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While the monster movie has always been a big part of the horror genre, the popularity of big-screen creatures has varied. The 1990s were marked by some great monsters, but as low-budget found footage and post-modern slasher movies became the popular subgenres of the 2000s, monsters took a backseat.

But as the 2010s rolled around, rapid developments in CGI meant that horror monsters returned with a vengeance. Convincing, terrifying creatures were no longer just the domain of high-budget cinema, and filmmakers made use of digital tools to deliver a wide range of scary beasts. But it wasn't all CGI--some directors embraced the practical make-up effects of previous decades to satisfying toothy and gloopy effect.

It's now October, a month in which many horror fans spent their nights watching scary movies in the build-up to Halloween. There are few things more exciting and enjoyable than a great monster movie, so we've rounded up the scariest monsters of the 2010s. And once read this, check out our rundowns of the best monsters of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s...

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13 Scariest Horror Movie Monsters Of The 2010s, Ranked - GameSpot

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