Alexandre Aja Producing Feature Version of Short Horror Film ‘Mr. Thisforthat’ – Bloody Disgusting

Filmmaker Thomas Mendolias short horror movie Mr. Thisforthat is getting a feature film adaptation courtesy of Stars Collective, Deadline reports, with Alexandre Aja producing.

Michael Karr is writing the script, and Mendolia is returning to direct.

In the short, a girl from a broken home is visited in her closet by a mysterious creature, Mr. Thisforthat, who promises her anything she wants at an irreversible price.

Craig Flores (Crawl), who is producing with Aja, said in a statement:

Alex Aja and I are always on the hunt for innovative horror stories with franchise opportunities that give birth to iconic sinister characters who will haunt audiences dreams the same way Freddy Krueger did for our generation. With Mr. Thisforthat, Michael and Thomas have crafted a very unique dark lore that sends us back to our deepest fear and the consequences of our choices. We were super impressed with their proof of concept short!

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Alexandre Aja Producing Feature Version of Short Horror Film 'Mr. Thisforthat' - Bloody Disgusting

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