Netflix’s New Horror Movie Has Users On The Edge Of Their Seats – We Got This Covered

Weve seen Samuel L. Jackson battle limbless reptiles in Snakes on a Plane, watched Harrison Ford kick ass as the president in Air Force One, enjoyed Wesley Snipes foiling a sky high terrorist plot in Passenger 57, followed Kurt Russell trying to resolve an airborne hostage situation in Executive Decision and scratched our heads as Robert Rodriguezs From Dusk till Dawn morphed from a crime thriller into a gonzo vampire movie halfway through.

If you put all of those titles into a blender, add a generous lashing of blood and dump it on top of a surprisingly emotional mother/son story, then youve got Blood Red Sky, Netflixs latest smash hit original film. The streamer is gaining a well-deserved reputation as the place to be for high concept genre mashups, and Peter Thorwarths bloodsucking adventure at 30,000 is the latest in a long line of wild ideas to have become instant audience favorites.

It didnt take a genius to figure out that Blood Red Sky was destined to top the most-watched charts just 24 hours after premiering on Friday, and as you can see from the reactions below, subscribers everywhere have been enjoying the slick, stylish and occasionally ultra-violent hybrid of horror and thriller.

Its a bold move to take a concept thats been done to death in action cinema like the plane is hijacked in midair by terrorists setup and then use it as the basis for a vampire story, but Blood Red Sky makes it work. Its not a perfect movie by any means, but its a damn fun one nonetheless, and its even better that the ending is as definitive as can be in an age where anything with a unique premise tends to close on a blatant sequel-baiting note.

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Netflix's New Horror Movie Has Users On The Edge Of Their Seats - We Got This Covered

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The Action Horror Movie That Has Netflix Subscribers Gripping Their Seats – Looper

Described by Letterboxd users as "From Dusk Till Dawn" meets Snakes on a Plane," the film's quickly-delivered twist reveals that Nadja is actually a vampire. Her attempts to quell the supernatural side effects of her condition were to protect her son's perception of her, but the dangerous flight left her no choice but to unleash her inner monster.

Her willingness to risk everything to save Elias naturally creates tension between the two. What child wouldn't be shocked to find out their parent is actually a vampire? film critic Brian Tallerico pointed to their dynamic as a strong point in "Blood Red Sky," but was critical of the execution of a fun idea. Giving a 1.5 out of four-star rating, he wrote that the film "misses its potential in some way in almost every scene" and expressed that it needed more "dumb fun."

On the other hand, Bloody Disgusting's Meagan Navarro was more impressed by the film's intensity and rated it four out of five skulls. She said the Netflix original "defies expectations" and called it a "surprisingly savage little gem that sticks with you."

The terrorist-hijacking-turned-vampire-hijacking thriller may not be for everyone, but horror fans are eager to check out Netflix's latest addition to the genre.

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The Action Horror Movie That Has Netflix Subscribers Gripping Their Seats - Looper

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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40 Best Horror Movies On Hulu [July 2021] – Looper

With plentiful streaming services to choose from, horror hounds have a bounty of choices these days. And sure, while on-demand entertainment may carry some troubling implications for our beloved local theaters, one of the significant boons of streaming is the increased odds of stumbling across new, and new-to-you, discoveries. For a horror fan (or the horror-curious), that may mean venturing into more international waters or taking a dip into under-seen cult favorites or buzz-worthy indie offerings.

Indeed, the horror films available on Hulu cover a surprisingly diverse range. There's a little something for everyone, no matter your genre taste. But the eternal movie night question remains: what to watch?

Well good news! To make the selection process easier, we've combed through Hulu's library and selected 40 of the best horror films currently streaming on the service. Our picks may not always gel with the critical consensus, but considering horror's enduring stigma amongst its more respectable peers, stumping for appreciated gems is pretty par for the course as far as the genre's concerned.

Updated on July 20, 2021: Hulu is constantly updating its selection with new, scary titles that'll have you gasping in fright. So please note that this article is updated monthly to reflect changes to Hulu's streaming availability.

It's the end of the world as we know it and that means zombies have learned how to break into a sprint. Two weeks after a deadly virus is set loose from a British animal testing facility, Jim wakes up from a coma to find London deserted and overrun with the walking (well,running) dead. Joining up with a small group of desperate survivors, Jim and company aren't sure who to fear more: the undead, or the emboldened humans taking advantage of the apocalypse.

A deadly "rage" virus that turns people into homicidal maniacs continues to tear its way through the British isles. Six months after the nation has been quarantined from the rest of the world and effectively left for dead, the international community concludes that the plague has run its course. A group of Americans set foot on the isles, only to quickly discover that the undead scourge is very much alive and kicking.

A recluse and self-taught chemist named Sean lives in a derelict caravan in the woods. During an unexpected withdrawal from his medication, Sean finds his quiet life upended by delusions, hallucinations, and an obsession to crack a forbidden age-old alchemical secret. Launching himself headfirstdown a dark path, Sean unleashes something far more sinister and demonic than he bargained for.

After an untimely demise at the bottom of a riverbed, a young couple with unfinished earthly business wind up haunting their New England farmhouse as poltergeists. When their attempts to spook the insufferable new owners (their groovy goth daughter Lydia, exempted), they're forced to make a drastic decision and summon an expert in the matter of haunting houses:Beetlejuice,the ghost with the most and a self-proclaimed "bio-exorcist." Just when their new tactics appear to be taking effect, the couple begin to suspect that the devious Beetlejuice has an agenda of his own.

The "Midsommar"of the Midwest may lack the polish of more prestigious adaptations of Stephen King's work. But when it comes to "creepy kids" in folk horror, "Children of the Corn" deserves its due, and has proven more influential as the years have progressed. The film tells of the arrival of a grim child preacher named Isaac, who arrives in small-town Nebraska with a morbid purpose:to convince the local children to murder every adult in town.

Look, evacuation orders exist for a reason. And sure, Haley's refusal to flee the oncoming hurricane is a noble one: her father is missing and she'll be damned if she's going to leave town without him. After finding her dad in dire straits, injured and distressed, the pair are trapped by the oncoming deluge with no time to escape the storm. As the waters rise, they quickly realize drowning might not exactly be their biggest problem. There's something in the water. Something big. Something scaly.

