The Invasion (2007) Nicole Kidman – WTF Happened to This Horror Movie –

The Invasion(WATCH IT HERE - OWN IT HERE) was intended to be another simple remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Nothing fancy, but more of a modern take on the classic film for a late 2000s audience. What transpired turned what was to be a standard Hollywood remake into a production nightmare.

To bring in the big names that this film did, for all of its efforts with rewrites and reshoots, enlisting what was (at the time) arguably the innovative directors around with the Wachowski Sisters handling said rewrites and reshoots, It was a failure in every aspect imaginable. What exactly happened, you ask? Let's find out in our latest episode, as we look at WTF happened to The Invasion.

The Invasion has the following synopsis:

As a Washington, D.C. psychiatrist unearths the origin of an alien epidemic, she also discovers her son might be the only way it can be stopped.

What do you think? Watch the video above and leave a comment below! This episode was written by Benjamin Cantler, Edited byJaime Vasquez, and Narrated by Lance Vlcek. This is Produced by John Fallon and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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The Invasion (2007) Nicole Kidman - WTF Happened to This Horror Movie -

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