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The sci-fi/horror moviePossessor kept the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the movie because of its hard-hitting plot. But what irked the viewers was the ending of Possessor. The ending of the movie raised several questions in the minds of the viewers. The movie did intrigue the audience with its unusual plot of the use of technology to control people but did leave some questions unanswered. Read on to know the ending of the movie.

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The movie is about the character ofTasya Vos who worksas a possessor. She has been given the contract to assassinate the owner of a data mining company, John Parse, in order for his stepson to take over. Along the way, Tasya gets the opportunity of gaining control of the company through blackmail as well. As the plan progresses, Tasya istold to possessColin Tate, who is Parse's daughter's boyfriend. The possessor has to come as close as possible to these two to execute the mission. But somewhere along with the plan, the technology glitches and meets with interferences which causes Tasya to stay in a state ofsubconsciousness. And all this leads up to the unexpected ending of the movie.

At the end of the movie, Colin tries to regain control of his body. He and Tasya have a conversation when they meet on a conscious plane. During the conversation, Colin threatens to Kill her estranged partner Michael but Tasya could not care less about him. As a result of which, Colin murders Michael when he wakes up but is stabbed in the throat by Tasya's son Ira. Still red hot with anger and revenge, Colin kills Ira as well.After this, Tasya pulls out of Colin's mind and leaves his body as well. Tasya is left with no empathy whatsoever because of the constant possessions. The ending of the film teaches the lesson that the line of revenge must not be crossed to the extent that it puts one's loved ones in danger. It also portrayed the negative effects of technology and how it can be used to manipulate people.

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