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One of the projects Cher was attached to that never came to fruition was the film "Pincushion," per the Chicago Tribune. The story revolved around a future where humanity has segregated itself into walled cities to escape a new strain of the plague. The film's main character was a woman named Mary, who acts as a courier between cities, willing to travel around in areas few dared to go. The plot would kick into gear when Mary gets a new assignment to transport a child named Pincushion who could hold the key to a cure for the plague, drawing the attention of a group called The Cross and inviting all sorts of trouble down on her head as a result.

A good premise is nothing without a good filmmaker, however, and this project had a major name attached; John Carpenter, who has been behind movies such as "The Thing" and "They Live," and has experience in this specific sub-genre, in a way, with "Escape From New York" and its sequel "Escape From L.A." And while Cher and Carpenter have never worked together, they do have an indirect connection, as Carpenter's frequent collaborator Kurt Russell worked with Cher on the movie "Silkwood." It would have been easy enough for Russell to introduce the two if they wanted to get to know each other before working together.

Why this project never came to fruition is anyone's guess, as the combination of Cher working with Carpenter seems like a recipe for success. Luckily, there are still several excellent Cher performances that her fans can still enjoy, and it's doubtful that her acting career will end anytime soon.

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The Cher Post-Apocalyptic Horror Movie We Never Got To See - Looper

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