How to Watch a Horror Movie: 13 Steps (with Pictures …

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If youre not the biggest fan of horror movies, there are a few tricks to help you keep your cool and even enjoy the flick. Consider reading the movie synopsis before you watch it so youll know what to expect and relieve some of the suspense. Just dont tell your friends if youre watching the movie with them! If you can, watch the movie during the day or with the lights on so you wont be so immersed in the action. While youre watching the movie, remind yourself that its not real and just out of shot, there are microphones, cameramen, and set pieces that you cant see. You can also imagine funny things happening to the characters to relieve some of the tension. For example, if someones walking down into a creepy basement, imagine them tripping and rolling down the steps. For more tips, including how to watch a horror movie in the theatres, read on!

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How to Watch a Horror Movie: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

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