Hotel Transylvania 4 Release date confirmed: Will Dennis grow up in the upcoming part? – Headlines of Today

Hotel Transylvania 4: Hotel Transylvania has been a show full of excitement, comedy, and entertaining! With its best graphic, screenplay, and voice notes of characters! A must watch the show for every person from young to adults as it involves comedy better than any other animated movie. The story is about a hotel for all types of a ghost from mummies of Egypt, Frankenstein to the invisible ghost! One day a human named Jonathan travels the way towards hotel Transylavia and everything changes!

Hotel Transylvania is coming up with part 4 on 2nd December 2021. The best thing about animated series is that the COVID pandemic wont stop its release! The confirmation was given during the interview with Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez when asked about the 4th part of Hotel Transylvania 4.

All the characters will return as no one died in the last part! But there is no confirmation that Selena Gomez will play the voice of Mavis. Also Snoop Dog plays the voice of the character Grim. A new character played in the 3rd part, the captain of the ship, Ericka Van Helsing whose voice is played by Katheryn Hahn might return in the upcoming movie as the lover of Dracula!

Part 3 ended with Abraham Van Helsings monster defeated by Dracula and his family. The next part might spice up the relationship between Ericka and Dracula. Also, Jonathans kid Dennis might grow up and have better powers! His relationship with Winnie. Dracula will finally have an engaged life after his long-gone wife in the first part. But there are few rumors that we never saw the Draculas wife actually die in the first part! We just saw a burning house that was burned by humans who were against the vampire race

The story starts with Jonathan breaking into Hotel Transylvania and falls for Mavis (Draculas daughter). Dracula doesnt allow Jonathan as humans killed Draculas wife by burning down his house in ashes. That day onwards he escaped with his daughter and runs a hotel for ghosts named Hotel Transylvania. However, after being against their relationship Dracula agrees in the end as it was his daughters One True Love!

The next part is about accepting Jonathan and Maviss relationship with both the races! Also, maviss kid discovers new superpowers in the second part like her mother. He is half Dracula and half-human!

In the third part of Hotel Transylvania, we see the Dracula fall for a mysterious evil character named Ericka who is the captain and the granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing. Later Ericka realizes her mistake and actually falls for Drac! We also see everyone defeating the monster with Jonathans playlist by playing happy songs. I think it was an excellent script showing that the monster chills out with happy and slow songs! Also, get rageful with energetic songs!

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Hotel Transylvania 4 Release date confirmed: Will Dennis grow up in the upcoming part? - Headlines of Today

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