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The Avengers Protocol, Part 2

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Vlad Dracula is the king of vampiresand a member of the Cabal. Heis a major antagonist in Season 1 and minor antagonist of Season 4.

Vlad Dracula is the legendary King of the Vampires. He ruled the Vampire nation for centuries, keeping his identity a secret from humanity, allowing them to believe he was nothing more then a myth. During World War II, Transylvania was invaded by Hydra . He formed an alliance with the Allied Forces and worked closely with Captain America, with the ideal of my enemy's, enemy is my friend until the end of the war with Hydra's defeat.

He was one of the first three villains to receive Iron Skull's invitation to his organization to destroy the Avengers and rule the world. The other ones were Doctor Doom and Attuma.[1]

Dracula converted Black Widow into a vampire and sent her with a group of vampires to infiltrate Stark Tower where they attacked the Avengers. After the vampires were hit by the UV lights and Captain America unmasked the disguised Black Widow, Dracula spoke through Black Widow, offering her life in exchange for Captain America's life. Captain suggested that the Avengers should go to Transylvania to find the vampire that transformed her. Dracula later spoke with Red Skull stating that the Avengers are approaching Transylvania as Red Skull stated that Dracula will get what he has been denied for thousands of years.

When the Avengers land in Transylvania, Dracula arrived to see if Captain America will agree to their terms. Dracula unleashed his vampire minions on the Avengers as he made off with Black Widow. Captain America lead Hawkeye and Falcon into Dracula's castle. When Falcon and Hawkeye found Black Widow they were knocked out by Dracula, Captain America surrendered so that Dracula can get what he wanted.

Dracula claimed that his new enemy was humanity since they threatened his kingdom of vampires. Dracula stated that he can get the Super Soldier serum from Captain America's blood and gain enough power to destroy HYDRA and anyone who gets in his way. Before Dracula could suck Captain America's blood, the Avengers arrived. Dracula sucked Hulk's blood and became a Hulk version of himself while Hulk became a vampire version of himself. While the Vampire Hulk attacked the Avengers, the Hulkified Dracula snatched Captain America until the Hulk's blood proved too much for Dracula since gamma radiation is similar to sunlight. After Hulk returned to normal, Dracula was surprised that Hulk purged himself as he regressed back to normal.

Dracula escaped as his castle collapsed while Iron Man used a synthesized version of Hulk's blood to restore Black Widow to normal. A recuperating Dracula was met by Red Skull, who wanted Dracula to join the Cabal. Dracula agreed to take Red Skull's offer in order to get revenge on the Avengers and to have another attempt at the Super Soldier serum in Captain America's blood.[2]

He hates being called Count Dracula. He also has a brutal, cruel and domineering personality.


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