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***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Oh well, enjoy the story if youre 18 or older***

Recap: Dracula has awoken to feast upon the world and bring the next generation of vampires to this world. But first he must claim his 3 brides. The first was Jessica Biel, followed by Jessica Alba. The situation and events surrounding the actresses disappearance signal the attention of the anti-Dracula group Libra Mulan to action and they reanimate Van Butroy. He is an ancient vampire with the sole purpose of killing Dracula.

Celebrities: Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere

Codes: MF, MMF, anal, oral, reluc, vamp

Title: Dracula Part 3by The Chemist

Hey Megan.

Hey sweetie. How are you?

Great. And you my love?

Hanging in Hayden, just like always.

Well Im changing that tonight. We are going on a double date and I dont care how hard you protest its happening.

But Hayden

Not another word Foxy. Im picking you up in an hour and were meeting our dates at the restaurant. Itll be fun. Youre date is gorgeous.

Im not looking for a boyfriend though.

I know youre not babe. Lets just go out and have fun. More importantly just get laid. I have on good authority that your man has a massive cock. Im talking forearm big.

That does make the date sound a bit better but I really only have sex with guys or girls Im in love with.

Youve been single for two weeks. I know a sex addict like you is horny as shit and willing to hump anything so drop the act. Lets just get drunk, fuck and leave them behind.

Fine youre right. Im in slut.

Watch it whore or Ill take both guys for myself.

That tends to be more your style Hayden.

One hour at your house. By ready and wear something sexy. Love you Meg.

Love you, bye.


Typical conversation between herself and Hayden, Megan thought. Short, sweet and to the point. The same words could have also been used to describe her best friend as well. Hayden Panettiere had been right though, Megan Fox did need to get out and have some fun. After all she had been moping around for the better part of a month since she found her douche bag boyfriend fooling around with his slutty assistant.

Megan finished the rest of her short drive home before jumping in the shower. She had to give herself enough time as her long black hair took some time to dry, even with the expensive blow dryer she owned. She applied some light makeup, not ever using too much because it just took away from her stunning natural beauty. She just finished getting dressed when she heard a knock on her front door.

Perfect timing, as always, Megan murmured to herself as she approached the door.

Hi Hayden!

Come on Foxy! Were running a bit late and we dont want to keep our hunky boys waiting, Hayden shouted with excitement as the two lovely ladies embraced in a hug.

Alright Im right behind you.

Love the outfit by the way. You look so hot wearing those boots with that tiny denim skirt.

Thanks love. I think you look amazing in your fun summer dress too. That pink is totally your color, Megan commented. Im just going to follow you down so you dont have to drive all the way out here later night.

Megan followed Hayden as the pair snaked their way through the hillside roads and into the more populated city below. They had arranged to meet their dates at a quiet Italian restaurant that was tucked away from the watchful eye of mainstream media. They arrived just after their dates and met them in the bar section before being shown to their table.

Hayden had done a nice job finding these studs, Megan thought to herself. Her small blonde friend had hooked herself up with her on-again, off-again boytoy Jaroslav and set Megan up with his workout buddy and compatriot Milos. Milos was easily 64, 250lbs of solid muscle along with the widest set of shoulders Megan thought possible. Jaroslav was more athletic looking with less height and weight with short brown hair and a goatee.

The dinner went well with loads of casual conversation and even more drinking, causing sexual innuendos to be thrown out at will. At one point during the dinner Haydens speech became infrequent and stumbling so Megan wasnt surprised when she saw how far apart the blondes legs were under the concealed table and that one of Jaroslavs hands was missing from sight.

Megan, dont you have to make a trip to the ladies room, Hayden asked her black-haired friend casually.

Um, yeah I guess I do, Megan said with a weird look at the blonde.

Would you mind accompanying us Milos? Ill be right back sweetie, Hayden said to her date and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

Whats going on, Megan whispered as they walked a stride ahead of the massive European.

Giving you a good time, she responded. Im going to pay off the management here to shut down the washroom for cleaning so you and Milos can have some fun.

You are something else girl, Megan said with an astonished look on her face. Maybe Hayden was right and a big Euro cock was exactly what she needed to bring her out of her funk.

Hayden left them as she angled herself towards the managers room. As they neared the restroom, Megan took his huge hand into hers and lead him through into the well decorated womens room. Milos was surprised at first and resisted for only a second before realizing what was happening and let her guide him.

You are in for a treat, Milos said from close behind her as the door shut and he latched the lock.

Trust me buddy, you get to fuck Megan Fox. Youre the lucky one here, the actress conceded as the pair crashed together for intense kissing.

