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There are still plenty of great Batman comic stories to bring to the big screen, and these are just the directors to do it.

With Batman possibly being the most cinematically successful superhero there has ever been, its a hot commodity for every filmmaker even comedy directors as there are just so many directions to go in and so many different interpretations of the caped crusader to choose from.

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In the comic book world, Batman comes in many different forms. Sometimes he isnt Bruce Wayne, sometimes hes poor and homeless, and sometimes hes even a vampire. But even the blatantly hysterical interpretations have a lot of merit to them, and behind every one of themisthe perfect director to give it the best movie adaptation possible.

Gothic stands as one of the most interesting Batman graphic novels as it gives readers a glimpse into what Bruce Wayne was like as a child before his parents were murdered, which is something audiences have never seen before. On top of that, the story is closer to horror than thriller, and it tackles Bruces relationship with religion. And some scenes tend to be quite a trip.

Enter Jordan Peele, who is not only known for surreal narratives that are head-trip themselves, but he has proved himself as a leading director in the horror genre. Peele is known to marry his movies with social and economical messages, and religion is surely onhis listof topics hes waiting to tick off.

Acting almost like a remix of Batman: Year Onewhich has been adapted in to one of the best animated Batman moviesEarth One is heavily rooted in the back story between Jim Gordon and Batman, but the graphic novel makes a few major tweaks. For starters, Batman isnt all hes cracked up to be, as he makes a lot of mistakes, loses fights, and his gadgets barely work.

Then theres Alfred, who isnt so much of a bring-you-breakfast-in-bed type Alfred, but a former MI6 agent. Bigalow would be a perfect match with this material, as she has always brought a realistic perspective to ideas that the average person just cant grasp, such asbeing in a bomb disposal team in The Hurt Locker.Her movies are exciting, thrilling, and often morbid, exactly like Earth One.

The Man Who Laughschronicles the first interaction that the Joker and Batman ever had. Its a cat and mouse thriller between a deranged psychopath and a tough guy who will stop at nothing to put an end to his chaos, and it is drenched in noir. With all that being said, it is eerily reminiscent of Seven, David Finchers first stroke of genius.

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Though it isnt just the similarity between movies that makes Fincher the perfect man for the job, butits the way that even hisprotagonists are completely disheveled loners with closets full of demons. And the way his movies look rainy, gloomy, and gothic, itd be easy to believe that most of his movies are already based in Gotham.

Aronofsky had been attached to a Batman movie in the past, as he was in talks to direct an adaptation of Year One before the studio finally went with Nolan andBatman Begins. Theres no doubt that Aronofskys movie would have been much different. However, the surreal director would better adapt Venom.

Venom is perfect for Aronofsky as there is still enough trauma in the story for Aronofsky to get stuck into. After fearing that he isnt strong enough to continue fighting crime, Batman turns to drugs that makes him feel three times as strong, which is something that Aronofsky has researched to no end for Requiem For A Dream.

In Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader, Gotham believes Batman to be dead, and several of Waynes allies and nemeses tell their own story of how they think his death happened each with wildly different versions of the event. The movie should be set up like an anthology film,in which there's a different director for each segment.

Each director wouldmake one of the stories told by Catwoman, Joker, Gordon, and Two Face, respectively. The directors have to be wildly different with their own vivid style, as if its being told by characters with their own distinct imaginations and personalities.

Theres a lot of things about Batmanthat make no sense, but the crossover between Batman and Dracula was absolutely absurd. However, long before there was a vampire craze, this novel was written and was a massively interesting concept, as all of Gothams citizens are turning into vampires leaving Batman as the only one who can stop it except, the caped crusader is turning into a vampire, too.

As Red Rain is absolutely ridiculous at its very core, theres no point in even trying to make any sense out of it and for that reason, David Lynch would best serve as director on this one. Lynch would put together some beautifully dark shots and take advantage of its nonsensical narrative.

Though it has been claimed that A Serious House On Serious Earth is too dark to be adapted into a movie, a horror take on the story would be the most exciting, terrifying, and impressively daring move made by Warner Bros. in terms of the iconic character. Just imagine a horror movie based entirely in Arkham Asylum with jump scares around every corner.

Though Zack Snyder has made several DC comics movies often to resoundingly negative reviews, every part of those films that featured Batman were great, and it was clear that all Snyder wanted to do was make a badass Batman movie. And he would be great at directing horror, as Batmansintroduction in BvS, where people literally refer to him as the devil, isutterly terrifying.

While Batmans only rule is supposedly that he will never murder anyone, that has been totally thrown out of the window and the caped crusader is strapped from head to toe with machine guns in The Grim Knight. Batman looks more like one of the imposters in The Dark Knightfilm than the worlds greatest detective.

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Michael Bay doesnt have a great track record when it comes to directing movies. And any director who got their hands on a Batman movie had better be the perfect fit as theyd be torn apart by fans otherwise. That said, Bay would be perfect for The Grim Knight, as he is the arbiterof deafening explosions and grandiose gun fights.The Grim Knightcertainly takes the kinds of liberties with playfulness that Bay would know how to handle.

Flashpoint subverts almost every expectation fans have of Batman, Gotham, and the Rogues Gallery. In an alternate universe, after that notoriousnight walking home with his parents, Bruce Wayne doesnt witness his parents murders instead, Thomas and Martha Wayne witness the murder of their child.

After that, Thomas Wayne becomes a much more brutal Batman, and Martha, struggling to cope with her sons death, goes crazy and turns into the Joker.When it comes to filming the almost Shakespearean-like tragedy, theres nobody better for it than David Cronenberg, who has directed The Thingand the morbidly depressing The Fly.

Year One is one of the most famous Batman graphic novels of all time and is one of the most celebrated works of fiction in the medium,focusing on Commissioner Gordon just as much as it does on Batman. Being about two uncontrollable, hardened men who enforce the law in two strikingly different ways, the film couldnt be more perfect for Shane Black.

The story is similar in vein to Lethal Weapon, one of Black's best and most famous screenplays. Not only that, but the graphic novel is much darker, introducing a red light district of Gotham and featuring prostitutes, which is even a trope of Blacks. It being a Shane Black movie, it'll have to take place at Christmastime, though.

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