Top 10 Ultimate Best Zombie Games To Play in 2019

Let’s Countdown The Best Zombie Games To Play Right Now

The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and I am Legend. Anything ring a bell yet? These are just some of the movies that we watched and started shouting at our screens on what they should be doing to survive their encounters. Even if we yell and scream out what to do, the characters on screen will never be able to hear you!

So I took the liberty of giving you the chance to actually be in their shoes. Here the list of the Ultimate Zombie Games that will get you screaming and yelling not at the screen, but at yourself! Muahaha!

Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

Right off the bat of course we have the classic and one of the first games to make us yell out while actually playing a game. Resident Evil 2 Remake will make you go through that experience once again, but this time in a very realistic view.

We begin our adventure again as one of the main characters Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy and start finding a way to escape from Raccoon City during a zombie apocalypse. The remake includes a revamp of the camera, control, and cinematics of the game giving you a 100% scary experience.

Wait what?!: Sure that bad ass looking zombie is cool, but is that other zombie on the ceiling?!

Lights Off: Of course were going to have that moment where your character is looking at something, but theres something just watching you.

They Are Billions Gameplay

Something need doing? Wuh iz it? Sound familiar? Yes, we now have a real-time strategy game that will literally bite us in the ass if we mess up in our building and production decisions. The game puts us in the middle of nowhere with a few resources and build an entire city and survive the never ending waves of zombies.

If you think you got what it takes to be a leader and let your people survive, then this game is definitely for you. Fight off the endless hordes of zombies as you make your city more prosperous at the same time.

Hustle and Bustle: A quite town always means trouble without the hustle and bustle.

Fee-fi-fo-fum: Just another big ass zombie looking to eat some people walking by.

State of Decay 2 Gameplay

Yes the 2nd instalment of the State of Decay game is out! We enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto style of the first one, but now we get treated to some additions. The game is a third person open world survival game that will challenge your skills as a gamer to survive this unforgiving world.

The game will send you out in a zombie apocalyptic world with a partner and fight off zombies until you clear out all of them from your town. So if youre into the survival and zombie theme, then this is a game for you.

Reload: Whenever the reload timing is off, you’re screwed!

Survival: Staying in groups is always the best option to stay alive.

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay

Now why wouldnt we add the 7th game of the Resident Evil saga. Get ready for another story telling of a zombie infested world, but this time in an FPS fashion. You play as a character called Ethan Winters who goes on a mission to find his wife who has been missing for the last 3 years.

In the game you will have to look for clues and make your way around the creepy areas to find out what your next step would be. Spoiler alert for all the fans out there, but this game does have a good ending and a bad ending. So you really have to think about your decisions as you progress through the game.

Wipe yourself up man, youre dead: The moment of ease when you kill one of the bosses.

Knock knock?: Did you ever wonder why in all horror stuff, people never actually knock before entering a door that you know will have something that might kill you?

Project Zomboid Gameplay

Although most zombie games play in the traditional 3rd person and FPS way, they actually can become repetitive. Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG Simulation game that may quench your thirst for a different play style. Well we all once in a while want to try something new with the same concept right?

The game actually comes in different modes. We have sandbox survival, story, exploration, and of course multiplayer to list some of them. The different game modes will take a chunk of your time, but it will feel all worth it once you really get into it.

Well thats gonna leave a stain: A horde of zombies after you take them all down.

Please form a line: Zombies all bunched up together always looks awesome.

Dying Light Gameplay

Dying Light is an open world first person survival RPG game. The campaign mode of the game sends you an undercover agent called Kyle Crane to infiltrate a quarantined zone in a city called Harran. You will have to work together with the other characters of the game to find the cure to the zombie epidemic.

In the game youll find yourself getting attached to the other characters as you progress through. You will have to search areas around the city to gain new weapons and ammo to survive. The game also allows you to move around the city parkour style to give you that edge.

Crossbow?: Ever wonder why we see a lot of crossbows in almost every zombie movie?

Hi Mom!: There are those moments when even in a serious situation you just cant help but laugh.

7 Days to Die Gameplay

Survival horror, check. Open world, check. Tower Defense, check! Yes a survival horror game with tower defense! 7 Days to Die is a sandbox open world survival tower defense game where you and your fellow survivors fight off an unforgiving world filled with zombies who apparently cloned themselves to kill you off.

The game works on a system where you survive as long as you can. Being sandbox game, you have the tools to create the most bad ass fort that can hold off against the hordes of zombies that relentlessly want to kill you. If you got what it takes to survive longer than a year, this game is for you!

Happy Hallo wait: Just taking a stroll with my trusty torch.

Can I get yo numbah?: Whenever anyone crawls towards you like this and youve just finished watching a horror movie.

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay

Ohhhhh yeah! Who doesnt have the nostalgia of killing the zeds in the first Killing Floor game? The 2nd version of the game is a major upgrade to the first game. The development team of the game has ironed out some kinks and added a little realism to the game to make it more challenging.

The game is still set in London where the zombies or known as zeds in the game come at large waves to try and kill you and your squad. The game will still require that you and your squad work together to kill the waves of zeds and the insanely stronger boss zeds. If you love fast paced FPS shooter games with lots of gore, then you better get this game!

Checkmate: Game of chicken in a whole new level.

No guts no GORY!: Lets paint the town red!

Dead Island Gameplay

Ever wondered how it would feel like to be trapped on a small island but then you find out that it gets filled with zombies that want to eat you? Dead Island is a survival open world FPS game that could give you that experience.

You have the choice to be one of the 4 main characters of the game and find your way out of the fictional island called Banoi. The open world aspect of the game allows players to find more survivors who can help you while you progress through the game. Test your survival skills and get the hell out of the island by yourself or with your friends!

Nasty Headache: I wonder which zombie will have a nastier headache? Hahaha!

Hey guys!: This zombie looks like hes ready to start his Vlog.

World War Z Gameplay

Are you ready to fight off hordes of sprinting zombies?! Remember that feeling you got when you saw the zombies pilling up reaching the top of the walls in the movie? The World War Z game just might be the next third-person, co-op, survival shooting game that will get your blood boiling!

The game is said to be released this 2019! The open beta will be released to the public soon. So get your team ready anytime soon as you will need to play this game as a 4-player co-op team to conquer the tsunami waves of zombies that will come at you.

Dog pile!: Weve all done this when we were younger, Im definitely sure!

Here Catch!: A huge horde of zombies trying to catch a grenade.

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