Based on Stephen King's 1979 novel of the same name, "The Dead Zone"begins when a promising young school teacher named Johnny is involved in a car crash that leaves him in a coma for five long years. When he wakes up, Johnny finds that he has acquired a strange gift (or is that a curse?): the ability to see the past, present, and future of anyone he touches. While attempting to move on with his life and come to terms with his new powers, Johnny looks into the future of an aspiring politician, and seeing a great darkness, decides to kill him.

When a mother returns home after extensive cosmetic surgery, her nine-year-old twin boys begin to doubt that this women is really who she says she is. When their maybe-mother's behavior becomes erratic and strange, their suspicions grow. Increasingly convinced that the woman is an imposter, and with none of the other adults in their lives believing them, the twins take matters into their own hands.

All right, look, we hear you: what business do we have recommending a film with azero percentrating on Rotten Tomatoes? Well, the fact of the matter is that "Graveyard Shift" a delightfully icky adaptation of one of Stephen King's lesser-known short stories is an absolute banger: a grimy working-class creature feature about a rat-infested textile mill, and the sadistic foreman who'll sacrifice anything, and anyone, to keep the mill running. With a top-shelf supporting performance by the legend Brad Dourif and some genuinely jaw-dropping creature design, "Graveyard Shift"is an underseen and clearly underappreciated genre gem. Mark our words!

Don't let that middling RT score fool you, this direct follow-up to Clive Barker's gory classic is one of the best horror sequels out there, somehow bloodier and more bananapants than its predecessor. Pickingright up where the original "Hellraiser" left off, "Hellbound"findsour tenacious final girl Kirsty has been committed to a mental hospital. But rather than dismissing her claims of a masochistic dimension of pain-loving demons, Doctor Channard jumps at the opportunity to realize his life-long dream and open a doorway to Hell.

Arrogant scientist Sebastian Caine is pretty sure he's cracked the code on invisibility, but with no available human test subjects, he volunteers his own body for the job. His fellow researchers aren't so sure someone so ... unstable ... should be allowed to exist unseen. And sure enough when the team fails to find a way to reverse Sebastian's invisibility, the scientist begins to lose what was left of his already fragile mind. A queasy, cynical, and utterly perverted look at what a depraved mind would do unobserved, "Hollow Man"is far more terrifying and devilish than its critical reputation suggests.

On an otherwise ordinary day, a giant mutated amphibian emerges out of the Han River and begins gobbling up anyone and everything in sight. Gang-du, a family man who works at a snack bar, watches as his only daughter, Hyun-seo, is carried away by the slimy creature. Later, quarantined by the military, Gang-du and his family decide to fight back against the oppressive government coverup when they receive a phone call from Hyun-seo who is still very much alive and trapped in the city's sewer system.

While spending the weekend at her mother's house in the outer reaches of Australian suburbia, whip-smart teenager Vicki Maloney is abducted by a demented couple intent on involving their new victim in their twisted games. Sensing her imminent murder, Vicki attempts to drive a wedge between her captors, hoping to secure her survival and even an opportunity for escape by driving the malicious pair apart. (Be warned this one gets really rough.)

As a narcissistic serial killer named Jack makes his way through various circles of hell, he proudly recounts the details of his most vicious crimes to his exasperated guide, Virgil. For Jack, these murders are towering works of art, created by an unappreciated genius. To Virgil and the audience, it becomes increasingly clear that Jack is a deluded (if dangerous) moron full of hot air.

In 15th century Paris, Jehen, the nefarious brother of the archdeacon of Notre Dame, is overwhelmed by lust for a Romani woman named Esmeralda.Jehen commands Quasimodo, the deformed bellringerof the church, to kidnap her. When his attempts to woo Esmeralda are foiled by the charming Captain Pheobus, Jehen abandonsQuasimodo and frames Esmeralda for the attempted murder of the captain.

The body of a young woman is discovered in an unspeakable state. She's the daughter of a retired police officer and the latest victim of a dangerous and unspeakably sadistic serial killer. Overcome by grief and an insatiable desire for vengeance, the woman's distraught fianc, a federal agent, decides to track down and eliminate the killer himself, even if that means tapping into his own monstrous, violent tendencies.

Unfairly maligned and mis-marketed at the time of its release and since reclaimed as a cult classic, "Jennifer's Body" tells of popular cheerleader Jennifer Check, whose titular body has become the new residence of an especially boy-hungry succubus. Concerned for Jennifer's sudden change in behavior (and appetites), the mouseyAnita "Needy" Lesnicki attempts to figure out what's happened to her former, and increasingly blood-soaked, friend.

Closely mimicking the uncanny gait of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," "Knives and Skin" kicks off with a high school student in an unnamed Midwest suburb going missing under mysterious circumstances. This in turn prompts a collective awakening in the town's teenage girls. And as the ripple of paranoia spreads throughout the community, the inhabitants of the town begin to unravel in response to the increasingly surreal situation.

In a morose Swedish suburb in the 1980s, a 12-year-old loner namedOskar befriends his new neighbor, Eli, a moody blood-sucking child who has been 12 for over 200 years. Relentlessly bullied at school by his sadistic classmates, Oscar finds security in his new friendship, and the pair form a deep bond as the local body count continues to climb.

Miss Caroline was able to leave her music career behind and become a children's teacher. Surely she can also handle a zombie outbreak? Teaming up with a kid's show personality named Teddy McGiggle (whose name is way too hilarious not to mention here), Miss Caroline will be damned if anything happens to her kids.

It's the late 1980s in Oslo, and an aspiring black metal musician named Euronymous would do anything to make it big with his band Mayhem. Mounting shocking and increasingly deranged publicity stunts to make a name for themselves, the band's horrific attention-seeking antics begin to spill over into reality with volatile, murderous results.