Get down on your knees and take off my pants and youll see once and for all why Ill be a regular booty call for you, Milos said as he applied pressure to the top of Megans head to show his comment was in jest.

Megan had heard that line, or a version of it too many times to count on one hand. Guys always tried to tempt her to have sex with them by bragging about how big they were in the pants. But she had committed to this hook-up and was going to go through with it whether he had a horse cock, a tiny cock or 2 cocks.

Wow, Megan gasped.

Your welcome, Milos said with confidence as the talented actress had a look of shock and awe on her face. I bet a girl like you knows her way around a cock, even one as big as horse.

Megan didnt answer but just started to stroke it to life. With every pump it grew in her hand. It finally stopped its growth at a length of 14 inches, easily the biggest woody she had every seen or heard about from her girlfriends. Just as the attractive actress was about to take his monster into her mouth, she was rocked with a wave of regret.

Milos Im really sorry but I dont think Im going to be able to do this, Megan confessed.

I dont understand. Hayden said you were horny. You are acting horny and really slutty. What is the problem?

It doesnt feel right. Im still not over my boyfriend. I mean ex-boyfriend. I hope you can understand, Megan said as she went to stand up.

Her upward motion was impeded. The big Euro thug had his two strong paws firmly planted on her shoulders and she couldnt get them to budge an inch.

In my country, it would be an honor for any girl to get a chance to have sex with a man whos penis was this big.

Milos. Let me up now or Ill scream my ass off, Megan demanded as she looked him dead in the eye with a glare that could kill.

Scream all you want bitch, these washrooms are fucking soundproof! You think the rich and powerful want to hear people farting and shitting while they eat! No one will hear you, Milos informed.

Megan couldnt be sure but she remember hearing this from other people as well. She knew she was in trouble and this sex-crazed body builder wasnt going to let her leave until he got off somehow.

Listen. I dont think you want to rape me but I have no idea what your fucking mindset is so heres the deal. Im good at blowjobs. I mean really good as in the best youll every get so Ill suck you off then youll let me go, Megan bargained.

Get sucking then, Milos said while thrusting his massive cock forward.

Megan had the sole intention of getting him off as fast as possible then getting the hell out of this place. She just parted her lips in time to accept him into her mouth as he didnt want to waste any time. The talented performer was working herself into a good motion of sucking on the first 6 inches while stroking the rest of his member.

After awhile Megan got the direct impression that Milos wanted a more aggressive blowjob. With the black-haired girl already with her back pressed firmly against the wall, the European grabbed the sides of her head and forced more of his dick into her mouth. Megan tried to push herself back but her head was already against the wall and his cock just kept pushing forward.

You can do this Fox. Youre the best deepthroat specialist in all of Hollywood, this will just push your advantage over everyone else by that much more, Megan thought to herself as her nose was soon buried in his untamed pubes.

Milos continued to abuse Megans mouth and facefuck the girl for the next 10 minutes as Megan simply knelt and took the pounding. She was able to use her tongue to massage the underbelly of his cock as it passed in and out of her constricting throat until finally he pulled out.

Megan didnt have time to realize that Milos pulled out only so he could cream all over her lovely face. The majority of his load splattered across her cheeks before slapping his soaking wet pole on her face so that the last few glubs spilt out onto her forehead.

Nearly silently, Megan got up from the floor and went to the sink to wash herself off. Once all the thick strands of cum were at the bottom of the basin and the glaze cleaned from her skin she left the washroom and stormed out of the restaurant.

Megan wait up, Hayden screamed as she ran to catch up with her best friend. Whats wrong?

Hayden I cant talk about it right now. I just have to leave, Megan replied without ever slowing down.

Megan was in her car and peeling out of the parking lot and heading back to her house in the hills. Hayden went from concerned to furious in less than a second. The tiny blonde went back into the restaurant and headed straight to the washroom, which was still closed for cleaning.

What the hell did you do to Hayden started to scream.

She stopped dead in her rant to what she saw. In the middle of the washroom was Milos lifeless body lying on the floor. But the more attention-grabbing situation was the tall, dark and handsome man standing over him. The man had long black hair that was slicked back, exposing his prominent willows peak forehead. His skin was awfully pale, as if it had never seen the light of day.

Hello Hayden, the man said in a thick accent.

Hello, Hayden replied, almost as if she was in a trance.

Do you know what this man did to my final brI mean your friend Megan, Dracula asked her.

No but she was very upset when she left, Hayden answered honestly.

This scum took advantage of her. The very thoughts he was having would be enough to sentence him to an eternity of hell, which is what I did, Dracula replied with anger in his voice.

