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Those who were born into the Chinese zodiac of a tiger are often known for their bravery, which makes them the perfect people to enjoy a horror movie. Not being too scared of all the spooks and scares that might come their way.

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However, there are many other traits that people in this zodiac have that are both positive and negative and they can directly impact on peoples personalities. Because of that, they can also really impact on what type of films people like, and within this list, we will focus on five horror films that tiger zodiacs will love, and five they will hate.

While bravery is a trait that helps for tiger zodiacs to enjoy any horror movie, it is particularly true for the Saw franchise as there is so much gore involved and how people are placed into a game as such in order to fight for their survival.

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However, tiger zodiacs are also known to be really competitive people and considering that Saw 2 brought a group of people against each other to try and survive, this would be perfect. Even though they were meant to be working together, they worked against each other and the competitive nature would make this a fun film.

While bravery might help with this slasher franchise, something that won't is how many twists and turns and how many lies are spread throughout these movies. The Scream franchise is one that is shrouded in mystery, with the revelation of who the killer is always ending up being someone that the other characters first trusted.

It is because of that those with the tiger zodiac won't enjoy it as much. People in this zodiac tend to be very trustworthy and therefore a film where there is a betrayal of friendships isn't really the perfect blend for them to enjoy.

When it comes to bravery, the perfect film to showcase that is A Quiet Place. The characters in this film are tested beyond their limits and are forced to be absolutely silent at points, including through childbirth which requires an unbelievable amount of bravery.

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There's no doubt that this is a terrifying film, with the tension in this one being unmatched by many others. Those in the tiger zodiac would no doubt love this due to the bravery the characters show, particularly in the family element.

It doesn't matter which version of this horrifying clown story is, tiger zodiacs would likely not enjoy IT as much as other horror films. The main reason for this is that people within this zodiac are notorious for being very confident people, and the characters within IT are the complete opposite of that.

Of course, the first half of the story sees them as children, which is a big explanation for the fear and lack of confidence, but those traits don't improve in the characters as adults. While they do eventually work together t get the job done against Pennywise, they certainly struggle with being confident.

Shaun Of The Dead leans into more of the comedic elements that the horror genre is known for, but it is also a great zombie apocalypse movie. The film focuses on a small group of characters dealing with the situation and brings people from different walks of life together in order to grasp the situation as leaders.

That is why tiger zodiacs would likely really enjoy this movie as they are notorious for being tremendous leaders and within this film leadership really is crucial. Even though the decision making isn't always the strongest throughout, it is something that is a big element.

The Silence Of The Lambs is one of the absolute greatest horror films of all time, but it is one that the tiger zodiacs may struggle to connect with. Those in this zodiac aren't known for great attention to detail, and that is certainly something that's needed within this film.

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The focus is crucial throughout as every tiny detail and every conversation has the possibility of playing back into something later on in the movie. The film is very psychological and therefore it's one that they might not enjoy.

Tiger zodiacs tend to be quite social and happy to talk with other people which is what would make Nightmare On Elm Street a strong film for them to enjoy. While the movie obviously focuses on Freddie Krueger causing terror, it also features a group of teenagers working it all out together.

There are leadership and bravery qualities within those characters as well, which is another reason this would be a strong choice for them within the horror department. Considering how iconic the movie is as well, there's no surprise that people would enjoy this one.

Us is another really strong horror movie that has an amazing soundtrack and really brings the creepy and eerieness throughout. However, at its core, this film is all about a story of a families survival, with one group having to do everything they can to stay alive and together.

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The family element of this is what tiger zodiacs would likely not enjoy as they aren't known for being the greatest family people. They can be quite independent and have no problems in being alone, so putting together a family-focused movie might not be the best option.

Another element of a tiger zodiac's personality is that they can be quite adventurous people and while many horror movies tend not to have vast sets that allow for adventure, there are many that have that vibe. One of those is Escape Room, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

It sees a group of people enter an incredibly realistic escape room, so real that in each room, someone ends up being killed. This is where the horror element steps in with the unpredictable nature, but with every room being so vastly different, it is certainly a strong adventure as well.

In Chinese legend, the tiger is used as a protector of children, this sign is particularly seen as important because of that and those who have this zodiac are often very caring of children because of that. Therefore, a horror movie where the death of a child has such a big impact wouldn't go down too well.

Because of that, avoiding Pet Sematary is probably a wise decision. While the Stephen King novel is certainly very popular within the horror franchise, so much so that two films have been adapted from it, for a tiger zodiac, this is one to avoid.

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