In the early 19th century, a young Irish convict nicknamed "Nightingale" pursues a British soldier through the Tasmanian bush. She's hellbent on exacting vengeance for the unspeakable acts of violence visited upon her and her family ... no matter the cost. An uncompromising modern take on an exploitation staple,"The Nightingale"is intense, hauntingly brutal, and not for the weak-stomached.

Raised in a remote all-female cult cut off from modern society, teenage Selah knows nothing of the outside world. Her whole life is ruled by the only male in the community: the Shepherd, adomineeringand increasingly volatile leader. When Selah begins to experience hellish visions and revelations during the group's pilgrimage to a new Eden, she starts to question the Shepherd's judgement.

Tasya Vos is an elite assassin; a deadly corporate mercenary who takes over the minds and bodies of unsuspecting victims to fulfil her deadly contracts. But she's beginning to lose herself in her work. Literally. And then her latest assignment gets the better of her, resisting her control and trapping her consciousness within a fleshy prison. Featuring tremendous performances and some of the most gripping gore in recent memory (a promise seldom met these days), "Possessor"is a genuine head trip well worth the crunching bones and shattered skulls.

It's Christmastime in rural Finland and a sinister archeological dig has found what they're looking for:the real Santa Claus. But this isn't the chubby, jolly Kris Kringleyou're liable to spot at a shopping mall this Santa's damn near feral, doesn't speak, eats raw flesh, and abducts children. Sure enough, local kiddies begin to disappear and the herds of reindeer begin to dwindle. When a local trapper and his precocious son capture the escaped mythological being, they attempt to sell the wretched creature back to the multinational company who sponsored the dig in the first place.

"The Relic"may not have a glowing RT score, but don't let that scare you off. This delightfully genre-shifting creature feature has imagination and bloodletting to spare. What begins as a hunt for a serial killer takes an unexpectedly primeval turn when an evolutionary biologist discovers the killer may not be altogether human. Oh, right, and it's lurking somewhere in a Chicago museum during the biggest fundraiser of the year.

An isolated teen named Chloe is confined to a wheelchair due to complications during her birth. She is homeschooled by her mother Diane, a controlling woman with a dark secret. When Chloe starts to suspect that there's something strange about her disability, she begins to ask difficult questions, kicking off an increasingly violent game of cat and mouse.

A quiet and newly devout hospice nurse named Maud becomes fixated on the idea of saving the soul of Amanda, a once-lively retired dancer whose body has become a gaunt, cancerous battleground. As Maud's obsession with Amanda's "degeneracy" twists and festers, her own not-so sanctimonious past starts to bubble up, threatening to tip the would-be saint's already ecstatic faith into a powderkeg of madness.

You know what they say:the sea holds many secrets. A marine biology student namedSiobhn finds herself stationed on a well-worn fishing trawler off the coast of Ireland. Siobhn'ssocial misgivings with crew are quickly eclipsed by the sudden realization that the trawler is in the clutches of an enormous, unimaginable creature. Stranded in the deep Atlantic, the crew begin to fall ill with a mysterious infection. It's up toSiobhn to break through the close-knit crew before it's too late.

A young woman named Amy is certain she is going to die tomorrow. She shares this revelation with her skeptical friend Jane, who shrugs off her emotional spiral as another alcoholic flare-up. Then, to her horror, Jane realizes that Amy's unshakable sense of imminent death is contagious. Together, Amy and Jane set off on what may very well be the last day of their lives, unwittingly spreading their infectious morbid conviction among their friend group.

A young Romanian woman named Elena works as a housekeeper for a wealthy Danish couple who cannot bear children. Desperate to own a home of her own, Elena agrees to act as a surrogate for the couple in exchange for an apartment for her and her son. While the doctors assure Elena that the pregnancy is normal, she becomes increasingly unnerved by strange events that seem to suggest otherwise.

Look, if you come into the possession of the 150-year-old skull of the Marquis de Sade, you should fully expect for things to get spooky. A collector and writer on the occult is offered the skull by an antiques dealer, only to learn that it was stollen from a fellow scholar and close friend. But disconcertingly, its former owner doesn't want it back, claiming that it has an evil, and even deadly, power.

Love is in the air. No, wait, that's liquified teenage flesh. Wait, what the heck is happening?A rom-com with an explosive twist, "Spontaneous" sees Mara's senior year become less about looking forward to the future and more about dodging the bloody remnants of her classmates when one of her peers blows up without warning. Before the powers that be can diagnose the unexpected explosion and scrape the viscera off the walls, another kid goes boom. With teenage angst now the least of her troubles, Mara begins to appreciate the smaller things in life.

A young American named Evan is looking to re-center himself after losing his mother to cancer and travels to Italy. There, he meets a beautiful, flirty genetics student named Louise. The pair hit it off and begin a spontaneous romance. Louise has a secret, and a monstrous one at that, but Evan is determined to make their relationship work, warts (and fangs, and tentacles ...) and all.

Overwhelmed by visions of the apocalypse, CurtisLaForche's small, but happy, life in rural Ohio begins to fall to pieces. As his terrifying dreams become more and more intense, he begins constructing a storm shelter in his family's backyard. With his erratic behavior becoming increasingly worrisome, the god-fearing Curtis is unsure if he is dealing with schizophrenia, supernatural telepathy, or something in between.

While accompanying his daughter on an express train to Busan, a selfish businessman finds himself in the midst of a viral outbreak that launches the country into chaos in the span of a few hours. As he and his fellow distraught passengers hurtle down the tracks, everyone must fight to survive and protect their loved ones as the horrors creep closer and closer, car by car.

Unbeknownst to humanity, a nocturnal war between vampires and werewolves has been waged for centuries. A proficient vampire warrior named Selene falls for an enigmatic human doctor named Michael, who has been targeted by the werewolves for unknown reasons. When it becomes clear that Michael is part of a bigger plan, Selene must choose between the man she loves and the vampire elders she serves. A surprise commercial hit that spawned four more films, "Underworld" is a camp-filled, gothic delight. Don't let that limp RT score fool you this is a stupendous, leather-clad slice of cheese.

