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Over the years, The Avengershave taken on serious threats from villains across Earth, the galaxy, and the multiverse. The supergroup is called Earth's Mightiest Heroes for good reason. But what happens when the mightiest heroes on Earth... take on Earth's Mightiest Villains?

In Jason Aaron'sAvengersrun, the titular team has faced off against Celestials, Namor, Dracula, Malekith the Accursed, to an all-out cosmic battle over the Starbrand. The Avengers opponents won't be getting any easier, as Marvel's solicits for Avengers #32, teases a menacing villain team-up.

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The villain uniting against The Avengers is impressive. The team-up will include the Hellish Mephisto, The Lord of Vampires himself Dracula, Squadron Supreme members Hyperion and Nighthawk, the Russian mutant bear Ursa Major and the King of Atlantis Namor. Now, some of those characters aren't full-blown villains or truly evil, but it's clear each member of the group has a bone to pick with the Avengers.

Aaron's Avengers arc has been a high-octane, grandiose story. The story has flipped between time periods, including revealing the first Marvel superhero was a dinosaur. In the most recent issue, The Avengers go to space in search of the cosmic starbrand and joined by Black Widow. She gets her own War Machine-esque War Widow armor, becoming the latest Marvel hero to get her own suit. Meanwhile, Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider somehow temporarily takes control of Silver Surfer's board. It's bananas.

Gathering a bunch of villains (and former heroes) together and making them unite against their common enemy is a smart move by Aaron. Outside Mephisto and maybe Namor, those villains don't pose a huge threat against the Avengers by themselves. However, collectively, they each have skillsets and knowledge that makes taking them down a real possibility. Big villains often like to act alone, but in this case, they've got more power against The Avengers with numbers.

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The Avengers' Villains Are Uniting Against Them Next Year - Screen Rant

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