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James Ward Byrkit's "Coherence" begins with a simple premise: eight friends are gathered for a dinner party. Two of them, Emily (Emily Baldoni) and Kevin (Maury Sterling), are a couple on shaky ground, and their relationship troubles are compounded by the presence of Kevin's ex-girlfriend Laurie (Lauren Maher) at the event. Despite this tension, the party goes well, and everybody is able to have a good time until a comet passes overhead, and all the power in the neighborhood goes out except for one house.

For the sake of avoiding spoilers, we won't go into what happens when the friends grab some glow sticks and go ask to use the powered house's phone, and we even recommend that you avoid looking for summaries of the movie online, as some of them might give the game away. Suffice to say, the comet triggers strange, reality-defying events, and the characters of "Coherence" quickly find out that they're way in over their heads. Part of the fun lies in figuring things out right along with them.

One of many horror films made on a shoestring budget, without a screenplay, at Byrkit's own house (via The Dissolve), the movie is an absolute triumph of creativity over resources. Even beyond its impressive craft, though, it's simply a gripping, stomach-churning tale, which taps into the same sense of unraveling suburban normalcy as "The Invitation," and raises similar questions about the unspoken trappings of the characters' comfortable middle-class lives. And it's available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Tubi, among other services, so there's no excuse for you not to watch it ASAP.

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The Movie Like The Invitation That Horror Fans Need To Watch - Looper

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Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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