A mysterious disease strikes a rural village in South Korea, inflicting its victims with a violent rash, homicidal behavior, and ultimately death. The locals claim the plague has something to do with the arrival of a strange outsider, and that the infection that grips the land is the result of spiritual, rather than physical, rot. A bumbling cop is on the case, overwhelmed by the task of separating fact from superstition to save his community and infected daughter.

A quiet man minding his own business finds himself stranded in a remote down after his car is damaged. To make some quick cash to pay for the repairs, he accepts a night shift as a janitor at Willy's Wonderland, an abandoned family entertainment center in desperate need of a good cleaning. But it turns out Willy's Wonderland was abandoned with good reason, and the man finds himself duking it out with the demonic, and very much alive, animatronics.

The wealthy but woefully dysfunctional Davison family are attacked by three crossbow-wielding masked men during a weekend getaway. While the assailants pick the Davisons off one by one, Erin, one of the children's significant others, turns out to be a born and bred survivalist. As she wields her talent for improvised home security, the hunters swiftly become the hunted.

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40 Best Horror Movies On Hulu [July 2021] - Looper

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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Hybrid horror-LGBTQ film shot in Danbury accepted to 20 festivals – Danbury News Times

Its only 16 minutes long, but those 16 minutes were enough to get a short film shot in Danbury accepted into film festivals around the U.S. and abroad.

Set on Candlewood Lake, the hybrid horror-LGBTQfilm Family History tells the story of Sam, who brings his new boyfriend Evan home on the anniversary of his mothers death to meet his stoic and standoffish father. The uncomfortable lunch meeting takes a turn when Sams dad brings up his late-wifes death, Evan goes missing and Sam is once again forced to confront the circumstances of his mothers passing.

The film, which will be screening at the Bridgeport Film Festival on July 23, has been accepted to 20 film festivals so far, according to co-producer Tom Ciuba, who used his own home on Candlewood Lake for the set. Ciuba has seen his film (and his kitchen) place in film festivals as far away as London at the SoHo Horror Film Festival and Greece at the Thessaloniki Free Short Festival, as well as in domestic film festivals such as the Durango Film Festival in Colorado and the Austin After Dark Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

The film has also won awards, including one for Best Screenplay for a Narrative Short at the Queens World Film Festival in Queens, N.Y. For Ciuba, the whole experience has been a gratifying one.

Its wild to see a place you live in and call home on film and on a big screen every day, or even on a computer screen, he said. We were really blessed to have an incredibly talented cinematographer named Brendan Banks, and he chose to shoot our home and the lake with fantastic lenses that gave a lot of character to the house and purposely made it feel creepy.

Equally gratifying was seeing a quick conversation with friend Mark J. Parker who ended up serving as the director, writer and fellow co-producer on the project transform from an idea to a completed short film. Ciuba and his husband Jeff invited Parker and his husband over to their Danbury home one weekend in the summer of 2018, and were commenting on their Candlewood Lake surroundings when they hatched an idea.

We started joking around with the idea of shooting a film, and were both diehard horror fans, he said. So we said right off the bat, OK, its going to be a horror movie. And since were both gay, we were like, Hey, lets get some representation in there for our community and lets make the two lead characters LGBT.

Within two days, Ciuba said Parker wrote a concept and a full script followed a month or two later. While Ciuba said the curse in the films plot is open to viewer interpretation, he and Parker find the message to lie in the dangers of homophobiaand how it can follow you for the rest of your life.

Eventually, the film was shot in October 2019 over a single weekend something that Ciuba is thankful for, given the COVID-19 pandemic followed just months later.

I dont know how we would have done this during the pandemic in such close quarters in our condo and have to mask up, he said. The plus side is because we had all this time on our hands during the early days of the pandemic and really didnt leave our house, we really scrutinized the post-production stage of this and made sure that what ended up being the final product was really truly what we wanted.

After Family History makes a stop at the Bridgeport Film Festival on Friday, Ciuba said it will head to a few other film festivals before hopefully becoming available on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Vimeo.

As for whats next for Ciuba, who works in public relations by day, he hopes to dedicate some time to another film project, this time a feature-length drama in the LGBTQsubgenre. For now, Ciuba is content with seeing Family History make the rounds at film festivals both near and far.

Its surreal, he said. Thats the best word I can use. I can remember from when I was 8 years old just burying myself in issues of Entertainment Weekly magazineSo seeing this on a big screen is really a dream come true.

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Hybrid horror-LGBTQ film shot in Danbury accepted to 20 festivals - Danbury News Times

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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13 Psychological Horror Movies That Will Destroy Your Brain For All The Wrong Reasons – GameSpot

These mind-melting movies are better left unwatched.

We all love a good psychological horror movie. There's nothing quite like being simultaneously terrified and made to really think hard about what you're watching--and there are plenty of good ones to go around that gain critical acclaim, cult appreciation, or sometimes both. But for every fantastic psychological horror movie to hit screens big or small, there seems to be an equal amount that are just--well. Sometimes just saying they're "bad" isn't enough.

From totally unnecessary sequels and reboots that miss the point of their fantastic predecessors to monster movies that conflate cool horror villain origin stories with real-world mental illnesses, bad psychological horror movies often fail on more than one level, and leave you wishing you'd saved yourself the time and read the wikipedia plot summary instead.

Still, sometimes it's best to come at these situations as well prepared as possible--so we've curated a list of 13 psychological horror movies you'll probably want to avoid. And if you don't want to take our word for it, give them a watch and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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13 Psychological Horror Movies That Will Destroy Your Brain For All The Wrong Reasons - GameSpot

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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‘Director’s Cut’ Ends the Season with Horror Film ‘The Field’ July 23 – PBS Wisconsin

July 20, 2021 Pete Schwaba

In the mood for some summertime horror? If so, please join me for a special encore performance of last falls Directors Cut Halloween special at 10 p.m. Friday, July 23. My guest is director Tate Bunker, who discusses his macabre film, The Field. Stick around to see the feature film at 10:30 p.m. on Directors Cut Presents.

