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One of the best things about the horror genre is how flexible and versatile the horror movies; there are movies with guts and an abundance of blood, but then there is the abundance of subgenres and spin-offs like horror comedies, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and many more.

The genre has come a long way since the days of Dracula Y Frankenstein, and there are many horror films that have helped shape the medium for decades, as we have shared in The Truth News.

From the classic monster movie to the sinister slasher, these films not only shaped the genre or simply revamped it, they are also considered some of the best horror films of all time.

One of the first horror films ever created, this German expressionist version of the history of the Count Dracula it has become one of the cornerstones on which the genre was founded.

Although the medium of silent film may be an acquired taste today, there is no denying that the film has only grown more haunting over the years with sharp angles, creepy movements, and the hideous figure of Conde Orlock.

Nosferatu gave life to the horror genre and presented it as an art form, in addition to being one of the best horror movies that you can watch for free on Amazon Prime this 2021 to 99 years after its premiere.

Dracula set the bar for all the classic horror movies to follow. Although it is not the first horror film with sound, it was the first to incorporate elements of the cinematographic medium to perfectly immerse its audience in a new world of gods and monsters.

The monster movie became a mainstay of the horror genre and horror movie icon. If it werent for the interpretation of Bela Lugosi like the iconic Count Dracula, characters like Wolfman, Imhotep or even characters like Predator O Pennywise they might not exist today.

Its an honorable mention to be given great credit for its contribution to the horror genre. And There Were None laid the foundation for the modern film of slasher, which includes tapes like Scream, one of the best horror movies released during the summer.

A secluded place, a creepy old house and a murderer waiting among a crowd of victims; Although he was not the first to use these elements, Christies framework served as inspiration for several films of the genre such as House on Haunted Hill.

It would be wrong not to include Psycho of Alfred Hitchcock on a list of genre-changing horror movies. One of his most iconic films and included in almost all the top horror films of all time.

In this classic slasher, the monster lurking in the shadows was not a vampire, a reanimated corpse, or a creature from the depths of the sea, but a flesh and blood human with a warped mind and a love of taxidermy.

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10 horror movies that changed the genre - Market Research Telecast

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