Zombie villagers are variants of zombies that can be cured into normal villagers using golden apples and weakness potions.

Zombies that are not husks have a 5% chance of naturally spawning as zombie villagers. This does not seem to include spawning from a zombie spawner as found in dungeon.[verify]

In BedrockEdition, old-version zombie villagers always spawn naturally[until BE 1.13.0], while version-2 zombie villagers spawn when villagers are killed by zombies, or from an igloo's basement.Unemployed plains zombie villager spawn naturally regardless of biomes.[upcoming: BE 1.13.0]

Zombie villagers can also spawn from zombies killing villagers. If any type of zombie kills a villager, there is a chance for the villager to transform into a zombie villager.

A cleric zombie villager appears alongside a cleric villager in every igloo basement. Zombie Villagers spawn also in zombie villages. Zombie villagers that spawn in zombie villages have the behavior to avoid direct sunlight and never despawn.

Zombie villagers have their own spawn egg, which can be found inside the creative inventory. This spawn egg spawns a zombie villager when used.

Baby zombie villagers make up 5% of zombie villager spawns. They behave similar to regular zombie villager, with the following oddities:

Baby zombie villagers are spawned when a zombie kills a baby villager, the chance of infection being the same as adult zombie villagers. Baby zombie villagers also spawn naturally, but the combined chance (5% villagers 5% babies) is very low at 0.25% (or 1 in 400 chance) of all newly spawned zombies.

Along with skeletons and regular zombies, some zombie villagers are capable of picking up dropped items. These zombie villagers automatically hold any item they come across (except that jack o'lanterns[Java Edition only], mob heads and pumpkins are worn on their heads), and use any armor, weapons, or tools picked up. If they encounter another similar item, they pick it up and drop their previous item:

Items dropped by mobs in exchange for another cannot be picked up by players or mobs for 10 game ticks (0.5 seconds, barring lag), but can be picked up by hoppers.

Armor worn by zombie villagers is not damaged from most damage sources, which means it cannot "wear out" the way player armor does. Helmets (not blocks like pumpkins) on zombie villagers can wear away and break, if the zombie villager is exposed to daylight or has an anvil or other falling block dropped on its head. Zombie villagers also have a natural armor rating of 2(), which gives 1.6 - 4% damage reduction from most sources.Farmer Zombie villagers are immune to sunlight due to having a hat.[verify]

Some zombie villagers capable of picking up items spawn already in possession of such items, and those items may also be enchanted. The chances of that event are listed below. If a zombie villager spawns wearing multiple pieces of armor, the armor is never mismatched (i.e. all pieces are made of the same material).

If a zombie does spawn with armor, the chances of specific armor are as follows:

The chances of it being of a particular material are:

Any zombie villager that spawns with equipment (picked-up items don't count) drop 13 extra experience per item.

A zombie villager retains its biome and profession after conversion from a villager. They also retain their trades. Below is a table of the variant and what workstation it required before zombification.

Below is a table listing the various professions, along with the specific job site block that each profession requires:

When they die, zombie villagers drop 02 Rotten Flesh. The maximum drop is increased by 1 per level of Looting, for a maximum of 0-5 with Looting III.

They can also drop an iron ingot, carrot, or potato when killed by a player or tamed wolf. This drop has a 2.5% chance of occurring, increasing by 1% per level of looting. Individual items have the following chances of dropping:

Any picked-up equipment has a 100% chance of dropping and drops with the same damage level it had when picked up.

Adult zombie villagers drop 5 experience and an additional 13 experience per naturally-spawned equipment. Baby zombie villagers drop 12 experience.

If a zombie villager wearing a carved pumpkin or jack o'lantern[Java Edition only] is killed using a weapon that is enchanted with Looting, there is a chance equivalent to the level of Looting used to drop the pumpkin or jack o'lantern, up to a maximum of a 3% chance of a drop.

