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Dracula Untold 2 Poll: Would you see a Dracula Untold sequel??

Dracula Untold 2 is a potential sequel to the 2014 moderately successful film exploring the origins of Vlad Dracula, blending both real-life elements of Vlad the Impaler with some completely made up crap about Dracula getting her powers to fight people from Turkey. So he became a vampire and fed on the Taurks IT WAS REALLY A THANKSGIVING ORIGIN!

The biggest piece of news is that Luke Evans himself has said hed LOVE to return as Dracula:

I think it was a really enjoyable process for me. I think it definitely had a few flaws in it but Ive had a lot of good feedback from and I get people asking me will there be a sequel. We left it very wide open, you know, this is a character who could transcend many different times and different periods of history. Who knows. Id love to bring him back in some concept or context, but honestly, you know as little as I do when it comes with what is going in on the dream rooms of Universal Studios. I really dont know. Evans said once toScreen Rant.

The Dracula Untold 2 release date is currently unknown, we had hoped for Dracula Untold 2 in 2018, but we believe itll come in 2020 or possibly 2021. No greenlight has been given. The only way to get it sooner is to vote in our poll, which has been scientifically proven to change the world.

One poll convinced a rottweiler to become a beagle. True story.

Director Gary Shore has said he thinks theres so much history to explore in a sequel that he isnt quite sure where to start, but the idea would be to bridge the gap between the Vlad we encountered in Dracula Untold with the classic Dracula from Bram Stoker (tie in some other undead, like the walkers from Zombieland 2, and Ill be even MORE excited). Luke Evans is said to be pretty interested in a Dracula Untold sequel as well, saying hes been working hard for quite a while, and is happy to see the success his first film has enjoyed. He kind of half reminds me of Kate Beckinsale pre-Underworld. Shed been around for a while, was talented and on the cusp of mainstream success, but it took a cool action flick about vampires to move her past supporting roles. I think Evans has more potential than Beckinsale, but theres a definite similarity.

Gary Shore directed the first film, and has expressed interest in returning for the sequel. He mentioned a few times that he thinks there is plenty of history to mine with Dracula. While the end of the first film indicated a sequel in present times, why not have ol Dracula show up throughout history? A WWII Dracula story could be cool. There was some video game about a female vampire (red hair, sexy clothes it was awesome) but why not see what trouble Dracula could get into with Nazis or something. Maybe hed be the good guy and stop them. Maybe there was never a nuclear bomb and they just dropped him on Japanese cities and he did his bat thing? I MEAN THE POSSIBILITIES SOUND KINDA COOL.

Will Shore direct Dracula Untold 2? Not sure, but this is a franchise that I think you could treat the director as less than essential. Think Fast and Furious. Heck, Evans was IN one of those! Do you care who directs them? OF COURSE NOT! If youre seeing Fast and Furious movies, you likely arent even aware that films arent real.

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless wrote Dracula Untold, and will likely return for the second, but if I may suggest another option, how about bringing back Bram Stoker? I know hes dead, but they should have the science these days to bring him back, much like a vampire, so he can give his own take on the original vampires origins! What? You dont think its possible? READ A BOOK, BRO.

Or they could hire the writers of Vampire Academy 2. Why not? They CLEARLY know vampires! Or not.

The cast of Dracula Untold 2 will likely not have a whole lot of returning faces, other than Luke Evans, but that kinda works and makes Dracula sort of a James Bond-esque character.

Luke Evans is easily the best actor who we can guarantee will be in the Dracule Untold Sequel, and hes a pretty darn good actor overall. He has a cool look, not unlike yours truly, but with less of my rugged handsomeness.

Well, I can say if Charles Dance returns, Ill NEVER say hes the worst actor in the film, because hes Tywin Lannister, and hell have me killed! THEY ALWAYS PAY THEIR DEBTS!

The film opens on Dracula feeding from a menstruating woman, hating himself while also loving the taste. Drac whispers that he will see her again in a month, and she thanks him. But a bad guy appears! Another Turkish army has come to his land to take over, and while the women love him for his service every month, their lack of a need for tampons doesnt mean the rest of the townsfolk arent scared. They say they wont fight for him, and Dracula has lost his people! What is he to do? Well, obviously he goes on a reputation-building campaign, not unlike many politicians, but he goes for the peoples true love: baseball. Vlad turns into a bat, but not the flying kind. As a long wooden stick used to whack balls, Vlad becomes loved by his people, sort of like the bat from The Natural, and they play a massive pickup game of baseball against the Turks, who are notoriously good at playing ball, but are also well known for playing dirty. They sweep the knee of Draculas best hitter, and he transforms back into a man and proceeds to eat every one. Then he runs the bases for the last 15 minutes while various Queen songs play.

Dracula regrets becoming a vampire and joins a support group full of millenial-like other monsters, such as Frankensteins monster, Kevin Bacon from Footloose, a reverse werewolf (a wolf who becomes a man during the full moon) and several women. They chit chat for most of the film before Dracula literally dies of boredom. He joins the audience (thats YOU!) in the afterlife where they discuss much better storylines for a Dracula Untold sequel.

Heck yes! Especially if it follows either of my potential storylines! And even if they go the typical Hollywood route and make it another action/fantasy film (SO TYPICAL) itll still be pretty good. Most likely.

The first actually did a lot better than anticipated, but thats mainly due to the international box office, which helped the film make a total of $221 million. On a $70 million dollar budget, that isnt too bad, but also not amazing. Id expect the Dracula Untold 2 Box Office to be a fair bit lower.

Come on. Its Dracula Untold 2! Its gotta be good! They never make sequels to bad movies (I Am Legend 2not withstanding). I have every faith in a sequel to Dracula Untold.

So it looks like following the release of the new trailer for Tom Cruises The Mummy that Dracula Untold 2 is likely not going to happen. Universal Studios wants to reboot all of their monster franchises to be in a single world, and while Dracula Untold could fit in to that, they want The Mummy to be the starting point. I kinda get this. I dont like it, but Cruise is going to likely be the anchor of these films, sort of like Robert Downey Jr. in Marvels films. And he wouldnt want to play second fiddle to Dracula Untold, no matter how good it could be.

Plus, who knows if Dracula will end up being the villain in the crossover monster film? It seems totally plausible, as Dracula is the most famous and dangerous of the monsters, but its still too bad.

Maybe (fingers crossed), if The Mummy bombs, well get our sequel to Dracula Untold after all. Keep voting to see the follow up! We might be able to show Universal that theres plenty of demand for Luke Evans to continue kicking butt!

Luke Evans just gave an interview where he mentioned the potential for a shared universe between his Dracula Untold flick, Tom Cruises Mummy and the other potential monster films that Universal has in their stable. He said their have been continuing conversations, and with the potential for The Rock to play the Wolfman and Javier Bardem to play Frankensteins monster it could happen pretty soon. Most likely therell be plans drawn up and some tentative story ideas drafted but not executed upon until the Mummy movie comes out and (hopefully) crushes it at the box office to spur on the decision to expand this universe. That said, even with a successful Mummy movie we may not sequel a mash up. It could end up coming down to Tom Cruise and if that franchise can stand on its own. He might just want to keep fighting mummies and not want to link his films with the others. Hes a powerful dude. That said, if his Mummy leads to a Dracula Untold sequel, Im up for it!

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Dracula Untold 2 (2020) Will there be a sequel with Luke ...

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