The ’70s Horror Movie That Is So Confusing It Needs A Second Watch – Looper

Contains spoilers for "Don't Look Now"

You may feel like rewatching "Don't Look Now"simply because it's one of the best horror movies ever made, but the film also employs a unique cinematic trick that may require a couple of watches to understand fully. When the central couple moves to Italy, they come across two women, one of whom claims to be a psychic. Throughout the film, John sees what he believes to be his deceased daughter wearing the same red coat she had on at the time of her death. He sees many other strange occurrences throughout the runtime, such as his wife on a funeral procession. It's all very strange and may catch audiences off-guard initially.

Of course, by the end, we learn that those strange visions John had were actually premonitions. The little girl in the red coat was a serial killer wreaking havoc in Italy. She attacks and kills John, and it's only at this point we recognize that the funeral procession he saw earlier was his own.

When you watch the movie for a second time, you know exactly what's a premonition and what's happening in the present. It makes things so much clearer, and you don't find yourself questioning the characters' realities. This level of intricacy makes "Don't Look Now"one of the most influential occult-themed films ever made, so make it part of your spooky watchlist this year.

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The '70s Horror Movie That Is So Confusing It Needs A Second Watch - Looper

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Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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