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Today, Ari Lehman continues to keep his roots in the horror genre close to his heart. He recently played Doctor Stratton in the 2019 horror flick "The Lurker," which heavily paid homage to classic slasher films. Lehman has also starred in other horror films, such as the 2017 film "Rock Paper Dead," in which he plays a character who is rather conspicuously named Jason.

Since 2004, Lehman has also led his own heavy metal band First Jason, an obvious reference to his unique status as the first to play the iconic killer. He has also made numerous appearances at fan-focused celebrations of the franchise, having recently cut the ceremonial ribbon for the opening of the "Friday the 13th" exhibit at the Blairstown Museum in New Jersey. In a 2020 interview with Rewind It Magazine, Lehman expressed his enduring appreciation for the role. "I will never take it for granted that I was lucky enough to get cast in a role that fans love so much that they continue to demand more and more Jason and 'Friday The 13th' each and every day worldwide," Lehman said.

The role of Jason Voorhees has become a legendary mantle in cinema, with many talented performers donning the hockey mask, and one actor even holding the status of playingboth Jason and Freddy Kruegerat different times. Butonly Ari Lehman can claim to be the one that started the legacy of this iconic horror villain.

What Jason Voorhees From The Original Friday The 13th Looks Like Today - Looper

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