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UPDATE: A PERTH man says he hip and shouldered the man accused of crashing into a Fremantle parking inspector on Wednesday.

Klem Christensen made a citizens arrest after its alleged Christopher Lee took off from police.

He came running for me, I changed direction and yeah, hip and shouldered him, Mr Christensen said.

Its alleged Lee deliberately ran down a parking inspector before putting his Mercedes in reverse and driving away from the scene.

Witness Nicole Skavik said she saw police try to stop the accused on Reuben Street.

I heard the smashing of the window and then the taser went off, she said.

Then (the accused) took off down the street after they tasered him.

Thats when Mr Christensen stepped in.

Lee appeared in court on Thursday where he denied the allegations and claimed police were out to get him.

Ive been picked on by the police for the past three years, constantly, he told the court.

As Lee was remanded in custody on the 12 charges, he tried to escape from the security guards by scaling a glass barrier.

Three officers restrained the 42-year-old as he struggled, repeatedly screaming I didnt do anything and Im not resisting.

More guards were called in as back up before Lee was escorted from the court room.

Hell appear in court again on Friday, where he says hell be applying for bail.

The injured parking inspector has been discharged from hospital with a number of injuries, including severe bruising to his legs, according to a statement by the City of Fremantle.

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Hip and shoulder ends police chase – Perth Now

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