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FAYETTEVILLE — A man charged along with several others in the killing of his wife at their home is asking a judge to suppress statements he made to police.

John Christopher Davis, 29, is charged with accomplice to capital murder in the killing of Victoria Annabeth Davis on Aug. 19, 2015. Police said Victoria Davis, 24, of 433 S. Hill Ave., was held captive at her house for hours and beaten by her husband and four other defendants.

John Davis’ attorneys have filed a motion asking Washington County Circuit Judge Mark Lindsay to suppress several statements their client made to police. Kent McLemore and Robby Golden contend Davis was not read his Miranda rights and was not of sound mind, because of intellectual disability and the stress of the situation, to understand his right against self-incrimination.

Davis is set for trial Dec. 4.

Doctors at the Arkansas State Hospital said in February that Davis was mentally fit to proceed. Doctors who examined Davis said he doesn’t suffer from a mental disease. Doctors said he has the capacity to understand the proceedings and assist in his defense.

Davis chose not to participate in an assessment of his mental state at the time of the killing, based on the advice of his attorney, according to the report. He also declined to give doctors an account of the incident.

Doctors said they found no evidence in Davis’ records to substantiate a claim of mental disease or defect should he change his mind about pursuing an insanity defense.

The other defendants are Mark Edward Chumley, 46, and Rebecca Lloyd, 37, of 433 S. Hill Ave., and Christopher Lee Treat, 30, and Desire Treat, 30, both of 315 S. Block St., Apt. 15. All are charged with accomplice to capital murder. All are being held in lieu of bond at the Washington County jail.

Accomplice to capital murder is punishable by either life in prison or the death penalty.

Chumley called police and gave his phone to John Davis, according to a police call log. Davis told police he killed his wife because she wanted a divorce, authorities said. Davis told police he “shot her up with dope” and told police his wife was “in the living room on the floor,” according to the police log.

“She was beaten repeatedly. She was hooked up to a battery charger. She essentially bled to death from the beating she took. She was beaten with a baseball bat. She was raped with a baseball bat,” prosecutor Matt Durrett told a judge at a hearing. “Those are the acts we allege constitute evidence of disregard for human life.”

Metro on 07/02/2017

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Attorneys ask Arkansas judge to quash interview – Arkansas Online

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