The Field delivers classic Halloween creepiness. Set on a farm in Manitowoc County, the story follows a young couple, Ben and Lydia, who leave the Chicago rat race for a fresh start. Soon after arriving on the remote farm, Ben an aspiring photographer notices figures lurking in the photographs he takes, figures that were not there when he took the actual photos! According to Bunker, this is an original and unique mechanism in film. This technique sets the tone as this mysterious flick unravels.

As Ben and Lydia interact with the townspeople, they soon discover that a young girl disappeared on the farm decades ago. Personally, that would be enough for me to set a record for shortest farm ownership in history. I would put it up for sale faster than you can say John Deere.

The older version of the young girl is played by Veronica Cartwright, who is no stranger to the horror genre. In her 70s now, Cartwright appeared in such cult classics as Alien and The Witches of Eastwick. But she got her start as Cathy Brenner in Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds. For those of you reading this who are not film buffs, Alfred Hitchcock is commonly known in the film industry as just Hitchcock and is well worth a Google. One of the questions I was most excited to ask Bunker about was what it was like directing someone who was directed by Hitchcock and in the same genre.

Rounding out this impressive ensemble is Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Seinfeld), Barry Bostwick (Spin City, The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Wisconsins own indie film darling Mark Borchardt (American Movie, The Godfather of Green Bay). I rarely get to mention my own films in an actors credits, and let me say it feels glorious! Playing the young couple are Tim Higgins, who plays a great everyman, and Kara Mulrooney, who pulls off one of the best Hollywood screams Ive ever witnessed. She puts it to great use in one particular scene as she watches her husband walk with a strobe light through a field of ghosts. It is one of the eeriest and intense scenes Ive ever watched.

Ive wanted to interview Bunker for several years. Ive gotten to know him personally over the years by crossing paths with him at film festivals. His insights into this genre are authentic as hes directed horror before. A few years ago, Bunker wrote and directed the creepy Little Red, which also featured Mark Metcalf.

In addition to his filmmaking career, Bunker teaches film at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It was interesting to hear his take on the challenges that come from shooting scenes that involve an actor sitting and looking at his computer or talking on the phone, and the hurdles directors face to keep such scenes engaging, if not necessarily cinematic. I also asked him what it was like directing his wife (he is married to Kara Mulrooney). His answer did not include platitudes and was not canned in any way as he exuded true respect for Karas dedication to her craft.

The biggest challenge interviewing Bunker (or any director in our current times) was not having him sitting two feet away from me due to the actual horror of the COVID-19 pandemic which was spiking locally at the time of shooting this episode. Bunker and I discussed his film on the set via video monitors in different studios. Yes, be it the big or little screen, shooting always presents challenges even if you arent dealing with a pandemic! I suppose to look at this as glass half full, the coronavirus added another very real layer of eerie for this truly creepy film.

Please join me Friday, July 23 beginning at 10 p.m. for Directors Cut and Directors Cut Presents. We promise an evening of spooky Halloween/mid-summer fun on PBS Wisconsin, your home for independent film!

Alfred Hitchcock Barry Bostwick Cathy Brenner Director's Cut Directors Cut Presents Halloween horror Independent Film indie film Kara Mulrooney Manitowoc County Mark Borchardt Mark Metcalf Tate Bunker The Field Tim Higgins

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'Director's Cut' Ends the Season with Horror Film 'The Field' July 23 - PBS Wisconsin

Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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How the horror genre is dying in India sans innovation and imagination – The Indian Express

Horror films are inextricably linked with history of humanity itself, as aficionados will tell you. Great horror has over the decades tapped into peoples fears to change and evolve, with every unrest bringing along its own trend in cinema. With Covid-19, filmmakers working on horror cinema should have stuck a rich vein billions across the world sharing the fear of contagion, locked inside their own homes.

Indian films, however, have failed to leverage it. Malayalam cinema, which has been at the forefront of capturing the zeitgeist amid the pandemic, has also found itself wanting when it comes to this particular genre. The recent film Cold Case is a case in point.

The film was marketed as a hybrid genre, with the potential of becoming a horror sub-genre of sorts. Cold Case was supposed to be an intersection where rational and irrational beliefs collided. But, it was nothing more than a bunch of jump-scares. The other hopefuls such as The Priest, Nizhal, Nine and Ezra also failed to bring a breath of fresh air in the genre, which is increasingly becoming stale by the day.

Not just in Malayalam, there is no sign of filmmakers trying to break new ground in the horror genre in India. Arguably, nothing pathbreaking has happened to Indias horror scene since the 2009 blockbuster Arundhati. The film created a trend and is being exploited by filmmakers across south Indian languages to date. Arundhati was a one-time wonder, which even its original creator Kodi Ramakrishna couldnt replicate.

Of late, most of our horror films are marked by women/men draped in sarees, bearing a massive coin-sized bindi on forehead, dishevelled hair and bloodshot eyes, trying to scare the lights out of the audience by screaming and popping their eyes out. None is as guilty as a few unimaginative Tamil filmmakers, who continue to scrap the bottom of the barrel of the Arundhati template.

Director-actor Raghava Lawrence has made a fortune by playing a human weapon, used by good-hearted ghosts to exact revenge on those who wronged them, in the Kanchana series. He has made four instalments in this franchise, and another instalment is in the pipeline. And then we have director Sundar C, who is also lazily exploiting the worn-out tropes of the genre for his Aranmanai series. Such filmmakers have reduced the genre to just a handful of jump-scares and jokes.

What makes for a memorable horror film? It needs to tap into our real fears what we dont see is more frightening than all the blood and gore. The best horror films are psychological, which create empathy with characters despite their basic premise that is far from reality. The more we believe what we are watching, the more immersive our reaction.

Indian filmmakers, however, are content with sending their protagonists enter old, dilapidated buildings and let the tried and tested motif do the rest of the work. This seems to be second only to saree-clad women with a big bindi on the forehead.

The absence of imagination and original thinking is what is hurting the horror genre. The lack of artistic will to create something daring and original for once has caused the genre to reach a saturation point. Our filmmakers are no longer bothered to invent, innovate and redefine the way we perceive horror films.

