The Untold Truth Of Candyman – Looper

Though it's now hard to imagine the original "Candyman" even being able to function without Virginia Madsen inhabiting the role of Helen Lyle, Madsen originally had a different part in the project. "I was going to play the part of Kasi Lemmon, until they made the character African American," Madsen told Horror News Network, referring to the character of Bernadette Walsh. "Then I was out." Instead, Alexandra Pigg was set to take on the role of Helen Lyle, until unforeseen circumstances stepped in.

"Right before shooting, Alexandra found out she was pregnant," Madsen recounted. "It was great for me, but it was so sad for her because this was her role, she found this story and really wanted it. So, when I was asked to step in I felt like "I can't take my friend's role." She actually came over one day and said 'it would just kill me to see someone else play this role, you HAVE to be the one who plays it.; So with her blessing I took on the role. I really tried to work my butt of just to honor her." It was a long road for Madsen to secure the lead role of "Candyman" but she ended up delivering a performance that justified why she was the right fit for the part.

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The Untold Truth Of Candyman - Looper

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