‘The Lair’: Neil Marshall Getting Ready to Film His Next "Full-On Monster Movie" – Bloody Disgusting

Originally announced last year, Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) will be following up his brand new horror movie The Reckoning with The Lair, a fresh horror project thatll bring Marshall back into the world of creatures. Speaking with Bloody Disgustings Boo Crew Podcast for their latest episode, Marshall promises his next will be a full-on monster movie!

The Reckoning was certainly a return to horror, but I showed a degree of restraint. With the exception of one wagon wheel scene. So I wanted to come back and do a creature feature, I wanted to do some monsters, and just kind of combine elements from Dog Soldiers and Aliens and Predator and things like that, Marshall explains, talking about The Lair.

He adds, So its a full-on monster movie with action and explosions and blood and guts and everything. We are just putting the financing together, with plans to shoot in May.

Like The Reckoning, Marshalls The Lair is also set to star Charlotte Kirk.

Last we heard, The story centers on a downed Royal Air Force pilot who escapes a terrifying bunker in Afghanistan containing mutant man-made biological weapons and unwittingly brings the creatures back to a US Army base.

You can listen to The Boo Crews full chat with Neil Marshall and Charlotte Kirk below.

'The Lair': Neil Marshall Getting Ready to Film His Next "Full-On Monster Movie" - Bloody Disgusting

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