Filmmakers around the world have been redefining the landscape of the horror industry based on the issues of the day. Take, for instance, Godzilla. The giant monster was first conceived by filmmaker Ishir Honda as an effort to imagine the size of the terror felt by Japanese people about the radiation effects in wake of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Lucky Dragon 5 incident. However, Hollywood hijacked Godzilla and turned it into a popcorn franchise earmarked for summer viewing for the family audience.

The point is filmmakers have been trying to push the envelope since the origin of the horror genre. Hollywood filmmakers have shown a great appetite for experimenting with techniques, narrative formats and subgenres to manufacture all kinds of scares. While demons still hold sway in the horror industry, many indie filmmakers have invented new ways to experience simulated terror. For example, the found-footage horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity series, REC. Or the slasher films about deranged killers.

In the last few years, like Hondas Gojira, the filmmakers are now trying to imagine a wide range of real-life fears that haunts people every day, and they are not necessarily supernatural evils. Lets consider Jordan Peeles critical and commercial hit Get Out. Peele uses the tropes of the horror genre to demonstrate the evils of racism.

Or take the example of director Ari Asters Midsommar. In this film, Ari Aster breaks every known convention of the horror genre. He mounts a daytime folk horror tale in the Swedish countryside, which looks straight out of a typical Hollywood feel-good romantic movie. The terror unfolds in a farming commune, where at face value everyone looks lovable. They just seem like a group of nice people, who love sunshine, flowers, grassy landscape, mind-altering herbs and outdoor barbeque. You know the regular things that regular people do to spend their summer vacation. Nothing seems amiss until we learn about the strange rituals of the commune, where human sacrifices are commonplace.

Such films change our notion of whats horrible by digging out horrors from mundane life.

We also have Netflixs The Haunting of Hill House. The characters in this horror series are haunted by the issues of unresolved child issues, unmet need for love and attention, guilt, regret, neglect of parents. A gamut of negative emotions take shapes and forms of their own, manifest into their worst nightmares, and chip away at their souls.

Similarly, director Andrs Muschiettis It is not only a story about an ancient demon in the makeup of a spooky clown feeding on young children. It is an uplifting movie about a group of children conquering their fears, so the demon wont be able to weaponise their fears against them.

In the meantime, the only evolution that the horror genre has achieved here in the past few decades is that female ghosts now wears a variety of flashy, colourful dresses and ornaments as opposed to just a dull white saree.

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How the horror genre is dying in India sans innovation and imagination - The Indian Express

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1960s to today: Popular movies filmed in the Las Cruces area – Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES - New Mexico has become a popular area to film movies -- particularly southern New Mexico around Las Cruces.

Clint Eastwood, Chris Hemsworth, Edward James Olmos, Bruce Dernand many other stars have filmed movies using Las Cruces' mountains and deserts as backdrops. From recent releases to the 1960s, here is a list of the popular feature films shot at least in part locally.

This fatih-based film was a homegrown production with Mark Medoff writing and Ross Kagan Marks directing. It's also based on the novel by Las Crucen Joe Bullock. Stars include Edwards James Olmos, George Lopez and Kathleen Quinlan.

More: Las Cruces turns out for 'Walking With Herb' world premiere

This independent film follows high school student, Lanie, who navigates the awkward high school dating scene. The movie was filmed on location in Las Cruces and premiered at the Las Cruces International Film Festival in March 2020.

Written and directed by Moroccan-American actorHafid Abdelmoula, this fantasy/mystery film follows two people as they travel through a village with strange rules in place.

This El Paso-based movie was actually filmed largely at the Film Las Cruces studio. Exterior shots of Mesilla's plaza and El Patio can be seen frequently throughout the movie. Stars include Ronnie Gene Blevins, Bruce Dern, Lara Flynn Boyle and Stephen Lang.

More: Locally filmed 'Death in Texas' premieres in El Paso

Starring Chris Hemsworth, this film follows a Special Forces team after 9/11. They are deployed to Afghanistan to work with a warlord to take down the Taliban. It is based on the true story of the Green Berets who took action after the terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Intergenerational struggles with substance abuse is the theme of this film.Paleteria La Reyna Michoacana on Madrid Avenue served as one of the filming locations.

More: Movie being filmed in Las Cruces focuses on women struggling with substance abuse

Clint Eastwood stars in this film about a Korean War veteran, turned drug mule for a Mexican cartel. This is only the latest of Eastwoods projects filmed in New Mexico. His upcoming project, "Cry Macho," has used Belen as the backdrop for filming. It is set to release in 2021.

More: Clint Eastwood's 'The Mule' brings in $1.3 million for New Mexico

This adventure film follows a treasure hunter on his search for the missingPadre LaRue Spanish gold nearEl Paso del Norte. The movie stars Mark Vasconcellos, Stephanie Frias and Cesar Miramontes.

More: Lost Padre Mine film examines mother lode myth

"There is more than one way to drown in The Borderlands," according to IMDb. Hafid Abdelmoula stars in this crime thriller set in El Paso.

Viggo Mortensen plays a father in this 2016 film,whose ideals are challenged by life's twists and turns.

This independent horror film was directed and produced by graduates of New Mexico State University's Creative Media Institute. Cast and crew for the project came from Las Cruces and El Paso, and the City of the Crosses was the sole filming location. The story follows a serial killer and a psychotic detective.

Like "Walking With Herb," this 2016 film was written by Mark Medoff and directed by Ross Kagan Marks. The film is set in Las Cruces, following a man who returns to his hometown and must face the past.

This horror movie was not only filmed in Las Cruces, but further south into the bootheel as well. The story involves the actions friends take after one of their own disappears from a rest stop.

"50 to 1" is based on the true story of Mine That Bird, the New Mexico racehorse that won the 2009 Kentucky Derby with 50 to 1 odds. Las Cruces as well as Sunland Park served as filming locations.

Forest Whitaker stars as a parolee who becomes friends with his parole officer, played by Harvey Keitel. Ellen Burstyn and Luis Guzmn also star.

VeronicaCartwright and Rumor Willis travel throughout the Southwest in this 2013 drama.

Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis take to the road in an effort to make it on time to a birth inthis dramedy. The film also features Michelle Monaghan and Jamie Foxx.

