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Since international travel has been off the table for most of us recently, watching foreign movies is one great way to get a taste of life on the European continent. And although Netflix might not seem like an obvious port of call for international cinema, the platform has plenty of hidden gems from across the globe. Here's a roundup of nine great German movies that you can stream on Netflix right now.

1Blood Red Sky


You might have noticed this title cropping up in the Netflix Top 10 over the past week or two, ever since its release in July 21. The appeal is simple: it's vampires, on a plane. The action begins when Nadja (Peri Baumeister) boards a flight with her young son, hoping to seek treatment in New York for her vampirism. But when the plane is hijacked, her vampiric super-strength becomes an unexpected asset. A fun, twisty horror movie.

2Berlin Calling


Hannes Sthr's tragicomedy was originally released in 2008, and follows a successful Berlin DJ (Paul Kalkbrenner) who abruptly suffers a devastating drug-induced mental breakdown. After being admitted to a psychiatric ward, he has to fight to regain his sanity and his career.

3System Crasher (Systemsprenger)


Nora Fingscheidt's nuanced 2019 drama won a top prize at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, and is well worth seeking out. System Crasher centers on a nine-year-old girl (Helena Zengel) whose behavioral issues and trauma have landed her in German's foster care system. Despairing of ever finding her a permanent home, her youth workers hire an anger management trainer (Albrecht Schuch) who becomes a much-needed mentor.

4Hitler: A Career


This 1977 documentary is a chilling, meticulous examination of how Adolf Hitler used his rhetorical skills and knack for psychological manipulation to win over the German public. Hitler: A Career charts his unlikely ascent alongside that of the Nazi Party, which started life as a fringe organization in 1920, and within 15 years had risen to power with horrific consequences.

5Into The Beat


Newly released in 2021, Into The Beat is a charming coming-of-age drama packed with energetic dance numbers. Katya (Alexandra Pfeifer) is a young ballet dancer who feels under pressure to live up to her father's legacy. But after a chance encounter with Marlon (Yalany Marschner), she becomes drawn into the world of hip-hop, and begins to question her commitment to ballet.

6Three Turks and a Baby (3 Trken & ein Baby)


The clue's in the title. This is an entertaining remix of a classic comedy conceptthree irresponsible bachelors are suddenly tasked with taking care of a baby, and find their lives turned upside down by the new arrival.

7What We Wanted


This thoughtful relationship drama was Austria's 2020 Oscar entry. What We Wanted follows a young couple (Lavinia Wilson and Elyas M'Barek) who are despondent after several failed rounds of IVF. While on an Italian vacation, they meet a family who seem to have everything they've ever wanted. Emphasis on seem.

8Sarajevo (Das Attentat: Sarajevo 1914)


This German-Austrian biopic originally aired as a TV movie in 2014 before landing on Netflix. It's a fictionalized depiction of the 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the political chaos that followed, and how the events ultimately ignited World War I.

9All Is Well (Alles ist gut)


Written and directed by Eva Trobisch, this subtle 2018 drama follows a woman (Aenne Schwarz) who is sexually assaulted by a relative of her new boss, and tries to bury her trauma through denial. Like many of the films on this list, it's tough but rewarding viewing.

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