Zombie villagers behave as ordinary zombies, but their character model's head and face is reminiscent of that of a villager, shaded with a darker green hue. Zombie villagers retain their professions and clothes, which have a tattered appearance. Naturally spawned zombie villagers (or ones spawned with spawn eggs) have a random profession that is not retained upon being cured; instead, they become unemployed unless a job site block is nearby. Zombie villagers can also spawn with the unemployed outfit or the Nitwit outfit. Baby zombie villagers are always unemployed.

Unlike regular zombies, zombie villagers do not drown, and remain unchanged from being submerged.

Like zombies, they trample turtle eggs to destroy them.

Zombie villagers can be cured by using a golden apple (regular) on them while they are under the effects of Weakness, which can be applied by:

A loud sizzling sound is heard if successful, particles appear around the zombie villager, and it begins to shudder. The curing process takes 25 minutes, during which time the zombie villager behaves as a normal zombie. Conversion can be sped up approximately 4% by surrounding the zombie villager with iron bars and/or bed blocks within a 999 cube centered on the zombie villager.[1] ConversionTime is determined by picking a random integer between 3600 and 6000, decreasing by 1 on each game tick. On every tick there's a 1% chance for the game to look for iron bars and/or beds, within a 9x9x9 cube centered on the villager, and each one found has a 30% chance to decrease the ConversionTime by 1 more for that tick. When the ConversionTime reaches 0 the zombie villager transforms into a villager, with the same biome and profession as the zombie villager (if it is an old-version zombie villager, the biome depends on where the curing takes place, and the profession is random).

If the zombie villager is wearing any armor or wielding tools or weapons, those items disappear when the villager is cured and are not dropped on the ground.

The newly-cured villager offers a large discount on their trades to the player who cured them, along with any other villagers in the area. The discounts from curing a zombie villager persist depending on whether the player trades with the cured villager, 4 in-game days or longer.[more information needed][2] It is also possible for cured villagers to become nitwits, meaning that they cannot offer discounted trades. In JavaEdition, this spreads major_positive gossip part of the villager gossip system.

A zombie villager cannot be cured by switching from Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty to Peaceful; they simply despawn like all other monsters.

Java Edition:

Bedrock Edition:

Zombie villagers have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.

Note:this video is outdated as of village and pillage zombie villagers got a new texture.

Issues relating to "Zombie Villager" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

The original zombie villager texture.

The zombie villager textures added in 15w35a.

The Zombie Villagers from 18w50a.

A glitch that occurs when baby villager zombie 'wears' a wither skeleton skull.

A zombie villager in a full set of golden armor.

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For a similar enemy, see Cyborg Zombie.For other uses, see Zombie (disambiguation).ZombieThe faction emblem seen in the Turned game mode.Active1292 onwards (Dimension 63)2061 onwards (Exo Zombies)

1943 onwards (Nazi Zombies)80 BC Onwards (Chaos Story)

Zombies are deceased humans that have been reanimated by various means and serve as the primary antagonistic force of the Zombies, Exo Zombies, Infinite Warfare Zombies and Nazi Zombies game modes. They also appear in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gametype Exo Survival as a bonus wave on the mapRiot. In the original Zombies mode, they are created by Element 115; in Exo Zombies, they are the product of an Atlas program gone wrong, and in Infinite Warfare Zombies, they are used by Willard Wyler with the intention of killing four actors for a snuff film. They also appear in theCall of Duty: Black Ops III campaign level "Demon Within", and in Nightmares mode, controlled by the Demigod Deimos.

Though the origin of the zombies remains mostly unclear, various incidents leading up to the creation of the zombies can be found via radio messages found in various maps. Itwas caused byElement 115 an element found in meteors thatcan reanimate dead cells. A meteor containing Element 115 is shown in the map Shi No Numa outside in the storage hut area. Meteor fragments can be seen on Kino der Toten, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, Origins, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Revelations. Meteors can also be seen on the Moon whenever it is visible.

The earliest sighting of zombies was in France, during the First World War, sometimes between 1917 and 1918, where the Germans first uncovered Element 115. However, zombies have existed since the Middle Ages, as seen by both the Crusader Zombies and the Templar Zombies found in France.