This film follows the stories of several people, two of whom areplayed byCharlize Theron and John Corbett.

The Doa Ana County colonia La Mesa is featured in this western. A man returns to his hometown to avenge the death of his parents.

The gypsum sand of White Sands Missile Range serves as the backdrop for several scenes in the first of a series of Michael Bay movies. Good and evil, human and metal clash in the struggle betweenAutobots andDecepticons.

Cowboys played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger form an intimate relationship in this classis Ang Lee film. Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway are also featured.

The war against drugs is the basis for this movie, as the issue hits home for one man. Stars Michael Douglas, Benicio Del Toro and Catherine Zeta-Jones play various characters the movie follows. The film won four Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Del Toro.

The 1955 classic and controversial novel byVladimir Nabokov comes to life on the screen as a professor falls in love with a 13-year-old girl. Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swan star as the lead characters.

This dramedy starring Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell involves another road trip, while also touching on subjects such as bipolar disorder and suicide.

A couple decides to give up their jobs and travel the country in theirWinnebago in this 1980s comedy of errors.

The mafia, a truck stop, a brothel and a mother/daughter due. This 1970s crime/action drama was filmed in Las Cruces, Hatch and Truth or Consequences withElephant Butte Dam getting a spot in the limelight.

This darker comedy features a number of Las Cruces locations and locals, including the New Mexico State University band. Wes Stern, Joan Collins and Larry Hagman star.

Clint Eastwood stars as a lawman seeking justice from his would-be killers in this classic western and Eastwood's first leading film role. Western heavyweight Bruce Dern is also featured. Both men go on to take part in other film projects based out of New Mexico.

This Old West film was the first feature film to be produced in the Las Cruces area. It was also directed by NMSU professor Orville "Buddy" Wanzer. Joan Stapleton stars as a vampire who victimizes cowboys, played by Robert Gregory and Wes Moreland.

More: Film shot in Las Cruces to return to the Rio Grande Theatre 54 years after its national premiere

Leah Romero is the trending reporter at the Las Cruces Sun-News andcan be reached at 575-418-3442,lromero@lcsun-news.comor@rromero_leahon Twitter.

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1960s to today: Popular movies filmed in the Las Cruces area - Las Cruces Sun-News

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Streaming Horror Movies About the Elderly /Film – /FILM – /FILM

(Welcome toNow Scream This, a column where horror experts Chris Evangelista and Matt Donato tell you what scary, spooky, and spine-tingling movies are streaming and where you can watch them.)

Matt: Whenever theres a new M. Night Shyamalan release or announcement, Chris and I feel implored to compile a list of recommendations around twists. This week? Were bucking that trend and fighting our urges. Since Old is this weeks mainstream horror draw, were using old as our streaming column keyword. Were not just talking about those horrifying holiday gifts you might have received from your grandparents, either. (Is that even a holiday movie trope anymore?)

Chris:Getting old is scary! Im approaching 40, which means that if Im lucky, my life is probably half-over. This realization has sent me into a bit of an existential crisis, but nothing helps cure an existential crisis like a series of bloody horror movies, am I right, kids? Anyway, with M. Night ShyamalansOld hitting theaters this week, Matt and I have put together a list of streaming horror movies focused on the elderly. Spooky!

Matt: For an in-depth critique on Sator and where this recommendation originates, check out my Fantasia Fest 2019 review! Jordan Graham creates a generational ode to grief and heritage that would make a delicious marathon sandwich between Relic and The Dark And The Wicked. June Peterson to whom Graham dedicates the film plays a grandmother whose words about Sator being a watchful caretaker haunt the films main character. Loner Adam (Gabriel Nicholson) is convinced Sator lurks outside his cabin, and becomes obsessed with capturing the beast in whatever form it appears. Hunker down for a slow burn, but dont let that scare you away from this devastating and heartfelt slice of humbling horror catharsis.

Chris: I tried with this one, I really did. And while I think it has an incredible atmosphere, the film as a whole is a bit of a bust, at least for me. Also, this is going to be the first Now Scream This in a while where Ive actually seen all of Matts picks! What a time to be alive!

Matt: I shout out Insidious once more in this series because Lin Shaye is genuinely one of the must-watch veterans in horror. Shaye stars as spectral communicator Elise Rainier, who also keeps sidekick goofballs Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) in line. Shayes so tremendously talented at being a calming presence in an otherwise horrifying film. Yet, when the gas mask goes on, she throws herself into fits of exhaustion as you can feel her characters energy drain while giving herself to an outcast craft. Elise Rainier is vital to Insidious, which might go acknowledged scene by scenebut thats a testament to Shayes character acting prowess. When shes not there? You wish she were.

Chris: Love me some James Wan horror, and I cant wait forMalignant.

Matt: When John Lithgow was announced as the Pet Sematary remakes Jud, my response was simple: Oh, yeah. Its a character whose purpose is to stoke distrust, breathe life into mythology, and then die. I enjoy 2019s Pet Sematary so lets get that out of the way and I enjoy Lithgows Jud for many of the reasons that work for backwoods exposition characters who exist to serve a specific purpose. Whether thats the ax-chopping scene where Ellies reanimated cat is discussed or his death by a thousand child-powerful stabs, its always nice to see todays actors make an older role their own.

Chris:I know a lot of people have already forgotten about 2019sPet Sematary, and many were upset that the film dared to divert from Stephen Kings source material. But I remain a big fan of this film.

Matt: This entry could be a shout-out to Sid Haig or Bill Moseley, seasoned horror veterans who play their parts to perfection in House Of 1000 Corpses. The late Haig plays Captain Spaulding, a roadside attraction owner, purveyor of eats, and leader of the Firefly clan as a murderous clown. Moseley portrays Otis Driftwood, a maniacal sadist and abuser who is the most violent of the Firefly family. Together they imbue so much demonic evilness and incalculably vile personality into Rob Zombies directorial debut, building a legacy akin to Leatherfaces clan on stripped flesh and killing sprees. House Of 1000 Corpses is truthfully one of the more eye-catching and stylistically confident horror debuts of the 2000s, whether youre appalled or enthralled.

