10 Character Deaths in Horror Movies That We’re Still Not Over – Bloody Disgusting

In horror, the higher the body count, the better. We cheer at particularly gruesome and creative demises of characters in genre movies, and it can go a long way toward our enjoyment of a film. Because most characters often tend to exist solely as prey, their grisly ends upstage whatever paper-thin characterization exists, if at all. When done well, a great character death works like a sucker punch, making us empathize and mourn over their loss. Theres a difference between giving a great character a memorable end and taking it much too far, though.

Sometimes, a beloved character gets dispatched in such a careless way that it inspires the audiences wrath. Were talking about characters that deserved far better, whether its survival or simply a respectable demise. We still havent forgiven the cruel deaths of these ten beloved horror characters

Nancy Thompson A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Nancys return in the series allowed her to become an older, experienced therapist vital in helping a newer generation battle Freddy Krueger. Yet, this version of Nancy felt diminished in spirit and more naive than her 16-year-old self. Teen Nancy wouldve thought twice before falling for Freddys final trick, resulting in her death. Kristen sobbing over Nancys body is an extra twist in the knife for the end of one of horrors finest Final Girls. Wes Craven found a smart way to revive Nancy in New Nightmare, easing the sting a little, but this one is still upsetting.

Dick Hallorann The Shining

The only person in Danny Torrances life to understand his unique abilities received a much better fate in the source novel. The head chef of the Overlook Hotel bonds with little Danny, mentors his gift, and gives him strong warnings about the hotel before heading home for the winter. When Danny sends out a mental S.O.S., Dick fights tooth and nail to get back to the hotel mid-blizzard, only to die right away in the lobby. He didnt even have a chance to put up a fight; Jack Torrance hears the snowcat pull up to the hotel and immediately plunges an ax into Hallorann. Sure, it likely bought Danny some time to escape, but that doesnt mean were not still bitter about it.

Dennis Rafkin Thirteen Ghosts

Its an unspoken rule that characters who know too much make for massive targets in horror. Thats Dennis, a neurotic psychic with a powerful ability to detect ghosts and memories. It makes him an unwitting pawn in Cyruss dastardly plan, at least at first, but also threatens to unravel said plan when Dennis lies his way into the Cyrus estate to look for his last paycheck. Denniss gift means hes the best option in discovering whats going on with the mansions ghostly prison, and it becomes clear that any immoral choices stem from self-loathing and ostracization. In other words, Dennis has a heart of gold underneath and spends the movie seeking redemption. He finds it in the form of a brutal sacrifice, dying at the hands of The Hammer and the Juggernaut so Arthur can escape. Dennis, played by the always affable Matthew Lillard, makes for the films most likable character, and his death diminished the rooting interest in the movie.

Sam I Am Legend

Samantha, or Sam, proved a valuable companion to Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) in a post-apocalyptic setting. Not just for his physical survival, but his mental health. Raised from a pup and a living memento of the family he lost, Sams more than a pet. When Robert is injured and unable to flee from a pack of infected dogs at sunset, Sam valiantly protects her human. Tragically, shes bitten in the process, forcing Robert to put her down mournfully. Pet deaths sting in movies, but this one is on another level. Sams death proved the catalyst for the third act, but she was the very best of good dogs. This death remains one of the most heartbreaking.

Hicks and Newt Alien 3

Ripley found a surrogate family in Corporal Hicks and orphan Newt, the only other human survivors by the end of Aliens. Considering the multiple decades in stasis between the events ofAlienandAliens, finding a new, makeshift family was a big deal. Its devastating enough for poor Ripley to wake up on a harsh new planet and face off against her old enemy once more, but to have that family ripped away from her before the opening credits? Beyond harsh.

Elizabeth Shaw Alien: Covenant

Proving that this franchise still hasnt learned from unceremoniously offing important characters offscreen, enter Elizabeth Shaw. The highly intelligent and adaptable protagonist ofPrometheusendured quite a lot, including a horrifying self-abortion, and emerged as the sole survivor of her ill-fated crew. Well, save for the android David. Its not until late in Covenant that we learn the grim truth of Shaws fate; David used her body as a host for genetic experimentation, trying to keep her body alive as long as possible as he attempts to birth new creatures. Her dissected, mutilated, and preserved body is discovered by the protagonist ofCovenant, much to her- and our- horror. Its a brutal and undignified way to go for a hero, especially an intelligent one that was already distrustful of her murderer.

Amanda Young Saw 3

Amanda (Shawnee Smith) began her journey as the only known survivor of the Jigsaw Killer, giving her a newfound appreciation of life. It also bonded her forever to Jigsaw, becoming enamored with the killer and hellbent on carrying on his legacy. Shes so intense in her faith and adoration that the events ofSaw 3 feel antithetical to her character; Amanda fails a final test from Jigsaw for repeatedly ignoring his teachings. Her frustrating downfall is exacerbated in future installments, where its revealed that her corruption and subsequent passing was manipulated and masterminded by the slimy Mark Hoffman, a rival apprentice. Its incredibly annoying.

Helen I Know What You Did Last Summer

Helens death is frustrating for numerous reasons. The biggest is that Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) offered a much more likable alternative to Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), one of my least favorite Final Girls of all time. Helens lost everything, and Julie spends most of the film pouting, whining, or being cruelly judgmental. Having Julie outlast Helen is a severe blow. Its made much worse in that Helen was so, so very close to surviving after one intense and harrowing chase sequence. Her death leaves viewers with two very bland and unlikable characters left. Thats strike three.

Kirby Reed Scream 4

Randys death inScream 2 was unforgivable upon release. His horror knowledge made him a valuable asset in survival, and in laying out the rules of this slasher universe. Yet even after death, Randys presence remained strong in the franchise. More importantly, it kept the stakes high when sequels refused to kill off the remaining series veterans. Enter Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), the Scream 4newcomer that claimed Randys title as most agonizing and frustrating franchise kill. Like Randy, Kirby is a massive horror fan, which makes her well versed in survival. Not only does she handle Ghostfaces calls and pop quizzes like a champ, she smartly keeps Charlie (Rory Culkin) locked outside during the climax. Not even the savvy Kirby couldve predicted that one of the killers was a victim in disguise. We never actually see her dead body, soScream 5has an opportunity to right this horrible wrong. Justice for Kirby.

Rachel Carruthers Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Its impossible to watch this sequel and still not get riled up over the flippant way it discards one of the franchises best characters. After proving her mettle as both the Final Girl and tireless protector of Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Rachel is thanked for her efforts with a hasty death in the first act. Michael Myers catches Rachel unaware and stabs her with a pair of scissors, before moving on to the central plot. Whats even worse is that actress Ellie Cornell had to fight to give her character a more dignified death; the original plan was for Michael Myers to shove the scissors down her throat. Killing off Final Girls in the immediate sequel is often par for the course, but Rachel deserved far more respect.

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