While working with Element 115 to power new weapons and the teleporters, Dr. Ludvig Maxis, a German scientist, discovered it could also reanimate dead cells and created an undead army. Unfortunately, this army could not be controlled as the zombies would always go berserk when tested. Edward Richtofen, Maxis' assistant, believed Maxis was not acting quick enough and decided to betray him to further the research.

One day, Maxis used his daughterSamantha's dog, Fluffy (who was pregnant), as a test subject for his teleporter. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong and Fluffy transformed into the first Hellhound. After this event, his assistant, Richtofen, set his plan into motion when he locked Maxis and Samantha in the teleporter room with the mutated Fluffy.

In Ascension, it is revealed that some Soviet monkeys that were sent to the moon came into contact with Element 115 and were zombified in the process.

By the time of Moon, Crawler Zombies have further mutated into Phasing Zombies, which are able to teleport short distances at fast speeds.

After the discovery ofPrima Materia, a group only known as "the Nine" created theSentinel Artifactstoharness and contain the powers of Prima Materia. These Sentinel Artifacts, upon activation, will create a Trial to prove an individual "worthy", transforming people into Zombies and various other undead creatures as enemies to fightwithin their Trial.

In Exo Zombies, the Atlas Corporation deployed massive amounts of Manticore bio-weapon, intending to end the prison riot in New Baghdad. Instead, the deceased rioters were reanimated into mindless creatures, Zombies.

Doctor Peter Straub was requested by the Fhrer Adolf Hitler to create a type of soldier that does not rest, fear or shy from the shadow of death. He joined Heinrich Himmler's Ahnenerbe and was informed by Klaus Fischer that the hilt of a legendary sword belonged to the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa was discovered within a mining town of Mittelburg, Bavaria. Straub and Heinz Richter's men investigated in the town and acknowledged that the hilt is protected by a magnetic force. Straub and his men siphoned the energy from the hilt. Two guards were killed by the force during an experiment and soon were reanimated. The dead guards attempted to kill Straub before more guards to arrive. Straub named the new energy "Geistkraft" and used it to conduct through the human nervous system, which activates the most primitive parts of the human cerebellum. Straub augmented the reanimated corpses' strength and speed, thus he created Zombies.

InHouse,OverlookandFacility, the zombies are of unknown nationality. Their eyes glow red, similarly to the zombies inDead Ops Arcade, Mob of the Dead and Gorod Krovi. It features the return ofHellhounds, although they look less hairy and are not on fire. They also don't appear on their own round; they come with normal zombies. The player must open the firstdoor for them to start coming.

InTemple, the zombies are Vietnamese soldiers. They act the same as the ones from the other Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS) maps. They retain the red eyes like the zombies from the other maps, too. Unlike the otherCall of Duty: Black Ops (DS)maps, it does not haveHellhounds.

In Green Run, Nuketown Zombies,Die Rise,and Buried,the zombies have now gotten more numerous and now have blue eyes due to Richtofen's control (Richtofen switches souls with Samanthaand becomes demonic announcer at the beginning of round 25 in Nuketown Zombies). In Die Rise some zombies have armor that gives them a small amount of extra health. This extra health is only really noticeable on rounds 1 and 4; it takes two knife slashes to kill a zombie on round 1, and 4 slashes on round 4.

In Mob of the Dead, the zombies now have red eyes due to the map taking place in Purgatory, meaning the "zombies" in the map could be more demonic in nature.

InBuried, zombies are now dressed in American western attire, such as cowboys, prospectors and barmaids. The traditional blue eyes return, as the map is set during Richtofen's control, however should the player choose to follow Maxis in all three Easter Eggs the eyes will glow orange, as Maxis gains control of them.