Chris: I reallywant to like Rob Zombies movies. I dig his aesthetic and I dig his love of monsters. But gosh almighty, I wish hed hire a writer. While I think Zombies directorial skills are solid, his screenwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Which meansHouse of 1000 Corpses has a lot of great visuals and a lot of awful dialogue.

Matt: To scratch your exploitation itch, why not watch Rutger Hauer explode heads with shotgun blasts in the Canadian midnighter Hobo With A Shotgun? The wrapper says it all. A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun. Its from the vision of Jason Eisener, who is responsible for one of my favorite Christmas horror shorts, Treevenge. Expect gore, gunsmoke, more gore, and a dedication to practical effects as Hauers gruff voice brings us back to an almost Carpenteresque reality where justice is served bloody red. Youll know if you dig it within the first couple of minutes, if thats any bonus.

Chris:I think this whole concept works better as a fake trailer, but I sure do miss Rutger Hauer.

Chris: I dontlove Sam RaimisDrag Me to Hell. For one thing, its too over-the-top. I know over-the-top is kind of Raimis thing, but here he goes completely bonkers. There are approximately 100 scenes where characters have goo and bile vomited into their faces, and after the second or third time, I was thinking, Okay, thats enough. The story involves a bank employee (Alison Lohman) who tries to impress her boss by denying a Roma woman an extension on her mortgage. Furious, the woman places a curse on Lohmans character, and unless Lohman can break it, shell bedragged to hell. Gross, gooey, and featuring a talking goat,Drag Me to Hell wants you to laugh as much as scream.

Matt: The harvest cake sequence is some prime food-based horror, and the goat gets me every time. Raimi knows whats up.

Chris:Theres probably some sort of ethical line this film crosses, but Im going to recommend it anyway. InThe Taking of Deborah Logan, a film student and her crew set out to make a documentary about Alzheimers disease. Their subject is an elderly woman named Deborah Logan, played byJill Larson. But the more the crew films Deborah, the more they begin to realize that theres something else going on here that has nothing to do withAlzheimers. Full of impressive practical effects and some genuine scares, this is one of the better found footage films of the last decade.

Matt: I dont understand how people can still claim found footage horror is devoid of quality when even past all the mainstream examples, hits like The Taking of Deborah Logan still exist.

Chris:Poltergeist II: The Other Sideis nowhere near as good as the first film. But it does have its moments, including ahaunted tequila worm. This time around, the very unluckyFreeling family are targeted by more supernatural forces, lead by the ghost of the ghastlyRev. Henry Kane, played with the perfect amount of menace byJulian Beck. Beck was dying of cancer during the filming, and the actor uses his unhealthy appearance to make his elderly villain all the more terrifying.

Matt: A sequel to classic horror? Chris knows my blind spots.

Chris:Bubba Ho-Tepis just your typical movie about Elvis and JFK teaming up to save their nursing home from an ancient mummy.Phantasm directorDon Coscarelli helms this gloriously goofy adaptation of the book byJoe R. Lansdale, telling a story in which Elvis (Bruce Campbell) is still alive, and locked away in a nursing home. Meanwhile, another nursing home resident, played by Ossie Davis, claims that hes John F. Kennedy despite the fact that JFK is very dead and, ya know, a white guy. JFK explains this away by saying the government painted his skin to put him in hiding after the assassination attempt. All of this would be pretty great on its own, but then you throw in a murderous mummy, and youve got a stew going.

Matt: Honestly, I need a rewatch of Bubba Ho-Tep because in my college binge-Netflix-constantly days, I dont remember it making thatbig an impression on me. In Campbell we trust, though.

Chris: Guillermo del Toros first feature film,Cronos is a weird, icky twist on the classic vampire story. An elderly antique dealer (Federico Luppi) finds a mechanical device from the 1500s but this is no prize. The device, which looks like a big gold bug, latches onto the dealers skin and injects him with a mysterious fluid. Soon, the old man finds his vitality returning. But healso has a thrist for human blood. Meanwhile, an even older man and his goon son (del Toro mainstay Ron Perlman) want to get their hands on the magical gold bug vampire thingy. Its all so weird and beautiful.

Matt: Dipping into the Criterion Channel will get me every time. Touch, Chris.

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Streaming Horror Movies About the Elderly /Film - /FILM - /FILM

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9-Disc Christopher Lee Eurocrypt Box Set Arrives Later …

The master of iconic, classic, Hammer horror is an icon for a reason. Christopher Lee, was in the genre for his entire life by choice with an upmost understanding and respect of the films. Mostly, his work was distributed through Hammer horror, but he also gave life to a ton of other roles outside of that world. His character of Saruman in Lord of the Rings is as iconic as Darth Vader. Tim Burton has constantly used him in cameo roles through his career as well. Severins upcoming 9-Disc The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection is going to be an incredible and must-own set for any self-respecting horror fan. Especially, if said horror fans is into the classics.

The Severin Films set comes with a host of an eclectic selection of films that include Crypt of the Vampire, Castle of the Living Dead, Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace, The Torture Chamber of Doctor Sadism, Challenge of the Devil and Theater Macabre. That is a heck of a lineup! Just to be able to watch Challenge of the Devil is going to be a treat and to see it with the clarity of blu-ray is an all out honor.

The massive list of The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection goes like this:

The set comes with 9 discs but only has a total of 5 films in the set. The other discs are made up of a soundtrack to Castle of the Living Dead and other supplemental materials mentioned above. I really dig this set cause it plays like a b-sides of greatness and is made up with some underrated classics.

Each of the films has been remastered from its original negative and should all look really fantastic. We will know more after we get our hands on it.

You can head over to MVD Entertainment Groups page to pickup your copy of the set right here.

Are you going to pick up this super elegant box set? What is our favorite Christopher Lee film out of this set? Let us know in the comments section.

Tales From the Crypt and The Mod Squads Clarence Williams III has passed away at the age of 81. Read more here.

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9-Disc Christopher Lee Eurocrypt Box Set Arrives Later ...

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