Pastor and Wife’s Eyes Gouged, Ears Bitten in ‘Out of Horror Movie’ Attack – Newsweek

A pastor and his wife are currently recovering after they suffered horrendous injuries during a brutal attack in South Side, Chicago.

Timothy and Renee Johnson were the victims of a horrific crime as the couple carried out chores for Renee's 95-year-old mother on Saturday, May 1.

Elijah Prince, 28, then approached Timothy and asked if the pastor wanted to buy something, Fox32 reported on Wednesday.

When he told him that he was not interested, Prince allegedly viciously attacked him with the shovel that Timothy was using for yard work.

As Renee rushed over to help her husband, she was also reportedly attacked.

Prince allegedly went on to put Timothy in a chokehold, punched him in the face, gouged his eye with a wooden object, bit his ears and head and spit in his mouth.

Renee had her eyes gouged and parts of her ears ripped off, according to Fox32 . When she fell to the ground, Prince allegedly kicked her.

After Timothy pulled a wooden object out of his eye, he called the police. When Prince was arrested he was covered in blood, prosecutors told CBS2.

He allegedly told officers it was not his blood, but the "blood of peasants."

After hearing the allegations against Prince, Judge John F. Lyke Jr. said he thought it was like "listening to a horror movie," the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Prince was undergoing a psychiatric examination and was not present for his bond hearing on aggravated battery and attempted murder charges.

His bail was set at $5 million and he is due in court on May 10.

A fundraiser for the couple has been organized by Destinee Johnson, who said it was her parents who were attacked.

It reads: "They have suffered life-changing injuries that will impact and our family forever.

"Our father has also been battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for the last 10 years. Simultaneously, he and our mother have been caretakers for their mothers/our grandparents.

"This has been a devastating blow to our family and our finances. We are asking for your prayers and support as we navigate through this difficult time."

At time of writing, the fundraiser has raised more than $59,000, surpassing the $50,000 goal, following donations from more than 800 people.

Newsweek has contacted the Cook County Sheriff's Office and Destinee Johnson for comment.

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Pastor and Wife's Eyes Gouged, Ears Bitten in 'Out of Horror Movie' Attack - Newsweek

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