In Origins, the zombies return to the classic yellow eyes, as it is explained in-map that Samantha is once more in control of them (through whether it is the same Samantha that talks to the players or a younger version is not fully explained). However, the Crusader Zombies have white or purple eyes, with the most popular and accepted theory being that they do not listen to any Demonic Announcer and simply act on primitive survival instincts. This would make sense, seeing as they would have been zombified long before the ancient ruins were discovered.

In Exo Zombies the eye color of a zombie indicates the type of zombie rather than its "master" or one in control, and they all appear together at the same time. Yellow eyes indicate a regular zombie. Blue eyes would indicate that a zombie has EMP or teleporting abilities. Red eyes would indicate a fast moving Charger or spiked zombie. Green eyes indicate an explosive or host zombie. White eyes indicate a zombie with tactical armor.

Zombies in Infinite Warfare have different clothing depending on the time a zombie's map takes place. For example, zombies in Zombies in Spaceland have 80s style clothing, while zombies in Attack of the Radioactive Thing have 50's style clothing. The Zombies' eyes usually glow yellow unless the player is downed, in which case the player sees zombies with red eyes along with a horizontal lens flare.

In Nazi Zombies, all zombies wear Wehrmacht uniforms covered with bloodstains. They have dislocated jaws and their body parts are ripped apart, exposing the skeleton and organs of their body, such as intestines.

While zombies exhibit a variety of features and behaviors depending on their location, some formerly-human undead prove to be an almost entirely different monster. There are even some that were not human to begin with.

The zombie variants include:

Hellhounds are dogs that appear in ever one of Treyarch's games with a Zombies games and their mobile spinoffs. They are a vicious and murderous type of enemy that appears on Shi No Numa and Der Riese on Call of Duty: World at Waras well as appearing onCall of Duty: Black Opsin Kino der Toten, Dead Ops Arcade, Moon, on Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS)inHouse,Facility,Overlook, Call of Duty: Black Ops II in Green Run maps, but only in customization of a privatematch, and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIinThe Giantand Der Eisendrache. A rumble of thunder and an ominous guitar note will be heard at the start of a Hellhound round, as well as the Demonic Announcer saying "Fetch me their souls!" at the start of the round on Call of Duty: Black Ops, and after the first Hellhound spawns in Call of Duty: World at War.

On these rounds, the arena becomes foggy. They are the puppies of Fluffy, Samantha's pet dog who Richtofen and Maxis turned into the "Original Hellhound". They possess the ability to teleport (but only use it to appear on the map), and they appear with a bolt of lightning marking where they spawned at. The ground rumbles when a Hellhound has spawned nearby. They are weaker in terms of attack power and health than normal zombies, but are also much faster and may spawn anywhere on the map, rather than fixed positions.

After round 16 on Der Riese, Hellhounds spawn at the same time as the regular zombies, but also still get separate rounds where they appear alone. When the last Hellhound of the round is killed, it will drop a Max Ammopower-up. When a Hellhound round ends in Der Riese and Kino der Toten, "Beauty of Annihilation" is heard. The same goes for Pentagon Thief rounds in "Five" and Space Monkey rounds in Ascension. "Five" and Kino der Toten, both from Call of Duty: Black Ops, feature a new kind of zombie calledCrawler Zombies. The Crawler Zombies is a zombie that crawls on all fours (hands and feet). It emits an "aura" of Nova Gas upon death, unless it is killed by a Ray Gun, Thundergun, explosives or melee weapons. Apparently, the Crawler Zombies were a failed experiment by Maxis, according to Richtofen.

InCall of Duty: Black Ops (DS), Hellhounds look less fluffy and are not on fire, but still look badly burnt.They do not come on their own round; they come in with other zombies after opening the first door on the map.

Ascension features its own exclusive "special round" enemy, the Space Monkeys. In-game, they appear in the same manner as the Hellhounds that they replaced. There is a misconception that in order for them to be able to appear, the player would have to have the power turned on and that one player has to have a perk. When a Space Monkey round begins, the map turns into a yellowish-color for a moment, then the map turns dark-orange, with an alarm buzzer being heard, and the cosmodrome's announcer saying "Warning, re-entry detected. All security personnel on high alert." Space Monkeys will appear and try to steal the player's perks by jumping onto and attacking the Perk-a-Colamachines. If the player is too close to a monkey, it will jump, and upon landing, releasing gas that impairs vision and movement. They can also damage the player directly. If they are all killed before they can even touch a perk machine, they will drop a Max Ammo and the Random Perk Bottlepower-up, which gives the player a free perk.