Good then. No one hurts Megan and gets away with it.

Lovely attitude. I see our Megan likes to surround herself with gorgeous women, Dracula said as he stepped over Milos.

Me? Gorgeous? Thank you, Hayden replied, feeling the blood rush to her face to make her blush.

Indeed you are, Dracula said, dragging a finger across her cheek. My bridal positions are all filled, or at least will be shortly, but I cant always satisfy them all at once. Would you like to come live with me and women Hayden? You can be Ms Biel, Ms Alba and Ms Foxs sex toy for all eternity. All you have to do is say yes.

To help her make the decision he wanted to hear, the legendary vampire started kissing down her bare neck until he reached her collarbone. The blonde was only 5 foot tall so Dracula dropped to his knees and resumed kissing his way down her golden tanned body. Her dress allowed him to nestle in her small cleavage before he had to pull her straps down, causing the hot pink dress to fall to the ground.

Such a perfect little package, Dracula commented as he took stock of the young Hollywood starlet.

Her dress allowed her to ship on wearing a bra as it was supportive enough and because she thought she would fuck her date at the end of the night she hadnt bothered to wear panties either. With her dress completely removed, she was standing naked in the middle of the ladies washroom at the mercy of the most lethal killer of all time.

Such perky breasts, Dracula said as he sucked on each of her 32B tits. Jessica Alba would be honored to lick this ass for nights on end, Dracula commented again, this time from behind her after burying his tongue up her backdoor. And these strong thighs leading to such a tight pink pussy.

With that said the Prince of Darkness started his oral assault on her sensitive snatch that was already dripping wet. Hayden was really testing out how strong the soundproof was in the restroom as her moans filled the small chamber. With speed and technique unmatched by any mortal, Dracula made the young blonde cream herself within a few minutes and then revved her right back up to go again.

Please fuck me, Hayden begged as he continued to lap at her box.

And what of my offer? Answer correctly or I will vanish this instance and youll never see me again.

Yes then. Ill be you and your brides sex slave for all of time if you please fuck me now!

Dracula knew what the answer would be but he wanted to hear her say it by her own free will. Using his powers to move unnaturally fast, he had her tiny body lifted in the air and pressed between his cold flesh and the hard wall. Out of reflex Hayden locked her legs around his waist as his substantial girth stretched out her teen pussy.

You are the tightest hole Ive fucked in many centuries. Its quite an honor, Dracula moaned in her ear.

Hayden wasnt focusing on his words as she was too busy working herself up to her second orgasm in the last 10 minutes. Again the intensity was greater than any time she had cum in the past due undoubtedly to his immortal powers. She had barely finished her orgasm when she felt a rush of blood to the head and found herself on her hands and knees on the hard tile.

I cant even imagine how tight your asshole must be, Dracula whispered in her ear from behind her. Tell me, are you a virgin back here?

I wish you could be my first but with an ass this nice, all the boys beg to try it out so I indulge them, Hayden confessed.

Ill have to track down and kill each of them for that, Dracula screamed. But on to happier thoughts for now.

Hayden felt some slight pressure against her anus until permitting the object in and allowing it to fill her out. Dracula knew how to do a girl anally without causing them any pain and that was exactly what he was doing with Hayden, especially since she was mortal. With each thrust he would work in another quarter of an inch into her bowels until he lodged all 12 inches in her. He allowed himself to savor the constrict feel of his foot long cock buried completely in the asshole of yet another beautiful blonde teenager before pulling out and fucking her with vigor.


You really are an anal slut, Dracula mused to himself. The girls and I will have plenty of fun with you and this orifice.

Where should I cum Hayden, Dracula asked after several more minutes of hard ass-fucking.

In my mouth. I love swallowing cum, Hayden honestly answered with conviction.

Of course you would.

Dracula wasted no time getting his prick in her mouth as the second her lips and tongue tasted her sweaty ass on his thick rod he exploded. Hayden was surprised by the sheer amount of jizz that he shot into her mouth, but like the professional cocksucker that she was, she gulped down every last drop without spilling at all. She then spent a few more minutes sucking and licking his member until there wasnt even a trace amount of herself on him.

Time to get you home to meet your new masters my dear.

Hayden remembered getting lifted into his arms along with the unconscious body of Megans date. It felt like she was flying but she couldnt be sure as she passed out from exhaustion after cumming three times in a short half hour. She vaguely realized her life as she knew it was over, or would be soon enough, but she was looking forward to her new one with Dracula and his brides.

Continued here:
Dracula Part 3 | C-S-S-A.com Celebrity Sex Stories Archive

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