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Immortal predators hiding in the shadows on the fringe of human society.

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Night Work

The Blessed Dark

Vampires are monstrous creatures which feed upon the blood of living humans, and infect people to fill their ranks.

The first vampire Dracula was a fallen angel, the brother of Lucifer. The pair were cast out of Heaven after a failed attempt to conquer God's throne. Lucifer fell in Hell, where he started feeding on the souls of the dead, and his brother fell to Earth, where he was cursed to feed on the blood of the living, and where he became the first vampire. He started creating other vampires after his own image. According to prophecy, if the original vampire corrupts Vanessa Ives' soul, turning her into a vampire, a new era of darkness will take over the world, thus starting the Apocalypse. That is why Mina was changed into a vampire by her master, so that she could draw Vanessa into the power of the first vampire.[1]

Vampires feed upon blood, and the discovery of large numbers of exsanguinated corpses is an obvious sign of when a pack of vampires has arrived in a city. Vampires tend to linger in places where death is prevalent; the first master vampire encountered in the series was sleeping beneath a pile of dead victims, while the second master was making a lair aboard a plague ship. Vampires appear to lead a very reclusive and sedentary lifestyle, and when not actively hunting and feeding, they are most often found sleeping or hiding away. Master vampires often surround themselves with those they have infected.

Professor Abraham Van Helsing describes them as, "moving from city to city like a pack of wolves," and never staying long in one place for fear of discovery. Sir Malcolm Murray speculates that they must only exist in small numbers, given that they do stand out from the humans upon whom they prey.

Vampires seem to be nocturnal in their habits, though it has not been demonstrated as to whether this is because sunlight can actually harm them, or simply because it is easier for them to hide their obviously inhuman appearance in the dark. Dracula can walk in the sunlight with no sign of discomfort, however it is not clear if this applies to all vampires or only him.

There is an apparent hierarchy among vampires. Dracula is reportedly the progenitor of the entire vampire line, and others also referred to as master vampires have been known to sire others of their ilk. The exact origins of these master vampires remain a mystery, although some clues point to Ancient Egypt. Generally, master vampires are the oldest and strongest of their kind, thus their blood is the most potent. Master vampires are very inhuman creatures; they possess entirely hairless bodies, blood-red eyes, mouths full of sharp fangs, clawed fingers and an "exoskeleton" layer of skin, beneath which their dark flesh is tattooed with occult hieroglyphs. Master vampires appear to have little need for human clothing, and both of the masters encountered in Season 1 have appeared naked.

Mina Murray

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