In Call of the Dead, George A. Romero appears as a "special guest" boss zombie that follows the players around. He will continually follow players until he is killed. He is very difficult to kill due to his extremely high health, and when he is shot (or he hits a player) he will go into a "berserk" state and sprint after players when he is hit, although the water areas can be used to calm him down by running into them. Insta-Kill and Nukepower-ups are completely useless against him, and he will simply laugh when hit by a Nuke. He can also emit a special yell that causes all zombies in the vicinity to go into a very fast sprint, a feature not seen since Verrckt. Nearby zombies can absorb the electricity emitted from the stage light that he carries around as a weapon, and use it to stun the player upon contact. When he dies, he will drop the Death Machine and the Random Perk Bottlepower-ups. If the player that killed him has performed the Original Characters TrappedEaster egg, he will instead drop aLightning Boltpower-up, which when grabbed, is actually the Wunderwaffe DG-2. However, he is not permanently dead, and he spawns again after two rounds (including the round when he was killed).

InShangri-La, Zombie Monkeys appear for the first time. They can be seen around the edges of the map, but only enter the map when a power-up appears. They then take the power-up and randomize it on their back. They must be killed before they leave the map or the player will lose the power-up. If the player takes the power-up when the monkey is going for it, the monkey will chase and hit them before leaving

The Napalm Zombie walks extremely slow and will kill zombies in his path to reach the player. When he reaches a player or is killed, he explodes and leaves a patch of Napalm where he was.

Shrieker Zombies run extremely fast and will try to blind the player when they reach them. If they're killed while screeching, all of the surrounding zombies will be killed along with it.

Astronaut Zombies appear for the first time in Moon. They have high health and special abilities. When they reach a player, they will teleport them and steal a random perk. When killed, they explode and push the players backwards.

The zombies have varying speeds and movements, and some are exclusive to certain maps. These speeds are:

Zombies will only attack a player through melee attacks; they do not use weapons. Zombies can be gibbed, but will continue to attack the player even after having lost half of their limbs. Note that in-game, it is impossible to destroy a zombie's legs so that it will be forced to crawl if it is already missing an arm. Zombies will not continue to attack players who have been downed, instead continuing onwards to the next player as if the one who has been downed is not there.

Zombies typically chase after the closest player, and can be distracted by either approaching or attacking them. Alternatively, a Monkey Bomb and Lil'Arnie or a human who has been "turned" by the V-R11 will serve to divert their attention for a short time. Also, the Pack-a-Punched Crossbow, the Awful Lawton, the Pack-a-Punched Acid Gat, the Vitriolic Withering, and the Boom Boxacts as a distraction weapon.

In both Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops, zombies retain some vestiges of human behavior and intelligence. They are capable of limited speech, including shouting the words "Sam" when attacking the player, or "Monkey" when presented with a Monkey Bomb. Also slower moving Nazi zombies will at times appear to march. And in Ascension, zombified Spetsnaz soldiers will sometimes roll or sidestep to avoid being shot, a battle maneuver used by the group.

According to George Barkley, humans who are in the process of becoming a zombie suffer from short-term memory loss, psychosis, delusion, and paranoia.

According to the Classified intro cutscene and various reels, when not under the control of an entity within the MPD or APD, zombies are mindless and uncoordinated. However, when under the control of an entity within the MPD or APD, zombies act as a hivemind and can be effectively controlled and given orders.

The health of zombies increases with every round. Zombies start with 150 health on Round 1, and gain 100 health every round until round 9. Upon reaching round 10, their health is given a 1.1 multiplier every round.

For example, a zombie has 550 health on Round 5, 1045 on Round 10, 2710 on Round 20, 47295 on Round 50 and 5552108 on Round 100.

With any weapon, damage is applied to zombies. A head or neck attack will multiply weapon damage by 2.0, a chest or torso attack will multiply weapon damage by 1.5, and a limb or groin attack will multiply weapon damage by 1.0. It's recommended to use a LMG or other good high damaging/amount of ammo clip weapons and to use them when training zombies

Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are different than the zombies of Treyarch'sZombies mode. Their first appearance is in the final wave of Exo Survival on Riot. The player is notified of a Manticore launch and the map becomes covered in fallout waste, and then zombies begin to attack the player. These zombies are fast but have low melee damage compared to the ones in Treyarch's Zombies mode. They can be killed with a few shots from any weapon. Some zombies wear Exoskeletons and can use the boost ability. The players must survive until extracted by a Warbird. Completion of this wave rewards the player with a zombie character and armor for multiplayer.

Zombies also appear in the game mode Exo Zombies. They look and act more like the zombies from Treyarch's Zombies mode than the zombies in Riot. Some differences, however, include that they do lower damage, some have special powers, and more parts can be gibbed off at once. Furthermore, zombies wearing exoskeletons are capable of lunging, and may also dodge shots.

They are created by aManticorestrike. In the intel fromBio Lab,Ironsstates that Manticore has a second effect to regenerate cells that are possibly dead, but this was unconfirmed.

The Exo Zombie variants include:

In Nightmares mode, the zombies were created for use by the Demigod Deimos to destroy mankind.

The zombies in this mode are different from in Zombies mode in that they have much less health, sometimes only taking one shot to kill even from the MR6; however, health between zombies vary throughout missions.There are also several different versions, such as ones that are on fire and explode when killed, an EMZ-like electrified variant, and another electrified one with armor on.

The zombies in Infinite Warfare inhabit the maps played in-game, horror movies created by Willard Wyler that the four playable characters are sucked into. Wyler supposedly controls the zombies since he is heard as the announcer in-game. It is thought Wyler sold his soul to Mephistopheles (servant of The Devil) to make good films, which is supported by a cipher in the Pack-A-Punch room on Zombies in Spaceland, and would explain how he controls the zombies.

The Infinite Warfare Zombie variants include:

Zombies appear in Call of Duty: WWII's Nazi Zombies game mode. As opposed to earlier interpretations, the zombies here are the corpses of fallen soldiers in combat that were later, experimented and supposedly used as military weapons created by a new source of energy known asGeistkraftthrough the scientific research of German physics. The energy empowering these zombies supports their nervous system by the mechanical augmentations attached to them providing life even to the most gruesome and heavily repurposed monstrosities. According to the description for "The Final Reich" and Marie Fischer, the reason why these "weapons" intended to push back the allies were released into German territory is that the Germans themselves had no idea what they were dealing with. They will occasionally growl or yell out in a heavily distorted German voice, hinting that their brain is still active enough for basic intelligence. They have a very mangled appearance as most zombies appear to have dislocated jaws, jagged teeth, milky white eyes, and some in varying stages of decomposition, such as the Pest for an extreme example. This gives them a macabre and sickening appearance. Some of which probably appear out of nowhere terrifying its victim.

These zombies move fast, attack with moderate melee damage and are deadlier in groups. They can be killed with a few shots but some powerful weapons can overwhelm them with fewer shots. Special Zombies are equipped with hazards and weapons and have their own behavioral patterns.

The Nazi Zombie variants include:

A group of Japanese zombies.

A group of American zombies.

A group of Astronaut zombies.

A group of Russian zombies.

Another group of Russian zombies.

A group of Asian zombies.

A group of Chinese zombies.

A group of Alcatraz zombies.

A group of German zombies.

A group of zombies from the Exo Zombies trailer.

More zombies in Outbreak.

Zombies roaming the streets of Morg City.

Zombies seen in the opening cutscene.

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